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  1. prometh

    Wish Nested grids (grouping)

    This was originally posted long ago: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/nested-layouts-for-grouping.33012/ The idea is to display a single "group" block on the main grid, which when expanded would reveal a nested grid. Additional useful features for this block would be: Custom label to...
  2. prometh

    Harmony question

    How can I recreate this harmony?:
  3. prometh

    V7 distortion in bass frequencies

    This recording was done with V7 firmware and the low notes at 0:34 have an automatic "blooming" distortion in the bass frequencies of the lead guitar track: Some time after, I tried feeding the recorded dry signal through V11 firmware and the effect was not reproducible. Does anyone know what...
  4. prometh

    Retro furniture trunk rack

    Came across this today and it's a cool idea. http://www.istarusa.com/claytek/product_speclist.php?series=IT%20Furniture&sub=WRT
  5. prometh

    Axe-Fx idea

  6. prometh

    Simple chord suggester software?

    I play by ear. I'm not familiar with keys, scales and chord names -- mainly shapes and sounds. Does a program exist where I can input a chord via a visual fretboard, similar to a guitar tab, and have it list a bunch of chords that would sound good with it? Most programs that I've come across...
  7. prometh

    Crank the Savage

    Master Volume on 10... just do it. Sounds great with the neck pickup on a Strat and/or a Les Paul.
  8. prometh

    Wish Preset+Scene per switch, with light

    Using "preset mapping mode" in I/O->MIDI, I currently have: preset1 mapped to preset1+scene1 preset2 mapped to preset1+scene2 While this works, it could be better. Pressing switch1 loads the correct preset+scene and lights up. Pressing switch2 loads the correct preset+scene...
  9. prometh

    Can't update

    Axe-Fx II (mark 1) v14.02 MFC-101 (mark 1) v2.01 USB Adaptor Mode = on Send Real-time Sysex = none Connected MIDI out from Axe to MIDI in on MFC Pressed and held switch #1 on MFC Turned on Axe "FW UPDATE MODE" displayed "Error 18" displayed once Axe fully booted up ? I tried disabling...
  10. prometh

    Map switch to Preset+Scene?

    I'd like to map switch #1 to Preset 1, Scene 1.... and switch #2 to Preset 1, Scene 2 switch #3 to Preset 2, Scene 1.... and switch #4 to Preset 2, Scene 2 If switch #1 is engaged and I press #4, it should go directly to that preset+scene. Is this currently possible?
  11. prometh

    Finally, after 2.5 years, it's complete!

    It's been pretty hard getting my equipment right. Immediately after buying my MFC-101 (mark 1) back in Oct/2011, I started with customizations, made measurements and paid for a custom pedalboard to be built. Round 1 Originally, I had tried to split power from the CAT5 cable for LEDs on one of...
  12. prometh

    Solid State Tubes

    They're tubes, but they're not glass with filaments. They're solid state, they work in a tube amp and they probably never need to be replaced. Only preamp tubes so far, with power tubes on the way: 12AX7WS Warmstone - 12AX7 Tubes Solid-State Equivalents, buy 12AX7WS, AMT tubes I wouldn't need...
  13. prometh

    EPROM time again

    v14 fuxed.
  14. prometh

    Bug? Custom Shifter "key" ?

    The pitch block custom shifter does not appear to have the new "key" parameter.
  15. prometh

    Will far fields sound better with UltraRes?

    I wonder..
  16. prometh

    Bug? Bypassing RingMod and saving.. not working (FIXED)

    v13.0.1 load preset bypass ring mod block save load another preset, then immediately go back to the preset that was edited RingMod will not be bypassed. Same goes for un-bypassing.
  17. prometh

    Release notes question (upgrading from 12.02->12.04b)

    Does this mean that "update all presets" will correct global delay blocks, or do I still need to correct them manually?
  18. prometh

    XA-1/XA-2 FASLINK to CAT5/Ethernet/Ethercon availability?

