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  1. heanjurrera

    A Fair Judgement [Opeth cover]

    Hey all! This was the first ever Opeth song I managed to get into, and it's still one of my favourites. I pretty much wanted to record this just so I could try my own take on the middle, clean section, which is fantastic. The outro also proved tons of fun to get right, it's disgustingly heavy...
  2. heanjurrera

    Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase. cover

    Cheers! While I really love HCE, I can't say I could ever get into the Raven. Grace for Drowning is still my favourite of his solo albums.
  3. heanjurrera

    Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase. cover

    Cheers! Honestly, I had this patch laying around when I got my Nailbombs and I liked it so much it just stuck haha. I've tried the Bad Kitty before and I liked it for very nasty, sludgy sounds (think Baroness) but I've never managed to get a SW-like tone unfortunately. Any tips would he...
  4. heanjurrera

    Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase. cover

    Hey all! I've been meaning to try recording a quick cover of this song since I acquired a bunch of gear through the last couple of years that needed a proper test drive. So far so good! Recording vocals in my apartment is a bit tricky though. So lots of EQing had to be done. Still, I guess I...
  5. heanjurrera

    Not your average guitar-based music

    This is quite refreshing. Pretty chill, and great sounds overall! Followed to listen to the rest of the album.
  6. heanjurrera

    Steven Wilson-ish ambient/rocky thing [Arturia synths +AC30 + Citrus A30 + Euro Blue]

    Hey all! Here's another demo track from what was to be an EP of sorts that I ended up scrapping due to lack of proper direction. The purpose behind this track was mostly trying out some Arturia synths I got a few months ago... as well as finally updating my Fractal firmware haha. Used my Tele...
  7. heanjurrera

    Moody ambient-driven bit featuring a Tele + AC30TB combo

    Hey all! Some small clip from the vault here, it's an old idea I still enjoy quite a bit and feel like coming back to develop at some point. Some slide guitar in there as well. And tremolo everywhere. Can't say what firmware I was using at this point unfortunately.
  8. heanjurrera

    Indie/rock-ish radio session with Axe-Fx 2

    Digging this a lot! I love hearing stuff like this coming out of Fractal gear. Any general insights on your setup/patches you wouldn't mind sharing?
  9. heanjurrera

    [Tele + Euro Blue Modern] Berserk 2016 opening cover

    Hello! This is an instrumental cover of 9mm Parabellum Bullet's Inferno, which as you may or not know, served as the opening song to the 2016 Berserk anime adaptation. This song was by far my favourite thing related to this show, and I figured I'd share my jab at it since it's been awhile since...
  10. heanjurrera

    FW 19.00 AC30TB - Big chords + tele

    Hey guys! So I finally got myself a bass guitar and decided to update to firmware 19 from firmware 13. Yeah. As per usual my tones got a bit busted, and now with limited gear (no monitors, just headphones), I took upon the task of fixing them. Along the way I came up with some progression I...
  11. heanjurrera

    [Tele + AC30TB quirky alt rock] Topiaries

    Hey, cheers! Yes, guitars and bass are AxeFX and then there's lots of synths in there.
  12. heanjurrera

    [Tele + AC30TB quirky alt rock] Topiaries

    Hey! This is another song from my current ongoing project. This one quite different to the previous one I posted. Tried to go for a quirky, fun vibe for this one. Also, it's bass driven! Used my Tele with the Ac30TB model for pretty much everything and one of the Orange amps. Can't recall...
  13. heanjurrera

    Emotional, Ambient (Almost Soundtrack-like) DUMBLE Clean Sound

    Digging this! I need to try that amp out ASAP.
  14. heanjurrera

    [AC30TB jazzy vibe alt rock] The Fish of Mind, Word and Invention

    Cheers! Thanks man, hopefully I can manage to have a short EP out soon!
  15. heanjurrera

    [AC30TB jazzy vibe alt rock] The Fish of Mind, Word and Invention

    Been a while! Lots of stuff have happened since I posted something here. Anyway, this is a little something from my new project which is slowly coming along. Most of what you hear guitar wise is my regular Tele through the AC30TB, which is pretty much my favourite amp. To complement that...
  16. heanjurrera

    AC30TB - Too harsh?

    Cheers! Do you have any examples of what kind of sound you'd dial up on the TB model, for additional reference?
  17. heanjurrera

    AC30TB - Too harsh?

    Thanks for your responses everyone. I'm using the 2x12 Brit with a R121 paired with the 2x12 Boutique with a U87. These are the settings I'm using at the moment: Drive: 2.90 Bass: 4 Mid: 5 (Fat mode on) Treb: 5 (Bright mode on) Comp: 96.4% Master: 10 The rest as far as I'm aware is default...
  18. heanjurrera

    AC30TB - Too harsh?

