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  1. sundance_kiddsg

    NGD - well, sort of

    Eddie’s passing last October spurred me to start another Frankenstrat project. I did a 79 non-Floyd version about a decade ago which I never really took to. Am still waiting for my body and neck from Warmoth so decided to test my replication skills on a cheap set first. Had hoped to finish the...
  2. sundance_kiddsg

    wow...(pat martino content)

    being only a cursory fan of jazz, i have only one album by pat martino (el hombre) and have only listened to it a couple of times. but recently i chanced upon the following two videos which had me downloading them into my iphone and watching them over and over again. all i can say is i will soon...
  3. sundance_kiddsg

    so matt got a little mention....

    sorry if this has been posted..
  4. sundance_kiddsg

    well it only took me 26 years...

    to shed that "i'm not worthy" feeling. don't get me wrong, i'm no closer to being able to play like him than 27 years ago (sadly) became aware of steve morse in 89 and ever since i saw his music man on the oct 89 issue of guitar player magazine, i have always pined for one but never felt i...
  5. sundance_kiddsg

    ngd: old wolfgang

    came into some unexpected money and thought i'd buy myself a belated birthday present. had wanted to get a evh wolfgang special but when this came into my sight for less money, i knew the 97 usa peavey was a no brainer when compared the chinese evh. so here's my new toy: thanks for looking
  6. sundance_kiddsg

    electric piano tones from ehx

    this looks and sounds interesting...
  7. sundance_kiddsg

    advice needed for 2 volume 1 tone on 3 pickup guitar

    hi all, i'm hopeless at understanding wiring diagrams and as such simply follow the wiring diagrams to the t. i'm thinking of re-wiring my ibanez at10p (the low end andy timmons) to get 2 volumes (1 for the neck+middle and 1 for the bridge) and 1 master tone. on searching the intrawebs, i...
  8. sundance_kiddsg

    can't decide between jackson and ibanez

    am looking to get an inexpensive superstrat. was ready to spring for a jackson adrian smith sdx when i realised that ibanez had recently released a cheaper version of satriani's 24-fret signature: js140. have been a big fan of joe for many years now so the js140 is very enticing despite the...
  9. sundance_kiddsg

    so where are these kids taking lessons from?

    was looking for youtube vids to pick up some nuno stuff and same across this.. am impressed that she made it looked so effortless..
  10. sundance_kiddsg


    was surprised that my better half allowed this.. i guess a midnight airport pickup favor has its benefits. never really an acoustic player even though i started out on one. but the martin d18 is a nice way of getting back into the unplugged world. the setup is immaculate, no fret buzz at all...
  11. sundance_kiddsg

    time waits for no man i guess

    over the weekend, i had my 6-year old princess in my car when “i want to hold your hand” came on my mp3 player. as she was singing along with the song, my wife commented that my daughter was into oldies. it then dawned on me that songs by the fab four are considered oldies to me too...
  12. sundance_kiddsg

    diy mfc101 labels

    having suffered a fairly painful paper cut on my left index putting me out of commission guitar-wise, decided to work on something i have been meaning to for some time now. - printed switch names on glossy label paper and stuck it onto a magnetic sheet; - pin marked to guide hole punch; -...
  13. sundance_kiddsg

    who here loves their jobs?

    the responses to fabio's thread on being self-employed got me thinking. i am always envious of friends or people i know who are making a living out of doing things they love or have genuine interest in. personally i don't particularly fancy my job. the only thing that drags me out of bed is...
  14. sundance_kiddsg

    momentary scare when axe fx screen went blank during usb recording

    not sure if this post goes here... i was doing some recording via usb when all of a sudden, the recording software popped up a window indicating that there was something wrong with the device. i looked up to see my axe fx front panel displaying just a green screen with the output 1 clip light...
  15. sundance_kiddsg

    anyone here don't keep their modeling mode at "authentic"

    and if you do, what sort of amps do you deviate from it (clean or mid gain or hi gain)? just curious if this feature is used much.
  16. sundance_kiddsg

    i luv this woman!