    I really need these. I haven't been able to use my MFC-101 and expression pedals for over two years because my pedalboard wiring keeps frying the "RS-422 transceiver" in my Axe-Fx II. I have not been able to solve the issue and as a result have not had my Axe-Fx II repaired [for the third time]...
  19. prometh

    Axe-Fx III idea

    It's been "touched" on before, but here's a visual:
  20. prometh

    Increasing speed of A,B,C,D knobs (as modifiers)?

    My expression pedals do not currently work (long story). So, for testing my stuff, I'm forced to use the A,B,C,D knobs. Try using them for a wah; you'll be turning all day to go from heel to toe. Is there any way to speed them up?
  21. prometh

    Hard pan a centered signal.. how?

    Say I have a mono cab or a mono delay, how might I take it from a centered pan to a hard left and right pan? I've tried: using two filter blocks, each with hard balancing of left and right; didn't notice anything inverting phase; "left" and "right" felt off to one side; "both" only sounded a...
  22. prometh

    Help merging two delay blocks

    For the longest time, I've been requesting a http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-wish-list/59827-pre-delay.html feature on the Delay block to accommodate what my ears want. Now that I'm out of CPU and absolutely have to merge, I'm completely out of ideas on how to do so. I've tried using the...
  23. prometh

    Bug? Manual, regarding spillover

    On page 132, the spillover section references "16.11 on p. 164" which is outdated and should be "16.14 on p. 168".
  24. prometh

    LOG-30A/etc curves for Modifiers?

    I'm attempting to free up a block space by omitting my Volume block. In its place, I plan to use the Input Gain knob on my whammy pedal (Pitch block). In order to "accurately" do so, I'd need to reproduce the Taper in the Modifier settings. What do LOG-30A, 20A, 15A, 10A and 5A tapers look like?
  25. prometh

    ZZ Top "Give It Up" bass?

    Aside from the tremolo, is this a fuzz/octave or is it also a guitar amp?
  26. prometh

    Bug? Global Blocks not saving/working with snapshots

    Select a Recto amp model Save and Link -> Amp 1 Save snapshot Reload preset from snapshot The amp will be a Bassman. Trying "Load without Linking -> Amp 1" still loads a Bassman.
  27. prometh

    Drive Block UNITY-equivalent value for Level Knob

    To stay at 0dB for post-amp usage Or would it be beneficial to keep it at Level:10 and use a filter block with Level:-16dB
  28. prometh

    Seems everyone left RedWirez "behind"

    I keep hearing people say that OwnHammer's stuff is "better" than RedWirez. The only difference besides selection is OwnHammer offers mixes for those who aren't up to creating their... own. Do as you please, but I prefer being a "chef" with my shit. :)
  29. prometh

    Bug? Modifier min/max not text-editable

    Other fields in the modifier popup can be clicked allowing keyboard input, but the min/max fields do nothing when clicked. Is this a bug or done purposely?
  30. prometh

    Tycobrahe Parapedal and CryBaby Bass WAH types

    oops please delete this... it was meant for the wish forum, where I've correctly re-posted.
  31. prometh

    Global Blocks and Axe-Manage

    Are these currently in development or has the focus shifted to other things? I'm just curious. Thank you.
  32. prometh

    V11 CryBaby Classic?

    The frequencies/etc that were on the wiki are different than those defined in the new wah "types". Also, we have new knobs like "fat", etc Any idea what the accurate data for a fasel inductor would be?
  33. prometh

    Rent an Ultra/Standard in Toronto?

    I've got an old preset that I really need to bring into the Axe II, but it's proved to be extremely difficult as I'd need to isolate certain blocks. Anyone know of a place that I can rent one in Toronto? Edit: Nevermind, lol. Struck luck by trying the Triaxis Yellow model. Almost 2 years of...
  34. prometh

    V7 to V11 difficulties

    I have a clean preset with 2 amps. I've matched each of them separately as close as I can without getting into GEQ/PEQ/ToneMatch and they sound great. When mixed together and compared to the V7 preset, there are huge EQ discrepancies all over but primarily around 500hz. What could be causing this?
  35. prometh

    pre-v10/v11 high freqs

    I'd never upgraded to v8 or v9, but with v10 I noticed that the really high frequencies (10k+) are no longer boosted like they used to be. Is this part of the more "raw" and less "polished" sound that people have been referring to? Would we still want to boost these frequencies when mixing?
  36. prometh

