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  1. Z

    Massive Squealing Volume Jump With Empty Cab Block

    I had this happen while dialing in a preset at rehearsal volume levels using Cab-Manage when I selected an empty slot instead of the IR I meant to choose. It was an incredibly unpleasant experience.
  2. Z

    Preset Inspired by George Lynch

    I don't think I've posted here in years, but I wanted to say thanks for this. I've been creating Lynch patches since the days of the original Axe Fx Standard, and I've read that Micheal Wagner post a zillion times, but this seems to capture something I've never quite nailed. Thanks!
  3. Z

    Fremen Quantum 2.0 presets

    Doh! Sorry, I saw the word "mix" and assumed it was your mix, despite the fact I have all the Ownhammer cabs and should have realized that. I forgot all about the Ownhammer Mix folders.
  4. Z

    Fremen Quantum 2.0 presets

    I think the screenshots for the recipes for U55 and U56 are missing?
  5. Z

    Preset conversion tool

    I would think most patches would translate pretty well for the most part, there aren't a huge amount of tone alerting parameter differences between the two, are there?
  6. Z

    Preset conversion tool

    How about something like the old 3rd party AxeReporter program? If we were able to even generate a spreadsheet and then manually input the block parameters, we'd get a pretty close facsimile of the patch, parameters only available on newer models notwithstanding. Or even a version of Axe-Edit...
  7. Z

    Is it still the plan to G3 the rest of the existing non G3"d amps?

    Here you go. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/96922-fw18-news-4.html#post1163351
  8. Z

    Ownhammer conversion to Ultra Res issue

    Can you uncheck both options and then use the mode you want from within CabLab in the Mixing Tools option using the Processing Mode dropdown choices?
  9. Z

    New Fractal Day

    They don't. It was used.
  10. Z

    Anyone experimented with a replacement Axe II lid for fan noise ?

    Have you moved away from your hair-tie solution? Also, did you mean Noctua fans as opposed to Nocta? I use Noctua in all my PC builds and they are always great and quiet.
  11. Z

    Vitamin C awesomeness! New OH Orange! & FW18 Recto mdrn comparison!

    I had a really early Rectifier, I think it was #478 if I recall correctly. I got it dirt cheap in '94 when a customer came into the store I worked at selling two of them. In the end he decided he could only part with one and I snagged the other before we ever put it out on the sales floor...
  12. Z

    Question Regarding USA Lead amps

    Cliff, from the above I gathered the Pull Bright is baked into the modeling of the two models that have the Pull bright on, but on the USA Lead Brt, the bright switch is off by default, and on the USA Lead Bright+ the bright switch is on by default. Does the bright switch on these models...
  13. Z

    Question Regarding USA Lead amps

    Ah, thanks. It turns out using the USA LD 2 YLW (or any of the TriAxis models) it appears in the front panel only, but for the MKIV based USA Lead models it does appear in Axe-Edit as well as you stated.
  14. Z

    Question Regarding USA Lead amps

    You have to use the front panel to see it, it's not an option in Axe-Edit.
  15. Z

    Live Mode vs None

    That worked. I could have sworn that was actually the first thing I tried, but obviously I didn't. Thanks.
  16. Z

    Anybody Else Having Big Latency Problems in Live Mode?

    Yes, Windows. It's installed along with drivers when installing the AxeFX driver package. Unfortunately, I'm unable to tell you if it's included with the Mac drivers as well.
  17. Z

    Anybody Else Having Big Latency Problems in Live Mode?

    Regarding the latency, I found changing the buffer settings in the FASUSBAudio Control Panel eliminates it entirely.
  18. Z

    Anybody Else Having Big Latency Problems in Live Mode?

    I closed down everything and then re-opened CabLab only and tried several presets as well, but the problem still persists. I'll keep trying things and see if I can get it working.
  19. Z

    Anybody Else Having Big Latency Problems in Live Mode?

    Cliff, that's not happening for me. I have to manually disable the cab block in either AxeEdit or via the front panel.
  20. Z

    Live Mode vs None

    The only issue I've found with having both CabLab and AxeEdit open at that same time is that if you use CabLab to save to a user spot it won't actually save it, though the process completes as if it worked. If I shut down AxeEdit, CabLab saves it to the selected spot without an issue.
  21. Z

    The $1.99 silent Axe-FX fan DIY fan mod

    Thanks. As a MkI owner who has mucked around with various attempts of quieting the fan since May of 2010, I will be giving this a shot tonight. And I already have those exact hairbands (I only take the black ones from the pack, my wife and daughter use the other colors, I swear).
  22. Z

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    A whole lot of companies feel like this right about now.
  23. Z

    Axe FX II and Kemper Profiler (Yes, another one...please read!)

