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  1. Recon24

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    Fractal updated the II steadily for 8 years, they have pushed the hardware to it’s limit (hence the introduction of the III well over a year ago now). The updates are/were free, and regardless of whether one purchased years ago or yesterday all those updates are still available with this final...
  2. Recon24

    MF Strat Lick - Plexi 50W 6550 + ML Mars Silver

    Some Strat+Plexi tone. Plexi 50W 6550 with an FAS Boost clean boosting in front, ML Sound Lab Mars Silver 57 A for the IR, North Church reverb and Deluxe Memory Man delay in parallel after.
  3. Recon24

    HBE & ODS - ML MEGA OS - Modal Jam

    Some improv over a fun little chord change. Using the ODS-100 Clean into the ML MEGA OS Supreme Mix for the arpeggiated chords and pseudo-bass line, Friedman HBE V2 into the ML MEGA OS Omnipotent Mix for the lead. Clean signal chain: Comp > Amp > Cab > Comp > Chorus > Reverb/Delay in parallel...
  4. Recon24

    Skull Crusher & ML MEGA OS - Heavy Riff Test

    Trying out the new Skull Crusher model on Ares 1.03. Definitely lives up to the name, very satisfying to play with. Kind of reminds me of a 5150 but with some extra clarity and midrange richness. T808MOD > Amp > ML MEGA OS Infamous Mix
  5. Recon24

    Saturday Afternoon Jam - Ares 1.03 - Plexi & ML Mars Silver

    First jam on 1.03, in a Plexi mood. Using the Plexi 50w 6550 into the ML Mars Silver 57 A IR, FAS Boost in front and delay/reverb in parallel after.
  6. Recon24

    80s Metal Tone - Brit 800 + ML Mars Silver

    Thanks man! Dialing in tones that work well in a mix is always my main goal for sure.
  7. Recon24

    80s Metal Tone - Brit 800 + ML Mars Silver

    Thanks a bunch!
  8. Recon24

    What is your approach when making new patches?

    It’s an easy rabbit hole to fall into, especially with how much flexibility the Axe has in terms of FX options. That said the only time I really do the 80s-as-hell drenched thing is when I’m either going specifically for those particular 80s tones or when I’m looking for an FX-centric ambient...
  9. Recon24

    What is your approach when making new patches?

    For my own tastes I lean more towards the Mesa sound for that iconic richness and depth, but I’m really digging the Silver for stuff more in the hard rock and hair metal vein too. I don’t like to throw around the word “scooped” too much since that can have negative connotations, both packs are...
  10. Recon24

    80s Metal Tone - Brit 800 + ML Mars Silver

    Jamming some quick bits from Bark at the Moon. Not trying to nail the tone, just getting in the general 80s Metal ballpark with an SD-1 boosting a JCM 800. Super OD > Brit 800 > ML Mars Silver Appetite Mix > Rich Hall Reverb
  11. Recon24

    What is your approach when making new patches?

    Rock and metal mostly. I tend to lean towards Marshall-style amps like the Friedman and go for tight modern tones. I use ML IRs, lately the Mega OS and Mars Silver packs in particular.
  12. Recon24

    What is your approach when making new patches?

    Usually an end result in mind from the beginning, unless I’m just messing around and experimenting with FX-heavy tones. Priority number one for me is always just finding the right IR. Once I find IRs I like I tend to stick with them, and I usually lean more towards using one or two IRs for all...
  13. Recon24

    Vicarious GAS

    They’re definitely absolutely wonderful amps, played them all in person besides the absolute newest models (D20 and 100P). I just don’t have any desire to go back to dealing with tube amps in general, and I can’t really afford or justify having a tube rig around just for one sound I really want...
  14. Recon24

    Super-Djent-y Atomica Tone

    Thanks a bunch again, everyone! I’ll be sure to get some more in-the-mix samples of this and other tones up in the future, on a bit of a break from music the last few weeks but I’ll be back at it ASAP.
  15. Recon24

    Shred Collab Solo - IIC++ & ML MEGA OS

    Just a quick little solo (isolated audio) with the IIC++ and ML MEGA OS Omnipotent Mix. T808MOD > AMP > CAB > Reverb/Delay in parallel
  16. Recon24