    V11 ODS-100 tonestack not working (resolved)

    I'm in the process of matching EQs with my V7 presets and am using Logic's Match EQ to measure my adjustments. Boosting the preamp Mid and Treble collectively and independently beyond 5 changes next to nothing. Cutting below 5 on those knobs and the entire spectrum for Bass appear to be working...
  37. prometh

    Master Volume and Cabs

    Do amp master volumes still affect cab blocks? Trying to find the best place to lower volume
  38. prometh

    V7 Dumble was better

    I don't like this new V10/V11 Dumble; it just doesn't have the balls of the Bludotone. Any idea on what advanced params could be used to change it "back"?
  39. prometh

    Axe-Fx II won't boot up after firmware update/downgrade

    I upgraded to 10.06 and after noticing that it appeared to have overwritten my user cabs, I downgraded to 10.05 in hopes that it would correct the issue as it had in the past. When Fractal Bot 1.1 said that the update was complete, I looked at the unit and saw that the screen had gone blank and...
  40. prometh

    FILTER block low/high cut same as PEQ blocking?

    ...aside from the saved CPU usage? Final block before output
  41. prometh

    Bug? Copying old TMA blocks to Axe-Fx

    Pre v8: worked :: transferring presets with TMA blocks from Axe to computer worked :: transferring presets with TMA blocks from computer to Axe didn't work :: copying+pasting TMA blocks (with IR data) in Axe-Edit to new presets v10: works :: transferring presets with TMA blocks from Axe to...
  42. prometh

    Axe-Fx "really real" AGAIN? Let's reword this..

    It's been my observation that it's become silly with people saying that each update sounds "more real" than the previous "real". Axe-Fx has sounded real for a long time, but the later versions are achieving scientific real.
  43. prometh

    SuperiorDrums, how?

    I don't have a recording for this post, sorry. But I do have a question. Many of the recordings on here have very detailed drums, especially on the death metal ones. You all seem to mention using Superior Drums. How are you guys putting together those loops and fills? Do you guys have a...
  44. prometh

    Shamisen body?

    I think this would be cool to play with. AFAIK, Fishman Aura does not have a shamisen, but apparently one of the Variax guitars does. Anyone with such a Variax? :)
  45. prometh

    Notch/Bandbass filter curves differ?

    Is it just me, or shouldn't these 2 curves be identical in shape aside from vertical direction?
  46. prometh

    Original '59 Les Paul

    Probably the only person here who could afford one would be Cliff. If he's reading, do you have one? And, if so, would you be willing to post a few strums in each pickup position for us to tone match with?
  47. prometh

    Shure 520DX "Green Bullet" Harmonica Microphone

    If anyone has an IR of this, please share!
  48. prometh

    Factory presets with CLEAN AMPS sound DIRTY

    I remember reading about this a while back, but I couldn't find the thread to comment there. Basically, when I load up a preset like 000, it sounds clean for a half second before switching to high gain. Has a solution to this been found?
  49. prometh

    Acoustic-electric tone

    A $300 guitar made to sound like a $3000 guitar. Well, almost, anyway... a bone nut would be nice. Washburn D10S with a custom-installed Fishman Matrix Infinity, running through a couple (stereo) Fishman Aura IRs and tape overdrive. Looking forward to the new v7 reverb :)
  50. prometh

    dry American Stratocaster recording

    Would someone record a few dry power chords in neck and bridge positions? I'd like to tone match my LP-style guitar. I'm strapped for cash and cannot currently afford a Mexican or a Squier, but would like to experiment with this classic sound
  51. prometh

    Over-the-Shoulder & 12th fret IRs

    I'd like to have an over-the-shoulder and/or 12th fret IR to mix with my Fishman Aura IRs. Anyone have or interested in making these?
  52. prometh

    Digitech Whammy shallow/deep

    If anyone's recreated these settings, I'd like to try them out. The guy who bought my Whammy years ago showed up to my house with a hollow body electric and I was surprised at the sounds he was getting out of these 2 effects. Now that I've got a piezo in my acoustic, I'm looking to experiment...
  53. prometh

    6550 sound?

