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    Dream Theater - The Astonishing

    Agreed. Also love the smooth lead tone in A Savior In the Square, and the lead in The Rload to Revolution.
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    Dream Theater - The Astonishing

    So far I'm really enjoying this album, and I'm excited to see them live in February. The thing I'm concerned about is LaBrie having such a big role. I think he's doing a great job on the album, but he often struggles live and I'm afraid his performance won't be satisfactory this time either. I...
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    Patch for nylon string guitar

    Yeah I remember some of those threads several years ago, but any patches made then won't be compatible with the new hardware / firmware. But I guess I can get some tips in those threads anyway. Thanks for your input, I'll mess around with the Tube Preamp and some comp. I might be better off just...
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    Patch for nylon string guitar

    I have a pretty cheap classical guitar with nylon strings and crappy pickups. It doesn't sound any good straight in, so maybe an amp and cab sim and some effects and EQ will help, but I have no idea where to start. Does anyone have a patch made for nylon strings that I could take a look at? Thanks.
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    G3 Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ John Petrucci:s tone clips where are those?

    Created a simple patch today, think it sounds pretty good isolated but havent tried in a mix yet. Could use a bit more tweaking on the low end. Let me know what you think.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Haven't used my Axe-Fx in a long time, and not been here either. Been tired of never getting the tone I want. Yesterday I saw this FW updated and installed it. And BAAAAM ZOMFG NOW IT REALLY HAS BALLS!!
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    We need beta-testers (musicians) for our collaborative jamming-app (iOS)!

    An example of a jam can be found here: Example jam In total, there can be five tracks in a jam. Jams can start on the same base-track, and take multiple different directions.
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    We need beta-testers (musicians) for our collaborative jamming-app (iOS)!

    We are in the final stages of creating an iOS (iPhone) app that allows the users to record themselves (audio/video) on top of other users' recordings. Would be great if some Axe-FX users would like to give it a try. If you have an iRig you can use that for recording direct, otherwise you can use...
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    Playback volume drop after FW18

    Read the notes too quickly, didn't see it, sorry. Thanks for clarifying!
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    Playback volume drop after FW18

    I just installed FW18 on my Axe-Fx II, which I also use as main soundcard on my computer. I usually have the output 1 level at around 9:00. There is no volume difference when monitoring, but playback a recording or any audio file is dead silent, I have to set the output level knob to at least...
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    Working on an app - struggle with mixing audio sources together

    I'm working on an iPhone app where you can record layers of audio and performing some basic operations like panning and volume adjustment before mixing them together. I'm having problems with maintaining good quality when doing this. When I mix two different sources together it sounds OK, but as...
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    Dream Theater - About To Crash (Reprise) Cover

    Thanks! I tried to set the original low enough drown out the guitar track and still loud enough to hear the other instruments, but it's hard to find the perfect spot ;) I didn't use a TM-block, I started dialing by ear, then I did a tone match with Ozon 5. It showed a few prominent freqs that...
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    Dream Theater - About To Crash (Reprise) Cover

    Thanks guys! I used a JP6. Here is the patch: Axe-Change - Download Preset - USA Lead - by asolberg
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    Dream Theater - About To Crash (Reprise) Cover

    My attempt on this awesome song. Let me know what you think :)
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    Syncing audio and video

    Thanks! I had my brother look into it as he is more experienced with video editing and he managed to get it in sync. He used Premiere Pro so I guess I should look for something else than iMovie next time... :)
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    Syncing audio and video

    I'm doing a youtube cover and recorded the audio into cubase while capturing video with my iPone 5. I loaded the files into iMovie and messed around until I found the correct spot for sync. When I play it from the beginning it's in sync, but as it plays the audio moves very slowly out of sync...
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    Shred Cat Fight :P ... really really funny :P

    I just found this on the front page of one of the biggest newspapers in Norway. Figured I'd seen you before and this confirms it. Brilliant :)
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    Axe Boogie Mark IV ROARS!!!

    Sounds awesome!
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    The best of times solo by Amit Zangi

    Cool, based on my own preset :) thanks for sharing
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    The best of times solo by Amit Zangi

    Sounds great, mind sharing the patch?
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    NEW MIXTEST - fw13.02

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    My Heavy Pre-Set (MARK llC+ BRT)

    Sounds great, was recorded with mic or direct?
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    John Petrucci is giving away an extra Axe-Fx II!