    As the Crow Flies Riff - Friedman 2018 + ML Mars Silver

    Working on some more Alluvial riffs with this fun bit from As the Crow Flies. Using the SM57 A single mic IR from the new ML Mars Silver cab pack here. T808MOD > Friedman 2018 > CAB
  17. Recon24

    FW3.01 Brit Silver + Mars Silver Cab Pack: SKI OR DIE

    Demo sounds sick man! Both the track and the isolated tones. Admittedly Ski or Die was just a bit before my time, though I know it by reputation, but I just wanted to say that video games and mimicking game soundtracks is literally exactly why I play guitar, haha.
  18. Recon24

    Not-So-Djent-y Atomica Tone

    Sounds sick man! The Atomica is a super-fun amp for sure.
  19. Recon24

    Super-Djent-y Atomica Tone

    I usually try harder to be clever with the preset names but that one just felt appropriate in it’s lack of subtlety, haha, thanks!
  20. Recon24

    Super-Djent-y Atomica Tone

    This is maybe a weird comparison, but to my ear it’s almost reminding me of a tighter brighter Uberschall when used for metal like this; it’s got a similarly huge bass rumble happening on palm mutes, but that part of the response only seems to creep in and slowly build on held notes, so it stays...
  21. Recon24

    Super-Djent-y Atomica Tone

    Thanks a bunch everyone! Glad to see some people digging the tone.
  22. Recon24

    Super-Djent-y Atomica Tone

    It’s obnoxiously aggressive isn’t it? Haha. Thanks for watching man, love all your stuff. It would indeed sound ridiculous, I’m sure, with the extra girth and smoothed out highs quad tracking would give it. I don’t even wanna think about what a pain this kind of stuff would be to get totally...
  23. Recon24

    Super-Djent-y Atomica Tone

    No problem at all. Whatever works and sounds good. AFAIK the Fortin stuff is just a straightforward JCM-style tonestack, but the active option will definitely give you some more control over things and a different flavor of EQ.
  24. Recon24

    Super-Djent-y Atomica Tone

    Happy to share it, of course. That said, I didn’t do any advanced tweaks at all with the Atomica, it’s nearly default settings. All I did was turn the bright switch on, gain at 8, presence at 5, everything else is default besides that. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6811
  25. Recon24

    DOOM - Rip and Tear - Friedman 2018 + ML MEGA OS

    Jamming a section from Rip and Tear off the Doom soundtrack. T808MOD > Friedman 2018 > ML MEGA OS Infamous
  26. Recon24

    Bits from the new Blade Runner soundtrack...

    Awesome playing and arrangements, dude! Really well done.
  27. Recon24

    Super-Djent-y Atomica Tone

    So, I saw the great Mr. Leon Todd mention on the forum recently that the Atomica is a bit similar to the Fortin stuff (modded Marshall and whatnot), so decided to give it a go. No idea how close it actually is but OH BOY it is indeed a ridiculously over-the-top djent/metal tone. Using the...
  28. Recon24

    Hair metal tone tutorial

    Killer tones and video as always, dude! +1 to the comment about modern metal and djent owing a lot to the 80s tone-wise, too (and playing-wise for that matter, of course). 80s rock and metal was my original love before I got into modern stuff and it’s absolutely a great resource to pull from...
  29. Recon24

    Count of Tuscany Interlude - IIC++ and ML MEGA OS - Ares 1.0 Test

    Working on some Dream Theater today and having fun with the new firmware. Not trying to get super-close to the Petrucci tone or anything, just a general high-gain Mesa Mark tone. T808MOD > IIC++ > ML MEGA OS Omnipotent Mix > DMM delay and Rich Hall reverb in parallel
  30. Recon24

    Triaxis model live use ?

    The thing with the Mark series and it’s derivatives like the Triaxis is they’re just so mid-heavy that it takes some amount of GEQ scoop just to get it into the ballpark of a typical non-Mark amp. You can get some sweet fusion tones sans-GEQ, but just about everything else can benefit from some...
  31. Recon24

    Toothache - ML MEGA OS in use

    Having fun recording some new sounds with a quick little interlude piece. Using a few different IRs from the ML Mega OS pack. Hope you dig it! HBE 2018 for rhythms and leads - Infamous and Omnipotent mixes, respectively ODS-100 Clean (just a subtle background layer) - Almighty Mix Tweaked...
  32. Recon24

    How simple is Tone Matching?

