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  1. GtarLover

    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    Bring it on... Clearly since I have an actual show, on a big stage, on Saturday, it will come on Friday and I won't be able to touch it ;) <<Waits patiently at keyboard watching the forum page refresh>>
  2. GtarLover

    Brady, Brady, Brady

    BUCS WIN!!!!!! Holy Crap Brady, Gronk, Fournette, etc.. Tom has 7 Super Bowls in the bag, WOW!!
  3. GtarLover

    Ares is over ...

    Thank you, can’t wait for BOTH Axe III and FM3...who could ask for more?
  4. GtarLover

    FM3 Wins Gear of the Year Award

    Well done, well deserved 👍
  5. GtarLover

    FM3 FW 2.0 Preset Pack

    Be sure that you have the USER CAB slot pointing at a cab. Leon usually uses his own IR's and they are available for download at the Axechange, I believe. Anyway, take a look at the cab block in each preset and make sure they are pointing somewhere with a cab ;)
  6. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.06

    YES!!!!! Thank you Cliff
  7. GtarLover

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Happy Brithday Cliff!! Hope you enjoyed your day :birthdaycake:
  8. GtarLover

    Fractal Audio Blocks Guide Updated - v1.1 - Nov 24, 2020

    Excellent Thanks Matt!!
  9. GtarLover

    Carrying FM3 on a plane

    I’ve packed Fractal gear both ways, separate Pelican case and also in my suitcase with my clothes. Both worked fine. It really depends on how many bags you want to check. If you get 2 bags free, then checking a pelican is no problem. I fly with my rig all the time. At this point I use an Axe III...
  10. GtarLover

    Wish Preset Level Hold Peak

    Would be great to add a “Peak Hold” to the Preset Level meters. Maybe 2 seconds. Make it easier to determine peaks and even levels. Much appreciated.
  11. GtarLover

    My wife passed away today

    So sorry to hear this. Prayers to you, your family, and your wife. Take care, my condolences. 🙏
  12. GtarLover

    Too much 1k mids in amp models?

    Absolutely not my experience with either the Axe III or FM3. That doesn't negate your experience OP, yet you are using the products in a specific way, and I personally am using the direct options. Although in previous set-ups I have used the Axe II XL through Matrix and cabs and the cabs will...
  13. GtarLover

    Wife Accidentally Brewed Regular Coffee Today

    Bahahahahaha :tearsofjoy:
  14. GtarLover

    FM3 Status Update

    Much appreciated Matt, thanks for the update. As always, the Fractal team goes above and beyond!!
  15. GtarLover

    Tribute to Eddie Van Halen (w/ free patch)

    Truly spectacular Rocco!! Thanks for sharing
  16. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.03

    Appreciate your dedication and promptness!!
  17. GtarLover

    Vendor [Moke's Custom Presets] Axe-Fx III Master Thread - Updated to Firmware 14! New 'Triple-Gain' (HB) Versions

    Just devastated by this news. Simply put, there was no one else like him. Millions of imitators, only one Edward. He got me started, no question. It was his tone, his songs, his mastery that shook me awake. RIP Edward 🎸🎶
  18. GtarLover


    Devastated, seriously devastated. Simply put, there was no one like him. Millions of imitators, only one Edward. He got me started, no question. It was his tone, his songs, his mastery that shook me awake. RIP Edward 🎸🎶
  19. GtarLover

    Wish: Momentary Scene Toggle

    I have done this by adding a momentary pedal, it's actually a (cheaper Onstage) sustain pedal for keys, and it's plugged in to one of the switch plugs on either FC12 or FC 6. Hold down for small volume increase, release goes back to original volume...it activates a filter block in my chain...
  20. GtarLover

    Axe-Edit III 1.07.01

    Much appreciated
  21. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.01

    BOOM Thank you!!
  22. GtarLover

    Do most people record direct from USB from the Axe-Fx, or do you use an audio interface between?

    Someone said this already, if just recording guitars with the Axe III, I don't see why USB wouldn't be the quick and easy choice. I suppose if you are "keeping" your Axe III in a recording setup, then other options may also make sense. Personally, I do have an Apogee Duet...so that's a viable...
  23. GtarLover

    Indispensable accessories

    Very useful thread Yek, thanks a ton!! Appreciate the additions to Yek's list as well. Thanks for the Neve suggestions...more money ;)
  24. GtarLover

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    Wow, just very grateful for ALL the work!!
  25. GtarLover

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 3

    As usual, Leon goes above and beyond. Thanks mate!!
  26. GtarLover

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 3

    Sorry to hear this Moke, I know how much work you put into your presets. If you come up with anything that you'd like to share, just in the Multi or Mega Tap blocks, I do think it would be appreciated.
  27. GtarLover

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 3

    Very excited for new firmware install....thanks Bryant, Cliff, and Fractal Team!!! I am clear that the Multi-delay "can" help as a work around for reverb. Anyone like to share some settings for the multi in this capacity? Might help some people to understand and try it more swiftly....
  28. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.00

    Oh Yeah!!! Thank you gents
  29. GtarLover

    2x guitarists in your band.. one uses 100w head+4x12, and you’re using a PA… which one is more..

