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  1. Dimebucker

    G3 Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ John Petrucci:s tone clips where are those?

    Like title says would be nice to hear some G3 Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ recording clips ,John Petrucci:s style of tones whit Tone Matched or not Tone Matched if someone have there. Vitor Mancini if you see this topic do you have some clips there for Petrucci:s style of studio tones ,if you have...
  2. Dimebucker

    Keyboard player mimicking Guitar!

  3. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II G2 Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Metallica AJFA

    Greedings! I did find some old clip for my old computer ,i remember it was some kind of Metallica AJFA TM what i did in past. There was lots of going on all Axe FX II Filter:s PEQ:s was used ,and i think there was also my old Mesa Boogie Mark IV Live Tone Matching preset engage. Clip is below...
  4. Dimebucker

    Help Needed Signal Chain question?

    Like title say i need some help for signal chain ,i need to know whammy and wah-wah position:s for signal chain. I use Whammy for drop tuning -5 semitones for few songs ,and also i use some Wah-Wah whit that preset. My questions is which of those two Wah-Wah or Whammy need to be first in chain...
  5. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II Whammy Algorithm:s?

    I was wonder that Axe FX II Whammy uses maybe Digitech Whammy WH-1 algorithm:s ,because lots of us have notice those nasty overtones and glitches what there is. I did buy back that Original Whammy and i must say damn i was miss that tone and unit ,i was fighting over a year whit Axe:s Whammy and...
  6. Dimebucker

    Original Soldano SLO100 -88 Live Tone Matching ,for Axe FX II!

    Greedings! Me and my friend Trvlnfool did some Axe FX II Live Tone Matches ,we did capture few tones out of Original SLO100 from 1988. Settings what we did use in Original SLO100 ,was Van Halen settings Mike Soldano settings and few our own settings also. We also did use this time more than...
  7. Dimebucker

    Logging in issue help needed

    Greedings Its day five whit loggin in issue whit my account ,if someone FAS team can check that out would be very nice? I get some issue message when i`m logged in in my account ,it will say almost every second that Server is busy at the moment. If i try post some message here or check some...
  8. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II Metallica Black Album ADA-MP1 and Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+

    Greedings I was record quick test ,its kind of Metallica Black Album tone. I was use there two amps this time ,there was ADA MP-1 and Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+. Both of those Mesa and ADA ,are Live Tone Matched to original real sources. And i was use some Filters and PEQ also there a lot ,and TM...
  9. Dimebucker

    Original Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Live Tone Matching ,for Axe FX II!

    Greedings! Me and my friend Trvlnfool did some Axe FX II Live Tone Matches ,we did capture few tones out of Holy Grail Original Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+. Settings what we did use in Original Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ ,was some of John Petrucci:s settings what he have used in past. We also did use...
  10. Dimebucker

    Original ADA MP-1 Live Tone Matching ,for Axe FX II!

    Greedings! Me and my friend Trvlnfool did some Axe FX II Live Tone Matches ,we did capture few tones out of Original ADA MP-1 Preamp. Preamp what we did use for these ,was ADA MP-1 V2.01 whit MOD 3.666. Settings what we did use in Original ADA MP-1 ,was some of Paul Gilbert Nuno Bettencourt...
  11. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II Sustainiac test weird voices!

    I was creating some new clean preset today ,and i was get some sick voices out of Axe FX II accidentally. Funny thing was because that preset is one of my upcoming clean presets ,and my destiny was get some new delay for that preset. But after some tweaking whit delay blocks and chorus blocks ,i...
  12. Dimebucker

    Original Mesa Boogie Triaxis Live Tone Matching, for Axe-Fx II!

    Greedings! Me and my friend Trvlnfool did some Axe FX II Live Tone Matches ,we did capture few tones out of Original Mesa Boogie Triaxis Preamp. Settings what we did use in Original Mesa Boogie Triaxis ,was some of John Petrucci:s settings what he did use Live Studio Clinic etc for Triaxis...
  13. Dimebucker

    FW17 meters?

    I was read that FW17 have now Vu-meters ,and some other values for Output level knobs also. Can someone who have now that FW17 for Axe FX II check one thing ,and thing is are there somewhere some digital numbers or values for Output levels now. And if there is do those Output 1 and 2 knobs...
  14. Dimebucker

    Which Axe FX II amp model can get close to this Marshall Plexi?

