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    What is the sound of a stone

    mind boggling stuff!
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    funny preset names ?

    My main live distortion patch uses the marsha be sim so i named it Marsha Brady. When devising my marsha hbe patch it seemed an obvious choice to name it Marsha's Ballsack.
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    What's the word on version 11 firmware?

    Don't think Cliff is going to need to convince anyone to buy the new axe, nor is he trying IMO. If he says the new code sounds better I believe him. True, I have never been happier with my Ultra after this update, but I will relish the day I have an axeII or III for my studio needs. My Ultra...
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    What's the word on version 11 firmware?

    IMO that sim has always been weak as well as abrasive. Use the Orange Recto and Rock on.
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    Dream Theater Drummer documentary

    Whoop D.
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    Dream Theater Drummer documentary

    Word is they did pick Marco but he wouldn't commit. I'm pretty sure you'd rather him go ahead and do that album with Guthrie and Beller anyway..............right?
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    Your favorite Van Halen Tunes (DLR years)

    feel your love tonight women in love take your whiskey home mean streets secrets drop dead legs
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    Anyone read the latest Rolling Stone? EVH Content.

    +1 Well worded!!!
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    I hate it when ...

    Axe-fx Mega!!!!!!!
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    Favorite drive pedals for bass?

    Will be going into tweak mode in a few days. Will let you guys know about my progress. Thanx for replying.
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    Favorite drive pedals for bass?

    Whats everybody using for their Geddy Lee, Billy Sheehan, Karnivool, Tool, etc.? Got a new gig, need to start makin some patches. Thanx in advance. LK
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    super clean vox sound

    Crunky you the tone master. Awesome as always.
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    Koln Concert reverb?

    Try a hall reverb instead and pay close attention to your early reflections. As far as piano sound from a LP, i haven't a clue. Playing anything off of Koln is a bold undertaking, good luck and holla back.
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    Using Compression for metal (Bulb style)

    ^^^^^^^^^^ Brilliant post Widrace. Yet again we all say many thanks. You da man!!!
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    DIVINITY new video in GUITAR WORLD

    Its just a song guys......calm down. If someone wants to think what you guys are implying, whats wrong with that. Last i heard, in america we are allowed to express our opinions. The OP has already pointed out that there are more than just 911 references in the intro. That said, anyone who...
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    Tape Distortion - the misunderstood effect?

    Thanx for this tip DP. Saved for instant recall.
  17. L

    Then vs Now

    AGREED There is more great music in the world now than there ever has been. Theres just not alot of people who give a shit.
  18. L

    EMG X Series?

    re. the clip google "Animals as Leaders" Best album i've heard this year. Completely amazing album from front to back. Hypnotic and brutally melodic, Tosin redefines instrumental music. This is not self serving shred, but real honest to goodness music. Progressive, Heavy, and Beautiful. Can't...
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    EMG X Series?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKR0RJ7E8Bc Sound pretty good to me.
  20. L

    Then vs Now

    As technology progresses, so the music declines. Sorry but the last part of that article depressed me. I still listen to cd's, and if a band can't put out a great "album" then i don't give two shits about their little hit songs. And thats the way "I" like it. :evil:
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    Clark Kent: Lonestar

    Check the bypass settings in your cab block. I had this problem with AlbertA's patches. Hope this helps.
  22. L

    AxeFX Uber Model

    Look inside the Cab Sim to see what the bypass setting is set to. This was my problem with Alberts patches. Sorry i can't be more detailed, but i'm on vacation at the moment and away from my precious. also these patches really do Rock!!!!! Thanks Albert.
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    The AxeFx would not be the same without...

    Thanks Sean. Sincerely. :mrgreen:
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    trouble getting same delay as m13

    Great job on that delay Sean. I have so much to learn and some of ya'll really think outside the box. Do you think i could attach controllers to both time and regeneration in an effort to create some spaceship patches??
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    To pull the trigger or not? Should I sell my tube gear?

    You need to do some reading. There is no lower cost alternative for everything you get with this box, and theres no reason to think there ever will be. The axe is a product of pure genius and at the very least will allow you to get rid of every effects box you have ever known.
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    Lost my input led's on one side.....

    yeah man i could of swore they were both lighting up before. I musta been crazy. :mrgreen:
  27. L

    Lost my input led's on one side.....

    :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: What a flooptard i am for not noticing. Thanx guys.
  28. L

    Lost my input led's on one side.....

    does anyone have any ideas what could cause this? I know they are still operational cause i get the full light show when I power up. I've been using the front input since i've had my ultra and only recently have i noticed this. Its my right side led's that aren't lighting when i hit the guitar...
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    Cop'd a Lovepedal Eternity. Here's my settings

    Cool.........let me know if this comes close to the mojo. I love these settings but ive never owned a lovepedal. They sure are expensive pieces.
  30. L

    Cop'd a Lovepedal Eternity. Here's my settings

    has anyone else tried these settings....... Tis good stuff or what????
  31. L

    AxeFX Uber Model

    But i have an Ultra.........Should i shunt it anyway and see if that works?? Could it be something else??
  32. L

    AxeFX Uber Model

    Threw this patch in my ultra.....bypassed the cab sims and took it to practice. Was really looking forward to some heavy riffing before the guys got there. No sound. WTF? Took it back home and put in the editor...checked all blocks for levels and/or controllers. All appears to be good. Still no...
  33. L

    Here is a new Version of Dumble Sound

    Re: Here is a kind of Dumble Sound Dutch, I tried your patch through my rig without the cab sims, and i think it sounds fantastic. Great job. Its a little bit low gain for me, but it definately has that Carlton vibe.
  34. L

    Presets organized in banks of brands...