    As others have mentioned, it’s basically just EQ. If you don’t have a decent grasp on how to get in the general ballpark without tonematching, you might get a similar sound but the feel/sustain/response/etc. will likely be wildly off (depending on the sound in question and your preferences, that...
  33. Recon24

    Vicarious GAS

    A few times over the years I’ve bought a piece of gear because I loved the Fractal version so much, and every single time it gets sold after a little while of use. I find I miss nothing about analog rigs when using the Axe, but I miss so many things about the Axe rig when using analog. There’s...
  34. Recon24

    Realistic tones with Cab block Low and High Cut

    “More authentic” compared to what, a mic’d recorded amp tone or an in-the-room un-mic’d amp? The Fractal is designed to produce the sound of the former, not the latter. If it works, all the power to you. But it’s neither standard practice nor typically necessary to cut so much high end, let...
  35. Recon24

    Realistic tones with Cab block Low and High Cut

    Most guitar speakers have a response from about 75hz-5khz. Very generally speaking, of course, all sorts of other factors to consider and that doesn’t mean there’s no valuable information beyond that range either. A big part of the way we’re used to hearing guitars recorded versus in-the-room...
  36. Recon24

    Was there ever a consideration of different OS's for different types of players?

    This. Just a single one of the amps I use regularly as a metal player (including such brutal amps as the Hiwatt *gasp*, lol) would cost as much or more in and of itself than the Axe does. I was very pleasantly surprised to see the Axe III at the price point it is, especially given all the...
  37. Recon24

    Why do I like Drive + Amp more than Amp drive?

    As others have said, I think it’s mainly an EQ thing. The reason I tend to prefer drive pedals over a pure EQ of some sort is the extra little bit of compression that many ODs add (even with drive at 0). I’ve gotten close with EQ+comp but it’s still a different vibe, IMO. I don’t really do the...
  38. Recon24

    Differing amp model output levels

    These kinds of things always seem to come down to “why can’t my personal use case be the default?”. People here have debated for years over what the default settings of the models should be (noon, zeroed, common model-specific settings, etc.) Different people use the same amp models in wildly...
  39. Recon24

    Do you all pretty much leave stock settings on amp for live?

    Same basic approach and tones whether live or recording, appropriate volume and in context of a full mix and all that, only thing I’ve ever consistently done differently live is running the cab block low pass more aggressively (5-6khz rather than 8khz). The majority of the time I don’t mess...
  40. Recon24

    Do you record in mono or stereo?

    There’s not necessarily a right or wrong, but that said things will get really washy real quick if you start stacking a bunch of FX-heavy stereo guitar tracks on top of each other (which is of course fine if that’s what you want). For my own stuff, I only ever track stereo when I’m recording a...
  41. Recon24

    Don't understand

    This is absolutely a fair point; my aside was meant more as a general defense of “youngsters”, not as an assertion of it being so in this particular case. That said, I would be interested to see how the numbers stack up for musicians specifically. The general public is indeed blowing their...
  42. Recon24

    Don't understand

    As said above, if you’re not convinced it’s worth upgrading then don’t. I probably won’t upgrade myself for quite a while yet, partially for financial reasons and partially because I simply don’t need the III’s new capabilities that urgently. But there is a noticeable difference, both in raw...
  43. Recon24

    Valley of Fire - Solo - Friedman 2018 + ML Legends

    Had some fun writing a quick solo over the Valley of Fire backing track Jason Becker recently released. Using the Friedman 2018, just running drive at 7 and all other settings default. Definitely a different flavor from the older V1/V2 versions I usually use, inherently more open and...
  44. Recon24

    ML Legends Djent Mix - Mixtest - Reamped/Remixed Old Tune

    Thanks a bunch man! Definitely a big Sikth fan.
  45. Recon24

    ML Legends Djent Mix - Mixtest - Reamped/Remixed Old Tune

    Hey everyone! Having a ton of fun with the new ML Legends IRs; I think they may have managed to dethrone the ML Zilla pack for me as my absolute favorite cab pack. So I went back and reamped/remixed an old track to hear things in a mix context. Definitely a significantly different vibe than...
  46. Recon24

    Care to post your live band recordings?

    Crappy cellphone video of a solo at a jam, here ya go, lol. This was direct into FOH with an Atomic CLR as my personal monitor, using an old Silver Jubilee patch of mine IIRC.
  47. Recon24

    How many prefer patches to scenes and vice versa...also why do you prefer?