    Like title says here is video for amazing Marshall Plexi tone ,it have that juice and bite like EVH did have in her Marshall Plexis. That dude did use Variac there also ,same way like Eddie did use in early days. My question is which Axe FX II amp model can get close to that kind of Marshall...
  15. Dimebucker

    Request Original Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ TM

    Like title say if someone have original Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ amp ,would be nice to have some TM presets for that amp. And i`m looking for regular Axe FX II presets ,not for Axe FX II XL presets. If someone have that amp please shoot Live Tone Matching presets ,without cab TM only preamp and...
  16. Dimebucker

    Whammy pedal tone help needed

    Hi, i have used the Axe FX II Whammy pedal for a while now but i still have a little tone problem there. It was amazing that we did get the mono feature back for the Whammy, it was helpful to get out some of those artifacts there. But i must say i do not still get Original Whammy tones out of...
  17. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II Orchestra Clip

    I was try to emulate some Orchestra style vibe for Axe FX II ,there is some synth Hammond violin going on in that clip. Sorry for some clipping what there is ,it was quick test and I do not have any chance to check levels again. Because I was delete that project for Cubase ,I was only export...
  18. Dimebucker

    Guitar Doubler help needed

    I´m still fighting whit that Dimebag Darrell MXR Doubler settings for Axe FX II ,if someone can help me that would be very nice. I`m looking for that Dimebag Live Guitar Doubler settings ,and here is two clips where is that MXR Flanger/Doubler engage. That CHFLIVE1 clip have strong slapback...
  19. Dimebucker

    Cry Baby 535Q boost feature emulate for Axe FX II?

    I was own that Cry Baby 535Q many times in past ,now I use Axe FX II own wah-wah only. My question is have someone figured out that boost function what few Cry Baby pedals do have ,and try emulate that for Axe FX II wah-wah block. I know it is volume style boost ,but when I was own that 535Q in...
  20. Dimebucker

    Can someone replicate Octave Fuzz wah-wah for Axe FX II?

    Like title say I need Octave Fuzz wah-wah for Axe FX II ,if someone can replicate that for Axe Fx II would be very nice. Thing is I need one preset which have Octave Fuzz and wah-wah blocks together engage ,and control for those two effects would be one expression pedal. If someone know how to...
  21. Dimebucker

    Drive pedal and wah-wah together whit expression pedal?

    Do someone know is there any chance to use drive blocks whit expression pedal ,I mean using expression pedal to control drive block Mix? I know how set wah-wah to using expression pedal but I need to have drive block and wah-wah together there ,and using one expression pedal to control both of...
  22. Dimebucker

    Wah-Wah and Whammy auto on off?

    I was wonder do someone know what is best way to set those two for like auto on off ,and how I must do that because I don't have find good solution for that feature? I use FCB1010 midi pedal device to control my presets and expression pedals ,and I use presets chance function only whit stock...
  23. Dimebucker

    Copying blocks?

    Do someone know is there some option to copy all blocks amps effects etc... ,whit axe edit software and if there is how I can do that? Because I need exactly same second amp block and same settings for that amp block too ,but without resetting that amp block to newest firmware algorithms. I want...
  24. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II Mesa Boogie Mark IV Live Tone Matching results

    Greedings I did want share little tone test for one of my Original Mesa Boogie Mark IV tone matching presets. I was tone matching my old settings for Axe FX II ,and source was my old Original Mesa Boogie Mark IV B-version head whit 6L6:s. I was struggle a lot for those Axe FX II 5-band EQ...
  25. Dimebucker

    Question for Axe FX II Mesa Boogie Mark series amps

    I was reading Axe FX II Wiki page today a lot ,and my eyes did see a lot of notes where Cliff did mention Mesa Boogie Mark V. I`m interested to know did Cliff use original Mesa Boogie Mark IV and IIC+ when he create those models to Axe FX II ,or did he use original Mesa Boogie Mark V amp for...
  26. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+

    Greedings I did record some clip for one of my new presets ,what I have been creating a while now. It is Axe FX II Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ tone ,and there is clip for that tone also. There was some hard part to creating that tone ,because Axe FX II PEQ blocks and filter blocks are all engage...
  27. Dimebucker

    Trident A-range Q bandwidth values?

    Do someone know what Q bandwidth values ,original Trident A-range rack unit use? I need one of my preset those Trident A-range settings ,and I use Axe FX II PEQ there but I don't know yet those Q values for bandwidth what Trident A-range have. I already know Trident A-range shelving and peaking...
  28. Dimebucker

    Needed 80s Marshall 1960 4X12 cab whit 75`or 65`IR:s?

