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  1. Julien Meirone

    World of Warcraft - Battle for Azeroth [Metal Cover] || Evil Ducky Production

    Just recorded and mixed this, all guitar and bass tone is my axe fx II. This machine is not dead yet, trust me ;) .
  2. Julien Meirone

    Bass Metal Cover with Darkglass TM

    Hi guys, this week i have mixed the bass cover of a friend using my new TM of the B7K, let me know if you enjoyed this ;). Cheers
  3. Julien Meirone

    Blizzard and Metal

    Hi guys ! Even if we are waiting for a new firmware, the Q3.02 still sounds awesome for metal. I have tested some new cabs, let me know if you like it. Cheers guys.
  4. Julien Meirone

    Doom 4 - Metal Cover Video (Q3.02)

    Hi guys, I just tested the new Q3.02 and tried to achieve a unique guitar sound and i must admit that we are pretty happy with the result. The axf II become more and more polyvalent, love this :). Please enjoy guys.
  5. Julien Meirone

    Metal, Sea and Sun

    Hi guys, this week i tested new type of metal sounds with the Das metal et the JVM 410. Let me know what you think of that ;) : Cheers
  6. Julien Meirone

    Comparison Bias/Axe FX II with rectifier presets

    Hi guys, Obviously Bias can't sounds as good as the axe fx II and both devices don't have the same price. Here the idea with this test it to show how fast you can achieve a good sounds with basic rectifier presets. You can also use this sound as an argument for those who think that bias...
  7. Julien Meirone

    Dark Souls 3 Metal Cover on Q2.04 with Thordendal Modern

    Hi guys, i just released this new cover metal video with amps and effects that i don't habitually used like the thordenhal model or the pitch effect but i must admit that i am really happy with the result. Sometimes it is great to quit our comfort zone ;). Let me know if you enjoy it guys.
  8. Julien Meirone

    My submission to Indaba/Puremix contest "Face Your Fear or Die"

    Hi guy, i have recently mixed this song for this contest so if you like how it sounds and that you want to support me you can give me a vote and/or leave a comment ...
  9. Julien Meirone

    Born of Osiris - Bass Cover Q 2.02

    Here a bass cover of a friend that i have reamped, mixed and mastered. The Q2.02 is insane and now the axe fx II is awesome even for bass players :).
  10. Julien Meirone

    Harry Potter - Prince's Tale [Metal cover]

    Hi guys, this month we decide paid a tribute to the great Alan Rickman on our youtube channel. Enjoy and share it (important to us). Cheers guys.
  11. Julien Meirone

    The Witcher 3 Metal Cover

    Hi guys, just like i said in a precedent thread, i made some guitars and bass reamps for the Youtube Channel Evilducky production and this time the mix is insane, chech this out ;) : I hope, you will enjoy it :). Cheers
  12. Julien Meirone

    Fallout 4 Metal cover

    Hi guys, I just released a new video with some friends and as usual the axe fx II sounds incredible, check this out and let me know if you liked. if you have been naughty, i will share the patches. See you.
  13. Julien Meirone

    A short clip to wish you a Merry Christmas

    Here a video of the youtube channel of a friend. All guitars and bass sounds come from my old axe fx mark II that i love :). Merry crhistmas and happy new year to everyone.
  14. Julien Meirone

    Defaced - Power Rangers Metal Cover

    Hi guys, I wanted to share with you the new funny cover of my band. This is actually the bonus track on our debut album named "Dark Planets". Of course, all guitars and bass tone are axe fx 2. Enjoy.;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyOKEcvMr0w
  15. Julien Meirone

    Live Video "Eradikal Insane"

    Hi guys, I wanted to share with you a short video of a french death metal band that I recorded live and mix/master. So that if you like this kind of music or you're just curious, you can check the video; guitars and bass are all axe fx as always. Enjoy.;)...
  16. Julien Meirone

    Defaced Metal Cover

    Hi everyone, here my first cover video on youtube. It's a cover of my band named defaced. You can find us on facebook or on our website if you want to listen more songs. https://www.facebook.com/defaced.metal?fref=ts defacedmetalband The guitar sound on the album and the cover is...
  17. Julien Meirone