    So I finally got to fix my Tele and I started to work on new tones right away, for use on my upcoming EP. It was cool to realise that it sits great in the mix pretty much dry, though upon further listen I noticed that it miiiight be a little bit too harsh, specially while listening on Apple...
  19. heanjurrera

    Small excerpt

    Awesome, I'm digging the overall sound and those vocals are really badass!
  20. heanjurrera

    Hot Kitty filthy tone test

    Cheers everyone! :) Yeah I'm pretty happy with it just by doing this little test drive. Now I just need to restring my Tele and hear how they sound together! :D Man Baroness is so good, I specially love Yellow & Green. I'm playing this one in DGCFAD. Yeah I'm not particularly into quad...
  21. heanjurrera

    Hot Kitty filthy tone test

    So I noticed I've never tried the Hot Kitty amp before and given that am on a huge Baroness binge at the moment I thought I'd learn that kickass outro riff off Little Things for a little test drive. Came out alright I think! Used my PRS SE with stock pickups, quad-tracked for extra filth and...
  22. heanjurrera

    Double vs Quad tracked

    The double-tracked version sounds of course a bit tighter but really, both clips sound great and either route would work well in a mix IMO. :encouragement:
  23. heanjurrera

    FW11 5150 (Gojira - Esoteric Surgery)

    Damn, sounds scarily close to the real thing! Absolutely fantastic work! I need to get me some BKPs ASAP :D
  24. heanjurrera

    Vox AC30 TB Round 2! "Dem Cojones, Brother!"

    OH GOD. That sounds amazing. Can't wait to try out how the Vox amps sound on FW11. D':
  25. heanjurrera

    "Revive" - New "Jazz/Mathrock/Djent" (?) song (Stratocaster, sax, and a few others)

    I'm also one of those who tend to skip anything with Djent on its title, but this is amazing. Great sounds. Love the sax textures! Can't say I am a fan of how the "djenty" part sounds, but I like the riffs and so on. Great job man!
  26. heanjurrera

    FAS Modern Content - Prog Metal

    Nice, really good stuff!
  27. heanjurrera

    Ambient-ish, cinematic thing

    Well here's something a bit atypical, I think, to what's usually posted here. I used the Axe just for layering (the most noticeable I think being the arpeggiator in some parts) and bass. I haven't tried using the Axe as an interface for mic'ing acoustic guitars yet, so I just used my Podxt Live...
  28. heanjurrera

    Axe FX II: Steven Wilson rhythm tone (Progressive rock)

    Or the tone from No Twilight Within the Courts of the Sun out of Insurgentes. So ridiculously amazing and lots of dynamics :D
  29. heanjurrera

    Opeth - The Lotus Eater tone test [JVM + Recto Red]

    Cheers! Yeah I usually don't get good results with the Recto Red (or ANY Marshall model for that matter) but somehow it came out pretty good on this one. I'm adding the preset here if anyone is interested: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12418962/Watershhhhhd.syx Not sure if I did this...
  30. heanjurrera

    Opeth - The Lotus Eater tone test [JVM + Recto Red]

    I think they somewhat recently switched to Fractal yeah. Tbh I haven't had the chance to listen to them now that they're using the Axe, nor I've seen them live since the Watershed tour. :(
  31. heanjurrera

    Axe FX II: Steven Wilson rhythm tone (Progressive rock)

    Digging it! Sounds good to me, it would probably benefit from having just a liiittle bit less gain as his tone is somewhat crunchier, specially during the Shallow bit. Have you tried this in a mix already? And gotta love Deadwing. Such a great record.
  32. heanjurrera

    FW10.12 Vibrato Verb

    Beautiful tone!
  33. heanjurrera

    Opeth - The Lotus Eater tone test [JVM + Recto Red]

    I was in an Opeth mood and remembered how much I dig Watershed's production. I proceeded to read a bit about the production and started to work. Used the Brit JVM OD2 OR (iirc) along with the Recto Red Modern. Close enough! I love the Axe FX II, so much. Drums are Metal Foundry... some preset...
  34. heanjurrera

    FW11b: BKP Blackdog + SLO100 Rhythm Test - Cover of Jon Cody Davis Riff

    Sounds great, so smooth. I do agree on the presence bit though.
  35. heanjurrera

    Need more ears on this demo

    Cool song! I love the updated clip. The guitars sound way tighter to my ears now, specially during the chords at the beginning. The drums sound a tad weaker starting at about 0:50 though, I'm guessing it's the lack of cymbals from the previous section. Makes it sound emptier I think. Might be...
  36. heanjurrera

    Tele + Fryette + Fuzz [Garage-ish/Stoner-ish Rock I guess]

    Cheers! Sure thing man, here you go. I'll update the first post as well in case anyone else is interested. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12418962/Fryed%20%5Bsic%5D%20Burritos.syx The fuzz I used was an actual Big Muff Pi pedal but the Fuzz Pi model in the Drive Block should get you...
  37. heanjurrera