    I`m looking for some high quality Marshall 1960 4X12 cab whit Celestions 75`s or 65`s 300wat IR:s for Axe FX II. And would be nice if those cabs are in 1980s ,if someone have or know high quality and good sounding IR:s for those cabinets let me know?
  29. Dimebucker

    Is there some way to slave one amp to another amp?

    Is there some way to slave one amp ,to another amp? Like lets say i have two amp blocks and i want slave that first amp block preamp circuit only ,to second amp block poweramp section. I was wonder if there is some option in amp block ,where you can shut down preamp section or poweramp section...
  30. Dimebucker

    Text ``Uses global blocks press enter to unlink``?

    Hey I was put my old FW13.07 back to my Axe FX II ,i was have before that FW15.02. And one of my harmonizer preset is dead silence ,and that preset have text Uses global blocks press enter to unlink. What that text mean and how i can get that preset work again ,i did not press nothing yet...
  31. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II Metallica MOP Demo track TM ,Hetfield Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+

    Hey I was listen Metallica Master Of Puppets demo tracks ,and i did like very much that Hetfield guitar tone whit that Demo. That original Master Of Puppets album have a amazing guitar tones ,but also that demo have too. Demo have slightly raw guitars and that amp in the room feelings ,i was...
  32. Dimebucker

    Question for presets ,if i decide go back to early firmware?

    Hey Would be nice to know what will happened for my all presets ,if i decide to go back and test my previous firmware what i was use before this new FW15.02. Okey im now FW15.02 and i was before that in FW13.07 ,and i was use that update amp feature only few of my old presets. And if i want to...
  33. Dimebucker

    Three questions for FW15.02

    Hey I think I will tonight test that FW15.02 ,and I need little bit help to figured out some changes between FW13.07-FW15.02. I have read release notes for 13.02 to 15.02 ,but can someone tell me these. Im now in FW13.07 ,and going to test that FW15.02. -FW14 there was that noise gate...
  34. Dimebucker

    Hey this is weird should update amp block ,chance tone this much?

    Hey This is something weird ,I did try some kind of update amp block move. I was try one of my old presets that trick to update amp block values ,I only delete that amp chain and put that back in chain same settings like it was. That preset have been created in FW11 ,and I am FW13.07 right...
  35. Dimebucker

    Few Questions for feature ``Update Amps defaults``?

    Hey I have read almost every post for that ``update amps defaults`` `,but still I cant figured out these things. Below is all my 5 questions ,would be very nice if someone can answer all of those. I use almost every time only tone matching presets ,and would be nice to know what difference...
  36. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II Metallica Master OF Puppets TM test

    Hey I did Metallica Master Of Puppets song TM preset ,there is little clip for that tone. Unfortunately that clip is very short ,I was screw up my second clip I was delete that accidentally. But anyways there is one clip ,and quick test for that great song. And Link for that test is below...
  37. Dimebucker

    AXE-FX II VS Whammy DT Drop Tuning test

    Hey I was have little bit extra time today ,and I did little test Axe FX II pitch shifter vs Original Digitech Whammy DT. And I was use same Axe FX II preset for all those clips ,I was only put that Whammy DT front of Axe FX II when I was record Whammy DT parts. And last clip is my second...
  38. Dimebucker

    Axe-FX II Preamp Sag test clip

    Hey I did record little clip for test what difference there are when ,Preamp Sag switch are engage or not engage. My ears when that switch is set off it will give more thickness for tone maybe little bit more aggressive character ,and when that switch is engage it will give like a little bit...
  39. Dimebucker

    Supply Sag changes FW11-12 to FW13?

    Hey Do someone remember what was that new feature what did come whit FW13 ,and I remember that feature did chance tone quality a lot. I think it was that supply sag parametric and preamp sag switch ,what did chance tone a lot? And I remember Cliff did post some information ,to use some...
  40. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II Tone matching ,original Mesa Boogie Mark IV quick test!

    Hey I was tone matching Original Mesa Boogie Mark IV lead channel ,for Axe FX II Mesa Boogie Mark IV amp block. I was use one of my old settings for that Original Mesa Mark IV amp ,and i was put about same settings for Axes Mesa Mark IV amp. And i did tone matching for that channel ,only...
  41. Dimebucker

    Lamb Of God`s Mark Morton and Willie Adler Mesa Boogie Live presets!

