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  1. Surefire641

    SOLD Fractal FC-12 controller, new in box (only tested). Free Shipping in U.S. (Dumfires, VA), $525

    I bought a new FC-12 a few months ago and, as it turns out, I still only need a FC-6. It has never left my studio, and barely been out of the box. Ships free in original packaging in the continental U.S. $525 (not interested in trades and please to not contact me r/e international shipping)
  2. Surefire641

    SOLD Fractal EV-2 expression pedals (x2), Dallas, TX $195 shipped

    I'm selling two mint Fractal EV-2 expression pedals (black) with free shipping CONUS. I ended up just going back to my old Mission SP-1 and it works fine. They both lived in my smoke free studio and have seen virtually no use.
  3. Surefire641

    FS Sold FC-12 with Gator Bag Great Shape

    I'll take it. PM inbound.
  4. Surefire641

    FC-6 Preset selection in bank will only display and select preset 0

    Actually, this is what happens when you have the MAPPING function turned on and don't realize it. Hope this helps anyone else with the same issue.
  5. Surefire641

    FC-6 Preset selection in bank will only display and select preset 0

    I'm trying to set one of my layout screens on the FC-6 to select specific presets in a bank. I have the Bank Size set for five, and have five presets in the bank set up with Select by #. No matter what number I put in there, I only get the first preset on the Axe either via the FC6 or in the...
  6. Surefire641

    Acoustic Session with AXE FX III

    Sounds killer, man. Thanks for the preset!
  7. Surefire641

    Temple Audio Boards

    I have a Duo34 I’m looking to unload if you’re interested. Brand new in the box and I have a bunch of extra plates and such. PM if you’re interested.
  8. Surefire641

    FS PRS Gold hardware (new), CORE (not SE). $35, Dallas, TX

    I have a complete set of PRS gold hardware (tuner buttons, pickup screws, backplate and jack plate screws, etc... and some extras as well. Buying these from PRS is crazy expensive so I figured someone here might want a good deal. This is new hardware from a McCarty series. $35 shipped...
  9. Surefire641

    SOLD FC-6 - Mint condition, $400 plus shipping CONUS

    Selling a basically new, in the box, Fractal FC-6. I moved to this from a FC-12, but ended up realizing I need a little more preset real-estate. Save tax costs and get this one at a bargain. PM if interested.
  10. Surefire641

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    On it, thanks! (dumb move on my part).
  11. Surefire641

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    After downloading the latest update (Ver 3.38) and using with Axe Edit III version 1.03.10, I cannot get any presets to send to the Axe III. The preset just shows all blank blocks, irrespective of what preset I'm trying to send (XL+, AX8, etc). Any workaround for this?
  12. Surefire641

    SOLD Fractal FC-12, Free Shipping (Dallas, TX), $600

    I'm currently using an FC-12 with my Fractal AXE III. I'm so happy with my overall sound that I'm using far fewer presets these days and have "right-sized" to an FC-6. My FC-12 has lived in my studio and only has a little scuff on one of the rubber side pieces (though I did commit the sacrilege...
  13. Surefire641

    FC Internal Firmware 1.08

    Same behavior here. No fix as of yet.
  14. Surefire641

    Attempting to create a global Reverb bypass switch

    Ingenius, I'm going to give this a try.
  15. Surefire641

    Attempting to create a global Reverb bypass switch

    I've been experimenting with various iterations of applying a modifier and control switch to bypass all the reverb blocks on my FC-12. I used delay on almost every preset, so when playing live (especially outside) I find reverb unnecessary. Modifying every preset or deleting the reverb blocks...
  16. Surefire641

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    I think you may be onto something. DEFINITELY doing a full back-up first.
  17. Surefire641

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    Was on 5.08, upgraded to 6.0 -> FAIL, reverted to 5.08 -> FAIL, reverted/upgraded to 5.09, happy dance.
  18. Surefire641

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    Looks like it worked with 5.09. Insert huge sigh of relief here...
  19. Surefire641

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    Yup, tried em' all :-(
  20. Surefire641

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    Updated to 6.0...got the black screen of death. Reverted to 5.08. Same thing and my AXE III is now a brick. Any suggestions?
  21. Surefire641

    FC6/12 "Save" function?