    What would the tube bias value—and any other necessary values—be for a 6550 sound?
  54. prometh

    Constant volume with expression-modified Master+Output

    I have an expression pedal applied to an amp's master and output volumes. At heel position, the master goes to 10 and the output goes to -15dB At toe position, the master goes to 4 and the output goes to 0dB At the extreme positions, the volume is the same, but at the half-way point, it's...
  55. prometh

    Marshall JMP Superbass II alternative?

    What available amp sim would sound like the this? Going for a Lemmy-inspired tone
  56. prometh

    Steve Stevens' ray gun effect

    LFO1 Depth: 100% Rate: hooked up to foot controller from 2–30Hz Synth Type: Square Track: Off Frequency: hooked up to LFO1 from 200–2400Hz (needs further tweaking, but close enough for now) Filter: 1000Hz Q: 0.5 Attack: 5ms Place the synth block before your amp+cab. You could even put it at...
  57. prometh

    "Dirty Diana" guitar effect

    @ 4:19.. what is that oscillating effect?
  58. prometh

    actual TONE matching

    From what I've gathered, the new Tone Matching feature doesn't actually match the tones of a recording like the Kemper does, but instead creates an impulse response of the EQ, phase, etc of the amp and any cabs. Are there plans to add profiling like the Kemper?
  59. prometh

    Stock Cab -> User Cab?

    Would it be possible to tone match a stock cab with a mic sim at -12dB and export it to a user cab slot? Would it sound 100% EXACTLY the same and at the exact same volume if played through a cab block at 0dB? I need this for use in mixIR2.
  60. prometh

    Bass cut in II vs Ultra?

    I am attempting to recreate a patch from the Axe-Fx Ultra on the Axe-Fx II. Attached is a spectrum analysis of first, the Axe-Fx Ultra and second, the Axe-Fx II. There appears to be a considerable bass cut on the II. I've tried messing around with the Amp block's "Speaker" tab to no avail...
  61. prometh

    Drive blocks too?

    I don't currently have my Axe-Fx, so I'm not able to figure this out yet for myself.. Say you send in an overdriven guitar track, will the Axe-Fx match the amp's tone and skip the drive pedal, or will it try to match the whole tone to an amp?
  62. prometh

    600ohm Headphones, 300ohm Preamp

    How loud will the headphones be?
  63. prometh

    Flat-Response (Reference) Pickups?

    Do these exist? They'd be great for making a Strat sound like a Les Paul and vice versa. The Variax guitar doesn't come close because it relies on a piezo and doesn't pick up the same intensity/intimacy/feel. Then along with amp tone matching, we could have pickup matching.
  64. prometh

    Ukulele body IR?

    Much like acoustic guitars, it'd be great if the same could be made available for ukuleles; just gotta throw in a piezo (like the Fishman Matrix Infinity)
  65. prometh

    Wish Second press returns to previous preset

    With my old Digitech GSP-2101 and its "Control One" foot controller, if I were on patch #44 and stomped once on a switch, it'd select, say, preset #45. Duh. Now, if I pressed that same switch a second time, it'd return to #44. I'd be very interested in having access to this functionality again...
  66. prometh

    Wish Auto-MDIX

    Either for the MFC-102 (?) or Axe-Fx III. This would be great in order to avoid blowing both units if/when using a crossover cable. While this problem may not occur often, it definitely happens by accident and the addition of auto-mdix would make your products that much tougher.
  67. prometh

    Axe-Fx mixes louder than DAW

    I have 1 amp feeding 2 cabs with no subsequent blocks. I recorded each cab independently and mixed. Cab 1 (1x6 OVAL) track produced a peak of -14.1dB Cab 2 (RedWirez mix) track produced a peak of -6.1dB Cab 1+2 tracks mixed on the Axe-Fx II produced a peak of -3.5dB Cab 1+2 tracks mixed in my...
  68. prometh

    Bug? Axe-Fx II cab block phase issues

    I am getting phase issues that I never got with my old and sold Axe-Fx Ultra. Identical IRs! The issues are very slight, but a plugin is telling me that they're there. What could be causing this?
  69. prometh

    TS or TRS for external switches?