    Cool. Do you have to have the uno upgrade to do stomp switching on the behringer??
  35. L

    When building your live patches (For PA+Cab, not FRFR)

    #2 for me. I'm a selfish bastard and only care about what i hear though :mrgreen:
  36. L

    Auto wah

    The little Guyatone is a classic. Has anybody recreated that little piece in the axe yet??
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    Documenting my experience as an Ultra user with pics & video

    Re: Attempt to document (YouTube) my experience as an Ultra Cool. Looking forward to seeing those axe's.
  38. L

    I have found "my" secret Recto settings. yayz0rs!!1

    will let you know after thursday's rehearsal.
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    Technical questions on signal chain

    1. You can put anything in any combination that you would like. The results will be different for every choice you make. I prefer to stay traditional with my approach, while others here are blazing entirely new trails with the way they route effects. It can be as complicated or as simple as you...
  40. L

    Mastering with the axe!!!

    Thank you Widrace. Thats 2 more blocks than i would have thought of to use.
  41. L

    Yek's presets/recordings [10.03]

    Re: Yeks patches Congratulations Yek. YOu deserve it. Sadly I may never be where you currently reside. :mrgreen:
  42. L


    The irony of it is that was what i was trying to do. :oops:
  43. L


    For all new users using axe-edit. Be very careful with the preset manager. I was doing some work on my presets yesterday before rehearsal, after upgrading to 9.03. Axe edit went over almost twenty of the presets that i use all the time, thankfully. I went to save bank A at the end of what i was...
  44. L

    Mastering with the axe!!!

    You didn't come off like that at all. Thanx for the advice. Most of these old recordings are of the heavier nature, progressive rock oriented, lots of tracks, etc. For some reason, about 8 yrs ago i was obsessed with having as much bass in my music as possible, so getting rid of those subsonics...
  45. L

    Mastering with the axe!!!

    Great.........................Thanx fer your help guys :roll:
  46. L

    Patch Challenge: Two Rock Jet by IPPAZZI

    100% agreed........This boy can play. However I found his note for note treatment of SRV's Little Wing a bit disturbing. His tone is outstanding and he has all the tools to be a great player, but i don't think copying SRV is the right way to go. The world has already been cursed with Kenny...
  47. L

    Mastering with the axe!!!

    Greetings fellow digitalites. I would like to remaster some old recordings of mine and i'm going to use the ultra to do it. I thought it would be a good idea to drop in and get some suggestions on how to set up my patch. MBC and PEQ blocks are obvious choices but in what order?? I know Scott...
  48. L

    Organizing the grid and patches. Best practises

    :shock: Damn Yek...........How long did it take you to set all that up?? Controller wise that is..?
  49. L

    Playing Bass with Axe-Fx?

    How much did you get for them?? I have one i'm looking to sell, but have no idea what to ask for price.
  50. L

    Playing Bass with Axe-Fx?

    Did you sell your GSP-2101 DLM??
  51. L

    Alex Machacek & the Axe

    Check it out!! http://www.guitarplayer.com/ArtistVideo ... 8923627001 Floopin badass guitarist!!!!!!!
  52. L

    Acoustic sim.......mag pickups

    thanx for the reply steve. I've already searched and downloaded the patch and ir. Can't quite figure out how i'm supposed to get them in axe edit to load into my ultra. Kinda sux that i'm such a noob, and i have a gig on sunday i would really like to use it for. I'm trying to figure out as much...
  53. L

    Acoustic sim.......mag pickups

    Whose got it and how did ya get it??
  54. L

    MIDI controlled Amp Block knobs?

    Why in the hell would any of you guys want midi control over eq parameters in some of the greatest sounding amp simulations known to man. I will assume none of you are fathers. Perhaps you would like to experience a toddler sending midi cc messages to the tuning pegs on your favorite...
  55. L

    Spillover from patch to patch

    Just buy another axe and A/B switch between the two of em'. Problem solved :mrgreen:
  56. L


    http://axefxwiki.guitarlogic.org/index. ... etal_tones I'm renaming it the 40/22 paradigm.
  57. L


    Floop Yes My friend!!!!!!! This is the greatest invention of................ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With Cliff's little filter/envelope trick I am currently in Mark IV heaven. Can't get a sip of beer in edgewise. This thing just blooms into the room. Shimmers when you back...
  58. L


    Hooked up my Ultra to axe edit today and everyamp sounds friggin awesome now. I have been smiling from ear to ear for an hour going through presets and amp models. Now i can't make the thing sound bad. What could possibly be the reason for this? I am a noob when it comes to this kind of stuff...
  59. L

    the flubby flub blues

    Hey guys thanx for all the tips. Am working with the PEQ and Cliffs filter tip. I'll let you guys know how my search for incredible high gain is going as i go. I just got my axe talking to my computer and axe edit is extremely floopin cool i must say. I'm gonna try to wrap my head around this...
  60. L

    the flubby flub blues

    Well its been a couple weeks since my ultra arrived and i have been thrilled to death with the clean sound i have achieved. I honestly can't tell the difference between my preset and EJ's ACL clean tone!!! Floopin ridiculous! So it goes without saying i've already got my 2 grand worth [figure in...
  61. L

    A big hello & a stupid ??

    thank you sir.
  62. L

    A big hello & a stupid ??

    Whats up fellow Axe disciples. I've been lurking here for quite awhile, doing my homework before i made the plunge. I must say this is one of the coolest forums on the net. I've learned quite a bit from Scott, Jay, Java, Yek......the list goes on. I've actually never owned a tube amp, though...
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