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    What Effect Is This?

    Just one octave actually, a bit easier to hear at 4:35.
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    How to have scene state stay as was intended?

    Rather than a scene revert issue, this sounds like it might be a repeat of this thread. The problem was bypass state holding across any scene change due to bypass modifiers, not the block state when returning to a specific scene...
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    Control Switch by Scene - on the FM3

    From footswitch functions guide: 1. Load the desired Preset and Scene. 2. Press HOME, then use Push-knob D to open the FC Per-Preset menu. 3. Page to the CS Per Scene tab if it isn’t already selected. 4. Use the NAV keys to select the row and column for to the Scene and Control Switch you want...
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    Wish Axe III & FM3: Control Pitch Block Voices With Midi Notes (Like Meris Hedra)

    The pre-Axe note to CC conversion approach should be possible if you choose Src1 (Ext Ctrl CC) minus Src2 (pitch follower) for the voice shift modifiers. You'd need to adjust the main "scale" value, source 2 scale, and probably offset in a certain way through either trial and error or a few...
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    Not a Bug ‘Fluttering’ sound at beginning of wah sweep fw 3.02. Beta

    It sounds like you have the pedal assigned globally to wah bypass in the I/O menu. If you remove that assignment you can use autoengage.
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    Trying to set up Wah with single block. Channel A is Wah. Channel B is Mutron.

    You could choose both sources (additive) and use Controller block channels to make the envelope controller stay at 0 (threshold at maximum) while on wah channel A. This assumes you're able to park the pedal heel-down and don't need it for anything else when the envelope wah is active. Another...
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    Multiplexer: Is there a way to toggle between two or more Rows via Envelope?

    Toggling between two rows/values is possible if someone can get this working on the III: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/ideas-for-auto-pan.157190/post-1874477
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    Wish New CS Per Scene Value

    I think OP means when the scene was last active. Basically, if you think of how block channel & bypass states function with scene revert off, make the same possible for CS states.
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    Adding makeup gain (via level or auto-makeup, which accomplish the same thing) won't specifically add this type of upward compression with a second threshold. Looking at the blocks guide I see now that Studio FF 2 and Studio FB 2 types use upward compression. If you want upward compression of...
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    Exp pedal margin?

    It sounds like E.S. is saying the ADC values change but no modifier dot movement occurs in the highest & lowest 5% or so of the value range that would have been seen during calibration. If this actually occurs, it's probably to ensure a steady min/max value when something doesn't return to the...
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    It's a reduction of dynamic range by bringing the gain progressively higher below some threshold.
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    This is still compression, upward compression instead of (or in addition to) the downward compression from the compressor block. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_range_compression#Types
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    You can try having the envelope controller increase compressor (or any block) level when your input level falls below a certain value. Or for the same idea on the grid, use a gate on a parallel signal that's been inverted with a filter block. Turn the gate level down a bit so it doesn't mute the...
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    Looking for input on a Vai type delay with harmonizer I think

    It's quarter note left, half note right (calling tempo q = 86) for the loud delays. (698 ms, 1396 ms) The quieter ambient delay (quarter note left, eighth note right) from the rest of the track is also there, fed by a mono sum of dry & louder delays. To get this exact you'd need to use a...
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    Type of Decibel Units Used In Level Adjustments?

    I remembered wrong; USB playback has the boost & pad applied. I was thinking only grid audio might get the boost, making USB audio quieter when padded. The synth block (unfiltered voice at 100% level) produces 0 dBFS with block level at +18 dB. Assuming this gives the maximum +20 dBU in the...
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    Type of Decibel Units Used In Level Adjustments?

    The horizontal level meters in the utility menu have the "0 dB" line somewhere that generally leaves 10 dB or so (IIRC) of headroom. They also have some kind of basic virtual head/ear algorithm where different content with the same peak dBFS reading won't necessarily give the same value on those...
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    Dealing with hot guitar

    A synth block can be used to test this sort of thing. Send a saw or triangle wave from an output (through a cable) to the input.
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    New FC-6 to go with FM3 - moving EV-1 pedal to FC-6?

