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  1. GtarLover

    Wish Preset Level Hold Peak

    Would be great to add a “Peak Hold” to the Preset Level meters. Maybe 2 seconds. Make it easier to determine peaks and even levels. Much appreciated.
  2. GtarLover


    Complete solution for FX8 or AX8 or FC-6, FC-12, or....... Just letting this whole package go for a fraction of its value!!! Over $370 worth, maybe more now. Mono PedalBoard Pro case in EXCELLENT condition. Temple Trio 28 Pedal Board Also included is a FULL set of plates for the Temple board...
  3. GtarLover

    Weird color ring behavior

    So I was programming FC-6 today and when I set the switch to toggle between scene 1 and scene 2, there is no problem, color ring is red as is default. However, when I do the same thing with the next switch, set to toggle between scene 3 and scene 4, the color ring shifts to white. Same thing...
  4. GtarLover

    Axe FX II AND Axe FX XL can't connect to Axe Edit

    So, I have upgraded my Axe II and my XL to Quantum 2.0 Then, I tried hooking up to Axe Edit and NEITHER can connect. HELP!!!!
  5. GtarLover

    Latency when selecting presets

    Hey guys, I just did a couple gigs this weekend and my MFC-101 Mark I seems to be having a bit of latency when choosing presets. It's small, but there. I don't remember it ever having this problem before. It seemed like there were some other weird things happening as well...I couldn't turn my...
  6. GtarLover

    Question about fly rig for away gigs

    I am sure this has been discussed previously, yet I tried to search and found nothing. SO, I am wondering if there are any of you that have fly gigs and use the Axe and MFC101. I would need to have the Axe, the MFC101, volume and expression pedals. What is the best way to transport via...
  7. GtarLover

    Enhancer and Whammy placement??

    I am sure this has been discussed before, so patron my inability to find the thread. Wanting to ask where is the "best" placement of reach of these blocks. Before amp, before specific effects, doesn't matter???? Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  8. GtarLover

    Bug? FractalBot says 3.03 isn't a valid file for MFC 101 Mark III, HUH?

    I have a MARK III and I was going to update the firmware to 3.03 because I have 3.02 and there is no Axe FX XL option on the set-up menu. Thought 3.03 would be the fix, but when I selected the file with FractalBot, I get a window that says, "not a valid file for the MFC101." Please help Thanks
  9. GtarLover

    Backing Tracks for jamming...

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I have seen anyone post a nice bluesy backing track for user fun. I don't have anything cool, I was just wondering if maybe any of you out there do. I would love to get a track and have a go... Thanks to all and to Cliff for making this all possible!! By the...
  10. GtarLover

    Anybody tried the Lexicon MPXR1 controller??

    I just happened to have one lying around ;) and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with trying this with the Axe. I never really used it that much, but you know how it is, can't sell ANYTHING!! I have been trying out the G-System foot controller, yes I know it's a G-System, but...
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