    Tele + Fryette + Fuzz [Garage-ish/Stoner-ish Rock I guess]

    Hey guys, a little update here. The song now has an actual title, a bit extra layering and arrangements and tweaked the fuzz a bit.
  38. heanjurrera

    Axe FX plays Symphonic Rock

    Wow, amazing performance!
  39. heanjurrera

    Tele + Fryette + Fuzz [Garage-ish/Stoner-ish Rock I guess]

    Huh? :shock wrong thread I think? Hehe
  40. heanjurrera

    Tele + Fryette + Fuzz [Garage-ish/Stoner-ish Rock I guess]

    Cheers, I'm glad you dig the song! :)
  41. heanjurrera

    Tele + Fryette + Fuzz [Garage-ish/Stoner-ish Rock I guess]

    UPDATED! A little something I'm cooking at the moment. It's meant to be a pretty straightforward, fun, easy to listen song while having an easygoing/garage/band jamming vibe. Thoughts on it? Tones, mix etc? Hope you guys dig! --- Here's the patch in case anyone is interested. I used an...
  42. heanjurrera

    Cacophony - Concerto

    Damn, now that's some really tight playing there; great work! Haha I hadn't listened to this song in such a long time. So good.
  43. heanjurrera

    Big riff tone test! (AC30 TB, Recto, Fuzz)

    Thanks, glad you dig! I really dig Baroness' work and I'm a big fan of that kind of organic, "band in a room" sound. Specially with lots of fuzz involved :D Next thing to do is to get the right drum sound haha.
  44. heanjurrera

    Old Song Re-recorded and Re-mixed. Ownhammer Mesa v32 IR. S2.0. FAS MODERN & TRILIAN

    Great playing man, I'm digging the song quite a lot! :) I love that chorus-y bit (first at around 40 secs or so, then at about 1:55), that chord progression is really tasty; it totally makes me think of Pink Floyd. Loving the end section greatly as well. Sick writing!
  45. heanjurrera

    Big riff tone test! (AC30 TB, Recto, Fuzz)

    Cheers! It's quite simple really; it goes from Gate - Drive (set to the fuzz of your liking) - Amp (which would be the euro red in this case, used as a "pedal"... I didn't really use it together with the fuzz though) - Amp (the AC30). It will definitely sound filthy, just keep really low gain in...
  46. heanjurrera

    Big riff tone test! (AC30 TB, Recto, Fuzz)

    So... I had some layering ideas, involving different kinds of Fuzz and a couple of amps; and this is the result thus far. Amps used: Recto Org Vintage (Cabs: OH's Recto v30 and 4x12 20w, Mics: R121, 67 cond respectively) Class-A 30w TB using the Euro Red as distortion "pedal", hah...
  47. heanjurrera

    Opposite [Biffy Clyro cover] - AC30

    Fixed! Thanks haha.
  48. heanjurrera

    Opposite [Biffy Clyro cover] - AC30

    So I put this together for a competition I missed the deadline for haha. It was fun though, and a good challenge (specially the part about mixing them vocal tracks). Used a PRS SE and the AC30 model through the Blue and Boutique cabs; and the SV Bass amp for bass. I'm quite happy with the tones...
  49. heanjurrera

    "OTHER THINGS" - my new EP out now for free! (instrumental/guitar/prog/metal/fusion)

    Absolutely amazing stuff! I specially love the first couple of tracks, they remind me a bit of Jaga Jazzist. While I really love the guitar tones, I'm also intrigued by the synths and the rest of the sounds/textures you used, mind sharing what are those? :) Great job man, would love to listen...
  50. heanjurrera

    Bogner Uberschall [Mark Tremonti-inspired]

    Damn, sick tone and really tight playing! Loving the song as well.
  51. heanjurrera

    Converge/Cult of Luna inspired thing (No djent, TMF)

    Cheers :) glad you like it! I don't think I've heard of Intronaut before, will give them a listen!
  52. heanjurrera

    Converge/Cult of Luna inspired thing (No djent, TMF)

    https://soundcloud.com/heanjurrera/icarus A bit of a long, somewhat sludgy song. Vocals included! Gear used: S2.0 (with the Metal Foundry) Axe Fx II (Orange amp with one or two of Ownhammer's Uberkab IR) Telecaster Big Muff Pi! Hope you guys dig :D
  53. heanjurrera

    Thrice - Burn the Fleet (Axe-FX II Mixtest, cover snippet)

    Glad you dig it man, and thanks will definitely look into those IRs! :)
  54. heanjurrera

    Thrice - Burn the Fleet (Axe-FX II Mixtest, cover snippet)

    Hey everyone, first post over here. Also, Axe Fx II newbie haha. I got my Axe a couple of weeks ago and I'm loving it so far, though I'm still trying to get the hang of it. Anyway, I love the guitar tone on Thrice's Burn The Fleet and decided to try and replicate it. I used the Brit 800 and the...
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