    Ext. Ctrl. initial values only apply from power-on (or most recent adjustment if you've adjusted the init. value itself) until a change in value of the assigned controller. To have a modified parameter begin at a certain value anytime the preset is selected, enable PC Reset in the modifier...
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    New FC-6 to go with FM3 - moving EV-1 pedal to FC-6?

    You need to adjust the FM3 settings when you switch pedal ports like that. Note that if you have modifiers for things like wah, whammy, volume block on the grid, you can choose an External Control as source rather than selecting a specific pedal port. Then you can adjust the Ext Ctrl assignment...
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    Master Volume VS. Master Volume Trim

    They have the same effect. If you aren't setting MV to 10 and needing even more MV, you probably don't need to worry about MV trim.
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    Way to have formant and EQ block after go on at same time when using Exp Pedal?

    A bypass modifier makes any auto-engage settings in the block irrelevant. Both blocks could have a bypass modifier, but to use the actual auto-engage option this needs to be avoided.
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    Way to have formant and EQ block after go on at same time when using Exp Pedal?

    Assuming you're using autoengage, add a modifier with the same source & autoengage setting for any EQ parameter (other than bypass). Adjust min & max so the pedal doesn't change the actual value.
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    Evolving to Fractal FM3

    The demos I could find of the DD-6 warp function all pretty much sound like feedback goes to 100% pretty quickly. A switch could do that. (You can make the change more gradual with damping or go beyond 100%, but I'm not sure that's actually happening on the DD-6.)
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    Reamping only reamps effects?

    Check the individual block in/out levels. Is the output level of the input block much lower than when you're playing guitar normally through the Axe-FX? Does the low-gain issue remain if you switch back to normal guitar playing without restarting or changing any settings other than Input 1...
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    Wish Option to make a block scene-independent

    I'm not sure tying this into scene revert somehow makes sense. Scene revert doesn't do either of those things currently. A separate "exclude amp/cab from scene changes" global parameter might be less confusing. Or if we're not assuming this is only desirable for amp & cab blocks, give every...
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    Hotel California

    Still "no". A different pattern with more scale switching is needed because the lower part has more pairs of adjacent measures with the same note (and a different upper harmony note). https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/hotel-california.105587/post-1548512
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    Getting past 18 presets on FCB1010 using ripwerks

    Did you mean 18 presets or 128 presets? If you don't need more than 100 (or 95 with stompbox mode) total presets accessible from the FCB, it's probably easier to store the presets you need at the lowest preset locations on the Axe-FX. With UNO you can make an FCB preset send a bank select...
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    Different modifier settings for different channels?

    If you change channels by switching scenes, you can assign a scene controller to input gain then (pretty sure this works now) assign modifiers to individual scene controller values using FracPad.
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    Footswitch to turn on two blocks?

    "Last" keeps the most recent state, not what you last set it to while on that particular scene. So no, there isn't really a way to do what you're asking.
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    You need to assign a modifier to delay mix. See FM3 manual section on modifiers. Set min/max to the desired values and choose the switch (Pedal 2 tip or ring) as source.
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    How do you model an amp's FX loop?

    You don't even really need the separate outputs & recorded tracks. Just put a null filter in one path with phase reverse = both, bypass mode = mute, and see if engaging it cancels to silence.
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    How do you model an amp's FX loop?

    I missed that in the video, sorry. I'm thinking the "Boiiinnng" parameter might involve a separate type of modulation. Maybe try again with that at 0 with cab-reverb and reverb-cab paths right in the preset, plus a filter inverting one? On the Axe-FX II any reverb type will cancel almost...
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    How do you model an amp's FX loop?

    There's nothing to ensure the modulation sweep is aligned from one take to the next, so this doesn't actually demonstrate how the order itself makes a difference. You could remove the cab block and record two passes through reverb only and still get different results. It might be possible to...
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    How do you model an amp's FX loop?

