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  1. midifine

    Blade Guitars - Blade RH4

  2. midifine

    Blade Guitars - Blade RH4

  3. midifine

    Happy Christmas Everyone!!

  4. midifine

    Peter Florance Telecaster Set

    Bought the Florance Telecaster Set, I find them really great, just give them a try:) ...and the Voodoo Sweet 56 for Stratocaster... [video]
  5. midifine

    Need Help.. please!!!

    I have bought a Strat and the owner doesn't know which pickups are installed, can anyone please tell me if he know the manufacturer of the pickups in the image? Thanks a lot!!
  6. midifine

    Dirty Loops using AxeFx ?

    Watch this thread http://forum.fractalaudio.com/lounge/89613-henrik-linder-dirty-loops-use-axe-fx-ii.html
  7. midifine

    Fender D'Allen PU's Johnny Blades Mesa Clean

    Fender Stratocaster D'Allen Johnny Blades PU's, Mesa Boogie Rectifier Clean Channel, moving from Neck to Bridge!
  8. midifine

    Henrik Linder - Dirty Loops use the Axe FX II!!

    The bass player Henrik Linder from Dirty Loops use the Axe FX II for Bass, I think he deserved to be on the front page of FRACTAL AUDIO SYSTEMS between the Artists who use the Axe Fx... such a great musician!!!
  9. midifine

    You must see this!!!!

  10. midifine

    Axe-Edit 3.0.9 Released!

    It will be fine if this Picker window work for the Import Preset too, choosing presets for audition from Factory Presets outside from Axe, close every time when one preset is chosen, even if the Picker is enabled.
  11. midifine

    How to determine IR length for UR conversion?

    Insert the wave in your DAW, the long one is UltraRes..;)
  12. midifine

    Real ADT Britt800 FW 14!!!

    There are so many presets on this plug in and a lot of possibilities to work with.. here is another Clean Demo.. I don't make any promotion to Waves Plugins, but I think they made a good job at this one;)
  13. midifine

    Real ADT Britt800 FW 14!!!

  14. midifine

    Real ADT Britt800 FW 14!!!

    The difference using the plugin and making true stereo tracks is not so big, it's just a matter of taste, thought that it's very useful not only for guitars;)
  15. midifine

    Real ADT Britt800 FW 14!!!

    For those who want a Artificial Double Tracking Plugin, from Waves, Reel ADT, just listen and give a comment, Amp Britt800, Cab OH_412_MAR-CB_V30-CH_Studio-Modern. IMHO the best on the Market... first take stereo track only, second with the ADT, Factory Default Preset.
  16. midifine

    Sythy Arps

    Now is working, thank you for your time, great Patch!!
  17. midifine

    Sythy Arps

    here too... no sound ...
  18. midifine

    Mesa Boogie Road King 2x12 UltraRez IRs

    Very Good Job & thanks for sharing !
  19. midifine

    Deep Sea Dive!! Inspired by simeon patch!

    It's the Telecaster Richie Kotzen Signature in the middle position with the DiMarzio The Chopper & Twang King PU's..
  20. midifine

    Deep Sea Dive!! Inspired by simeon patch!

    Insipred by the new patch from simeon.. great job..Thank You!! Here it is: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Deep Sea Dive - by simeon
  21. midifine

    Axe-Fx II FW v13.07 Released!

    Thank you for your great work!!!!
  22. midifine

    1st bass test in a mix!

    Was inspired from your sound and redirect the bass sound from my Jingle Project as you describe it, found the idea very good... the Bass preset is from Fremen Bass Dual Axe-Change - Download Preset - Bass dual - by fremen hope you like it!!! Great sound on your guitars, maybe you can share...
  23. midifine

    Acoustic demo video using Midifine's 'Acoustic Piezo' preset.