    This is Ground shipping to me in MA, one state over from Fractal in NH, using just the AxeFx II dimensions, weight and value, not taking into account the manual and added dimensions and weight of the double boxing and packing material Fractal uses. I would think shipping to Ohio would obviously...
  24. Z

    Axe FX II and Kemper Profiler (Yes, another one...please read!)

    Have you entered the weight, box dimensions, and valuation for insurance into the UPS calculator? If you do you'll find the reason it costs $80 to ship is because that's what UPS charges.
  25. Z

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    Thanks Yek. Look like the USA models are all G3 as well.
  26. Z

    Look up

    Nice! Thanks Cliff. Now I have something to do other than shovel and wait for more snow. And as an added bonus, wife and daughter are away for three days.
  27. Z

    G3 FW18 mini review

    Given that you find the Axe easy to dial in at low levels, this most likely has nothing to do with needing to adjust the advanced parameters (they are completely unnecessary to get a great tone) and more to do with the Fletcher Munson effect.
  28. Z

    Help an AXE-FX II rookie.

    Slightly off topic, but you actually want the INSTR IN set so it "tickles the red".
  29. Z

    Bought Rosen Cabs...Now how do I get them onto the AFX?

    The documentation is incorrect.
  30. Z


    I ran into the 105 problem several years ago. The fix that ended up working for me after trying all the suggested fixes was to uninstall everything Fractal related, and then remove all the Fractal Registry entries that were left over and then reinstall all the software. I don't think I've seen...
  31. Z

    Star Wars Episode VII Teaser Trailer

    I was stupid. Over the last 6 month I'd read all the plot leaks and looked at all the leaked concept art and photos. And then, after convincing myself that what I read wasn't true, the trailer confirmed that it actually was. I didn't learn my lesson from doing the same thing with the prequel...
  32. Z

    I'm producing a Cab Pack for Fractal Audio Systems

    It's up. Cab Pack 7 CK USA.
  33. Z

    Atomic Amps MIA?

    Tom, I'm wondering if my emails may be having the same problem as the OP. I sent you a PM the other night, I hope that's OK?
  34. Z

    Does Anyone Happen To Know The Current CLR Wait Time?

    I'm pretty sure he was not being sarcastic. The website has always sent people to the reserve list for an invitation, even when the CLR's were in stock there was never an option to just put it in your cart and check out. Not that long ago people were getting their invitations within 24 hours of...
  35. Z

    Does Anyone Happen To Know The Current CLR Wait Time?

    Thanks. I'm guessing either they are busy and just catching up, or perhaps my emails aren't getting through since I've been having some issues as of late.
  36. Z

    Does Anyone Happen To Know The Current CLR Wait Time?

    I've sent a few emails but haven't heard back, so I was curious if anyone has had recent contact with Atomic/Tom and might have some insight as to the current wait time. Thanks.
  37. Z

    Expert views needed ...

    This is incorrect, no other hardware interface is necessary to record to PC.
  38. Z

    Setting up dual delay

    Ah. I didn't see there were two different videos, one a with lead setting and one with a rhythm setting. Sorry about that.
  39. Z

    Setting up dual delay

    Simeon is referring to the rhythm of the delays themselves, not a setting for a rhythm tone, as the OP is trying to match Petrucci's lead delays from his TonePrint pedal...I think.
  40. Z

    Cab-Pack 5 - UltraRes™ 4x12 Collection

    Yes, of course. Ultra-Res IR's are only incompatible with the Standard and the Ultra, they work with the II, II MKII, and the XL.
  41. Z

    so, having loaded the latest 14p02 I can't find the new presets like Vibrato Verb AA

    It's not a preset, it's an amp model. If you're scrolling through presets trying to find one called 'Vibrato Verb AA' that's the issue. It's in the 'type' parameter of the amp block.
  42. Z

    Cab-Lab 2.0

    Are you sure you are looking for the correct file name? There is an OwnHammer_412_MAR-CB_V30-EN_T1 but no OwnHammer_412_MAR-CB_V30-EN_T1_SP in my files. I double checked the zip as well as my uncompressed folder.
  43. Z

    Iron Miaden - Somewhere in Time

    Sound great, thanks for the patch. I always learn something from dissecting other people's patches, especially in cases like this where it's a tone I'm very familiar with. It allows me to look at it and say, "ahh, that's what my version was missing".
  44. Z

    I am so lost...