    Thanks. I guess a [WISH] for me would be for a 0 option so it can just be used as a SAVE without having to press, then press and hold.
  22. Surefire641

    FC6/12 "Save" function?

    Using various different controllers with my AXE II's, I always had the SAVE PRESET command set-up, i.e. a MIDI CC volume increase (cc35) followed immediately by a volume decrease (cc36) which effectively saved the current status of my preset in the Axe. Mostly I used this to save which scene I...
  23. Surefire641

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    Sweet, I have had the same NYC case for years, and plan to use exactly the configuration you have here.
  24. Surefire641

    Welcome: FC Controllers!

    Are we allowed to give away our reserved spot? I didn't really mesh with the AxeIII and was really happy with my XL+ tones so I switched back.
  25. Surefire641

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    VERY excited about this. Tried to convert a few basic presets from my XL+ with pretty much 100% success. Will be donating soon!!!!!
  26. Surefire641

    Timing on availability of exact specs/photos of FC-6/12

    Am I reading correctly and the FC waitlist is up? I want to get on it as soon as possible, but haven't seen a link to it anywhere.
  27. Surefire641

    Timing on availability of exact specs/photos of FC-6/12

    I'm dying to get on the waitlist for the FC-12...LOVING my AXE III so far.
  28. Surefire641

    Move II presets to III?

    I would definitely contribute some funds to move this along. While I'm enjoying re-working some of my main presets and innovating/updating sounds, having a basic point of reference for the 50 plus presets I frequently use would be a major time-saver.
  29. Surefire641

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Got the invite today: Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 2:54 PM (CST) My place on the list: Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 8:49 AM (CST)
  30. Surefire641

    Integration with RJM Mastermind GT?

    This was exactly my experience. Ron and Sherri are top notch people who truly care about their product and customers.
  31. Surefire641

    Cmon people, where the waitlist order thread lol

    Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 8:49 AM (CST)
  32. Surefire641

    AxeFX II XL+ in stock.......whooops out of stock???

    One thing I can say for certain, having been through the waiting list thing before. It's ALWAYS been worth it.
  33. Surefire641

    AxeFX II XL+ in stock.......whooops out of stock???

    Thanks, that gives me a better indication of when I may be able to get one. Thankfully, the Ax8 is handling my needs at the moment so I'm not in the situation I was when I sold the AxeII and was using a Tech21 FlyRig for some unexpected performances.
  34. Surefire641

    AxeFX II XL+ in stock.......whooops out of stock???

    Listed as out of stock again. Anyone know when they'll be back? I'm going to unload my Ax8 and go back to the big box, having sold my Axe 2 to be more 'portable.' No dissatisfaction with the AX8 per se,I just use my Fractal almost exclusively so I may as well go big. Plus I really miss the...
  35. Surefire641

    Looper won't come out of Bypass Mode

    Hmmm, I'll check tomorrow. Thought I was current with all the recent updates.
  36. Surefire641

    Looper won't come out of Bypass Mode

    I was using my AX8 at rehearsal today and wanted to add the looper to an existing preset. I insert it from the panel and when I try to play, the looper will not come out of Bypass. I tried assigning it to a footswitch, to one of the three function switches, and clearing bypass from the panel...
  37. Surefire641

    Fremen AX8 presets released

    Worth every penny, these are great and a big time-saver.
  38. Surefire641

    PEQ recommendation for muddy hollowbody sound

    I tried all of the above, with some positive results although the guitar still just seems way too flubby and without definition. I'm starting to think its the pickups. The 57/08 pickups appear to be the culrpit, especially when the model is normally very bright and chimey (Matchless, Vox)...
  39. Surefire641

    Fremen AX8 presets released

    Payment sent, can't wait to try these out.
  40. Surefire641

    PEQ recommendation for muddy hollowbody sound

    Awesome insight. I'll give it a try!!!
  41. Surefire641

    PEQ recommendation for muddy hollowbody sound

    I've got my AX8 sounding pretty good on my standard presets. I normally use a Suhr Standard or Modern with a DSH+ in the bridge. When I switch to my PRS Hollowbody II, the bass on most of my settings gets very flubby and almost sounds distorted. While I acknowledge its a pretty broad...
  42. Surefire641

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    What specs (taper, etc...) did you use for your T1M expression knob? I'm thinking about getting one.
  43. Surefire641

    LEAP Ahead?