  17. sundance_kiddsg


    well, it's been a bank breaking month... the rasmus is about two years late; and an even odder acquisition at this point in time when guthrie is no longer with suhr.. wasn't really expecting to get it as i have never considered getting a rasmus if i can't spring for a suhr (much like the...
  18. sundance_kiddsg

    nice tones and playing..

    didn't see this video shared, so:
  19. sundance_kiddsg

    i'm being shut out from my favorite website!

    since yesterday i have been unable to access the fas website/forum through my wireless router on all my devices suddenly... i have flushed my dns, reset my router, turned off and on my modem and router but nothing works pinging the website shows either 100% loss or timeouts. i can only gain...
  20. sundance_kiddsg

    ngd: charvel wild card #7

    just couldn't resist the lure, especially knowing that these japanese charvels are a thing of the past (or so i heard) whilst the neck seymour duncan stk t1 sounded great, the jb in the bridge was a tad too high output for me, making it rather harsh sounding. moreover, the volume difference...
  21. sundance_kiddsg

    our good friend larry with fw13

    didn't see this video shared very tasteful playing and tones, as usual.:encouragement: sorry if posted before.
  22. sundance_kiddsg

    this is my guitar holy land

    hope to make my pilgrimage one of these days
  23. sundance_kiddsg

    ngd - merry christmas to me

    a little present for myself, the at10p from ibanez and a newly built storage shelf my carpenter assured me the shelf is sturdy enough...i sure do hope he is right!
  24. sundance_kiddsg

    my infatuation with expression pedals started with this video

    steve describes what each one does starting around 5:32. clip was from his dci video circa 1991
  25. sundance_kiddsg

    the cameron ccv is a nice amp

    this one was never on my radar as i tend to lean towards fenders and marshalls when dialing up amp tones. happened to chance upon this old video and decided to give it a whirl. i really like the dynamics on this one. although, not sure why pete's amp sounded more gainy than what i can get...
  26. sundance_kiddsg

    ndg: cij tl71

    some weeks ago, i saw this in a store window and since then, each time i see it, it seemed to be beckoning me towards it. i finally yielded to the siren's song and here she is. i am so going to be in trouble if the missus ever finds out i've gotten another guitar in a span of six months..
  27. sundance_kiddsg

    What's your fx chain like?

    just curious to see if you guys have a standard signal chain you tend to base your patches on. now that axe edit is back in business, was wondering if you guys care to display your grid layout for others (and i) to draw inspiration from. mine's pretty basic run of the mill stuff, the only...
  28. sundance_kiddsg

    switching presets glitchy when axe edit on

    when i rotate the value knob to switch presets while connected to the pc with the axe edit open, i keep getting glitches (sound dropouts) sometimes the front panel will go into edit mode on its own. all's okay if i exit the axe edit. same thing if i switch presets via the mfc101. is this normal?
  29. sundance_kiddsg

    so i've been staring at this woman for like an hour...

    Emily Remler Bebop and Swing Guitar - YouTube nice to re-acquaint myself with tasteful playing again... awesome artist, a great loss to the jazz world imho.
  30. sundance_kiddsg

    my intro to steve morse

    really glad someone posted this video. it was included in some guitar documentary i happened to watch years ago. i was just starting to play the guitar and it was this very clip that introduced me to steve morse. i started searching for all the dixie dregs stuff and became a huge fan since...
  31. sundance_kiddsg

    my new pedalboard

    well, sort of... started making cutouts of my stompers some time ago to plan my pedalboard layout (i have too much time on my hands, i know) this helps me figure out what size board i need before i pop by the wood shop. just waiting for the tone freak to arrive before i set this up for real.
  32. sundance_kiddsg

    interesting find - eqs at zero on brit pre sounds pretty good

    after watching the recent joe bonamassa rig rundown video where his tech was describing how joe has one of his jcm2000 set to clean but with all eq knobs set to zero except the mid at 2, i tried the following on the brit-pre amp: - dime the drive knob; - set all eqs including presence and...
  33. sundance_kiddsg

