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    Looking for a nice Recto tone

    I'm not happy with what I come up with for a big bottom end Recto tone. Anyone have a good one they can share?
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    Killer Mesa Mark IV Tone

    I FINALLY dialed in a killler Mark IV tone with my II. Its just amp, drive, and cab, nothing fancy. I dialed it in with my Tom Anderson Drop Top with an HN3+ in the bridge. Let me know what you guys think, its my first.
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    Help a newbie please....

    I finally made the upgrade to the II from my Standard. I'm still playing around with it and figuring things out. My issue is that I made some awesome sounding patches today using my Tom Anderson Drop Top with an HN3+ in the bridge. I then plugged in my Suhr with DA in the bridge and my patches...
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    Anyone use a Behringer AMP800 with their Axe?

    I bought a Behringer AMP800 to be able to use headphone with my Axe, but can't figure how to correctly hook it up. I had it hooked up to output two, but nada. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? PS...I did post this in the connections section, but didn't get any bites. Thanks
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    Help hooking up Behringer amp800 to my Axe.

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