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  1. MGW

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    Definitely the best it's ever sounded and felt.
  2. MGW

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    I ha I had a 101b for a while...after a couple of wrecks, my back can't handle hauling big heads like that. The Euro is every bit the 101b. Cliff nailed it in my opinion.
  3. MGW

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    I've only messed around with the Euro Red and I have to say it sounds better than ever. Nice and chewy.
  4. MGW

    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    Proof that no matter what you do, someone's gonna be pissy about it...even if it doesn't affect them. I mean for a guy that doesn't have any interest in it...why comment on it. Leave it alone, take your self importance elsewhere, and let those of us who are enjoying the conversation keep it...
  5. MGW

    Fractal discount in EU?

    That's got nothing to do with Fractal or G66.
  6. MGW

    Fractal Audio and amp profiling

    To be fair, I'm not "against" profiling. There have been several times I've wanted to replicate a tone from another guitarist and used the tone match to do so. Some with great results, some with mediocre results. The mediocre results were largely the result of poor source audio. Really...
  7. MGW

    Fractal Audio and amp profiling

    I had a Bogner Ecstasy 101b. I made an IR of the cabinet. Set the amp up like I wanted it. Profiled it on the Kemper and dialed in the Euro model on the AxeFX III using the IR I shot of the cab the 101b was plugged into. IMO profiling is irrelevant on the AFIII thanks to the tireless work...
  8. MGW

    Can anyone recommend an Android Tablet to run FracPad?

    This is the one I have, and it has a USB-A port already on it. FracPad is plug and play with this. LG G Pad X at Amazon Only mine is black not gold.
  9. MGW

    Can anyone recommend an Android Tablet to run FracPad?

    I've got an LG G Pad X that actually has a USB port on it. It's plug and play.
  10. MGW

    Recommend me a pair of powered monitors for my Axe-Fx

    And if they don't sound good, it's because what you're putting through them doesn't sound good.
  11. MGW

    How To Set Up EQs For Certain Guitars?

    Well there you go. Clearly I had a misunderstanding of the situation. My apologies.
  12. MGW

    How To Set Up EQs For Certain Guitars?

    But, unless I'm misunderstanding the situation, it doesn't exist, and therefore, it's not really a solution.
  13. MGW

    How To Set Up EQs For Certain Guitars?

    "Fix the guitar" wasn't intended to be a compelling argument. It was intended to be an actual solution to resolve his issue because your solution of a global guitar input type preset, while I agree would be killer, doesn't currently exist.
  14. MGW

    How To Set Up EQs For Certain Guitars?

    Make it a bit more versatile. Put the treble bleed cap on a push push pot. Engage it when you need it and take it out when you don't. That's going to get you where you want to go a lot faster than duplicating presets or whatever. It doesn't damage the guitar, doesn't change the look, but...
  15. MGW

    How To Set Up EQs For Certain Guitars?

    So you've got one guitar that is always too bright and you're wanting to correct this with a global eq. I'm thinking if the guitar is always too bright, it's the guitar...fix the guitar and bleed some of the highs off with a cap. It'll still sound like itself, just less harsh.
  16. MGW

    Frustrated Screechy tone

    Reaper has a 180 day trial period. Costs you nothing. The AFX3 is an audio interface. BAM...you're set up to record!
  17. MGW

    Fan Noise

    I must be deaf...there's a whole lot of crap that I hear other than the fan noise. I've literally never noticed it.
  18. MGW

    Is there actual difference between Mesa Rectifier Models?

    But what do you do when it's a moderator that brought the snark?
  19. MGW

    OMG6 for Axe-Fx III?

    That's exactly what I was going to suggest.
  20. MGW

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    I hate it when he does that! It means I have to start saving money.
  21. MGW

    Mesa TC-50

    Quite honestly my favorite amp ever put into the AFIII.
  22. MGW

    FM-12 III in progress

    Looks cool. I'd probably use piano hinges though. They 'll hide really well and give it a really clean look.
  23. MGW

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.10

    @FractalAudio I'm tempted to do this just to have the opportunity to shake your hand and treat you to a Texas BBQ dinner.
  24. MGW

    Anyone see potential issues/problems here?