    Not automatically just because it's pedals. It depends if there are any non-LTI elements in the things you're theoretically changing the order of. This is incorrect if there's no distortion happening in the cab block (preamp sim) and (technically although this should matter much less) no...
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    How do you model an amp's FX loop?

    Reverb (the Axe-FX reverb block at least) doesn't do this. That's the error in your thinking. It's all based on delaying and EQing what's already present.
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    I don't think the Axe-FX III is able to use the SPDIF/AES input and its own internal clock at the same time. You need to set the Axe "word clock" parameter to SPDIF/AES. The other device needs to (unlike the Axe-FX III) be able to use its own clock while also using both digital in & out. (I'm...
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    Hotel California

    It's -5 semitones, A. Chord is D major there and the harmony is all chord tones, triads except for the F#7 and E7 in measures 2 & 4.
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    Footswitch to tweak a parameter value

    Not with the FC6/12. Possibly with something that can send custom SysEx, if the same kind of format as the Axe II is used: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/various-presets-tricks.135770/post-1756549 If you were adding another controller for this type of thing it would probably make more...
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    Hotel California

    For the outro there are some wrong notes in what you're playing, as well as the harmony. Measures 5 & 6 need different shifts for the D note (-3 then -5) so a single scale won't work there, and E has B (not C#) as harmony in meas. 7. One scale can instead be used for meas. 5 & 8 while another...
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    Axe-Fx III / SPDIF / Logic / Apollo Twin [SOLVED]

    That's the wrong type of converter. The right kind (Coaxial SPDIF to Toslink) would be digital to digital, not analog to digital.
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    Solving noise on channel switch

    I think bypassing (Mute FX In) one reverb block at a time would work the same as the volume block example.
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    Axe-Fx III / SPDIF / Logic / Apollo Twin [SOLVED]

    The Axe-FX "word clock" parameter needs to be set to "internal" if you aren't sending a signal to the Axe-FX SPDIF or AES input.
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    Preset not recognising expression pedal

    There's no volume modifier assigned. Right click on the "volume" parameter and select your pedal as source. See "Modifiers" section of manual for more details.
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    Stupid MIDI question

    No, a global block link doesn't do anything to stop scenes from switching block channels. Also there's no way to tell the Axe-FX you want the combined state of two switches to determine a block's channel. The FC6/12 can't really do what you're looking for here. Your effect "scenes" would need...
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    Not a Bug GEQ will not Bypass when set up as 'reverse' pedal travel

    Bypass modifiers have always made autoengage settings on any modifier in the block irrelevant. In this example the modifier curve could be adjusted to make 50-95% of the pedal range be the "on" zone.
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    Guitar tab source that is accurate?

    I've tried it. The sound quality is worse than ASD and it doesn't have stereo karaoke ability, so I never really used it for anything.
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    Guitar tab source that is accurate?

    Usually Amazing Slow Downer, which has the clearest slowdown function I've heard. Sometimes Riffstation for isolating certain parts. ASD's stereo karaoke mode is great for hard-panned things like rhythm guitar, but it doesn't really have a way to isolate a centered solo or something 70% left...
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    Guitar tab source that is accurate?

    There's quite a bit of wrong stuff in both of those (more in Awake) but I'd believe JP did some type of actual editing on them, considering what else the WB gtr. book department was putting out around then. The Six Degrees and Train of Thought books after Scenes were much worse. Things got...
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    Guitar tab source that is accurate?

    That probably isn't the reason. Which books are you referring to? I've seen too many problems with both series to agree with that usually being true. The bar for "better than an average GRV" is pretty low, and I've discussed this with one editor at HL often. Here's one example: Tomorrow I'm...
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    Performance pages - block enabled state and other bugs

    I think the Manual ABCDE controllers can be added to performance pages. You could assign one as a bypass modifier, or as both bypass & shift modifiers with the block bypassed in the 0-shift range. The "both" setup wouldn't change one semitone per notch like the actual shift parameter so you'd...
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    Trouble controlling volume block

    Only with a MIDI controller sending the same CC for the pedal as before with the Axe-FX II. An FC6/12 is the wrong tool for this specific goal.
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    Trouble controlling volume block

    You'd have to make the pedal also send CC#11 over MIDI through something else. The dual modifier source option won't let the most recent source completely override the other in the same way as your previous Axe-FX II setup. It would be possible to make any pedal movement auto-engage one or more...
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    Switches 1+2 and 3+4 on back of FC12, what all can AX3 assign these to?