    Axe-Edit does not produce or pass any sound.
  45. Z

    Who owns this specific Axe-Fx?

  46. Z

    Can anyone post a video of Axe 2 Vs. YJM100?

    +1 I've been playing scalloped fretboards for 25+ years (though I'm neither a Malmsteen or Blackmore fan) and of the guitars that didn't come scalloped, I have never noticed any difference in tone after having them scalloped. The amount of misinformation about scalloping that one runs into...
  47. Z

    CLR Active Wedge .vs Equator Q8 (stupid question within)

    Oops. Didn't see there was a thread on the Q8’s right on the first page of the this forum. I'm a bit daft.
  48. Z

    CLR Active Wedge .vs Equator Q8 (stupid question within)

    I never make these type of posts about gear, as I'm aware that it's all about personal choice and what works best for you. However, I've had an unexpected change in situation that has me rethinking things. My band situation came to a sudden and unfortunate end due to a situation with a band...
  49. Z

    Scratch Pad??? I don't see it

    Yeah, using AOM to just download the IR to the Cab Slot and audition that way is much easier than actually using the Audtion button, which requires all the jumping through hoops. I hope the next version of AE also supports IR mixing.
  50. Z

    Scratch Pad??? I don't see it

    Yes. It appears that not only do you need to build new patches, but you need to use Axe Edit to actually delete all the blocks as I described in the post. I tried several other methods, including holding the RECALL button while turning on the Axe, which starts you with a blank preset, but that...
  51. Z

    Scratch Pad??? I don't see it

    Got it figured out. Here's what I did. Open Axe-Edit and choose a patch, click on an empty block and click 'Delete' and then 'OK' when it asks if you want to delete all blocks, save the empty patch. Shut down Axe-Edit, and build your patch. Set your cab block to 'Scratcpad' and audtion with...
  52. Z

    Scratch Pad??? I don't see it

    OK. Something weird is going on, I'm going to work on it now. I just tried it on the 59 Bassguy patch and of course it didn't work. It automatically switched to Cab Slot 75 and AOM gave me the error message, but then I tried it again on my high gain Tri-Axis Yellow Patch (off topic, I...
  53. Z

    Scratch Pad??? I don't see it

    Hmm. Ok, give me a few minutes and I'll go check out my steps from scratch, just to make sure I haven't forgotten anything.
  54. Z

    Axe-O-Matic DSP pulled from OH site?

    The full version appears to be gone, only the free version without the ability to mix IR's is there. Unless I'm missing it too. The full version is still working fine for me, though I think Kevin had stated it would be pulled from the store at some point. With Lynn's passing last year AOM is...
  55. Z

    Scratch Pad??? I don't see it

    Axe-O-Matic will audition there as long as you have the cabinet set to the Scratch Pad slot when you click the 'Audtion' button on Axe-O-Matic. Make sure Axe-Edit is not running when you are using Axe-O-Matic, it does crazy stuff, like changing the cabinet slot to number 75 instead of...
  56. Z

    Scratch Pad??? I don't see it

    Turn past the last user cab and you will see 'Scratch Pad', then audition the cab. You have to select it before you audition. It behaves just like any other cab slot.
  57. Z

    Question about Ownhammer IRs

    Upgrade from the old WAV version + frequency discount + $4.80 credit I had brought my total to a whopping 30¢.:-P
  58. Z

    Saigon Kick - live stream right now... featuring AxeFX!

    That was supposedly it. They played 5 dates total with last night being the final date, and it doesn't appear they have any plans to tour more or write new material. They all have other things going on and this was more of a 'let's put our differences aside and have fun' type of thing. I hope...
  59. Z

    Saigon Kick - live stream right now... featuring AxeFX!