    Yeah, agreed. I am using an Axe III and the other player in our band is using an AX8. Whole band on in-ears...;)
  30. GtarLover

    2x guitarists in your band.. one uses 100w head+4x12, and you’re using a PA… which one is more..

    The difference can be large or minimal depending on the Fractal choices In the Fractal. You can use a Friedman amp/cab in the Axe and get a “very” close tone OR choose a different amp/cab and bring a different flavor. Often different tones, one with more highs and the other with some deeper...
  31. GtarLover

    2x guitarists in your band.. one uses 100w head+4x12, and you’re using a PA… which one is more..

    Let's assume comparable volume at the back of the room. So, an individual standing at the back of the room would hear both guitars equally. Now, what really matters is the position of the PA speakers...meaning if the Fractal player is using 2 PA speakers as his backline, in a similar position...
  32. GtarLover

    Securing your wireless pack to your strap

    Love these. I wear them with the flap and opening facing down, so the antenna and cable face downward. Easy to attach, although I usually tape it to the strap with gaff as well so it doesn't slip or move.
  33. GtarLover

    Any EBMM owners?

    Hmmm...considered new pickups for my JP6 BFR. Haven't done it yet. Thanks for the advice on Bare Knuckle's Chewie...
  34. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.03

    Excellent, thank you!!
  35. GtarLover

    An Axe-Fx III Buying Checklist

    The Axe III is brilliant, the end. I agree with what’s been said regarding the FC controllers. They definitely add flexibility and the ease of programming. Fractal thought those out and they perform well, IME. That said they are not necessary, the Axe III is midi capable should you choose...
  36. GtarLover

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 1

    Much appreciated Thanks for all the efforts Bryant!!
  37. GtarLover

    Axe-Edit III 1.06.09

    Brilliant, as usual Thank you!!
  38. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.01

    Love it!! Thank you
  39. GtarLover

    Best Power Amp for Modelers

    I’ve used the Matrix GT1000FX as Cooper mentioned. Also, the Quilter 200 and Seymour Duncan 170. I recently picke up a PowerStation 100 as well. All have worked GREAT actually. Although again, as Cooper mentioned, smaller may be better for the FM3. If so, I’d check out the SD170. Really depends...
  40. GtarLover

    Am I crazy or I always wish more treble on Plexi presets

    I agree, the preset you have (i just played the clip), does not sound very much like a Plexi to my ears. Leon Todd has done a pretty decent job running through the Plexi models on the Axe III. Maybe watch that, get some tips, and try again. Although, I know the Plexi's got special attention in...
  41. GtarLover

    Do you need different sets of presets for studio and live work?

    Absolutely agree with what’s been said already. For myself, I don’t often play through the same PA from show to show. I use my AXE III direct every time. I dial in my presets at decent volume...That’s the best I can do. Our 2nd guitarist is using an AX8, so the same applies to him. One way our...
  42. GtarLover

    Axe-Edit III 1.06.08

    Much appreciated Michael
  43. GtarLover

    Morningstar mcII Configurations

  44. GtarLover

    Vendor The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - v3.0 AVAILABLE NOW!

    This is great, looking forward to it. AND, notes would be super helpful ;)
  45. GtarLover

    Fixed FM3 looper with external midi pedal

    Thanks for this, been wanting to try my Morningstar with the FM3.
  46. GtarLover

    Axe-Edit III 1.06.07

    Very much appreciated!!
  47. GtarLover

    FM3-Edit 1.01.09

    Thank you kindly Michael!!!
  48. GtarLover

    Axe-Edit III 1.06.06

    Wonderful, thank you!!
  49. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.14

    So just a quick update... Today I tried reverting back to 12.12 and after the install, the "lag" was still there. Only when changing from Scene with Brit Pre to Scene with Shiva Clean. I'll go back to 12.14 for the other updates, yet it seems reverting won't fix the lag issue :( Hope there's a fix.
  50. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.14

    Any word on the preset I uploaded Mr Chase?? I assume from the silence that something may be amiss. Just wondering what's up...thanks.
  51. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.14

    Only switching from a Brit Pre to the Shiva Clean... So for example Scene 1 to Scene 4 Switching from Scene 4 to Scene 1 has no problem BTW, thanks for responding Cliff...
  52. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.14

    Hang on, working on it...
  53. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.14

    I'm finding I have a lag between scene switches when using the Brit Pre and the Shiva Clean amps. I have done the "refresh after firmware" AND tried closing Axe Edit, still lag...only going from the Brit pre to the Shiva, going from Shiva to Brit Pre does NOT have the lag. Never had this before...
  54. GtarLover

    Seymour Duncan PowerStage power amps?