    The MIDI/Remote: Other menu should have Output 1 Volume Increment/Decrement parameters, according to the manual. I think you can set those to an FC switch port. (It looks like an onboard FC switch might not be able to do these, which doesn't really matter here, but might be worth remembering.)
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    Which tuner is right?

    Not quite. There are two different tuner algorithms, so stopping the strobe doesn't mean the cent/bar display will always be at exactly 0 cents. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/which-tuner-is-right.150396/post-1787988
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    Set harmony with different intervals

    FYI the Thin Lizzy bit can also be done using the "normal" diatonic harmony type & custom scale Ab-Bb-C-Db-Eb-F if you want to avoid using a global scale. This might sound better (with pitch quantize = smooth) if vibrato on the C gets a bit wide (>50 cents) because the harmony won't do a weird...
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    Triggering one block when another is engaged

    Set the volume block modifier to apply to just one channel. Use that channel for this scene and some other channel (also bypassed, although if you set balance center it wouldn't really matter if the block was engaged) in other scenes.
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    How long did it take you to learn Scuttle buttin'?

    Based on live videos (ignoring slide vs. bend differences) the first high E in the lick is always plucked with the middle finger. He's pretty consistent doing like shown below, except often the first d-g doublestop after the lick is plucked with middle & ring. Note that the upstroke starting the...
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    Strange 6kHz noise in my new house, any ideas? (Update - getting closer)

    This still doesn't make sense. Going up one octave means doubling the frequency. The 120th harmonic is almost 7 octaves (~83 semitones) above the fundamental frequency. You seem to be mixing up Hz and harmonic numbers.
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    Set harmony with different intervals

    "Custom shifter" pitch block type would be the easiest way to do that. You can set the shift value for each note for the selected global scale. See pitch block section of FAS blocks guide PDF for details.
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    Input Mode on Multiplexer block

    If L & R are identical at the multiplexer input, the setting doesn't matter. In this case guitar becomes L & R from the input block, and the wah/whammy aren't introducing any L-R differences, except if you were to balance them to one side for some reason.
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    AES - RME Fireface UFX Trouble shooting

    I think the RME might need to be the master in this case. The Axe-FX definitely doesn't need to be the master, because there's a word clock parameter that you can set to SPDIF/AES. Try this: Set the RME to use its own internal clock. Set the Axe-FX "word clock" parameter in the I/O: Audio menu...
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    Andy Wood tackling EVH tones with his AFIII

    Turning up the Feedback L>R or Feedback R<L parameter accomplishes this with the dual delay. For the exact value (to match what you have no control over with the series routing) use 2(blockmix%)(LevelL) for that feedback value. That's for L as "first" delay and assumes mix is under 50%.
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    Not a Bug Out 2 Block Level

    I don't think anything's working differently from intended here, even if the reasons might not be obvious. Out 2 produces unity gain with the knob at full (same analog level out as what you sent in, if shunting input to output) while Out 1 would be 20 dB louder. The copy function adds the same...
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    Stereo Harmony

    Using a pitch voice at 0 shift for the "dry" signal can work but that will add some latency. This is one example where a dry pan control would be useful. There's still one way to make the pitch block pan dry & harmony toward opposite sides, with a decreasing limit on how loud the block output...
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    Axe-Fx II as a sound card (need help)

    Another way to do this is setting Output 2 Echo = Output 1, then sending value 0 for the Output 1 Volume CC (or have a pedal assigned to it). With either method "USB/Digi Out Source" should be Output 2.
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    Alternate DI Source with Axe-Fx 3

    The signal would include any noise gating and level adjustment applied at the In 1 block. The Out 2 & USB channel 3 approach sounds ideal. Just be aware you'd want to either have a pretty good gate setting while tracking, or avoid the gate entirely while realizing that the AC line noise...
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    Doppler effect delay help

    The pitch block's dual shift mode will do this. There's a delay setting for each voice, and the shift is within the delay feedback loop. Plex detune can also work if you only want a shift of 50 cents or less. Unlike the pitch block, the feedback of all voices gets summed before going back...
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    MIDI and Modifiers, Argghh!