    Whoever gets it, please post the patches to axechange :D
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    Chef's Pull Me Under

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    Chef's Pull Me Under

    Sounds great! I can't find the patch, was it removed? Patch for FW12 would be awesome!
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    The Enemy Inside Dream Theater Patch

    Didn't find the preset either, so I tried to get a smiliar sound to the original: I don't have a 7-string so I had to cheat with my 6-string. Added the patch if anyones interested.
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    Double vs Quad tracked

    Totally agree about the 2 tracks sounding too thin. And I do play at fairly low levels since I'm at home. So maybe that's the reason the original sounds more massive, because he plays at intense high volume?
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    Double vs Quad tracked

    And yeah, volume is obviously a difference here, I was just too lazy to adjust when I muted the other two tracks :) But still, I think the massiveness of the guitar in the original is better reproduced in the quad-version than the double-version..
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    Double vs Quad tracked

    But is the original clip really only double tracked? It doesn't sound like it. When splitting the original track to mono tracks and listening to the either one of them, it doesn't sound like a single track. I guess if it was panned only partly left/right they would bleed into eachother, but to...
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    Double vs Quad tracked

    https://soundcloud.com/asolberg/pull-me-under-tone-test First one is the original. In the second part I recordered the same four times, two panned 80% left/right and two panned 100% left/right. The third part is the two takes 100% left/right. Imho, the quad track sounds much closer...
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    One string missing, bad for the guitar?

    This if from music-man.com When I said "turn" this was the definition I had in mind.
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    One string missing, bad for the guitar?

    Thanks for your input. One turn at the truss rod seemed to fix the problem. It's tuned in E standard so I don't know why I said C-string, it was the B-string that was missing. As I have only one guitar, I have been changing both gauge and tuning from time to time over the years. But 95% of...
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    One string missing, bad for the guitar?

    Will try that, thanks
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    One string missing, bad for the guitar?

    I have a MusicMan JP6, it's about 5 years old. A couple of weeks ago a string snapped while I was playing at home. I didn't have time to change strings and I left the guitar it in the case. I meant to change it the next day, but I had a lot of stuff to do so it ended up lying in the case with...
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    New Dream Theater Album is Up For Streaming.

    Awesome!! I think this is by far their best album since Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence. Epic opening track!
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    Mesa Boogie Mark IV / IIC+ tones

    https://soundcloud.com/asolberg/temp-mark-iv-comparison Ok, I did a short recording to see if anyone can hear what I'm talking about. First part is Petruccis isolated guitar track from Fatal Tragedy in mono, then I play the same. This is the patch: AMP: Usa Lead Brt + Drive 7 Bass 1 Mid 3...
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    Mesa Boogie Mark IV / IIC+ tones

    I've listened to some more clips of the real ones, only this time I've been looking for clips close miced with SM57s or similar. I find these clips sound a lot more like the tone I get, which makes sense since that's the same signal chain I'm simulating. So I think the Axe is much closer the...
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    Mesa Boogie Mark IV / IIC+ tones

    I'm using the PEQ block after the amp to simulate the V-shape. I've experimented a lot with different drive and input trim settings. I've tried all the different mesa sims and a bunch of different cabs. I'm using EB JP6 with crunch lab and liquifire pickups. I don't know the wood etc... Haven't...
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    Mesa Boogie Mark IV / IIC+ tones

    I'm struggling to get the tone I want. The low end doesn't feel right at all. I'm aiming for what I'm hearing in this clip of the real amps: I'm not getting even close to that feel in the low end. With settings like Bass 0-2, mid 4-5, treb 6-7, drive 7, master 3 etc I still always feel...
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    Fw10.02 Progressive-Aggressive riffing (KsE-Periphery-Loomis-Electronic)

    Awesome riff! And I dig the lead tone too!
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    Progressive Metal - Firmware V10 - 7 String

    Sounds awesome! Would you mind sharing the patch(es)? :)
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    Patches from a certain muscly, bearded guitar player

    http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/63202-version-10-00-stuff.html Cliff, any chance these will be available on Axe-Change soon?
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    V10 Firmware

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    Jamming - Take 2

    I like this tone. Which amp sim?
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    Admin M@'s new avatar

    Countdown from 10 to 10?
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    JAMMIT. .........Any good ? Any users ?