    Got the invite today at 2:25pm EST, shipping notice at 2:59pm.
  44. Surefire641

    Need a few Axe FX 2 presets converted to AX8 format

    Many thanks in advance!
  45. Surefire641

    LEAP Ahead?

    I think I'm within 15-20 minutes, max (6:35pm) of my time. Hoping to get my invite this week.
  46. Surefire641

    Need a few Axe FX 2 presets converted to AX8 format

    If it isn't hijacking the thread, I have a couple presets that I really need converted (already sold my AXE II). They are my main presets and the Landau one does use the Quad Chorus so I imagine that block can't be changed over. Thanks in advance if you can do it.
  47. Surefire641

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    Oh man, I'm at 6:35 PM...here's hoping...
  48. Surefire641

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    I'm right about where you are. I was at around 5pm or so Pacific Time so that put me further down than I originally expected (normally I'm Central)
  49. Surefire641

    My Experience

    Pete Thorn posted a cab IR of his Divided/13 1x12 that used a lot with my AXE2. It's very versatile and ended up being a good go-to cab for me.
  50. Surefire641

    What's your Preference, Presets....by "tone" or by "song"?

    I tend to go by tone, and then secondarily by amp characteristic. Having some ability to tweak on the fly, such as using IA's to turn off delay and such is a big part of my setup as well. I plan to set each preset up with an Scene A/B sound using the X/Y options. The top row in CAPS is the...
  51. Surefire641

    BB Pre and AX8 Drive Comparison

    Man, I really hope I can replicate the Rockett Archer somehow.
  52. Surefire641

    Anyone tried one of those Boss FV30H/L as exp pedal?

    Same experience for me with my AXII and RJM Mastermind. Thankfully Sweetwater has a great return policy.
  53. Surefire641

    Edit: Search Over, Winner- Mono 365 Case

    I have one of these and it is pretty much everything it claims to be.
  54. Surefire641

    LM Life Pad

    As usual, your presets will be the basis for all of my initial setup. Thank you so much for this. It takes a pretty awesome artist and person to so willingly share your sound.
  55. Surefire641

    I got the invite!!! Opted to pick up...ummm just show up?

    All good points. Even if I ordered it today I won't get it in time for my shows next week (leaving home on Friday), and that's ok. No griping here. Perusing the manual and trying to figure out if the setup I want to use will keep me occupied. Speaking of which...if anyone cares to chime in...
  56. Surefire641

    I got the invite!!! Opted to pick up...ummm just show up?

    I got on within minutes of you (5:35pm), but no invite yet :-/
  57. Surefire641

    May the onslaught begin. I just ordered my Ax8

    Looking forward to seeing and hearing everyone get their AX8. I'm on the list (in the first couple of hours) and will be anxiously awaiting my invite. Knowing I wouldn't have the AX8 in time for Christmas performances has let to something unexpectedly awesome. This little gem is my pedalboard...
  58. Surefire641

    What setup are you gonna build with AX8

    Boom, same plan although I may use a different wireless and keep my Zoom A3 for acousitc (simplicity in switching).
  59. Surefire641

    AX8 Noodling in Canada Video

    Man, all those years I lived about 30 minutes from you in upstate NY...I've have crossed the border anytime for guitar lessons!
  60. Surefire641

    AX8 Magnetic KickTags Glow Labels - follow their development here!

    Can't wait to get a set...once I actually get an AX8. I made it on the waitlist in the first couple of hours but who knows what that means.
  61. Surefire641

    Third gig with the AX8. Awesome!