    The switch has to alternate values between 0 & 127. The MC6 manual probably has a section about toggling CC values like this somewhere.
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    Control Switch Channel Toggling Problem?

    I'm not sure if LFO things will be needed as much with dual modifier sources being possible now. I think I mentioned somewhere that Src1+Src2, both at 50% scale, start/mid/end 0-100-0 will do that NOT style switching. For the question here I think you'll have to compromise on the LED state, or...
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    2 amp / 2 Cab Limit on Axe-Fx III ? Why ?

    The cab block can work in stereo (one or two IRs applied to each channel). If you balance the IRs accordingly you can use vol/pan blocks to select L or R after branching to separate rows.
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    Not a Bug 3.1 Tuner input mute also muting input 2

    If you're doing this there probably isn't a need to use a mute option in the tuner settings. I get what you're saying for switch-based tuner activation though; keeping ambient effects or something else audible through input 2 would be convenient as an option at least.
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    Fender Strats... Floating, Blocked or decked... Curious about opinions

    Different tension at a given pitch means the mass of the string changed. If the diameter didn't change, you're talking about a more or less dense material. That might have a different elasticity (Young's modulus is a better term here) from the previous one. Nylon vs. steel is one example. At the...
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    Fender Strats... Floating, Blocked or decked... Curious about opinions

    Physics actually predicts the gauge doesn't matter. I don't think you really understand the physics here. Try providing an example of any formula(s) that back up what you're saying. You've misspelled "height" twice so far in this thread. I'm not doubting that you had to adjust the bridge after...
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    Expression calibration + wah auto engage issues

    Is the dot moving the full distance on the graph with these pedals? Sometimes pedals will have dead zones at one or both ends where the voltage/value isn't changing very much. You can view the actual pedal ADC levels in the Utilities menu to look for signs of this. Your image shows a bypass...
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    Fender Strats... Floating, Blocked or decked... Curious about opinions

    Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Plain strings (.017 .013 .010) all tuned to G, locking nut, saddles at equal distance from neck. They all pretty much change pitch by the same amount when you use the bar. There's slight chorusing when raised a third, which would probably be reduced...
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    Fender Strats... Floating, Blocked or decked... Curious about opinions

    I'd be interested in seeing/hearing how much of a difference a gauge change like that makes. I looked through the TransTrem patent for a while but didn't see anything that specifically says a plain string gauge change requires recalibration. I'm still certain that the tuning has more influence...
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    Fender Strats... Floating, Blocked or decked... Curious about opinions

    For the plain strings it's really the pitch that determines rate of change, not the string thickness. I'm only taking about the 3 plain strings. (Core to wrap mass ratio affects the wound strings.) Try the simple test I described. Tune the B or even the high E down to G, the usual pitch of the...
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    How can I make the Flanger effect louder?

    I'm not sure what this means. Try series at 50% mix. Set the block level to whatever sounds right. When you bypass using thru bypass mode the dry sound will pass through just like if a shunt was in place of the flanger.
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    Fender Strats... Floating, Blocked or decked... Curious about opinions

    The gauges don't really matter. You can test this by tuning two strings to the same note, like B down to match the G. They should change at about the same rate. If you're checking pitch carefully the second string might show slightly less change due to saddle position/height and amount of string...
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    Way to shut off all globally linked amps at once?