    Such a great preset. I'm studying its construction so I can learn how to put something like that together myself. Oddities, though: When I click on the Cab block it changes the tone significantly. I'm guessing that's because the preset was written in FW 7 and I'm running 12.04, yeah? It...
  24. midifine

    Acoustic demo video using Midifine's 'Acoustic Piezo' preset.

    It sounds really great in your hands.. Thank You!!!
  25. midifine

    Sôber - Insecto (Jotun Studio cover)

    Great Sound!!!Merry Christmas!!!
  26. midifine

    It's Christmas Time...!!!!!

    It's Christmas Time and I would like to share with you all my main presets, hope that you like them.. Merry Christmas to everyone, God Bless You All!!!! I have made today a backup of my Axe and I would like to share with you my main Bank A with all my presets that I use...
  27. midifine

    MOAEE - UD Stomp (Holdsworth settings)

    Great work Simeon!!
  28. midifine

    I'm looking to simulate this Andy Timmons tone

    Try this ones. Axe Change -The Official Site for Fractal Audio Presets, Cabs and More
  29. midifine

    Coby Bank A - All amps, only amps

    Great Job, thank you for your work!!!
  30. midifine

    Cover band guys!

    I was wondering how much you get there for this kind of work, 3-4 sets 45 min/set & 15 min. break :roll.. I play here in Germany some cover bands, we play around 6-7 hours, 3-4 songs & 5 min. break, from 8 to 02, and the payment is 50-60 Euro/hour...I only use 4-5 presets, every preset with 5...
  31. midifine

    AXE FX II FW 11 & Fender Tele Richie Kotzen!!!

    Yes Sir, here it is, sorry for the delay ...:roll Axe-Change - Download Preset - Clean Rev+Dly - by Midifine
  32. midifine

    AXE FX II FW 11 & Fender Tele Richie Kotzen!!!

    Fender Telecaster Richie Kotzen with Axe Fx II FW11, signed by Richie Kotzen on a Workshop in Austria, best Telecaster on the market!!! Patch, Shiver Clean with a lot of Reverb and Delay!! For Kemper Fans... Forget It!!!
  33. midifine

    Taylor, Telecaster & Axe FX II FW 11b!!!

    Double Verb with 2x12 Top Boost Silver & 2x10 Vibrato Lux Mix
  34. midifine

    Taylor, Telecaster & Axe FX II FW 11b!!!

    Another story, Taylor with Axe Fx II and a little Telecaster with Richie Kotzen DiMarzio PU's.... about Axe there is nothing to say..still No. 01, even in Beta FW!!!
  35. midifine

    Taylor & Axe FX II FW 11.0 Beta!!!

    Played with Taylor 314ce thru Axe with FW 11.0 Beta! Comments & Suggestions are welcome!!!:encouragement: Patch Axe-Change - Download Preset - Acoustic/TripTik Clean - by Midifine
  36. midifine

    Demo Axe FW 11.0 Beta!

    Just kill the MC, cabs are 2x12 Black and VOX 4x12 or try different cabs at your taste.
  37. midifine

    Demo Axe FW 11.0 Beta!

    Found the Clipping reason, is the MultiComp between Filter & PEQ,make Shunt and will be without clipping.. :encouragement:
  38. midifine

    Demo Axe FW 11.0 Beta!

    Cab Left: 2x12 Black Cab Right: Vox 412 GSH12 V30
  39. midifine

    Demo Axe FW 11.0 Beta!

    I have used them both, only refrain have two tracks, one with the Scene 1 and Bridge pickup, and another one with the Scene 5 , that is what I didn't test it before recording and that is why comes to the end of some clipping, but for me was the sound of the FW 11.0 important... About Logic X, I...
  40. midifine

    Demo Axe FW 11.0 Beta!

    Thanks man, you said it right, it's all about the sound of the Axe, and the work of Cliff & FAS Team!!!
  41. midifine

    Demo Axe FW 11.0 Beta!

    Try this one...maybe it works:) https://soundcloud.com/midifine/demo-axe-fw-11-0-beta
  42. midifine

    Demo Axe FW 11.0 Beta!