    I'm trying to figure out when you'd ever use the spider with an AFXIII
  25. MGW

    FM3 or FX3

    I do have to say this...the switching was well thought out in my opinion. You can get a lot done with 3 buttons!
  26. MGW

    FM3 or FX3

    I just got the FM3 yesterday. The only issue I'm having is CPU limits...and that's not terrible. Kitchen sink presets are iffy. As for the tone and feel...I can't tell the difference. You tend to stay away from stuff like the preamp in the cab block. The shimmer verb is a cpu hog.
  27. MGW

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.03

    Just got mine from UPS today. I was quite disappointed when I realized the Triple Crown had not been ported. That has become my go to amp. I consoled myself with the Modern Eddie preset for about 45 minutes. Hopefully the TC is on the short list of things to do.
  28. MGW

    Humbuster Cable for Instrument

    Pete Cornish makes an instrument cable that is similar to the humbuster in that is uses 2 conductors plus a shield, but the difference is that only TS terminations are used. The shield is wired to ground at the termination used for the amp input. Not recommending or otherwise endorsing, just...
  29. MGW

    Wish Mesa King Snake

    A friend of mine has an original Mk 1...still has the orange flight case it shipped in. Killer little amp.
  30. MGW

    Wish Mesa King Snake

    Isn't a Kingsnake a Mark 1...more or less?
  31. MGW

    Humbuster vs. XLR to 1/4 inch

    You have an AxeFX III schematic?!
  32. MGW

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.01

    Finally got around to updating last night. Really like the new matchless model with the York Audio Matchless 212. Tried a couple of different impedance curves, but in the end left it with the 212 Chief curve. Sounds really nice.
  33. MGW

    Atomic CLR or home electric system problem

    Something is drawing too much current somewhere. Atomic doesn't have the CLR's current draw spec'd in the manual.
  34. MGW

    A little live video (covers band)

    Excellent! That mix was great too.
  35. MGW

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 10.02

    I wholeheartedly agree. I dumped my AX8 back in early April. I loved it, but was certain something new was on the horizon. In the interim, I've played around with everything from a Mooer Radar to the Helix. Picked up a month old AFXIII and FC-12 for a really good deal here locally. HOLY...
  36. MGW

    Axe-Fx IV round the corner?

    So where is the spreadsheet. I'd be very interested in putting it to use.
  37. MGW

    FS Rio Grande P90 Barpack Set Cream

    Selling a set of Rio Grande P90s in cream. Got them for a project that's no longer gonna happen. They're in great shape with plenty of lead. $125 shipped and PPd CONUS. Rio Grande Barpack Set Website
  38. MGW


    If you've never had the opportunity to play a real Wreck, this is the next best thing. Cliff has nailed them.
  39. MGW

    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    Cliff said, and I'd have to find where, the issue is that the Ares algorithms take too long to run in the allotted time on the AX8 DSPs. Can the DSPs process the code...sure...but not in such a way that the outcome is a workable Ares solution on the AX8...at least not yet.
  40. MGW

    Prayers and good vibes needed

    I'm not typically one to say "lawyer up", but get a lawyer. They'd be all over this one. Your neck may not start hurting for a week or so. I hit a cow last October and totaled my Ram 1500 4x4. Didn't think much of it at the time, but my neck and lower back are jacked up as a result of the...
  41. MGW

    FS Axe-Fx II XL+ and MFC-101

    Which version is the MFC?
  42. MGW

    Why was the AX8 not upgraded to Ares?

    I think he's doing programming for the medical or security industry. I looked him up a while back, but I can't remember exactly what he's doing, but it wasn't in the music industry.
  43. MGW

    Stupid question probably, but is there anyway to simulate a Talkbox that doesn't sound like crap?

    Wonder if you could shoot an IR of an actual talk box and then combine that with the formant block and get a decent result.
  44. MGW


    Dude...I had a TubeFEX. It was a killer piece of gear.
  45. MGW

    NGD: Suhr Strat

    Had a Suhr strat several years ago. Best one I've ever owned.
  46. MGW

    Live Nation Admits To Scalping Tickets For Bands Like Metallica

    "Live Nation says it did it because bands know face value of its concert tickets are often lower than market value ... so the tactic allows them to recapture a cut of that money. " Hmm...because artificially creating a supply shortage of 88,000 tickets doesn't at all impact the market value of...
  47. MGW

    Pretty Sure Reverb Buyer is Trying To Scam, Input Needed

    What he said! Not worth it.
  48. MGW

    FC width with the sides removed?

    Thank you sir!
  49. MGW

    FC width with the sides removed?

    Not so much. Plenty of discussion about the handles though.
  50. MGW

    FC width with the sides removed?

    Does anyone know the width of the FC6 or 12 with the plastic sides removed? Thanks!
  51. MGW

    Variac 100% Voltage Value Questions

    You lost me with 120 volts at 154%. That said, in the real world, if you power an amp with a variac and power the circuit with higher than standard line voltage (120VAC in the US), you'll likely damage the components. As far as the impact on sound, the amp will be louder with more headroom...
  52. MGW

    When did the guitar became a pariah instrument?

