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  1. stratamania

    FX8 V5.04 Released

    The Fractal-Bot is a Midi Utility for upgrading firmware. So I don't think it is that no one cares it is just not what that tool is mainly for from my point of view. The Preset manager in the editor is the tool or a better tool for backing up presets or in this case the only reliable tool.
  2. stratamania

    FX8 and Synergy amps

    Good, you solved it. So are you using just TS to TS cables or Humbuster TRS to TS. Do you have it connected similarly to what I mentioned above, or in some other way? Might be useful for somebody in the future.
  3. stratamania

    FX8 and Synergy amps

    OK, that's cool. I think the big thing with modeling is flexibility. Not an either / or situation.
  4. stratamania

    FX8 and Synergy amps

    @Keg8605 Are you using the Axe FX for effects only in your setup?
  5. stratamania

    FX8 and Synergy amps

    Possibly as a test try going from FX8 Pre to the inputs of the Syn2, then out of Syn2 into FX8 post in and then FX8 post out to the input of the Synergy 5050 poweramp. I took a look at the manual. This should also work. Connect Main outs of the Syn 2 to the 5050 poweramp Incorporate the FX8...
  6. stratamania

    Does it matter which Ernie ball volume pedal to use as Expression?

    Hi, sorry I did not answer before, but I am not very active on the forum lately. I see mr_fender answered already. It's just a simple TRS to TRS cable similar to the one linked.
  7. stratamania

    Breaking up with Apple....

    Install guide for Sierra. (Obviously has to be on "supported" hardware) https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/unibeast-install-macos-sierra-on-any-supported-intel-based-pc.200564/ But as pointed out what is your time worth etc.
  8. stratamania

    Big issue with a new FX8 (v4.00)

    Contact support then at G66 they are very helpful.
  9. stratamania

    FX8 In Post L/R connectors and Cables

    Thanks Cliff, would the cable need to be similar to a Humbuster or wired in some other way ?
  10. stratamania

    FX8 In Post L/R connectors and Cables

    Well if he does then we at least wont be devoid of an answer about them. Even if an answer said, its for possible future use. Good enough but no answer at all surprises me... For that I have no answer. Is a Jackson in some way better for training reindeer than a Gibson ?
  11. stratamania

    FX8 In Post L/R connectors and Cables

    Bump, will this question get answered ?
  12. stratamania

    Best online manual for FX8 Mark II

    Only the manual
  13. stratamania

    FX8 In Post L/R connectors and Cables

    Bump anyone at Fractal that knows the answer to the question in the first post above ?
  14. stratamania

    There a global lead available on FX8?

    I am wondering myself about this. The nearest I could find is Sticky Preset mentioned below. But as I don't have an FX8 I cannot verify. http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Buttons,_switches_and_knobs_on_the_AX8_and_FX8
  15. stratamania

    FX8 Midi Mapping

    Would it not be easier to just use the FX8 to send the MIDI to the Gigrig G2 ? That way you use the device with more MIDI capability to control the one with less.
  16. stratamania

    How long has FX8 been out of stock?

    I had an e mail just recently that they are expected mid November in Europe. So I assume the US may be similar. Apparently from reading a few posts on the forum since then it appears the FX8 and AX8 will now be assembled in China. So perhaps that once established may make the wait lists shorter.
  17. stratamania

    FX8 In Post L/R connectors and Cables

    I understand all of that and appreciate you taking the time. But that still leaves the design purpose and thinking unanswered. Its also missing in the manual and should be in there in my opinion.
  18. stratamania

    FX8 In Post L/R connectors and Cables

    @bread thanks. Understood, but at the amp end you don't have balanced in the majority of cases. Of course you could put a TS to TRS Hum eliminator near the amp to get true balanced for the longer part of the run. I am hoping someone from Fractal will chime in with what the design philosophy...
  19. stratamania

    Breaking up with Apple....