    Here it is: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Brit JM45 & Super Verb - by Midifine The Scene 5 used on the "refrain" gives the clipping, I didn't found if it's from the Beta Version or I have to change something on the Compression... maybe you find out if you have the FW 11.0 beta installed;)
  43. midifine

    Demo Axe FW 11.0 Beta!

    A short demo of the new FW 11.0 Beta, IMHO sounds better as any FW till now, thank you Cliff & FAS Team for your work, I'm happy every second when I play thru your wonder box... Amps: Axe FX Brit JM45 & Super Verb Bass: Axe Fx Ampeg SV G&L S-500 Guitar with stock PU's DAW: Logic X with the...
  44. midifine

    Vinai T jam on Norman Brown - Just Chillin backingtrack

    Great feeling... thank you for the patch!!!
  45. midifine

    Who has the cello preset for V10.6

    There's no Amp on the preset, it works very well, if you don't have the Cab IR, here it is!
  46. midifine

    Who has the cello preset for V10.6

    Try this one! Axe-Change - Download Preset - Cello - by Midifine
  47. midifine

    Ruby Rocket... FW 10.06!!!

    New Ruby Rocket played with G&L Legacy.... thank you FAS Team for such a wonderful Amp... since FW 10.06 everything sounds much better... I don't know what will come next... Patch: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Ruby Rocket - by Midifine
  48. midifine

    VGS Eruption Select + Axe Fx II!!

    Now it sounds much better after I've changed the PU's with Seymour Duncan HotRod Set, with Jazz/JB set...
  49. midifine

    VGS Eruption Select + Axe Fx II!!

    Forget about cheap Fender, even made in Mexico is not as god as this one, and for the money that you pay the quality is very very good... and the Evertune Bridge make all the money!!!
  50. midifine

    Bonamassa Backing Tracks

    You too!!
  51. midifine

    Bonamassa Backing Tracks

    Send me your mail address and I'll send them thru WeTransfer.
  52. midifine

    Gibson Auto-tuner...I want one!!

    Put this on every guitar that you own, and you don't ever need to care about tuning anymore!!! EverTune | Keep Your Guitar in Tune Forever
  53. midifine

    Firmware Version 10.05 Now Available

    Thank you Cliff, everything is perfect now, thanks again for your work!!!!
  54. midifine

    Galo's Ojai patch. Loving it!!!!

    If you love it, share it, so we can love it too...:encouragement:
  55. midifine

    Change Scenes from MFC.. Strange sound, FAS please help!!

    FW 2.16 is installed on MFC.. the problem doesn't happend when I change the scenes from 'A' button, only when I change from MFC..:(
  56. midifine

    Change Scenes from MFC.. Strange sound, FAS please help!!

    Helo FAS, made today the new FW 10.04, and by change the Scenes from MFC I have a strange sound.. if I change the Scenes from Axe Edit, it doesn't make anymore.. I don't know if it has to do that one Amp model is on X and the other one on Y. I have tryied to put 2 Amps in parallel and by...
  57. midifine

    Lukather 1990! Thank you winger & Swedish Chef!

    It's the best way to thank for those who share the Patches for Axe Fx II!! Played with LP Bonamassa with SD Bonamassa PU's!! Original post from winger on Axe Change: "Clean and lead patches were originally created by Swedish Chef for FW4. I tried to combine these using scenes for FW10. It...
  58. midifine

    Dirty Shirley FW10!!!

    Short Dirty Shirley Amp FW10, only Amp, Cab, Reverb & Delay... just perfect!!!! LP Bonamassa Model with Seymour Duncan Bonamassa PU's!! Preset Axe-Change - Download Preset - Dirty Shirley - by Midifine
  59. midifine

    V10 Firmware

    Thank you FAS for the great work, I don't have words to say for what I hear.. You're NO. 1 in the whole World!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
  60. midifine

    Yek's Presets for MkI/MkII (v15.03) and Blog

    As usual Great Job.. Thanks for sharing with us...:-P
  61. midifine

    VGS Eruption Select + Axe Fx II!!