    As others have said above, it’s not really an either/or thing for me, I use them both. I build presets like self-contained rigs, so I’ll have a given amp and cab in a preset and then different scenes for different levels and effects and whatnot. Then for live use I’ll typcially use 4 or so...
  48. Recon24

    Paganini - 24th Caprice

    Sick playing and tone, man!
  49. Recon24

    Friedman HBE Heavy Rhythm Tone

    Made some tweaks to my heavy rhythm tone lately, having fun with some JR riffs. (Just a quick out-of-the-mix dry example of the same tone as my last post.) T808MOD - Gate - Friedman HBE V1 - Gate - ML Zilla Flattest D
  50. Recon24

    No Time For Caution - Interstellar - Hans Zimmer Guitar Cover

    Awesome job man! Haven’t seen the movie but I love Zimmer’s work in general.
  51. Recon24

    A Feel Good Tune

    Awesome man! Killer tones and playing.
  52. Recon24

    Messing around with some new plugins and darker tonality

    Really cool stuff man! Great twangy Tele tones, and the composition reminds me of a movie soundtrack. Awesome.
  53. Recon24

    Technical Death Metal - Friedman HBE V1

    This is killer man! Great tones and playing.
  54. Recon24

    Vellum Windows - Instrumental Prog-ish Rock

    Hey everyone! Lurked around for a long time but haven’t ever really posted any proper music of mine, so why not I guess. SLO 100 for leads, Friedman HBE V1 for rhythm, Hiwatt Jumped for cleans. ML Zilla Flattest D for all three. Tweaked version of the ML USA Bass Rock preset for bass. GGD...
  55. Recon24

    Gate Expander question. Rhythm/Lead settings

    I run two gates myself depending on preset. For higher gain lead tones along with other gain tones I want a more natural sound from, I just run a gentle gate in between the amp and cab to kill amp hiss. Check out ML’s old post about noise gate settings to see the general idea of how that one...
  56. Recon24

    Amp tone controls question

    You could change the tonestack type to active which will stop the interaction, but then you’re likely significantly departing from the way the amp is meant to sound (the vast majority of guitar amps do not use active tone controls). It’s just an unavoidable quirk of the way passive tonestacks...
  57. Recon24

    Axe-Fx GEQ and PEQ question

    The other little bit of complication involved in that is some GEQs have constant Q values and others have variable Qs that widen or narrow depending on how hard you’re cutting/boosting. Both fixed, just the latter is a fixed curve as opposed to an absolute constant. If you scroll through the...
  58. Recon24

    Axe-Fx GEQ and PEQ question

    In a nutshell the GEQ is just a PEQ with fixed Q and fixed frequencies. Simpler but less fine control. Parametric will give you more precision for surgical things, but one can accomplish a ton with either (especially considering how many different types of GEQs there are to choose from). For...
  59. Recon24

    Port of Axe III firmware to Axe II ?

    I’m not sure about actual numbers of Axe-Edit users VS front panel users, but I was born in ‘95 growing up with a computer and I still prefer the front panel over Axe-Edit by a mile; hardly an 80s rack gear guy, haha. I just don’t feel right dialing things in with a mouse and keyboard. So I’m...
  60. Recon24

    Soundguys eqing your signal

    I mean, I let them do their job. Usually just saying “hey, I’m running direct and already low/high passing” is enough for them to listen and go “oh that’s fine” and leave the channel flat (or at least as flat as possible given the room). What’s frustrating is the ones who don’t actually listen...
  61. Recon24

    MetalHeads, what's your fav amp block for metal and WHY?!

    As far as cabs go, my absolute favorites are from the ML Zilla and ML USA Djent packs. Zilla for the really tight tones I like best myself, Mesa for the bigger looser more ‘old-school’ metal tones. I could happily record forever just with the ML Zilla Misha Balanced Mix and ML Zilla...
  62. Recon24

    MetalHeads, what's your fav amp block for metal and WHY?!

    As always, YMMV, personal preference, etc. What works for me is treating it more like EQ’ing a Plexi rather than a typical modern high gain amp. That means very low bass (1.75 for me), high mids/treble/presence (around 8/7/7 respectively), and turning on the bright switch (even though the amp...
  63. Recon24

    MetalHeads, what's your fav amp block for metal and WHY?!