    Not hard to be a dick to the FOH engineer when he's being a dick though. Let's be real, how may FOH guys are actually musicians and now how the guitar signal chain works? Sure there are some, but the only thing the rest of them know how to play is the radio. Don't get me wrong, louder isn't...
  53. MGW

    B+ Time Constant Comparison to Guitar Rig 5's "Response" Question

    Sounds like they're explaining the same thing two different ways. GR5 is discussing the virtual capacitors while FAS is explaining the B+ voltage which, in this case, would be supplied by the virtual capacitors. The capacitors in a tube amp power supply are storage tanks for DC voltage. If...
  54. MGW

    Axefest 2019 + AX8 ..... what do people think is coming?

    I'd love an AX8 type unit with more robust horsepower able handle the Ares firmware. Scribble strips are cool, as is a color screen, but I'm fine with the buttons the way they are. A monotone screen that is more like the screen on the new FC6/12 would be a great improvement IMO. I even sold my...
  55. MGW


    They're REALLY freaking close! A sounds slightly cleaner to me...I think there is ever so slightly less hair on it than on B. As to which one is the real mic...Hell...I don't know. They both sound great!
  56. MGW

    computer speakers upgrade for AX8 direct?

    I picked up a set of Yamaha HS50N reference monitors for $200 off of craigslist a couple of months ago. They work great. Not insanely loud, but they sound great and they have a really flat response so you know exactly what you're getting
  57. MGW

    Matrix GM50 vs Dayton Power Amp?

    What's the crossover frequency of the Dayton used in the xitone?
  58. MGW

    What kind of guitar is this?

    He didn't. I think the guy is scamming or was high and doesn't remember anything. BUT....mystery solved. It's a Jon Kammerer guitar. Friend of mine in Abilene knows a guy..... Anyway...he texted yesterday afternoon. Pretty interesting stuff...but I'm not a fan of the headstock...
  59. MGW

    What kind of guitar is this?

    Got it from a local guy. Supposedly endorsement fodder and he's wanting to trade some stuff. My gut is saying it's a hose job and I'm really not in the mood for a scammer. Anyway, the guitar is very intriguing...so I thought I'd throw the pick up and see what stuck.
  60. MGW

    What kind of guitar is this?

    I'm completely stumped. What kind of guitar is this?
  61. MGW

    your advice on AX8 + headphones without mixer

    I got a Behringer MA400, and it works great.
  62. MGW

    Ernie Ball Vol Jr. Expression Pedal?

    I had three of them connected to my MFC. I replaced the pots with 10K linear clarostat pots from mouser. Worked GREAT after that.
  63. MGW

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    Incoming today! Can't wait for the brown clown to show up!! Also have a case and headphone amp on the same truck arriving today.
  64. MGW

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    I don't know what was worse...the waitlist waiting or waiting for UPS ground!
  65. MGW

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    AX8 on the way! Can't wait!
  66. MGW

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    Possibly, but my confirm is 12/18 @ 11:51 AM and I've not gotten an invite yet.
  67. MGW

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    My confirm was 12/18 too...around 11:30.
  68. MGW

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    AWWW CRAP! That's out of stock?
  69. MGW

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    I swear I'm gonna get fired. I keep hitting refresh on my email instead of working.
  70. MGW

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    Maybe they don't like you? ;) Just kidding. I'd be doing the same thing were I in your shoes. It's getting close. I'm on 12/18 and have gigs this weekend...I've got my fingers crossed.
  71. MGW

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    WOOHOO...only 16 more days!!!
  72. MGW

    My Ax8 froze mid-gig

    That made my day!
  73. MGW

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    I'm thinking I'd rather them spend their time cranking away on building units instead of spending it giving us updates. They'll get to your name when they get to your name. A "definitive idea" is still just speculation because we don't have the actual waitlist.
  74. MGW

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    I don't know why I keep checking this every day. I didn't get on the list until mid-December. :(
  75. MGW

    AX8 waiting list soon?

    14 :o
  76. MGW

    A counter that counts down to the next firmware releases - thumbs up?

    I think it is a great idea. We just need to come to a countdown standard that accounts for....soon. OMG!!!! :hopelessness:
  77. MGW

    AX8 waiting list soon?