    I am typing this from my Sony Vaio, which is one the last ones they made and its now running Windows 10. I am also a Mac User. I have a MacBook Pro about 2 years old now. I was wondering who really needs touch enabled soft keys at the top of the keyboard and a smaller keyboard and even larger...
  20. stratamania

    FX8 In Post L/R connectors and Cables

    So are you running a TRS to TRS from the FX Send of the H&K Tubemeister 36 in your signature ? No doubt it will work without problems as would a TS to TS. Of course it does not answer why the Post IN was designed with TRS... which is what I would really be interested to know.
  21. stratamania

    FX8 In Post L/R connectors and Cables

    @FractalAudio @Admin M@ or @joe rogers could you shed any light on what the design choice was for POST IN as discussed above ? Many thanks in advance.
  22. stratamania

    FX8 In Post L/R connectors and Cables

    Thanks for the answer. Though I don't see why you would be re amping via an FX8 as it has no modelling. Although perhaps you mean for using the FX8 for outboard effects.
  23. stratamania

    FX8 In Post L/R connectors and Cables

    Hi Folks, A good possibility that I might be able to get an FX8 Mk II. In advance of that I have been having a read through the manual v3.0 again. From Page 9 Rear Panel. IN [POST] L/R – (Balanced 1/4” Tip-Ring-Sleeve Jacks) Connect the FX LOOP SEND of your amplifier (or the output of your...
  24. stratamania

    FX8 pricing in Europe

    I heard today Eur 1399, don't take this as definitive because it may not be correct.
  25. stratamania

    Wish It would be great if each switch had a small LCD screen

    Not so, you can buy one from these guys in Germany. http://www.loopersparadise.de/en/index.php?p=907
  26. stratamania


    You can find them here, http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=FX8_multi-effects_pedalboard
  27. stratamania

    For the Love of God tone

    You might find this useful. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/for-the-love-of-god-tone-match.51421/page-3#post-663079
  28. stratamania

    FX8 in parallel FX loop

    The answer is on Page 33 of the manual.
  29. stratamania

    Think about grade up to MARK I, MARK II, MARK III.........

    It's a bit like buying a computer, you need to buy what you need today from what is available. The chances are that a newer model comes out at some point when you buy something is unavoidable. You could keep waiting for the new model and never buy anything. Or you could buy it and use it for 5...
  30. stratamania

    Mesa Boogie Mark V + Axe FX 2 + MFC-101

    Not been on the forum for a while but Scenes use CC changes and the amp gizmo uses PC changes, so you are probably out of luck there. Unless you had an intermediary device to map CC changes to PC changes between the Axe FX and the Gizmo. But at that point if you are doing 4CM it's probably...
  31. stratamania

    FX8 Tutorial video availability?

    Not for purchase that I am aware of. But if you do a search on YouTube there are a couple of forum members posting some videos. Chris at AxeFX tutorials, has some for example and if you want to you can donate. He is also very active and supportive on the Forum.
  32. stratamania

    XL+ Not working out of the box?

    If the man himself has suggested that I don't think G66 will worry about it. But obviously you have to feel comfortable with which way you go.
  33. stratamania

    XL+ Not working out of the box?

    Might be worth trying this. Note this is a best effort suggestion as I don't have an XL+ http://support.fractalaudio.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/15/4/axe-fx-ii-xl-failsafe-firmware-recovery
  34. stratamania

    Axe-FX XL vs. FX8 4CM

    Can it therefore be correctly assumed that the I/O that is common to both platforms is of a common physical architecture ?
  35. stratamania

    FX8 Amp Routing Question

    @john_p, that should work from what I've read in the manual. Routing different preamps around is probably more than anyone "needs" :-) but you know guitarists and gear possibilities...
  36. stratamania

    FX8 Amp Routing Question

    That's it Chris. I've been looking at various options of pedals, loopers and routers, etc. By the time you add up the costs an Axe FX may become my best option for flexibility.
  37. stratamania

    FX8 Amp Routing Question

    In a sense but with the flexibility of being able to select or bypass a preamp in a flexible manner if set up with 7CM
  38. stratamania

    FX8 Amp Routing Question

    If you had two amps, or one amp and one preamp. It would be being able to use the preamp in the Left or Right Loop to either or both power amps via the outputs. So you could do stereo or not, but choose which preamp you want to use with both power amps. Perhaps I might need another Axe FX. At...
  39. stratamania

    FX8 Firmware 3.0 coming soon!