    Hey I was tone matching today Lamb Of God Mark and Willies ,Mesa Boogie Mark IV live presets. There are two 2 presets for each ,one have (mid gain) engage and second have (Harmonics) engage. And I was use exactly same settings ,what they was use for those Boogies for live. And those tone...
  42. Dimebucker

    Hey can someone convert few Axe FX II IRs to ultrares?

    Hey Can someone convert those two stock Mesa IRs to ultrares ,would be very nice. Those two what I mean are ,Petrucci V30 mix and Cali 412.
  43. Dimebucker

    Tone matching live feature?

    Hey I will tomorrow tone matching original Mesa Boogie Mark IV lead channel ,and I was read that there is some live tone matching feature? I have few questions ,where I can find that tone matching live feature and offline feature? And how I must hooked up that original Mesa amps to axe...
  44. Dimebucker

    Original Mark IV Lead Channel Tone Matching ,tips and tricks are welcome!

    Original Mesa Boogie Mark IV Lead Channel Tone Matching ,for Axe FX II! Hey I will tone matching original Mesa Boogie Mark IV lead channel next week ,and need little bit help. And i want only tone matching amp not a cabinet ,to get pure tone for that Mesa Boogie Mark IV. And i will tone...
  45. Dimebucker

    Need little help for creating bass preset

    Hey Okey if there is some bass players ,I need little help for advice users. I have done one bass preset for our bass player ,but I need get little bit overdrive for that tone. And I need that gain stage be very tight ,to get that 90s rex bass tone. He was use some tech 21 if I remember...
  46. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Petrucci style tone

    Hey I was record quick test whit Axe FX II Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ amp ,and I was use tone matching feature for get close to John Petrucci live tone. And that is very raw tone ,nothing extra effects or tricks. Link for that quick test is ,below here...
  47. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II Mesa Boogie Mark IV + Framus 412 V30 IR tone test!

    Hey I was finally found that Framus 412 V30 IR ,and I did little recording test. I was use in that record Axe FX II Mesa Boogie Mark IV amp ,and Framus 412 V30 IR. That tone is almost same ,like I was have in early days. Same amp and same cabinet ,like those days when I was own Mesa and...
  48. Dimebucker

    Have someone use tone matching ,to capture overdrive pedal?

    Hey I just need little bit help ,okey lets start. My question is ,have someone use that tone matching feature to capture some eq or overdrive pedal? My friend have my old Furman Pq-3 parametric eq unit ,and I was think is there is some trick to capture those settings for tone matching block...
  49. Dimebucker

    Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ tone ,can someone replicate this fo Axe Fx II?

    Hey I was post here few times for thread ,where I was need little bit help for Axe FX II Boogie 5-band eq. And I have not figured out that yet ,its very had because Axes 5-band have so much space in those 5-band sliders. And I found one clip where that dude use about same settings ,like I...
  50. Dimebucker

    Mesa Boogie 5-band Eq help still needed

    Hey Im still try to figured out that Axe FX II mesa boogie 5-band eq settings ,compare to original Mesa Boogie 5-band eq. If someone have mesa boogie mark IIc+ mark IV mark V Mark III or studio preamp ,please try figured out those settings for Axe FX II how adjust that eq. And im looking for...
  51. Dimebucker

    Randall Warhead 2X15 Ir needed?

    Hey Do someone have that cabinet Randall Warhead 2X15 ,if someone have please capture that cab to IR? And share that for us ,would be amazing to have that IR. Update if someone have downloaded this silentundergroundstudio IR ,please share that because I don't find that anymore. Link for that...
  52. Dimebucker

    How download Ultra IRs

    Hey I was read that those Ultra IRs cabinets can not download ,whit fractal bot software right now. Is that been fixed ,and if not how I can download correct those and save for my Axe FX II?
  53. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II gain/input question

    Hey I have one preset ,and that preset do not have enough gain/input. I need to know best way ,crank gain/input little bit more. I notice that input trim ,but im not sure what that knob feature is really? And biggest thing is that ,I don't want loose sound quality for that preset. And I notice...
  54. Dimebucker

    Do someone have Framus 412 V30 cabinet IR?

    Hey IF someone have that cabinet ,would be nice to shoot some IR:s whit that cabinet. And would be nice too ,if someone have Ultrares IR version for that cab too.
  55. Dimebucker

    Have someone nailed this Flanger style effect?