    I got to talk to Jason for about 5 minutes last night after sound check about the his Axe. He was using two JBL's on stage and the other out was to FOH. I asked him what models he was using, and he tried to remember for a bit and after twisting his face trying to remember he finally said, "you...
  60. Z

    Hard copy manual V10

    Just did a quick test (not sure why I downloaded the Ultra manual instead of the Axe II but it shouldn't affect the price).
  61. Z

    Hard copy manual V10

    Yeah, you must have something wrong. I never pay more than around $22.00 Make sure you switch the default color from 'Full Color' to 'Black'. Full Color adds about $110 to the cost.
  62. Z

    Hard copy manual V10

    FedEx Office online allows you to upload PDF's, choose your paper, binding etc. Then you can either pick it up or have them ship it to you. If you choose to pick it up it's usually ready the same day. I use this service all the time. For something like the manual, there is no need to get...
  63. Z

    Question about Ownhammer IRs

    Kevin, I own most of your original series, is there any chance the SLM and Mills IRs will see an update to V2 one day? Looking forward to the Mesa release. Will the WAV to standard and AX to Standard upgrade price options be available for the Mesa and the others if you end up doing those?
  64. Z

    Axe for Lemur ready for beta testers

    Nice. Thanks for the quick update, Scrutinizer.
  65. Z

    George Lynch "Mr. Scary" Tone Match

    Same problem here. Was matching Lynch's tone on 'Night By Night' off of Back For The Attack, and I got that weird issue with the Tone Match that you are talking about. I guess I need to do a quick search for those threads.
  66. Z

    Question about Ownhammer IRs

    Kevin, How are those Mesa IR's coming along?:-P
  67. Z

    I have a big issue with v10!

    How about a discussion of Lynch's best tones? :-P Seriously though, FW10 rocks!
  68. Z

    I have a big issue with v10!

    Oooh can we turn this into a Tiger Stripe thread? My latest Suhr, (pre dates their limited run 80's shred model they released last fall.).
  69. Z

    V10 Update

  70. Z

    Where are there new IR's in Firmware 10 going to be?

    Axe-O-Matic will not be updated, whether it needs to be or not. The current build is the final build.
  71. Z

    v10 Released, download here...

    dude#3: You need to work on analogies that actually make sense. dude#4: Don't waste your time, it's just Soultrash, he's going to find something to whine about, regardless.
  72. Z

    v10 Released, download here...

    Oh no, we have to wait for a free firmware update. How will I ever play any of my upcoming gigs without it? :roll
  73. Z

    v10 Released, download here...

    That's probably due to the lack of 7 year olds who own Fractal products, combined with the fact you'd have to be pretty stupid to make this joke since everyone knows that the first place it will be posted is in a sticky by Cliff.
  74. Z


    Thanks, Cliff. Ok, what's the over/under on how many posts before someone finds something about the Release Notes to complain about?
  75. Z

    Maiden vs. Metallica

    Lifted is a pretty strong description. Iron Maiden and Killers sound nothing like Priest. And even when Dickinson joins, the bands still sound very different. It's not as if Priest were the first band to have dual guitar harmonies or have that style of vocalist, and both bands sound very...
  76. Z


    There is a sticky with step by step instructions at the top of this forum.
  77. Z

    Newbie waiting delivery

    Two simple pieces of advice that new users and even some long time users have trouble adhering to, most likely because we are stubborn and the ideas are ingrained in us: 1) Assuming you are using an FRFR system, the cab block is as, if not more important to your tone than the amp block. 2) Use...
  78. Z

    Studio Report

    Thanks, Cliff. Either way the addition of more IR's is appreciated. I guess the advantage of having them in the firmware would be that it makes it easier to audition, as opposed to downloading and auditioning. But I don't think most of us will be bothered if they are offered as download only.
  79. Z

    Studio Report

    I think we can all agree that no matter what they do, someone, somewhere will feel compelled to complain about it.
  80. Z

    Studio Report

    Average yearly snowfall: Fargo - 40.8" Boston - 42.2" (though the City of Boston website puts the number at 48") :-P National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)
  81. Z


    If you download the newest manual scenes start around page 167. The Wiki info on scenes is here, Preset scene - Axe-Fx II Wiki
  82. Z

    This webite is increasingly "server too busy" - evenings (UK) - now afternoons.