    Interested to see if the new Firmware will be able to have a flexible routing matrix of preamps to power amps via L and R as discussed in the linked thread. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fx8-amp-routing-question.105863/
  40. stratamania

    FX8 Amp Routing Question

    Thanks Dealmaker, I'll take a look at the manual for the summing possibilities. I guess what I am wondering about may not be possible without an additional piece of equipment. I suppose what I'm asking about would require a routing matrix for the A that lives between pre and post effects...
  41. stratamania

    FX8 Amp Routing Question

    bump ?
  42. stratamania

    FX8 Amp Routing Question

    Here's another scenario. Let's say you have a Marshall of some type. That's set up in 4CM in L. But then lets say you have an Engl Preamp that has no power amp in R. Could the FX8 be set up to send the Engl preamp in R to the Marshall power amp in L with the Marshalls preamp in L bypassed...
  43. stratamania

    FX8 Amp Routing Question

    @bread, OK got it. You would not expect a difference but if it's there then it's there. Thanks for explaining. I've been wondering if an external box would be needed. Still it would be interesting if it can all be done within the FX8.
  44. stratamania

    FX8 Amp Routing Question

    @bread, thanks that must sound pretty sweet. If you're using the second amp only as a power amp effectively I'm wondering why you are using a Midi splitter to change the second amps pre amp channel if it isn't in the signal path ? Have you tried it wothout ? So what I am wondering is if you...
  45. stratamania

    FX8 Amp Routing Question

    Thanks Brads4, there's definitely the I/O for two amps I see in the manual. anyone else any other info on the routing ? Another question if using two amps is there a way to take care of phase reversal that may occur ?
  46. stratamania

    FX8 Amp Routing Question

    Greetings folks. It's been a while since I logged on so I hope you are all doing well. My gear journey is taking me now more in the direction of 4CM and tube amps. When I had the Axe FX II most of my decent pedals went. So I'm now looking into options and one of those is the FX8, I've been...
  47. stratamania

    LF+ Mini VS RJM Mastermind

    Don't use phantom power with the RJM via the Axe FX phantom power port it will damage it. It's fine to do so with the LF+ as Dutch described. Reference and workaround for the RJM. https://www.rjmmusic.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=631
  48. stratamania

    Coming Soon

    Just for fun the six other products mentioned what if one was actually.... Wait for it... A tube amp :D If anyone knows how to design one after examining and modelling so many it might be Cliff...
  49. stratamania

    Coming Soon

    Interesting developments for sure. A range of Fractal products with or without modelling for various uses is a great idea. Probably the II XL will remain a flagship product for a while yet. But the tube versus modelling thing is old. If you are full on FRFR pure modelling that's great, but if...
  50. stratamania

    Mac Help!! Neither OSX (10.6.8), logic nor Pro Tools recognizes my axe fx XL

    Axe-Fx II USB Setup (167) for OS X (Jun 21 2013) - Disk Image - Required for Axe-Fx II USB Audio and MIDI-over-USB functionality under Max OS X. Requires 10.5.7 for MIDI-over-USB and 10.7.4 for USB Audio. Looks like the version of OSX you have is an earlier version than the driver supports for...
  51. stratamania

    Coming Soon

    I haven't been around on the Forum much since I sold my Axe II and Liquid Foot to ease some finances for a family member. Anyway since then I have been using my amp and getting by with a GT100 and the odd pedal for the few effects I do use. I have looked at the separate pedals and switchers...
  52. stratamania

    No Marshall Major...so, let's build our own...

    Yes, I was told the suggestion would be put forward but it's a long shot. I did inform them that there are actually a number of folks that would probably snap up a limited edition Major, and if they put power scaling in and that sort of thing like they did with the YJM100 it might be an idea...
  53. stratamania

    No Marshall Major...so, let's build our own...

    I went to Marshall at the Musik Messe, and suggested that they consider releasing the Major again. So fingers crossed... But was checking into the forum to see if this had arrived in the Axe FX yet.
  54. stratamania

    About the Axe-Fx II XL

    Lots of success with the new product.
  55. stratamania

    How To: Controlling Modifiers in the Axe Fx II with Cubase/DAW

    Thanks Darklord, for now virtual beer will suffice 8)
  56. stratamania

    Axe Fest - The Dutch Version, 30 november 2013 @ Wisseloord Studio's, Hilversum

    Unfortunately I won't be able to attend due to work commitments. GibsonLesPaul, will have already passed by my place, but in any case have a great time there all who do attend.
  57. stratamania

    OK I need some help need some Blackmore help

    The tape boost didn't come in till after Made in Japan. It's more than likely a Marshall Major, played very loud. But there isn't one in the Axe AFAIK, there was a wish list for it. There is a lot of headroom in this tone. Try a splawn with KT88 power stage possibly with an AC30 tone circuit...
  58. stratamania

    Suhr Modern build Floyd or no Floyd?