    I have a Mission SP-1, which has a switch. They have it wired up to use a stereo TRS, as well as a second TRS for the potentiometer (expression). If I were to rewire the switch's jack to use a mono TS instead, would I lose any functionality? I'd really like to optimize my use of available jacks.
  70. prometh

    Direct capture of "1x6 OVAL"

    ... with "R121 COND" mic sim. I tried snagging this with Logic 9's Impulse Response Utility and when I tested it on a cab block (with no mic sim) or with mixIR2, it sounds completely different. What could cause this to happen?
  71. prometh

    Wish Clock?

    I think it'd be great if we could hit a switch and it loads up a clock display. Just a regular clock for telling the time of day. Beats wearing a watch and finding the perfect clock for a pedalboard. And, it wouldn't need batteries.
  72. prometh

    Wish Update MFC-101 when preset changed via Axe-Fx II wheel

    If this is already possible, please inform me here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/mfc-discussion/43212-axe-fx-ii-preset-change-not-updating-midi-foot-controller.html
  73. prometh

    Wish Axe-Fx preset number on MFC-101's screen with PresetTxMap

    I'd like to press #1 switch and have the screen display my preset's number (e.g. "X022"), not "X000". Customizing the preset transit map messes with this setup. Why do I want this? The numbers are symbolically significant. I know, I sound like such a singer. I was able to do this way back in...
  74. prometh

    Axe-Fx II preset change not updating MFC

    If I change a preset using the wheel on the Axe-Fx II, the MFC-101 does not update to reflect this. I'm connecting with the "expansion" port. I've tried enabling RxProgramChange and RxChannel without success.
  75. prometh

    Preset Transit Map and Display

    The last time I used a MIDI foot controller, was with my Digitech GSP-2101. I had it set up up so that when I pressed one of its buttons, let's say #1, it'd load preset #44, and it'd display #44 on the screen. With the MFC-101, the best way I could see setting up things the same way was with...
  76. prometh

    Warmth/Thump equivalent settings?

    I always had Warmth:5 and Thump:5 set on a Recto Red amp on my Ultra. How can I achieve the same sound with the Axe-Fx II? Also, would Sag:4 on the Ultra be the same on the II? I can't remember that subtle detail and I no longer have my Ultra. Thanks!
  77. prometh

    Loud or Quiet record sound?

    I know that for tailoring a live sound, you'd want to reference at gig-level volume. But, what about for a recorded album sound? Should it be referenced at louder volumes or lower volumes with some EQ spikes in the lower and upper-mid frequencies? Some people listen to music loud and some don't...
  78. prometh

    MFC-101 pre-release from 1996

    It sure has come a long way!!!
  79. prometh

    Metal Bass?

    I just got my first bass. The only reason I got it was for song mixing, so I don't plan to get very technical with it. But, I'm really not sure how to go about using it for metal music. I'm into more traditional metal, like Motorhead, Metallica, Pantera and Black Label Society. Should I...
  80. prometh

    Front input higher priority than Rear input

    I have a mic preamp plugged into the back and my guitar plugged into the front. I'd like for the guitar to take priority when plugged in, as this is my primary use of the Axe-Fx. I currently have to disconnect the mic pre every time I wish to play guitar. Would it be possible to add such a...
  81. prometh

    MFC-101 inside

    Would someone please upload a photo of the inside of their MFC-101? I'd like to see the internal components and if there's any space for a custom modification. Also, does the MFC-101's phantom power run on AC or DC? If it runs on AC, one day when I buy the foot controller, I'd like to add a DC...
  82. prometh

    Fasel Inductor WAH

    There're 2 that I know of... the red and the yellow. Here's a comparison of the two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCGOew2Cnsg&feature=player_embedded If anyone's got a patch or an idea on how to recreate the sound, please post here. Would it just be an EQ curve, or would it involve a...
  83. prometh

    REQUEST: CryBaby Bass and CryBaby Octave Wah

    I'd imagine that the CryBaby Bass wah is just like the guitar one, only affecting different frequencies. What frequencies, is the question.. And the CryBaby Octave wah is pretty rare. It's not even on their site. If anyone has one, please post a patch.
  84. prometh

    Nested Layouts for Grouping

    This might be a good idea for those who run out of space and for organizing multi-block effects. Let's say you have an effect that takes up 4 blocks, but it only achieves 1 combined effect... say "liquid ripples" or something. Instead of confusing those with standard wah and overdrive...
  85. prometh

    Cab air not working?

