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    Hopefully not a dumb question..

    Hi, I purchased a version of cab-lab in 2014 but I can't find the file. Is there a way to still get it? thanks
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    When dragging and dropping IRs to Axe-Fx III...

    When dragging and dropping IRs to Axe-Fx III... do they get converted to UltraRes? thanks
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    Hopefully not a dumb question.

    Hi, I purchased a version of cab-lab in 2014 but I can't find the file. Is there a way to still get it? thanks edit - Sorry I missed the cab-lab section of the forum, hopefully a moderator can delete this.
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    Atomic CLR or home electric system problem

    Hi, a couple of weeks ago my CLR suddendly started taking all the energy in my house down. Sometimes when turning ON or OFF, other times after it is working. I have had it for 5~ years and never had a problem. Sent an email to atomicamps and they said it was a problem with the "electricity...
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    Problem with starting audio on Windows

    Hi, I need to turn on the axe-fx 3 before I start my windows 10 pc or else it will not reproduce sound from it, the axe-fx 2 did not do that. Anyone has that?
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    Never made a review of the axe-fx. I started with an ULTRA in 2009, quickly I got addicted. I was extremelly tired of searching for the next pedal, and amp. The axe-fx was a blessing, I no longer had to worry about what I was playing with. the axe-fx gives me what I want.. awesome guitar...
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    About amp modeling updates

    Hi, Maybe I'm wrong but have amp modeling updates mostly stopped? I still don't have my Axe-fx III but I have been reading the firmware updates release notes and don't think I see updates on the amp modeling side and that was a big part of the updates from the axe-fx II era. Maybe the amps are...
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    Hoping for a AX12 with audio interface.

    Hi, When could this come out? As in a floor lower power Axe-FX 3 with an usb audio interface. thanks
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    Question about a Liquid Foot LF+12 order from europe.

    Hi A friend of mine ordered a Liquid Foot LF+ 12 (it was in stock, and still is). Payed for it the 12th of march and he then received an email on the 14th saying that his foot controller had passed the quality control tests and it would be shipped the next day and he would get an automated...
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    "ANGEL SEVERE 1 and 2" already on the wiki

    Amp: all models - Axe-Fx II Wiki we might get a release "soon"
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    Question about Atomic CLR loudness and clipping

    Question about Atomic CLR loudness and clipping ("Solved!") Hi a couple of weeks ago me and a bandmate both bought Atomic CLRs. I Bought a powered wedge that I'm using with my axe-fx II. he bought a powered cab to use with his kemper. the problem is we both feel the atomic CLR is not...
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    Can anyone give me the exact depth of the atomic CLR CAB?

    anyone? thanks...
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    Which Ownhammer IRs to choose to preview UltraRes?

    Hi I don't know which IRs are equivalent to the number of samples, I'm pretty ignorant in this. which ownhammer IR do I choose to load in a daw so I can kind of preview UltraRes? thanks
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    Can someone with an Atomic CLR wedge check these drawings?

    Hi there, I want to ask a guy for a cost estimate for a case for the Atomic CLR wedge, just wanted to know if these dimensions and angles are aproximate? specially the angles. thanks a lot
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    Hey cliff how about this one?

    Hiwatt 100 Watt DR103 Amp Owned by Pink Floyd Mods Serviced by Pete Cornish | eBay
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    Camper 112cx vs Matrix q12a vs Atomic CLR

    the video isn't mine, just sharing. here is a thread the guys who made the video created Atomic CLR vs. Matrix Q 12a vs. Camper 112 CX - Other Gear - Kemper Amps Forum
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    Any of you have this?

    When I close my eyes I see patterns overlayed on each other and weird objects, most of the times there will be a face rotating in a every "3d direction"? there might be a chain of repeated objects passing by as well I imagine this is just the brain doing "stuff" what freaks me out is that I...
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    How can I do this?

    How can I do this phasey bass? stuff from 2:25 to 2:35
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    Any preset to play pink floyd confortably numb strings?

    that part that goes A;F#;E;D - A;F#;E;D - etc where the lyrics go "there is no pain you are...." thanks
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    which cam to record guitar?