    Thanks for the link, if I did that I would still keep the fine tuners. I am no Guthrie, either but then again who is :D
  59. stratamania

    Suhr Modern build Floyd or no Floyd?

    There was quite an interesting thread on another Forum, where John Suhr, was discussing that he found the build quality of the Gotoh Floyds more consistent. But also on trem stability, the non locking one they use is a Gotoh 510 and very good, but the discussion was also around that one of the...
  60. stratamania

    NGBD - New Guitar Build Day

    Thanks for the shout out... :D The new Larkin, looks very nice with the hardware on. It must be going to be with you quite soon now...
  61. stratamania

    NGBD - New Guitar Build Day

    This is going to look quite something when its done :)
  62. stratamania

    Attack of the drones

    Great stuff...
  63. stratamania

    How To: Controlling Modifiers in the Axe Fx II with Cubase/DAW

    Another idea. If the track where the expression automation is was set to write, and set to receive midi in, with an expression pedal plugged into the back of the Axe FX it should be possible to record expression movements rather than drawing them in. Then set the track to read for later use.
  64. stratamania

    Axe-Fx / Cubase midi problems

    :D. I am actually based in the UK and Europe, so that beer may be closer than you think. I may very well be at the Dutch Axe Fest...
  65. stratamania

    How To: Controlling Modifiers in the Axe Fx II with Cubase/DAW

    Well done, and well written. Thanks for mentioning my help and taking the idea I gave you to a good result. From what I can see the tutorial looks fine. :encouragement:
  66. stratamania

    Axe-Fx / Cubase midi problems

    Here is something else to try. On my tutorial where it shows adding to the midi track CC34 Breath LSB which is used for Scenes and creating a controller lane for it, try the same to add the relevant CC for what you want to automate. Using Wah as an example which from memory uses CC16 but check...
  67. stratamania

    Axe-Fx / Cubase midi problems

    Darklord, if it works out let us know here. It may be of use to someone...
  68. stratamania

    Axe-Fx / Cubase midi problems

    Glad you got it working. On the other question asked by darklord, I didn't actually try automating a Wah for example from Cubase and I can not test this as I don't have an Axe FX any longer. ( I needed to reorganise some things and it's not because I don't think the Axe FX is a superlative...
  69. stratamania

    Axe-Fx / Cubase midi problems

    Can you try setting Midi thru to off. If Midi Thru is set to on it sends out what came in. If you get the Midi connectivity sorted out my guide will work. Although some of the screenshots in Cubase 7 will be different to Cubase 6 that the tutorial was made with.
  70. stratamania

    NGBD - New Guitar Build Day

    OK, thanks almost like a book match but on a different plane. 8)
  71. stratamania

    NGBD - New Guitar Build Day

    That's really impressive how Chris, has got the matching woodgrain for the covers. It almost looks like he cut the covers out and then did the routs but probably not. How did he do it ? Perhaps he had cut a thinner piece off before forming the body and it's made from that. One thing for sure he...
  72. stratamania

    NGBD - New Guitar Build Day

    Thanks, will take a look at the newsletter.
  73. stratamania

    NGBD - New Guitar Build Day

    Mr E, what neck radius are you going for on this build ? it's looking rather nice so far :)
  74. stratamania

    My new suhr custom tele black beauty noodling ... awsome

    Is the maple old growth pulled from a river by any chance ? Either way it looks cool... Like the playing too...
  75. stratamania

    Line 6 trying again

    I think it is. One of the drivers behind the HD500x was the previous DSP wasn't available apparently. So it seemed inevitable to me that once stocks of the HD Pro dwindled this would follow. I would say the HD desktop X will come out next and I have seen some of those going now for a lower...
  76. stratamania