    I'm using a User IR and the air knob seems to do nothing, even at 100%. As a result, I'm currently using a parallel notch filter, but would like to free up that slot... any ideas?
  86. prometh

    Just got my Reactor FRs, and...

    passive ones.. So far, they are not giving me the punch and energy of a guitar cab. I have the tweeters set at 12 so they're not colouring. Everything sounds flat and boring. Is there something I should look into tweaking? Edit: Thanks to a phone discussion with Tom, it's sounding pretty...
  87. prometh

    Attach Modifier to LEVEL in OUTPUT

    I currently have all my patches set to 0db with a limiter (compressor) as the last block. I'd like to introduce a volume boost switch that would raise the output level, but I currently cannot do this. In addition, the compressor's level currently cannot be assigned a modifier.
  88. prometh

    Tube Age dial

    If we could dial in the sound produced by the last few seconds of a tube's life, that'd be great. Adjusting to tube death would be cool too 'cuz it'd just buzz out and stuff. But overall, adjusting the tube's age would change the tone.
  89. prometh

    Coaxial Atomic FR

    Coaxial is better. If you don't know what this is, check out: http://www.caraudiohelp.com/newsletter/ ... onents.htm
  90. prometh

    Dying Tube?

    Is it currently possible to dial in the sound produced by a tube that is near its death?
  91. prometh

    Axe-Fx for Home Theatres

    If Fractal were to develop a very simplified Axe-Fx with only the mic preamp sim and maybe a few compressors, it could really take off in the home theatre industry. The compressors could be used to bring up the volume of quieter details so that already-super-compressed commercials wouldn't be...
  92. prometh

    Damageplan (Randall Warhead) tone

    Anyone know how to achieve this? I don't know where to start example song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9ohoZpF1Sw
  93. prometh

    Switch between instrument and line level

    I'd like to plug a microphone into the front of my Axe-Fx, but it's reserved for instruments only. It's been mentioned that it has some pre-processing to remove noise. I was wondering if it'd be possible to bypass this. If so, we could put a switch in that loop and throw it on the front...
  94. prometh

    Full system dump?

    Is it possible to dump everything to a sysex file? "Everything" being I/O & global settings, etc, as well as all presets. If my unit ever failed and had to get it repaired, I would feel comfortable with the notion of uploading 1 file to get back what I had before. With 1 file, I'd know that I...
  95. prometh

    Multiple modifiers for each value

    What if I want an expression pedal to control wah+phaser, but then I want another expression pedal dedicated to only the wah? As far as I know, we currently cannot do this.
  96. prometh

    Assign ANY value to a modifier

    Why limit things? The Digitech GSP-2101 let me do this.
  97. prometh

    Delay "All Taps Modifier" switch

    I used to have a Digitech GSP-2101 and with it, I would assign an expression pedal to a delay's time value/knob. When I would move through values with my foot, all delay taps would adjust including the ones in playback. However, on the Axe-Fx, the adjustment is only made to new taps and as a...
  98. prometh

    How to get this reverb?

    I've never been good at messing around with reverb. It's just too finicky and I often don't get the lush sound I'm after. In my opinion, this reverb suits my taste: http://www.gregcutshaw.com/Samples/Rack%20Attack.wma Any idea on how to dial that in?
  99. prometh

    Word Clock upgrade

    I want to record digital without static pop noises. GIMME!
  100. prometh

    Dual CPU upgrade

    Much like the Digitech GSP-2101, it'd be cool if there was a purchasable upgrade package to add a second CPU. This CPU would allow for complete blending between 2 patches and/or full spill over. Perhaps even patches that make use of both CPUs (and thus, disabling blending for that patch).
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