  83. Z

    High pitched "ping" sound when playing loud

    That's really not that weird. MP3 is a lossy format that by nature compresses data during the conversion process, removing high frequencies. If you were to convert it to FLAC or another lossless format, I imagine that the high pitched noise would remain.
  84. Z

    Problem Upgrading to Firmware 7.0

    You need to update your Axe Edit to the newest version to see the latest additions. Yes, if you all install the new presets yours will be overwritten. Back yours up (which you should be doing anyway) and then import them after you have loaded the 7.0 presets. Alternatively, you could also...
  85. Z

    Is something wrong with my Axe FX 2?

    Matt replied to me about my unit this morning. I asked him what the average turn around time was, and he said "1-2 days". So I'm hoping that since UPS ground from Boston to NH only takes one day, and I'll ship it on Monday, they'll have it Tuesday, and maybe with a little luck I'll have it...
  86. Z

    Wonder If Anyone May Have Some Ideas On What's Wrong With My AXE II

    Oh well, tried to reinstall the firmware. Now it's completely bricked. Blank screen, with all the lights lit up. At least I'm in Boston and it will get to NH quickly.
  87. Z

    Wonder If Anyone May Have Some Ideas On What's Wrong With My AXE II

    LOL. It sounds like a robot dying. Wait, can robots die? All patches, no other programs open. Edit: Actually so far I've only been trying it patches from "Bank A". I guess I can try it with a patch from one of the other banks. Edit 2: Yeah, it happens on all patches.
  88. Z

    Wonder If Anyone May Have Some Ideas On What's Wrong With My AXE II

    Yes, it is. It's odd because nothing changed and it was on all day working fine. There was a storm earlier tonight, but I imagine if something was fried, it would be perma-fried, and not work for 10 minutes or so on occasion.
  89. Z

    Wonder If Anyone May Have Some Ideas On What's Wrong With My AXE II

    Yeah, I had tried that, thanks though. I uninstalled it, cleaned all registry entries, and reinstalled. No luck. Sometimes it's instant, sometimes I get 5-10 minutes before it happens.
  90. Z

    Wonder If Anyone May Have Some Ideas On What's Wrong With My AXE II

    I've contacted support, but seeing as it's the weekend I figure I may not hear back until Monday, and thought maybe someone here would have some suggestions or thoughts. This is the email I've sent to support. I'm having an issue with my Axe II. It's just over a year old and the problem just...
  91. Z

    LPD Tone Clone - George Lynch (Lynch Mob) Wicked Sensation

    I agree. I'm looking forward to this. Lynch is my favorite player, and I think the 'Wicked Sensation' album has some of his best overall work. I did a tone match (using theTone Match feature, not from scratch) from the stems of 'Dream Warriors' but wasn't really happy with the results. Would...
  92. Z

    USB ASIO Driver problem

    Doh! Sorry, my reading comprehension seems to have been over taken by V7.0 anticipation.
  93. Z

    USB ASIO Driver problem

    Uninstall the drivers using the uninstall .exe, located by default in C:\Fractal Audio Systems\Axe-Fx II USB Driver Installer, instead of removing them in Device Manager. After that use something like "Little Registry Cleaner", or "CCleaner", or both in in case one misses something. Then...
  94. Z

    Settings for Axe Fx II & GT800FX

    Everything you need to know is in that thread.
  95. Z

    Settings for Axe Fx II & GT800FX

  96. Z

    Matrix Customer Service = Amazing

    It was just dumb luck that I went down to the basement in the first place. I forgot what I was even going down for half way down the stairs but figured maybe I'd remember, and then I saw the water everywhere.
  97. Z

    Matrix Customer Service = Amazing

    I'm going to make this short, as it's my anniversary and the wife and I were headed out to dinner, but our hot water tank blew, requiring us to call a plumber and put the night on hold, and now I'm trying to salvage things. Anyway, with the night seemingly ruined, $1,250 spent on a plumber and...
  98. Z

    Iron Maiden...next on Axe-Fx artist list?

    +100 Steve Harris has lost his mind. I'm as a big of a Maiden fan there as there is, but Harris, a man who has said he suffers from severe hearing loss should be kept far away Kevin Shirley during the mixing process these days. Steve just makes some odd choices regarding the sound of the...
  99. Z

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 6.01 Up

    You need to download the latest Axe-Edit. This holds true with every firmware update, to see the new models you always need the updated Axe-Edit.
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