    Hey I need little help ,for nail this solo effect. And im looking for that clip solo effect ,there is moving left to right some effect. My ear that effect is Flanger ,but I cant nail that its too hard. I know he was use MXR Doubler/Flanger ,whit live and studio. If someone can find those...
  56. Dimebucker

    Have someone good bass preset ,for metal?

    Hey If someone have done some good bass presets ,please share those. I need 80s or 90s metal bass preset ,that is what im looking for. We will soon record new demo ,and I need good bass tone for our bassist. And im looking for Rex Brown ,Jason Newsted or David Ellefson style bass sound. And...
  57. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II Firmware 12.01 vs 13.07

    Hey Here is some firmware test ,12.01 vs 13.07. There is test for those both firmwares ,rhythm and lead clips. First is 12.01 and second is 13.07 ,time for those clips are. 12.01 parts are [00:00-00:08] and [00:16-00:24] and lead part [00:33-00:39] 13.07 parts are [08:00-00:16] and...
  58. Dimebucker

    New Firmware notes?

    Hey Can Cliff or someone please tell me ,what features I need to shut down to get same tone like 12.01 if I todays update that new 13.07 firmware. I know there have been added those sag preamp etc.... but I need to know all those new features and how I can shut them down if I don't need those...
  59. Dimebucker

    Need some Eq help

    Hey Okey I need now little bit some help. I have one preset which have almost correct eq curve ,but my problem is get low end curve right. Problem is what block is best to do this ,parametric eq or filter block and before to amp block or last in chain? And what settings are good to try ,fix...
  60. Dimebucker

    Have someone Diminished harmony settins?

    Hey Have someone found some diminished harmony settings? I am now EB tuning ,and need that scale harmony. And would be nice if someone have ,custom scale settings for that?
  61. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II tuner HZ range?

    Hey Does someone know ,what hz range that tuner can handle. I hear that Axe FX II tuner have ,feature to use different hz numbers. Is there option to get 425hz and 450hz ,and what is that tuner smallest and biggest jump in hz numbers? And I mean that jump like this way 410hz-460hz.
  62. Dimebucker

    Atmosynth help needed?

    Hey I found that amazing Atmosynth preset ,for axechance. But i need ,little bit help. I want control those chords chances ,whit preset chance not in scenes whit my midi pedal. How i can do that? I want do 6 same presets ,but all those 6 presets have those different chords? I have already try...
  63. Dimebucker

    How do going back to early firmware?

    Hey Do someone know if I decide ,to going back to firmware what I was use early. Because I was take backup my A B and C banks And that system.syx file ,if I want back that firmware is that system.syx file that old firmware file? I have now that 12.03 ,but if I want go back to 12.01 how I can...
  64. Dimebucker

    FAS Modern II question?

    Hey Do someone know did that Fas Modern II amp block modeling change from 12.00 to 12.03? And all those Fas amps blocks ,and what was firmware when they have bee updated?
  65. Dimebucker

    Whammy and Wah-Wah bypass adjust?

    Hey I want ask if someone can help me ,for that setup to expression pedal work in this way. Okey I need that whammy and wah-wah ,working style when I chance preset that whammy and wah-wah will be bypass and when I hit my expression pedal then they will come alive. And when I take my foot...
  66. Dimebucker

    12.03 firmware delay block question

    Hey Can you cliff tell me ,when I was early firmware 12.0 my delay block feedback was all the way left 0.0%. And now that feedback is 12:00 clock ,if I want same like early firmware my feedback was. Must I then put that feedback 12:00 clock 0.0% or straight to the left -100%?
  67. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II tuner?

    Hey I have not find yet ,if that tuner have master tuner function like kemper was have. And what that mean ,is you can tune your guitar cents down or up moren than regular 440hz. Is there some option for that? Would be nice to tune guitar like van halen and dimebag Darrell was have ,420-445hz...
  68. Dimebucker

    Axe Fx II violin preset Finland Anthem!

    Hey I was record some test ,whit simeon violin preset. I was use Sustainiac pickup in my guitar ,to record that clip. Link is below 8) https://soundcloud.com/dimebucker1984/axe-fx-ii-finland-anthem
  69. Dimebucker

    Need help backup presets?