    Hi there, I'm looking into buying a cam or webcam. How do you guys record your guitar videos to post on youtube? If it could do 720p would be good. is it possible for 100 to 150$? thanks
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    Please Help! I only have output with bypass engaged

    My axe-fx suddenly only outputs sound with the front panel bypass engaged I have a show this saturday! I'm really scared!! my axe-fx is working as allways now
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    Question about an IR i made from a tonematch

    Hi there. I made a tonematch that I'm using for several presets and I love it, "problem" is it has much lower volume than a "normal" IR. Can I correct that? how do I do it? thanks.
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    Any CLRs in europe yet?

    Anyone been able to buy one in europe? if yes could someone pm me the price? thanks a lot
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    Release it already!

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    Pedals and MIMIC

    Cliff mentioned something about MIMIC working with pedals as well. Are we getting revised pedals in v10?
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    Please help me identify this cab!

    Can someone please help me identify this cab. I don't have any info on the speakers, I think I can get pictures of them next week.
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    AC30 Top Boost + Ownhammer Public Beta Noodling

    Noodling with the TopBoost model of the Axe-fx II with an ownhammer public beta IR. sm57 position 9 WF excuse the clams...
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    Can I have OUT1L to monitor and OUT1R to FOH with independent volumes?

    Is it possible? In mono? thanks
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    Request - The Who Baba o riley intro kind of sound

    Anyone knows how to get a similar sound to that used in Baba o' Riley? I don't need the arppegios, though it would be cool if someone has done it. thanks a lot
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    I need some help with midi

    Hi, I have the same midi controller I have had for as long as I play guitar. A Boss FC-50. Prior to getting an axe-fx I was only used to connect it and just change patches. Now I have connected an expression pedal and it is working as it should. But I would like to make it change...
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    Anyone have a preset for Whole lotta love solo?

    Anyone? Thanks
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    Question for guys that do alternate picking really fast

    How long did it take for you to do it? How hard was it? thanks
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    Game that can make you smarter?

    In search for ear training games on the web I found a game that is said to make you more "inteligent" if you practice. Its called Dual N Back You can download it here-> Brain Workshop - a Dual N-Back game what do you think? I'm at level 4 "dual 4 back" but I'm strugling at an average 80%...
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    Slash's Snakepit - Good to be alive intro

    This is slash's snakepit good to be alive intro from the album It's five o' clock somewhere reference is the wav from the cd. Matched to the brit 800 first is the original
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    Axe-fx 1 can play tone match IR?

    Since tone matching allows you to export the match to an IR is it possible to convert it for the axe-fx 1?
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    Satriani crushing day intro

    Quick test with crushing day by joe satriani. source was an mp3 file. It is matched to the Brit 800 model. Not quite there but it is enough for me, mine is a little louder and bassy first one is the original the original is double tracked it seems
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    5.04b carvin legacy model noodling

    Some noodling on the new cali leggy model, I'm in love with this model My first clip, please be gentle. guitar is an Ibanez 1570
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    help! Can't get the axe II drivers to work correctly

    Hi there I have installed the axe-fx II drivers with the steps of the installer but I get some errors in the control panel. axe-edit is working great. when I click input channels I get this: when I click firmware upgrade: There are some other areas that are greyed out.
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    Axe-fx II new videos

    YouTube - ‪Mark Bowers 1‬‏ YouTube - ‪Mark Bowers 2‬‏ YouTube - ‪Mark Bowers 3‬‏
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    Could we have some axe-fx II pictures?

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    Axe-fx II amp only firmware for axe-fx ultra.

    It doesn't hurt to ask...
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    Not able to send IR to axe-fx anymore

    Hi, just bought some ownhammers but I'm not able to send them to the axe-fx I have tried Bome SendSx and Axe-Fx IR converter. A couple of months I tried with RedWirez with no problem... Maybe I'm not following the steps. I have the axe-fx in the user slot I want but when click send, the...
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    Steve vai Building the Church intro preset help

    How to get this tone at the begining? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKY07TgWjN8
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    Different amp and eq "states" in relation to volume?

    Maybe there is a better way to do this, but I would like to have in one preset a couple of amp and eq settings that would change according to the output volume you use on the output knob of the axe. Let's say you could define the highs of an amp to be at 7 when the volume knob on the axe-fx is...
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    what is the best way to detune half-step?

