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    NGD - Anderson Drop Top

    Glad it went to a good home. Enjoy it! Also remember that H3+ was swapped out for an HN3+ in the bridge. I saw the specs on your site.
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    Best Expression Pedal

    EP1 with the spring if you're using for expression or wah. I don't think you'd want the spring if you're using it as a volume pedal.
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    DIY Screen Protector for Axe FX II Display

    It's like buying a Ferrari and putting a bra on the hood.
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    DIY Screen Protector for Axe FX II Display

    I'll never understand why you guys leave those on. When you you ever touch the screen?! It's not an ipad!
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    Anyone got/done a "bagpipes" patch?

    Check out Fremen's.
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    Attack of the drones

    Sounds AWESOME
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    Fremen's V 11.05 presets

    Thank you so much! Isn't there a way to load your entire bank and then scroll through them instead of loading each preset separately? I seem to remember doing that with your V9 or 10, I can't remember.
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    5 band eq in the amp block

    Can't you just make scene 2 with EQ flat?
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    I've owned my Ultra since June 2007!

    Wow....how much did they cost brand new back then?
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    switching between headphones and monitors?

    You have the option in reaper to listen to your recordings through your monitors or your computer speakers. You could just plug the headphones into your computer speakers then.
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    Why use a power conditioner

    I do the same thing with my PL-8C. I've got my monitors, axe fx, sub woofer, computer, and computer monitor all hooked up. I don't see anything wrong with that. Its just a fancy rack mounted surge protector.
  12. M

    Fremen presets - V 10.02

    125 AtmoSynth Sim is FREAKING AWESOME!
  13. M

    Can anyone post a video of Axe 2 Vs. YJM100?

    Someone please post a link to the judge Judy clip!
  14. M

    FAS Modern

    Care to post your preset? I haven't been able to get anything great out off the FAS Modern amp.
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    Budget monitors! KRK, Mackie, Yamaha or Yorkville?

    I've got the HS50Ms and am very happy with them. The 5" fit better on my desk and are most definately loud enough. I think I paid just under $300 brand new for the pair.
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    Different guitars with Axe II

    I'm with ya on that one. I didn't seem to have that problem with my Standard. It was the first thing I noticed when I got my II.
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    Struggling with the Mesa MkIIc models...

    Sounds great. Care to share your preset?
  18. M

    Bad Horsie as expression pedal?

    Get the Mission pedal with the spring. It bounces back just like the Morley.
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    Is Axe Edit OK just for uploading IRs with FW9b...

    Can someone explain to me how to use the irs after I've downloaded them? I've got a couple redwirez and ownhammer but can't figure out how to actually input them into my axe 2.
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 9 Public Beta

    Lol...I didn't even notice that. Where is it now?
  21. M

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 9 Public Beta

    I finally upgraded from 7. All my custom presets sound better with little to no tweaking at all! The best part I think is the amp type menu, much better than the old way. It would be cool if all types could be listed that way for effects and cabs.
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    Looking for a nice Recto tone

    I'm still on version 7. I didn't want to upgrade till a new version of axe edit is released since I use it so much. I'm using one of the recto cabs though.
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    Looking for a nice Recto tone

    I'm not happy with what I come up with for a big bottom end Recto tone. Anyone have a good one they can share?
  24. M

    AxeChange updated !

    Thanks. My eyes decieved me and I thought it read Axe Edit updated.
  25. M

    AxeChange updated !

    Um...where is the official thread about the new version?
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    Seeing Vai tonight....

    About what time did he go on? I'm going tomorrow but don't care to see the opening act.
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    Killer Mesa Mark IV Tone

    I FINALLY dialed in a killler Mark IV tone with my II. Its just amp, drive, and cab, nothing fancy. I dialed it in with my Tom Anderson Drop Top with an HN3+ in the bridge. Let me know what you guys think, its my first.
  28. M

    Best studio monitors for the Axe FX?

    Well I just ordered a pair of Yahama HS50Ms. I can always return them if I don't like them. Musicians Friend had them on sale for buy one get one 50% off so they were $299. The HS80Ms are just too big for my desk so hopefully I'm happy with the 5".
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    Best studio monitors for the Axe FX?