    Expressions used on the internet that drive you nuts

    The phrase, "it takes pedals well" when talking about amps. I don't think it drives me nuts but it just sounds an overused phrase.
  77. stratamania

    Tablature Writer or Trainer Needed: Paid Gig

    Not with an Axe FX, you can use a midi type device such as a Roland Guitar synth to send midi notes to Guitar Pro. It doesn't however record audio and convert it. But this would in all likelihood still need some editing.
  78. stratamania

    NGBD - New Guitar Build Day

    Subscribed, looking forward to seeing this progress 8)
  79. stratamania

    New Guitar Day - Suhr

    Congratulations, cool guitar...
  80. stratamania

    kee marcello sound

    There was an old thread and a couple of presets posted. It may help http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-preset-exchange/54981-advice-creating-kee-marcello-esque-lead-tone.html
  81. stratamania

    AxeEdit 3.01 out

    See note 2. At this thread http://forum.fractalaudio.com/news/74618-axe-edit-3-0-1-released.html
  82. stratamania

    Axe Fest - The Dutch Version

    Any news on this ?
  83. stratamania

    Super Vee Tremolo

    I have a Supervee Bladerunner, you still need to take care of things such as the nut, string trees etc. It's a pretty good unit. I have a Malmsteen strat, it's the one in my icon, that stays in tune pretty well with the stock trem.
  84. stratamania

    Inserting images in posts

    You would upload the image to something such as photo bucket or Flickr, then use the embed link they provide to post in the thread. When using insert image in this case you would choose from URL
  85. stratamania

    My new Suhr Custom Tele Black Beauty .. gas alert !!!

    Congratulations it looks very nice indeed.
  86. stratamania

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 11 released!

    Many thanks jumpered amps are cool...
  87. stratamania

    Axe-Edit 3.0 Released!

    Awesome job. Just spent some time checking out the new editor. Many thanks indeed for all the effort. 8)
  88. stratamania

    Axe-Edit 3.0 Released!

    Excellent news 8) Thanks to the whole team.
  89. stratamania

    How many here are gluten-free or organic vegan for their guitar?

    I think both probably help and work together.
  90. stratamania

    How many here are gluten-free or organic vegan for their guitar?

    A couple of months ago I changed my diet mainly cutting out breads, pasta and rice. This has certainly vastly reduced gluten intake but not sure if it is 100% free. Anyway one of the positive benefits of this was that some inflammation in my left hand has gone.
  91. stratamania

    White Wedding (Billy Idol) - cover

  92. stratamania

    Wishing Well by Free - what effect?

    I took a listen to the studio version this morning. It is quite a bit more produced than a lot of the Free stuff. There is more than one guitar going on, there is some slide playing in there too. I think a Leslie also. http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Rotary_speaker_(block)...
  93. stratamania

    Wishing Well by Free - what effect?

    If you mean the fast vibrato that was in Paul Kossoff's fingers. He was mostly Les Paul direct into Marshalls. Wishing well isn't on this video but you can see the range of tones he gets.
  94. stratamania

    Guthrie Govan - Remember When

    Good job...don't know the piece but good playing 8) I couldn't make out all the artist signatures, which ones have you got ?
  95. stratamania

    Another Question for Liquid Foot Pro Users - IA Hold vs Momentary Switches

    Yes I was referring to the LF+ Pro + series and not the older model. The older one I am not familiar with. There is a lot of info here if it helps. Liquid-Foot Pro - Index
  96. stratamania

    Happy Birthday Scott Burrow

    Congratulations and have a great Birthday.
  97. stratamania

    Another Question for Liquid Foot Pro Users - IA Hold vs Momentary Switches

    My best suggestion maybe is to look at Dynamic IA slots, explained page 54 of the LF manual. Just curious have you considered an expression pedal work instead for the pitch block ?
  98. stratamania

    Another Question for Liquid Foot Pro Users - IA Hold vs Momentary Switches

    IA hold is the length of time before a secondary function of a switch occurs. Try setting it to trigger rather than toggle it may help with what you are attempting.
  99. stratamania

    Help with Axe FX II and Yamaha Monitors!

    OP, I just tried with my HS50s that I normally use with XLR, with 1/4TRS from output1 to the monitors. It works fine.
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