    One of the best guitars on the market and a +1 for the EverTune Bridge. For the price that you pay for this Guitar it's the best quality what you can find around the world. And it sounds very very good. The EverTune bridge is the invention of the 20th Century, and I never played something so in...
  62. midifine

    Any of you folks tried these bridges?

    I bought today a VGS Eruption Select Series with EverTune bridge on it.. I don't have words to say what this bridge can do and how wonderful is to always have a guitar in tune, doesn'n matter how you play, where you play... it's always IN TUNE!!!!:D I'll put this bridge in all my others guitars...
  63. midifine

    80,s Landau patch???

    You can use the AxeFx Reporter...
  64. midifine

    80,s Landau patch???

    You can find it here... Axe-Change - Download Preset - Landau-ish Clean - by octatonic
  65. midifine

    Bulb Clean (Periphery)

    And here it is the AxeFx Reporter..;)
  66. midifine

    Bulb Clean (Periphery)

    I've made some screenshot from Axe-Edit, maybe they will help you to recreate the patch on your Ultra... hope it helps!
  67. midifine

    Black Crowes, Slash, and Joe Satriani in a blender (but less bloody)

    Great Job!!! Thank you for the patches!!!
  68. midifine

    Fave exercises

    Watch this... Joe Satriani's Guitar Tips - YouTube
  69. midifine

    Used on sony playstation

    Great Job!!!
  70. midifine

    Bulb Clean (Periphery)

    Bulb Clean Tone from Periphery - Misha Mansoor.. Great tone for clean sounds. Thank you Misha!!! Fender Strat with Dave Allen, Johnny Hilland PU's!!! https://soundcloud.com/midifine/bulb-clean-periphery Patch Download Axe-Change - Download Preset - Bulb Clean - by Periphery
  71. midifine

    Clark Kent's Perfect IR!!

    Thanks for sharing, it sounds good all over the Axe II.. just some small Amp changes and it's there... Great Job!!!!!!
  72. midifine

    Video: Play-through of original tune + Axe-Edit Scenes

    Now it works..thank you for your work and your time..really great Job!!!
  73. midifine

    Looking for fat sounding strat PU with fat sound

    Suhr Michael Landau! IMHO Best Strat PU's on the Market!! Musikshop Axel
  74. midifine

    Dream Theater: Metropolis Pt. 1 Preset

    Same here.. Scene 2 and 4 doesn't work and i can't see the routing on this two ones to understand why doen't come no sound from them...:cry
  75. midifine

    TUTORIAL: Using Scenes on the Axe-Fx II and MFC-101

    Hi, your Scenes in the Metropolis Patch doesn't change as you made them.. do I miss something?
  76. midifine

    Silent Night, Holy Night Axe FX II!!!

    Slowly but sure it's Christmas time.. made with Axe and Omnisphere for Choir.. Pad and Violin only Axe... Silent Night, Holy Night Axe FX II!!! by MIDIFine on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  77. midifine

    Smooth Splawn Marshall

    From the PT Splawn Marshall M Patch made by FractalAudio, changed a little for my taste, and played with a Fender Hot Rod with D'Allen Pickups (JohnnyBlades), without the ToneMach Block and with the OwnHammer OH Beta 412 Bogner V31 SM57 F-9 IR's. Hope you like it as I do!!! Smooth Splawn...
  78. midifine

    Noiselss pickups... for my Strat

    Try D'Allen Pickups. For me till now the best. Try the JohnnyBlades or Austin Blues. D.AllenPickups, DAllenPickups, Boutique Pickups, Single Coils Pickups,
  79. midifine

    Friedman HBE - v9 with my new Signature Fibenare

    Great as usual.. love the tone and your playing!!!!
  80. midifine

    Journey "Stone In Love" Cover Video

    Here the same!!
  81. midifine

    CLN Acoustic Axe Fx II!!