    Guys I have a guitar room with my studio desk in there where my Axe is rack mounted to. I usually play sitting in front of the computer and I've been using 2 Atomic Reactor passive cabs. Ive never played through monitors before but since I got my Axe Fx 2 I was thinking about switching to some...
  30. M

    Axe FX or Real amp?

    Ah didn't know that.
  31. M

    Help a newbie please....

    My other guitars really have pretty high output pickups too though.
  32. M

    Axe FX or Real amp?

    An Engl Savage 120 is a few hundred more than an Axe Fx II brand new.
  33. M

    Help a newbie please....

    Every time I switch guitars though?
  34. M

    Help a newbie please....

    I meant that the gain dropped significantly as if I rolled back on the volume knob of my guitar.
  35. M

    Help a newbie please....

    I finally made the upgrade to the II from my Standard. I'm still playing around with it and figuring things out. My issue is that I made some awesome sounding patches today using my Tom Anderson Drop Top with an HN3+ in the bridge. I then plugged in my Suhr with DA in the bridge and my patches...
  36. M

    Took the plunge!

    I've been using 2 1x12 Passive Atomic Reactor cabs for over a year now and can't complain.
  37. M

    Axe FX Standard?

    A very cool Line 6 fx pedal.
  38. M

    Axe FX Standard?

    The part that isn't the Axe Fx. :lol
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    Hey there! New to the forums, with a couple of questions!

    I emailed you right back.
  40. M

    Hey there! New to the forums, with a couple of questions!

    Carlos get one of the Atomic reactor cabs like I told you about. I love mine so much, Im selling my Splawn 4x12.
  41. M

    Help please for a new user.

    To find which version you have push the UTILITY button on the front then page over to the right under FIRMWARE and its right there on the screen. Thats all I can help ya with.
  42. M

    Anyone use a Behringer AMP800 with their Axe?

    I do now....thanks a lot dude.
  43. M

    Anyone use a Behringer AMP800 with their Axe?

    I bought a Behringer AMP800 to be able to use headphone with my Axe, but can't figure how to correctly hook it up. I had it hooked up to output two, but nada. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? PS...I did post this in the connections section, but didn't get any bites. Thanks
  44. M

    Using Cab sims into a guitar cabinet

    Sorry didn't see your reply. I'm using an ART SLA-2.
  45. M

    Axe FX with ART SLA 2 sounds thin, flubby and has no punch HELP!

    I'm runing the same setup except with a Splawn 4x12. You've got it hooked up right. Try turning up the output on the front of the axe. If thats not it then maybe its just the preset you're on. You can get some heavy chugga chugga tones with some tweaking.
  46. M

    Help hooking up Behringer amp800 to my Axe.

  47. M

    Using Cab sims into a guitar cabinet

    I play my Axe though a Splawn 4x12 w/ Splawn Small Blocks. I use the cab sims and they sound fine to me. When I turn them off it sounds like crap, but I guess I will eventually experiment with turning cab sims off and then tweaking to see what I prefer.
  48. M

    When will the axe fx standard be back in stock?

    For the first time ever I saw some B Stock Ultras in stock.
  49. M

    Those of us with Standards, it's okay.

    Tomorrow is going to be an EPIC day for me. My Axe Fx Standard is supposed to arrive tomorrow as well as my ART SLA-2 (that I got BRAND NEW from samedaymusic for $247 after I got them to pricematch a mom and pop store) AND my cables from musicians friend to hook up the ART to the Axe! All 3...
  50. M

    Recently purchased an Ultra or Standard?

    Everyone is acting like the Standards or Ultras they have will suddenly stop working! They're still going to sound amazing and after all the big hype of the Axe Fx II dies down, you can upgrade to the new one in a year or so.
  51. M

    Recently purchased an Ultra or Standard?

    LOL at all the ones that just went up for sale. Some even upgraded to 11.0 http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=fractal+audio+axe+fx&_frs=1&_trksid=p3286.c0.m359 Its going to be even funnier when all these people sell theirs, then find out they can't get their hands on the Axe II and...
  52. M

    Recently purchased an Ultra or Standard?

    Check the classified secion. Ultras going for $1600!!!! Why didn't I wait?!
  53. M

    Axe-FX II Questions.

    From the man himself. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-general-discussion/35905-blastoff-2.html#post489042
  54. M

    Introducing the Axe-Fx II

    Me too....oh well.
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