    I have purchased a bunch of DT-tracks. Has anyone else noticed a kind of sizzling noise on the iso tracks? Also on some songs and I can't hear the bass track at all. Is this just because it isn't mastered?
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    The Best of Times Solo Cover

    Thanks guys!! :D
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    The Best of Times Solo Cover

    Thanks for all the compliments guys! :) Here is my patch (FW 8.0): Axe-Change - Download Preset - Best of Times Lead - by asolberg I tried to get as close as possible without tone match, and then did a tone match with the original solo track. I think it's harder to get good results when...
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    The Best of Times Solo Cover

    I've covered the song before with my Standard, but I really love this solo and I figured I'd do a new take with the MK II.
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    Scenes From a Memory Tone Match - Fatal Tragedy Cover

    Here's the patch (FW 8.00)
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    Scenes From a Memory Tone Match - Fatal Tragedy Cover

    Thanks guys! I can share the patch later today, but FYI I'm still on FW 8.
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    Scenes From a Memory Tone Match - Fatal Tragedy Cover

    I used Jammit for tone matching and for the backing track. I skipped the solo part in order to not completely ruin the song... :) Let me know what you think.
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    Triple tracking?

    Cool, thanks. Makes it harder to do a good tone match tho!
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    Triple tracking?

    For metal rhythm tracks, I guess double tracking and some times quad tracking is the most standard way to do it. But listening to some of the songs on Scenes From a Memory using Jammit (where you can isolated the tracks), it definitely sounds like Petrucci has three takes on the rhythm. Two...
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    Version 10.00 Stuff

    This is too exciting!!!
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    Octavarium ending solo

    I was working on a tone match of Petrucci's lead tone on BC&SL, but I ended up doing a quick take of this one instead :) https://soundcloud.com/asolberg/octavarium Not perfect but it'll have to do since it's the middle of the night here and I have to go to work in a few hours... Let me...
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    Mesa Mark IV - Still Hurts

    Låter konge!
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    Skyfall - Original Music Progressive Metal

    Cool! Sounds more like an Ultra though...;)
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    Unreal Firm 9 Ac 30 tone ....

    Sounds great!
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    Can you distinguish fractal and mesa/boogie? try it! :)

    Awesome! Could you please share the patch?
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    Louder mix

    Thanks a lot for your input!
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    Louder mix

    When I have a backing track and I want to record something, I always tweak the Axe II until I'm happy with the tone and hit record. When I'm done, I never do any post processing. The only thing I do afterwards is to lower the levels until the clip warning is gone. This way my recordings always...
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    Dream Theater - Pull Me Under (clean) FW8.0

    I'm on FW8 as well...
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    Dream Theater - Pull Me Under (clean) FW8.0

    That is awesome, your recording sounds great, but I have problems with the patch. It sounds like this: http://soundcloud.com/asolberg/pull-me-under-corrupt There's no clipping in Axe-Fx or cubase on recording and playback. Anyone know what's wrong?
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    Lost Not Forgotten

    I'm very aware of what he's using, I've tried to replicate his tone forever, but I still can't get the Mark sims to sound that great yet. I've just started to experiment with other models and they are working out much better for me at the moment, they feel much more powerful. And with the tone...
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    Lost Not Forgotten

    Here's the patch. I noticed I had Saturation on. Turned it off and it sounds much better :)
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    Lost Not Forgotten

    I used the PVH6160 with drive at 5.5 and master at 3.7. I didn't use a drive pedal, but I put a multi-band compressor in as the first block. I have never used compressor on high gain patches before and I was just experimenting with it and kinda liked it. That's what causing too much gain I...
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    Lost Not Forgotten

    Figured I'd start learning this awesome song today. It's way too hard for me though, just barely learned the "easy" part so far... Still working on the tone, but I think I'm in the right direction. Let me know what you think!
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    This is why I love FAS Modern

    Sounds great!
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    Just got my 2