    Nice explanation Yek, as usual. For a person new to the modeling world or simply new to Fractal, if you are interested in using your Fractal WITH a traditional cabinet, then you would need a power amp, like the SD170. There are plenty of options actually...SD, Matrix, etc... When connecting to...
  55. GtarLover

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.05

  56. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.11

    Sweet!!!! Thank you Cliff and all at Fractal Audio.
  57. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.10

    OMG, it's 12.10!!!! THANK YOU
  58. GtarLover

    Axe-Edit III 1.06.00

    WOW!!! Much appreciated
  59. GtarLover

    Adam A7X studio monitors...whoa

    I’m using KRK VXT8’s and have been for a while. Are the A7X’s that much of an improvement?? Didn’t really want to spend much more on monitors, yet I spend a BUNCH of time using these and playing through as well as building presets. I would upgrade if there’s a significant difference. Specifics...
  60. GtarLover

    confused on this fx8 mark2 unit

    Yep, relay for channel switching. On the software it’s easy to choose relay positions, effects in front and after preamp, etc. Seriously makes it all much easier. You can choose the position of effects, which buttons do what... Get the editor, it’s a free download
  61. GtarLover

    confused on this fx8 mark2 unit

    Sorry you are having difficulty. I will just say that it is difficult to troubleshoot anything without screen shots. That said, what are you trying to achieve? I have my FX8 set up with a Friedman BE100 4CM and it's glorious. Channel switching, effects before and after the preamp, volume pedal...
  62. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08

    OH YEAH!!!! Thank you
  63. GtarLover

    Anyone else gigging again?

    Things are slowly opening up a bit around Florida. Restaurants at 50% capacity. So, mainly they are having outdoor acoustic type stuff. We have some things filling up for July, some things hadn't been cancelled, yet nothing happening in June. Promoters and venues are reticent to guarantee...
  64. GtarLover

    Fractal Audio Artist Preset Series - Devin Townsend

    Sweet!!! Thank you to ALL involved
  65. GtarLover

    Fractal Audio Artist Preset Series - Pete Thorn

    I saw that Steve Stevens worked out some Presets...Is he next?? Great idea and HUGELY appreciative :guitar:
  66. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 4

    Thank You!! Love Firmware Friday
  67. GtarLover

    FM3 Firmware Release 1.04 Public Beta 7

    Doing that now... Also, FM3 edit seems slower EDIT: Sorry, that was it 👍🏻
  68. GtarLover

    FM3 Firmware Release 1.04 Public Beta 7

    Just installed FM3 firmware Beta 7 Many amps are NOT syncing in FM3 Edit...even on presets already in the box. Amp listed in preset is Class-A 30W Bright and down below it is Plexi 50w 6550 Brit Pre shows up down below as Das Metall??? This happens with "new" amps being selected AND existing...
  69. GtarLover

    Fractal Audio Artist Preset Series - Pete Thorn

    Pete is a very tasty player and has always been generous with his time. Thanks to Fractal and Pete for making this available and starting up the Artist Preset Series!!! Much appreciated and a great idea
  70. GtarLover

    need help with Logic Pro X

    I see the Axe III is chosen in the Logic preferences. that's correct... I am wondering why your your input is 1/2?? Mine has 8 input choices for the 8 USB of the Axe III. No Input 1/2, only singular input 1, 2, 3...8 Click the little circles and it should switch to input 1 and input 2 as...
  71. GtarLover

    need help with Logic Pro X

    If you are using a USB connection, you should be able to choose the input you use on the Axe III. For example, I use output 1 for my full output, just like if I was giving it to FOH...so make sure input 1 is selected on the channel strip in logic. Make sure you are creating Audio Tracks, rather...
  72. GtarLover

    John Petrucci Gear Livestream WED 7PM PT!

    Still not seeing anything anywhere... Rescheduled???
  73. GtarLover

    Mac peeps - What do?