    I'm confused about which setting to use within the pitch block. What is the best way to detune a half-step using the pitch block?
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    Speculation about the next products from fractal

    Cliff said this over at the gear page So, if in some way these new products can be compared to the axe-fx it means that they are some sort of lower budget axe-fx type product?
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    How important is a good audio interface?

    I have a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme through which I tried connecting the axe to my computer, I used both the digital and analog inputs, But I notice there is some clarity missing in the sound, clarity that I find in my Fbt verve12ma. Maybe its because these are the speakers I use.
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    About that Real Marsha vs Fake Marsha comparison

    This thread could probably be understood as nitpicking, but it is not my intent really. When Pete Thorn made the clip comparing his marsha to the axe-fx model of the marsha although in the recording they are extremelly similar there was something that I noticed the first time I heard the clip...
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    Chris Broderick's Fractal video on youtube

    Has he changed is rig? The last video I saw he was playing the Axe-Fx through a Marshall poweramp. His he now using Engl amps and Axe for effects? Is this for a different project? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mi3Lr4HfLIU
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    Whats the "behaviour" of an IR when you play?

    When you play using an IR what kind of processing happens? How is it "mixed" with what you are playing? Does the IR itself change according to input?
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    Axe-fx em Portugal?

    Serei o único?
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    Great news it seems!

    In case someone missed it Cliff said this on another forum: :)
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    2 verve 12ma to do small clubs? as FOH.

    With only guitar and backing tracks? Is it possible that I would need additional monitoring? I guess they can be just at the sides in stands a little behind me and I could play comfortably? Thanks
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    Any experience with the new Proel Flash Series?

    I got my eye on a Proel Flash 12HA Anyone have any experience with it? http://www.performing-musician.com/pm/dec09/articles/proelflash.htm
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    Will I loose quality connecting through a mixer?

    Hi, I need to buy a small mixer for my cover band. Will I loose quality by connecting through a mixer? Do I need to look for some kind of qualities in the mixer? I'm looking at a Soundcraft EPM 6 Thanks
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    A guy is sayin on a forum that.....

    ... The axe only allows 8 midi cc per patch. He says that it is very limited in this regard. Is this true?
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    Unable to configure my Boss fv-500h

    These results are just trial and error because I don't actually know what I'm doing :| 1 - Went to I/O menu and switched the External1 to Pedal1 2 - Went to a patch and attached the controller to the drive parameter 3 - Set the Source to Extrn1 4 - With a stereo cable I connected one end to...
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    How do I safely mount a QSC GX5 into a rack?

    Hi there. My QSC GX5 needs to be secured from the front of the rack as well as on the back. What kind of accesory do I need to use? How are you guys doing it?
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    What cable to go from axe to active monitor?

    Hi there. I bought a xlr "speaker cable" to try some FRFR powered monitors, but the thing just makes heavy noise and simply doesn't work. I connect just a normal mic xlr and it worked. It probably is a stupid question but... Was the speaker cable damaged or is it not adequate? should it only...
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    Which SS poweramp to drive a Marshall 1960A?

    Hi there... Any advice? I would like to have headrrom.. I've been looking at the Art Sla-2, Qsc GX-5 and GX-3 Wondering if these are underpowered for a 4x12 Thanks a lot
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    Which FRFR to match Carvin Legacy Volume at 5?

    Hi There.. My amp had the perfect volume I liked at 5.. It probably is hard to get an answer.... but what could give me aproximately that volume?
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    Using the axe with a Marshall valvestate

    Hi there, I just got my new axefx and now I'm evaluating all the options to make the most out of it. I haven't tried it with an FRFR setup but I have the option to do it. I just tried it with a Marshall valvestate 8200E + 1960A Cab. The Question I have is: I'm using the return of the amp...
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    I'm waiting on my axefx. with what should I try it?

    Hi there I have a two Kling & Freitag ca 1001 speakers, has anyone tried these? They are part of the PA of a bar where I work and sound good. I hope they sound good with the axe http://www.kling-freitag.info/portal/al ... fault.aspx
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    My ultra is on its way!

    Hi there.. Just received an email from G66 saying my ultra has shipped They said they have tested it, install the latest firmware as well as the patches. And they changed the fan to a more silent one! :shock:
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