    WHOWHOWHOWHOWHOWHO!!!!!!! Just unboxed it plugged in my guitar, I've only tried 3 different stock presets AND OH MY GOD I'M IN HEAVEN!!! This is really bad news for my girlfriend who will not in any way get any attention from me what so ever this weekend. I'm not even sure I'll be able to...
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    Horde of Sirens (progressive/tech metal)

    Not my kind of music, but that tone is really awesome. Would love to see a patch.
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    Out Drink The Robot - aka the "hammer on with Vh4 sim" tune

    Scheduled Delivery: Friday, 31.08.2012, By End of Day Meaning you have two days to share that patch...just kidding (partially). Awesome tone!
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    AUDIO: My Hero (Cover) - Foo Fighters - Sean & Mike Ashe

    Wow that was awesome, really great tone! How is your setup, did you record direct?
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    Mark IV / V Graphic EQ

    The Mesa EQ is after the pre amp but before the power amp section, correct? If we use a PEQ to replicate the exact bands and Q values and place it after the amp block, should it basically do the same thing as the real thing or should we expect a big difference in the sound?
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    New tune. :)

    Yes, shame on you for not sharing your music for a long time! So amazing and smooth playing, really enjoyed it :)
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    4x12 Stiletto vs Rectifier

    But since the Axe-Fx Cali cab is based on the Stiletto, I would expect to hear about the same differences between Cali and Recto, but in some ways it's more the opposite. I might be wrong though, I haven't used the Recto cabs for some time now, but what I remember is that I got a smoother and...
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    4x12 Stiletto vs Rectifier

    Video shows an A/B comparison between the two cabinets. I'm a little surprised because to me it sounds like the Stiletto has more lower mids, less highs and sounds fuller, while the Rectifier has more high end and sounds thinner. This is pretty much the opposite of what I hear with the Recto vs...
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    New demo songs, not really djenty (all ULTRA+SD2.0)

    Sounds great, awesome tone! Would you mind sharing the patch?
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    Spiky highs

    I use a Music Man JP6 with crunch lab and liquifire pickups (I changed from D-sonic / Air Norton a couple of months ago). You might be right about adjusting the poles or pickup height etc, I'll have to consider that. I use Jazz III picks. I think the strings are earnie ball regular slinky...
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    Spiky highs

    This only applies when recording through spdif right? I use line outputs.
  81. T

    Spiky highs

    I really don't think the treble is too high. If i go any lower, if i go any lower on the treble it would sound way too dark overall. And still the high strings sound too thin anyway. I've found that the trick for leads is to boost around 1k and cut around 2k. It gives a more round and fluid feel...
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    Spiky highs

    I'm sitting right In front of my krk rokit 6's. It's also very noticable with my dt770 headphones.
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    Spiky highs

    I've had this spiky high freq issue for a long time now. Especially the high E and B string sound so thin and spiky nomatter what I do with the patch. It's a general problem that occurs on all patches. It may be more prominent with certain cabs and EQing but it's always there no matter what I...
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    On The Backs of Angels (again)

    http://soundcloud.com/asolberg/on-the-backs-of-angels Been planning to do a full youtube cover for some time, but I always end up tweaking...I'm pretty happy with the tone now, but it sounds a little to dark and seems to drown in the mix some places, especially at the ending riff. Also...
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    IR Capture MESA Roadking 4x12 Black Shadows C90 & V30 AND ENGL2x12 V30

    No worries man! If you do find some time to look into it I would really appreciate it! :)
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    YT: Axe-Fx Mesa for Metal Shootout!

    I can't pick, I think they all sound great. Will we get to try the patches any time soon? :)
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    IR Capture MESA Roadking 4x12 Black Shadows C90 & V30 AND ENGL2x12 V30

    Would you mind sharing the IRs you used in this thread as well : http://forum.fractalaudio.com/user-cabs-irs/51540-ir-capture-mesa-roadking-ii-4x12-openback-2xblack-shadows-c90s-2xv30s.html#post664300 The first two clips sound totally killer!!
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    Outboard amp with Axe-Fx Standard

    Bump, sry
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    Mark V Amp Match - All Channels & Modes

    Page 4 and still no clips, come on guys!
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