    Totally depends on the kind of metal in question. Classic stuff? A Plexi or JCM800 all day. 80s shred? I’m a big fan of the SLO100 for that. 90s/00s sludgy metal tones? Gotta be a Dual Rec tone for me. DT-style prog metal tones? Various Mesas obviously get that job done. Super-dry tech...
  64. Recon24

    A real overdrive pedal

    I find both the model and the real pedal *too* ‘smooth and spongy’ for me, honestly. I spent some time using it a bunch but gradually fell away from it for that reason. That said, ever since the overdrive overhaul several firmwares back I’ve found the drive block really nails the sounds I...
  65. Recon24

    How do you boost signal for solos?

    I keep things simple, just a filter block with +3db of boost or thereabouts. I dial my lead tones in *very* midrange-y and tight from the get-go and use a different amp model from my other tones, so the straight level boost is all that’s really necessary for me. You may need more of a db boost...
  66. Recon24

    97% CPU and Getting Static

    Don’t feel the need to do absolutely everything in one single patch. That’s an easy way to fall into a CPU rabbit hole. I set my presets up like multiple individual rigs rather than one giant one; a clean tone with a few different scenes of effects I use with cleans, same with crunch, same with...
  67. Recon24

    Underrated or unappreciated amp blocks

    The little tiny practice amps like the Scout or Blues Jr and the like, tons of fun cranking those with a nice room reverb and getting some raw vintage sounds.
  68. Recon24

    Anyone find they don’t “need” drive blocks in most cases since getting the AxeII?

    Also, honorable mention to how well the Fractal does distortion-pedal-to-clean-amp tones too, I’ve gotten some 80s style tones using the Ruckus and a clean Marshall that I absolutely love. Same goes for stacking lower gain drives and the like. Despite the myriad amp model options available in...
  69. Recon24

    Anyone find they don’t “need” drive blocks in most cases since getting the AxeII?

    Just depends on application and taste. Personally I’m running a clean boost of some sort, typically a T808MOD or BB Pre these days, on 9/10 tones I use from low to high gain levels. I also always carry around a physical Tubescreamer-style pedal in my guitar case for any time I’m jamming on...
  70. Recon24

    Shrill in patch creation, sounds perfect in band mix?

    Shrill isn’t the word I’d use necessarily, but it’s definitely easy to create patches too bassy/dark/fat/etc. when not creating the patches in context or if your tastes naturally lean towards darker fatter sounds. As mentioned above, listening to raw stems is also very informative; you’ll find...
  71. Recon24

    Gain difference when switching guitars - How do you do it?

    Input Trim would probably be the simplest way; doesn't color tone like the input drive can, and can be assigned to a modifier as well. Input Drive would work fine too if you prefer that though. That said, I don't really tweak for different guitars myself (beyond making sure the preset volume...
  72. Recon24

    String inconsistencies...

    Oh, wow man, lol. Yeah, it's generally good to not be mixing things if your ears aren't at 100% :) frequent breaks, reasonable SPLs, not working when sick or congested or fatigued, all very important to getting an accurate representation of sound. Ear fatigue and/or congestion is waaaaay more...
  73. Recon24

    Changing tubes...no real difference.

    I can hear and feel the difference most noticeably on non-MV amps, and also high-gain amps when the power section is being driven hard along with the preamp. Swapping in KT88s or 6550s for an EL34-powered Marshall-type makes a pretty noticeable difference in feel and power amp response IMO...
  74. Recon24

    String inconsistencies...

    Even with relatively similar material, even slight differences in the arrangement can make a surprisingly drastic difference in how things are perceived. My money would be on arrangement over strings, but YMMV. One thing to consider is, if it is indeed the strings, maybe you're recording them...
  75. Recon24

    How did you create your "core" tones? How much time you have to invest??

    Nice to see the simple approach has become so prevalent :) really disproves the 'need to tweak forever to get a good tone' naysaying. Absolutely in the same boat here, as simple as humanly possible. The grand majority of my presets these days I'm just finding an IR and amp combo I like and...
  76. Recon24

    ML USA Djent vs Cab Pack 13 ML USA Bulb!!

    Cannon here :) I wholeheartedly approve of my approval being approved of, haha. I need to post more on the actual forum here rather than just the FB groups... Really digging the new Misha presets that come with the pack too, the 5150 Block preset sounds absolutely insane. Always nice to see...
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