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  1. MetalSlab

    New plugin - anyone tried it?

    Anyone tried this one yet?
  2. MetalSlab

    8 String with BKP Aftermaths

    New 8 string from Strictly 7 (ironic name I know).. great guitar Really happy with the Aftermath pickups - this is using the middle position (neck + bridge). I still find actives better for tone shaping using AxeFx or post-processing, but these pickups keep the sound nice and focused without...
  3. MetalSlab

    Mix test - Duality

    My first all-AxeFx (except drums & keys) recording for the year... More of a test of a new mix template.
  4. MetalSlab

    Nick Cave cover - AxeFx bass & lead

    Hello, Here is another quick cover - used the AxeFx for the bass and the lead during the chorus. Pretty basic stuff, but not a bad sound. Still fiddling with the mix a bit. Cheers
  5. MetalSlab

    Levi Stubbs' Tears (Billy Bragg cover)

    Something lighter - I recently remastered an older cover that I recorded using the Axe and a nice vintage strat. Fairly basic Fender sim with slight post production EQ and comp. As my drummer was away, this was my first drumming effort as well.. haha
  6. MetalSlab

    Brutal Meat Riffing

    Just a quick test of my new Logic template and drum mix...for the metalz
  7. MetalSlab

    XERCES (Deftones cover)

    My second Deftones cover - used the AxeFx for all guitars, bass and even ran a piano synth through it...
  8. MetalSlab

    Digital Bath (Deftones cover)

    Pretty basic Diezel and Uberschall panned L/R for the chorus with a very dark tap delay for the cleans. ...going to finish off / redo the vox (when I no am no longer experiencing nasal congestion) [updated - below]
  9. MetalSlab

    Ownhammer Minimum Phase Update

    Hi, I just received this email from Ownhammer: "Now available on the site and a free update for existing customers are minimum phase aligned AX1 IR libraries! What does this mean? You can now coherently mix OwnHammer AX1 IR's with stock Axe-Fx I cabs and any other commercial or...
  10. MetalSlab

    MFC expansion?

    What a great midi controller. I am loving the MFC so far and have found it to have very powerful capabilities. Looking at the latest firmware, my guess is that there will be an expansion for the MFC at some stage comprising another lot of IA switches (4 rows x 5) and possibly an inbuilt XP...
  11. MetalSlab

    Custom rack panel

    Here is my rack setup to give ideas for those wanting a quick setup and reasonably portable rig with the versatility to be able to deal with different situations: The Axe is in a SKB 2RU unit which also houses a shielded rear cavity containing a heavy-duty power distribution unit with surge...
  12. MetalSlab

    Mountain Dew is so delicious!

    I wrote a song expressing my feelings toward the delicious flavour of Mountain Dew.
  13. MetalSlab

    Whammy with delay - Ultra and MFC with XP pedal - corrupting presets

    Whammy with delay - Ultra and MFC with XP pedal - corrupting presets [SOLVED!] I just wanted to check whether this was a known issue or not. I have created a master template preset with all of my standard effects for use with the MFC101 and two external XP pedals (attached). I have...
  14. MetalSlab

    Switching beween fx blocks with autoengage - same XP pedal (new FW)

    I have been playing around with the new firmware which is excellent. I have managed to switch between blocks using a single IA via the dual cc function (off/on & on/off) without the need for the mixer block. Typically, I would now like to use a single XP pedal & IA switch for both wah and...
  15. MetalSlab

    Dynamic gain array

    ...so the signal is basically sliced into a series of many very fine frequency bands and varying levels of gain are applied to individual slices, in alternating or dynamic patterns/rates to produce an organic quality. Is it possible to achieve this effect with any combination of the AxeFx...
  16. MetalSlab

    First recording using the Axe

    Knocked out a quick cover of The Cure's 'Jumping Someone Else's Train'... First track using the Axe (bass & guitar) - more of a test run than anything. Next one should be a bit more refined as I am creating seprate banks for studio work, etc. YouTube - Jumping Someone Else's Train...
  17. MetalSlab

    Active Pickups - My Theory

    I have made some observations regarding active pups: I have eight guitars. Three of them have EMG's. Those three guitars sound significantly 'better' than the others through the Axe-Fx - across all genres and playing styles it seems. Curiously, those same three guitars sounded the...
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