    Thanks for the patch from fremen, changed a little to fit my taste, record with PRS 513, no pre or post processing, just played thru the Singlecoil and Humbucker from my guitar to see how many possibilities are with only one patch. I don't need to say what a precious box the Axe is, everyone who...
  82. midifine

    Classical music?

  83. midifine

    For fremen an MFC-101 from the FAS Community!!!

    I think it's time that we do something for one of our community.. fremen needs a MFC-101 and I would like to spend some money for him that he can buy one... but I thought if we all that we have already the wonderful work on Axe Fx II and the others who would like to have them just put together...
  84. midifine

    Video : farewell to V7 and a nice idea (delay's feedback controlled by enveloppe)

    I think it's time that we do something for one of our community.. fremen needs a MFC-101 and I would like to spend some money for him that he can buy one... but I thought if we all that we have already the wonderful work on Axe Fx II and the others who would like to have them just put together...
  85. midifine

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 8.00 Up

    FAS you're the WORLD GREATEST!!!! Thank You!!!
  86. midifine

    Axe FX II No Amp, only Cab & FX!!!

    Made today a Hip-Hop Jingle only with a Cab sim. and the FX part from Axe FX II, and I was really very pleased that you don't really need an Amp Sim., Axe sounds even without it. Just amazing what this black box can do!!! Thank you FAS for this!!!! Recorded wit a Tokai LC2-M with Seymour Duncan...
  87. midifine

    Patches for Round and Round We Go

    Much appreciated..thanks!!!
  88. midifine

    Round and Round We Go

    Great song and sound!!!
  89. midifine

    Guthrie Govan & Axe FX II!!!

    Thanks for your time an Information... I don't want to play or to sound like Guthrie.. just want the patches that he used, as long I am one of the happy ones because I have one Axe FX II.. I'm sure that one day, after they sell a lot the video pack, JTC will post the presets...
  90. midifine

    Faber Concerto PU's & Axe FX II!!!

    It's a Tokai LC2. You can sees the specs here. : :: TOKAIGUITAR.DE :: :
  91. midifine

    Guthrie Govan & Axe FX II!!!

    Now everything is clear for me... from the JTC Website : For the many thousands of you that have watched or purchased Guthrie Govan’s ‘The Late Night Sessions 2′ series then you will most probably have noticed that he is using the incredible Fractal Audio Systems Axe-FX II throughout. Here is...
  92. midifine

    Guthrie Govan & Axe FX II!!!

    That is exactly what I see too..but when you wrote on the TAB that you used one patch for ex. USA Lead, and it was another one used, then you start to be a little confused... and the specification on the JamPack was a patch list, not a paths name..that is why i thought that it will be a list of...
  93. midifine

    Guthrie Govan & Axe FX II!!!

    On the tab is USA Lead and Friedman HBE..presets 23 & 24 it's only Friedman HB & HBE... that is why I wanted those presets.. to can see exactly what he used... but I think that would be impossible... anyway, thank you Adam for this information!!!:(
  94. midifine

    Where Were you - Jeff Beck Cover

    Great playing and feeling! Thanks for sharing the patch!!!
  95. midifine

    Guthrie Govan & Axe FX II!!!

    It is for me only to see the changes, because the Friedman what he use for two of the recordings doesn't sound as stock preset. The best Friedman patch is from Mark Day. Fro me Stock Presets are the first 45 presets from Axe. I'm sure that everybody will say they the sound comes from his hands...
  96. midifine

    Guthrie Govan & Axe FX II!!!

    I think that there are not the same as the stock presets, and the small changes I would like to see them.
  97. midifine

    Guthrie Govan & Axe FX II!!!

    I think it's a misunderstanding here.. I'm not asking for a refund, I just want to look over his patches.. that's all.. and I think as long as Fractal sponsored this project would be for the normal customers just a sign of courtesy that we bought this wonderful box!!!
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