    Hey If someone can help me ,would be nice to know few things. One is how I can only take one patch/preset ,in Axe Fx II to computer and how share that in axechance? And second question is ,how I can take and save like a backup. All of my patch/presets and settings what I have done in Axe FX II...
  70. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II Metallica AJFA album Blackened Tone Match

    Hey Metallica tone matching test. And Justice For All album ,song Blackened. Link to tone match test ,is here below! 8) https://soundcloud.com/dimebucker1984/axe-fx-ii-metallica-and Update! Now that preset is axe-chance here is link ,and I recommend use fractal bot to send that in Axe FX...
  71. Dimebucker

    Framus 412 V30 IR?

    Hey I would ask if someone ,have that Framus 412 V30 IR? Would be amazing test that IR some presets. And would be nice ,if that have taken whit Shure SM57 axis. :encouragement:
  72. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II 5-band EQ Translate?

    Hey Have someone already translate that Mesa 5-band eq ,in numbers. Way like orginal Mesa 5-band works? If someone have ,orginal Mesa amps whit Eq. Would be nice to hear how those Axe FX II sliders works in numbers ,comparably orginal Mesa 5-band sliders. Like what numbers must be sliders...
  73. Dimebucker

    Whammy and Wah-Wah sound help?

    Hey Now I have wah-wah and whammy in my expression pedals. Question is ,what is good settings for whammy one octave up to mix and another settings? Because its sound little weird to me ,I have use orginal whammy pedals years ,and kemper was have whammy too. If someone have good tips ,to...
  74. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II Iron Maiden Harmonizer help?

    Hey I Want know if someone ,have figured out iron maiden harmony whit axe fx II. And what is those settings ,and what block I must use? And where in guitar ,chain that block must be? And would be nice too if ,that harmonizer will be stereo panning like right is my playing and left is that...
  75. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II Van Halen Tone Matching!

    Hey My Van Halen tone matching preset test. There is two guitar tracks ,left is Van Halen and right is Me playing. Some sloppy playing I have there ,because I was use ears to learning quick those few guitar parts for test session. 8) I was use Axe-Change EVH Brown Sound preset little tweaking...
  76. Dimebucker

    Need 80s Tri Chorus sound

    Hey Im looking for 80s tri chorus sound for guitar ,whit axe fx II. If someone have good results ,please share those presets? Down below is link ,what im looking for amazing clean sound ,80s tri chorus sound 8) Tri Stereo Chorus sound [isolated clean guitar track] - YouTube AND...
  77. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II + Behringer FCB1010

    Hey I want ask here ,if someone have same setup axe fx II and fcb1010 midi device. And that fcb1010 is whit ,stock chip. How I must setup axe to community ,whit fcb1010 if someone have some tutorial video or time to write and help me? :encouragement :encouragement: And I don't use...
  78. Dimebucker

    Need help get new presets?

    Hey I have update my Ace FX II firmware ,and test those all presets 300 what there is. And now my question is this. I found this site ,where some dude have amazing few presets. And I downloaded those presets ,but there is bank A B and C not in one pieces those presets. And if I put those...
  79. Dimebucker

    Guitar Doubler effect help?

    Hey I would like to have ,guitar doubler sound in stereo. I was use early days mxr flanger/doubler ,what van halen dimebag Darrell and randy rhoads was use live. And I now want know ,if someone have find good settings for some effect to do that. I will run axe fx in straight to ,two...
  80. Dimebucker

    Axe FX II Metallica Tone Test!

    Hey My first recording test whit Axe-FX II ,Metallica Enter Sandman tone matching test! https://soundcloud.com/dimebucker1984/metallica-enter-sandman-axe-fx
  81. Dimebucker

    Need brutal aggressive ,metal noise gate settings!

    Hey Can someone give me good ,noise gate settings for high gain presets? I don't understand yet that noise gate ,where that is best to be in chain and what settings. To get very aggressive and fast attack gate. Little bit compressor too ,would be nice. Some Pantera style gate will be nice...
  82. Dimebucker

    I need violin and organ tones

    Hey I don't find violin preset I have updatet new firmware ,can someone help me where i can find that. And if someone have some good organ preset ,would be nice? Im looking for some 80`s rock synth piano sound ,and deep purple style Hammond tone. :)
  83. Dimebucker

    Wanted Dimebag Darrell Cowboys From Hell Tone!

    Hey Do someone have Cowboys From Hell tone match for Axe FX II? Would be nice if SilentUnderGround ,dude in youtube will do this her tones rocks? :D
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