    I have a 2015 MBPro i7 2.8ghz 16GB ram, it is wonderful. I do have the bigger SSD 1TB. Definitely able to run Logic X just fine. Don't know about Luna... Although I keep eyeing the newer models, I can't make sense of spending the $$ at the moment. If I had the choice and the cash, I'd probably...
  74. GtarLover

    Ended up buying a Taylor 814ce

    I've been a Guild guy for 20 years...still want a high line Taylor. Excellent choice, enjoy
  75. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta Part Deux

    Wow!!!!!!! Thanks, as usual you are ALL over and above
  76. GtarLover

    FM3 Firmware Release 1.04 Public Beta 6

    Thank you...it's only Tuesday ;)
  77. GtarLover

    My III sounds different day to day...?

    Thought this came up on a YouTube stream today with Pete Thorn and Dave Friedman. Dave said the same thing as Cliff, "it's YOU, your ears." It happens to all of us. AND, possibly other factors like the speakers you are listening through, even humidity reacting with cones of those speakers. In...
  78. GtarLover

    The 10 Best High-Gain Factory Presets

    Nice video and amazing playing as always Cooper. Just a quick question regarding cabs...of course you understand that the cab is a big factor is ANY tone. Did you use a stock cab for each of the rigs?? Sorry if I missed the cab block reveal. Thanks again for the great video, looking forward to...
  79. GtarLover

    John Prine - COVID-19 Victim

    So sad, best wishes for his speedy recovery
  80. GtarLover

    Grid Question

    I've totally done that on my Axe III
  81. GtarLover

    George Lynch // Lynch Mob tone w/patch

    THAT my friend is SICK!! Brilliant playing, you've really copped George's feel as well. Really excellent, and hugely appreciate you sharing. I've followed other "tone match" presets you have done, yet this may be the TOP. Want wait to give it a try myself.
  82. GtarLover

    Tom Brady

    This is all a bit much to handle. Soon we'll see dogs and cats LIVING TOGETHER :tearsofjoy:
  83. GtarLover

    Axe-Edit III 1.05.07

    Thank you!!
  84. GtarLover

    Axe-Edit III 1.05.05

    Thank you!!
  85. GtarLover

    A/B With Guitar Cab and Matrix GT 800FX

    Did I mix it up :oops: Still, easy enough to test. Truthfully, I haven't been playing my "real" amps much since I got the Axe III.
  86. GtarLover

    A/B With Guitar Cab and Matrix GT 800FX

    It's easy enough to test. If you play your "real" amp at bedroom levels, you get more bass. As you turn up the volume, you will need to add bass to get the same tone as at a lower volume. Also, guitarists are notorious for being LOUD on stage...if that's the reference, then as Cliff noted...
  87. GtarLover

    Panic Attack!! I just clicked pay.

    I would consider 4 space at least...you will undoubtedly want a space or 3 more ;) Put mine in 4 space, mainly so it doesn't weigh too much. Added wireless almost immediately. Whichever case you decide to use, the Axe III is "IT." Great choice ENJOY!!!
  88. GtarLover

    Mesa OS 4x12 IR's (Free)

    Thanks, looking forward to checking these out.
  89. GtarLover

    Moved from AX8 to Axe Fx III...

    Update: I was realizing that I originally just tried my previous presets on my AX8, they were great. However, someone was saying it is more difficult to get a good tone out of the AX8 and so I started a new preset from scratch. Got things dialed in pretty quickly, even after having to re-adjust...
  90. GtarLover

    Moved from AX8 to Axe Fx III...

    Just pulled out my AX8 for the first time in quite a while. Still enjoy the presets I made on the AX8, I spent enough time getting them dialed in that I do think they are good for me. However, I made to transition to the Axe III, FULLY, and I'm super happy. Sure, flying with the Axe III is a...
  91. GtarLover

    Stack/ Hold Function with FC

    As others have pointed out, there are 3 states to the stack/hold/off option...so I’m not sure a switch will be sufficient. A switch is usable for any on/off function. In my case I use a switch to engage/bypass a filter block that has a 2.5dB volume boost. Anything with a little circle (in Axe...
  92. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.02

    Appreciate your reply Cliff Suggestions??
  93. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.02

    Did a refresh, no different...
  94. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.02

    Hey peeps, I have a quick question...I've upgraded to 12.02 and Axe-Edit 1.05 Preset seems fine and functions correctly with CS off in scene 1 and on in scene 2, yet when I open my Controllers in Axe Edit they are ALL showing the ON position...even though I know most should be off and only some...
  95. GtarLover

    Stack/ Hold Function with FC

    I am thinking about this as well...considering adding an external switch, rather than use a switch on my FC6. I have a on/off pedal connected to the 3/4 switch output on my FC6. I use it for a “temp vol boost,” push/hold on = boost, let go and its back to normal volume. Really handy for quick...
  96. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.02

    Sweet, I totally missed 12.01 Thanks Cliff and Fractal peeps!!!
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