    World of Warcraft - Times Change Metal Cover

    Hi guys, If you like metal and video games, i suggest you to see the last video of this small but sympathic youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4021C6tdLr8&feature=youtu.be I have made the guitars and bass reamp of this vid with the axe and it sounds really good IMO...
  18. Julien Meirone

    Screen Problem FW17.04

    Hi guys, I just noticed that on presets names with an "n" and / or "d" tiny letters are like scratched. is this normal?
  19. Julien Meirone

    Defaced playthrough : Dark Planets

    Hello guys, here the first playthrough video of my instrumental band named defaced (some of you saw the album's teaser some months ago), all guitars and bass tones are axe fx 2 and they are proudly displayed behind us :). Hope you 'll enjoy, we have done for the best we can ...
  20. Julien Meirone

    High Gain Live Sound

    Hello, i recently read on ask.fm that most bands using high gain patches are cuting the bass and treble to 120hz between 6kHz or 5Khz on the cab block. What do you think of that ? It seems a little extreme to me. Misha mansoor about the cuts in live "I believe we are passing low at 5500...
  21. Julien Meirone

    Indiegogo campaign : Defaced

    Hi guys:), I have recently posted in the recording section of the forum the teaser of the upcoming album of my instrumental metal band called Defaced. Right now, we need to press our album because we want to have a good distribution of it and we need some help to finance this project ...
  22. Julien Meirone

    Vintage Rock Test

    After seeing the cooper carter carter's video, i wanted to make a quick test of axe fx 2 ability to reproduce vintage rock tone and i am pretty much satisfied with the result even if i didn't spend a lot of time to mix it. Don't hesitate to tell what you are thinking about that. I precise that i...
  23. Julien Meirone

    Defaced's Dark Planets Album Teaser

    Hi guys:D, Here the teaser of my band's upcoming album, all guitars and bass tone are axe fx 2 of course;). Hope you will envoy : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZn0z5Xyyuc&list=UUazuAAgun7_KRd_8HZsx7tQ If someone is interested by the patches, i will post it.;). Bye guys.
  24. Julien Meirone

    EZ Gain, Bank of metal presets

    Hello everyone, i just make some simple metal presets that i want to share with everyone to celebrate the release of the FW 15. If you have some questions, you will find a small PDF in the pack which explains some little things but i don't think that someone really need it.;) Here the link...
  25. Julien Meirone

    Hi-res or low-res for AMP block

    Hi everyone, i started to make new presets with two AMP blocs an i wonder if it will be possible to have the choice to have an option Hi-res/Low-res for the amp bloc like in the cab bloc ? It could give a better control on the cpu usage and permit to expoit presets with no so many blocs but...
  26. Julien Meirone

    Great new fonctions on FW11

    Just to thank cliff for the new fonctions especially the new delay mix law wich is very very practical to me and i found this is a great idea. Moreover, the new 8-band EQ is absolutely awesome and so much more useful than the 10-band EQ IMO. Now, it's really easier to tweak the guitar sound. Can...
  27. Julien Meirone

    Building a preset on the AXE FX 2 in 13 steps (the duguy's way)

    Hope you will enjoy. I have tried to traduce this best as i can. 1) The most important : Keep in mind the type of sound you want to build. The axe fx offers an ocean of possibilities and we quickly made drown if you do not know what we are looking. At the beginning, make simple...
  28. Julien Meirone

    Wish Low cut and High cut on TMA block

    I have did a lot of tone match this week and i think that the low cut and high cut fonctions like in the CAB block will be totally awesome in the TMA Block. This will avoid the systematic use of filter or peq block after tone match block. Am-i the only one to desire this fonction ? Faithfully
  29. Julien Meirone

    USB Problem

    Sometimes my axe fx 2 is well recognize by my pc but sometimes not. Is-there any reason for this ? I Have already try this on other pc than mine of course. Does anyone got the same problem than me ? Faithfully
  30. Julien Meirone

    What about a FAS clean amp ?

    We already have FAS crunch, rythm, modern, leads and they are totally incredible and i wonder what a FAS clean will sound. It's could be something between classic and modern or just cliff's interpretation of the ideal modern clean sound. Am i the only one to want it ?;)
  31. Julien Meirone

    Wish 2*12 cabs zilla and port city

    It's will be very great to have some handmade 2*12 cabs like the port city os wave (actually use by animal as leaders) and the zilla fatboy.:D
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