    FracTool's batch setter has an "unlink global blocks and save" function. The Axe-FX III manual has a section on global blocks and instructions for (one at a time) linking & unlinking via front panel.
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    Control Switch Help... please

    A control switch can work for this too. By setting the state on/off per scene you basically have up to 6 extra on/off-only scene controllers. See page 13: https://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/manuals/fas-guides/Fractal-Audio-Footswitch-Functions-Guide.pdf
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    Scene modifications question

    It sounds like you performed steps 1-4 here. This list doesn't say how you need to switch scenes in step 4, right? Your result is opposite of that stated in step 5. This is what might confuse some users, and seems to be what Rubalup encountered. The manual is unclear that the scene selection...
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    Scene modifications question

    What happens if you try the manual's example with scene revert on, switching scenes in steps 3 & 4 with the front panel (nav buttons or knob A)? I don't think the manual is clear because it's using the phrase "scene changes" to refer to something that's "discarded" which apparently means the...
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    Scene modifications question

    I don't see the phrase "front panel" in the scene revert section but it does seem to use the term "scene changes" for block channel/bypass state changes there. Otherwise the sentence "With Scene Revert turned on, Scene changes are discarded as soon as you load a new Scene" doesn't make much...
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    Scene modifications question

    Are you using the "B" knob to make these changes? I'm not sure if that's what you meant by "changes made in the display". Edits using the B knob should remain while you're on the current preset, regardless of scene revert setting. If you were using footswitches set to bypass/channel functions...
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    Wish Multiplexer block: outputs

    Not really. I assume OP is looking for A/B/C/etc. type selector ability at the point where a signal branches to multiple chains. Controlling what a block outputs to particular rows in the next column (from within that block) doesn't really exist in the Axe-FX routing world.
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    Mute Out 1 or Out 2 via MIDI?

    Global volume CCs aren't lighting the edited LED here. I'd check whether the switch has another CC programmed, and look through the I/O: CTRL menu for anything else set to CC#12. The FX Loop block output is the signal from Axe Input 2, or the FXL block input if no cable connected at In 2. If...
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    Mute Out 1 or Out 2 via MIDI?

    I guess I'd follow the Eventide manual, after maybe checking how a TS 1/4" cable sounds. (The H8000 has combo XLR & 1/4" inputs, correct?) The edited LED lights up if a block's bypass state changes. That approach works fine but you could get the same result without the LED by controlling Out 2...
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    Mute Out 1 or Out 2 via MIDI?

    That routing is good for sending (pre-reverb) signal to Out 2. I think the humbuster 1/4" output design might cause unintended results (loud/distorted signal) if you connect to a balanced input with a TRS cable. I would see how a TS cable works first.
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    Mute Out 1 or Out 2 via MIDI?

    Make the switch toggle between CC values 0 & 127.
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    Help me sort this modifier problem

    The ADSRs don't change value linearly either. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/constant-rate-modifier-damping.147620/ The trouble then is that movement in the opposite direction becomes even less linear.
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    Closed Separate Amp Models for Output 1 and Output 2

    A stereo/dual delay could be used like separate mono delays for each signal. Most typical post-amp effects could be used this way except for reverb, which sums left & right to feed the reverb engine.
  93. B

    A Different Reamp Question...

    That's possible.
  94. B

    Synth block output level

    The red line on the output meters corresponds to about 10 dBu output level (and ~10 dB headroom) with output knob at maximum. I'd guess the synth was set to produce the stated "nominal output" of 4 dBu with one voice at 100% level, block level at 0 dB. (This is the Axe-FX II forum section BTW...
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    Odd Duck: Mission SP-2 Question

    Autoengage is per-modifier at the block/preset level. There's a global wah bypass parameter but that's not really usable with the SP2 in this kind of setup. The SP2 isn't sending any sort of signal that the FM3/Axe-FX can respond to when you switch to output 2; it just shorts output 1 to 100%...
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    Odd Duck: Mission SP-2 Question

    It needs to be set per block/preset. Block copy/paste in FM3-Edit might save a little time if you're generally using one wah setting in various presets.
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    Odd Duck: Mission SP-2 Question

    Access the modifier for the wah "control" parameter, select an autoengage option (this part may be done already) and set "off value" to 95%.
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