  78. MGW

    I'm concerned that updates are getting a bit out of control

    There have been several threads around here with people getting all up in Cliff's kool-aid and stirring things up. It's getting pretty nutty in some threads. I had to sell my AFII earlier this year, but I think I am going to be able to pull of the AX8. It' s really gonna suck to get back to...
  79. MGW

    AX8 waiting list soon?

    how were we supposed to know there was a waiting list to be notified that the waiting list was ready without some sort of notification to get on that waiting list? Is there list to get on that list? was that too much?
  80. MGW

    I know it's been asked-but AX8-

    You're a smart fella aren't you. $50 is not just $50. If he adds $50 to the cost of the unit and produces 2,000 units, it's $100,000 in additional production cost. So the only option would be to add to the sale price of the unit which you are already seemingly unhappy with. Hey Cliff, I think...
  81. MGW

    And Finally Scored A Nice One of These

    Talk about hijacking a thread... :roll
  82. MGW

    I know it's been asked-but AX8-

    Now I'm wondering how long "shortly" is relative to "soon". I'm so confused...but that could be caused by the POD I'm currently playing at the moment.
  83. MGW

    Challenge to Axe-FX Users: Claims L6 POD HD is On Par!

    But what if I really am the king?
  84. MGW

    And Finally Scored A Nice One of These

    Can I borrow your 3+ so I can clone it? :mrgreen I have acquired a fondness for projects such as this...Damn that Bruce Egnater for helping me build my first amp!!! It's freaking addicting?
  85. MGW

    Challenge to Axe-FX Users: Claims L6 POD HD is On Par!

    Too funny. 2 kids in Jr High and a wife working on her PhD. I'll get back in the game soon enough. This was merely a gear shift for a short while. If Cliff will send me an October birthday present, I'll be good to go and back in the game.
  86. MGW

    And Finally Scored A Nice One of These

    That's what I figured. I like the maybe!! :D
  87. MGW

    Challenge to Axe-FX Users: Claims L6 POD HD is On Par!

    I had an AFII...sold it all and got a POD HD500X. THEY'RE VERY DIFFERENT. For me, it's much more difficult to get what I want out of the POD. It doesn't feel as nice...not horrible, but definitely not Axe. Some days I regret selling it, some days I don't. For what I'm using it for, the POD...
  88. MGW

    And Finally Scored A Nice One of These

    SO...this begs a couple of questions... 1. How similar is the circuit to an X88R? 2. Are you going to, at some point, build models of some classic power amps to mate with the preamp models you have given us? The VHT 2150 and 2100 come s to mind. As do the Mesa 2:90, and Marshall 9100/9200...
  89. MGW

    4U Rack case for Axe XL

    I've got one of these that I'm not using anymore. I was about to throw it up on Craigslist if your interested. Has front and rear rails. In great shape. Amazon.com: SKB 4U Space Rack with Inline Wheels, TSA Latches, and Handle: Musical Instruments
  90. MGW

    Do it yourself patch panel for Axe-Fx

    Dude...I've got a crap load of XLR and Ethercon jacks. They're used, but they are pulls from church so they aren't beat to crap. I'd be happy to get you some cheap. It's all neutrik stuff. Shoot me a PM and lemme know what you need and we can discuss. It's all sitting in my shop getting...
  91. MGW

    Maybe just missed it or perhaps it has been gone for a while ? Egnater

    speaking of schematics and models...I've got the schematics of the Egnater seminar amp that everyone went nuts about several years ago...of course...Mark probably has it too. Here's a Mark Day clip for your enjoyment.
  92. MGW

    keywords blocked out in manual

    Get Yourself
  93. MGW

    Soldano SLO 100 with fw 18.03 and Ownhammer EDVH V3 cabs

    preset please.....PRETTY PLEASE.. :D
  94. MGW

    Last 2 Tap Tempo

    Yes...I would definitely like the option to use something other than the average...like the last two taps.
  95. MGW

    Okay, so how are these lead tones at all similar?

    HOLY SHIT!!! DO YOU GUYS REALIZE WHO THIS IS?!?!?! It's YODA...we have a Jedi on the forum. OH WOW!!!! Wait...lemme check something....yep...my give-a-damn is still broken.
  96. MGW

    Okay, so how are these lead tones at all similar?

    I fail to see how "calling bullshit" is in anyway educational for you or anyone else. This is going to be one of those teach a pig to dance moments in life....it wastes everyone's time and irritates the pig. Cheers.
  97. MGW

    Ernie Ball Volume Pedal for Expression

    OR...you swap the tuner out mono jack for a TRS jack and just use TRS cables. :D This does require some modification to the pedal and circuit board...but it really isn't too bad.
  98. MGW

    Axe FX Frozen

    I hardwired the jumper pins on mine to a micro toggle switch on the back of the AFII. Didn't want to have to un-rack and remove the lid to recover. Yeah...I know...warranty and what not, but I bought it used anyway.
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