    Your tone and versatility is the reason I switched to an AXE II years ago, and am anxiously awaiting an AX8 once the units roll out. I still base most of my presets off of one of yours :-)
  62. Surefire641

    How Will AX8 Take Advantage of Prior Presets? Or Starting From Scratch?

    Backed up all my presets...but already sold my AXE II anticipating this unit being released. Bang head here... Anyone want to sketch out/screenshot my three fav presets in exchange for eternal gratuity?
  63. Surefire641

    So when is the waitlist open!

    Good call, I was in full-Fractal-fan-boy-freakout and didn't notice that.
  64. Surefire641

    So when is the waitlist open!

    Made it at 5:35 PST as well. Just my luck being on travel today. Nice they give you an instant confirmed receipt though. Very excited about this one. I wonder if it will be Axe-Edit compatible, as the product page doesn't mention it.
  65. Surefire641

    So when is the waitlist open!

    I'm in the same boat, mostly of my own doing because I already sold my Axe II to someone who was really wanting one. If I don't pick up an Ax8 by December, I have a serious logistic problem I should have considered :-/
  66. Surefire641

    So when is the waitlist open!

    I probably screwed up selling my AXE II recently. I have four shows in December, and the Axe is my live rig. With the stated October ship date I assumed I'd be able to pick up an Ax8 by then, but if the comments above r/e the waitlist and it taking a few months are accurate, I'm in trouble.
  67. Surefire641

    AX-8 Price

    I have dealt with many different companies in regard to musical instruments and related products. I can honestly say FAS has been the best experience, along with RJM controllers, of any company I have encountered. Great customer service, top shelf product, and killer support after the sale.
  68. Surefire641

    AX-8 Price

    The only worry I have is missing the wait list, since I just sold my Axe FX II. Can't wait to pull the trigger on this unit, it is exactly what I've been looking for.
  69. Surefire641

    AX-8 Price

    Take my money...take it now. This is going to simplify my travel/gig-rig so much, and at an even lower price point than expected!!!! Can't wait for the wait list...of waiting.
  70. Surefire641

    Dominic Miller - Why Should I Cry for You

    I've made some improvements in my tone-shaping, many thanks to insight from this board. I used to have a great clean patch from my old Boss GT-10 that I'm certain my AXE II can handle, but I'm just not able to pull it off. It was very close to the sound Dominic Miller got on Why Should I Cry...
  71. Surefire641

    Is it possible to use a single pedal for volume/wah using Output 1 method?

    Thanks, all. Guess I'll have to start adding a VOL block at the end of my signal chain.
  72. Surefire641

    Is it possible to use a single pedal for volume/wah using Output 1 method?

    I use the I/O section on my AxeFX2 to control volume for Output 1 via a Mission Engineering expression pedal and the MFC-101. This controls the volume just fine, but I'd like to also use the same pedal as a wah controller. I know this can be done using a volume block in the signal chain and...
  73. Surefire641


    It takes a genuinely humble and generous person to so freely share their signature tones with others. Pete is both an awesome artist and a admirable person, such a rare combination.
  74. Surefire641

    Ethernet to Ethercon adapter box

    +1 for Vafam sound. Hans has been awesome to work with and I have two of his customized panels for my Axe II and general rack setup. Top-quality, and the price is very reasonable.
  75. Surefire641

    MFC-101 New Firmware Version 2.15

    Had to roll back to Axe Ver 8 and 2.13 on the MFC. This update was awesome, but made my MFC-101 go full-retard and basically perpetually time-out on the tuner and any patch with decent CPU use. Everything was fine with the previous versions, and I tried all the suggested trouble shooting...
  76. Surefire641

    Who here got rid of ALL of their pedals for Axe-Fx?

    Ditching all pedals, POD HD Pro, Hughes and Kettner Switchblade 50, etc... To my ears, nothing seems to beat the AXE 2 in terms of sound quality and the MFC101 will give me a smaller footprint. Seeing Larry Mitchell's rig, in terms of simplicity, compactness, and overall great sound has been...
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