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  1. zer09er

    Axe-FX II: Muse - Hysteria

    Thank you so much for this..You rock!
  2. zer09er

    AMT EX-50 Expression Pedal

    I'd stay away from these ...bought 4...had problems with the blade at the travel for all 4. Changed to AMT...never looked back
  3. zer09er

    Has Anyone Achieved This tone?

  4. zer09er

    Iron Maiden Tone

    Done early this year. 2 guitars...3 Axe Fx II STOCK patches... JVM OD 1 JVM OD 2 80s Clean Pardon me for the sucky playing here & there Have a great week ahead peeps....
  5. zer09er

    Ritchie Blackmore tone- Is this attainable with Axe-FX 2.

    I tried a patch obtained from AxeChange...pardon me for the horrible playing though...
  6. zer09er


    Got to try this patch and here is my humble attempt. Thank you so much for the patch... M.A.G.I.C!
  7. zer09er

    Configuring external switches with your MFC-101

    Thank you or sharing this.
  8. zer09er

    New Product Announcement! MFC-EDIT

    I am gonna try this when i get back home after work today. Thank you so much for this...
  9. zer09er

    MFC-101 Firmware 3.09 Public Beta

    Was waiting for an update. Thank you admin.
  10. zer09er

    Strange Wah/Formant/Shimmer/Arppegiator Preset

    That was frigging awesome!
  11. zer09er

    What's A Good Starting Point For IR's/Cabs?

    Good point but I do try options available too.
  12. zer09er

    Just saw Iron Maiden and Ghost!

  13. zer09er

    Communication Timeout with Q.8

    Exactly the same configurations and the same problem. I thought it was my pc initially after the Windows 10 Creator's Update which really does have a worldwide problem.
  14. zer09er

    Detuning with the Pitch Block working poorly?

    I will have to agree on this.
  15. zer09er

    LPD Tone Clone Beta Preset UFO/Michael Schenker AxeChange

    Just loving it....my playing sucks to the max though...thank you so much for this ...regards.
  16. zer09er

    Eric Johnson Tone

    Thanks for this bro...awesome!
  17. zer09er

    A "Rush" Patch Thread

    Thank you so much for these wonderful patches...ever appreciative. ..peace
  18. zer09er

    My take on Tom sawyer by rush

    Pretty killer rendition....thank you for the patch....
  19. zer09er


    I pissed in my pants while listening....what awesome similiarity...WOW!
  20. zer09er

    MFC-101 Firmware 3.05

    Thank you Thank you so much for this....god I was doing multiple updates and not doing this step.
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