    3-pin midi sufficient for fw updates?

    i had a custom panel done ala vafam. noted that the 5-pin midi connector has only pins 2,3,4 wired. i read that the axe fx/mfc101 needs all 5 pins for the tuner and tempo functions to work. as i use the cat5 cable to connect my mfc and the midi connector will only be used for mfc firmware...
  34. sundance_kiddsg

    knobs on eq tab of drive block not responsive to value dial

    not sure if it is just my unit. when i tried modifying the eq of my drive block in the "eq" tab, i notice that the parameters don't respond properly with the value dial.
  35. sundance_kiddsg

    anyone else had their mfc acting this way?

    my mfc configuration has been working for me the last couple of months and suddenly the following happened. i was changing the various parameters of my fx chains and scenes when i suddenly realised that my IA assigned to the drive block indicated that the drive block was on (i.e. green light)...
  36. sundance_kiddsg


    seeing cobbler sharing his new toy, thought i'd do the same. needed to take my mind off the fw10 and ae tnp. got this little beauty over the easter weekend. it's a 2012 les paul traditional which i shamelessly dressed up to look closer to another les paul i can't afford.. this is my first...
  37. sundance_kiddsg

    axe fx 2 with new dsl40c

    i recently got myself the relatively new marshall dsl40c cos i've always loved the dsl50 head i have but needed something a little more compact. just for shits and giggles, i plugged my axe fx 2 into the dsl's fx return (with the axe fx power amp and cab off) and really liked the tone i am...
  38. sundance_kiddsg

    how is your mfc101 currently set up?

    with scenes now being available, i haven't got my head round how i should best optimize my mfc101. just curious how you guys are setting up the switches on your mfcs? mine: 1 to 3 - presets 4 - drive on/off 5 - flanger on/off (for the evh moment) 6 - compressor on/off 7 - phaser on/off...
  39. sundance_kiddsg

    the mfc101 is amazing

    finally gave up the struggle and got myself the mfc101, in anticipation of controlling scenes in the (hopefully soon) fw9. thought i had the bases pretty much covered with my ground control pro but having just set up the mfc101 (thanks to katsukuri's well laid out video instructions), i now...
  40. sundance_kiddsg

    how do i clear the user IR slots completely?

    apologies if this has been answered by i couldn't find any from my search. i tried some of ownhammer free IRs. i then decided to remove these via axe-manage in axe-edit. when i select the IR in the user slot, right click and select delete, the "Cab in Axe Fx II" name retains the original...
  41. sundance_kiddsg

    are certain amp models meant to have low volume levels?

    i was always under the impression that double pressing the bypass button will reset the amp parameters to their baseline default settings. when i did this with the new deluxe tweed model, the volume level is very low compared with other clean models (deluxe verb, double verb, etc) the master...
  42. sundance_kiddsg

    there're simply no compromises with this thing..

    after reading the posts on advance amp parameters, i recently started trying out making adjustments to the master, comp, speakers, dynamics, input trim, sat, sag, xformer parameters and man, i'm really stoked with the effects i'm getting. the effect on the player's feedback has to be felt to be...
  43. sundance_kiddsg

    advice needed: anyone else getting pops when engaging their drive blocks?

    i started using the drive block with my clean amp block (eg running a zendrive into a double verb) and notice a loud pop whenever the drive block is engaged. the noise is not apparent when running the drive block into overdriven amp blocks (eg no popping when running into an overdriven...
  44. sundance_kiddsg

    zipper noise won't go away

    hi all, i currently have a voodoo lab ground control pro as a foot controller and have two ernie ball volume pedals for expressions (one set for delay input gain and the other for wah). recently i plugged in my strat and noted that the expression pedals were sending a squeaking noise through...
  45. sundance_kiddsg

    Using IA switch to change tempo

    hi all, could not find anything from the search function on what i am trying to achieve. i am currently using the ground control pro with one button assigned as a tempo bpm tap switch. i am trying to find a way to change the tempo setting from quarter notes to dotted eights with another IA...
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