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    Importing presets from Axe-Fx II

    Hello - I just got my shipping notification for my FM3, and I’m hoping to be able to bring a few complicated presets over from my Axe FXII and use them with the FM3. I understand that I will need to do some tweaking but I’m just hoping to save some time and not have to build some of these from...
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    Volume drops off occasionally

    So I've had my unit for about 2.5 years, and through this time I have occasionally experienced volume drop offs of maybe 4 or 5 db's. It's not often, but I notice it maybe once or twice a month. I'll be playing for a while and all of a sudden I notice that the volume had reduced to the point...
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    Getting Petrucci's live 1992 tone

    I'd like to do Ytse Jam with my band, and would like to try to emulate JP's tone from the Music in Progress tour, as heard on Live at the Marquee and their Live in Japan video. Does anyone have a decent suggestion for a starting point? I'm using the EB/MM BFR 6 string along with FW 15.02...
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    I saw Ghost in Toronto the other night, both of the Nameless Ghouls were using Axe FX ii's straight into the board. No amps or cabs anywhere on stage. The sound was fantastic....rack up another win for Fractal!
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    QSC AP-5122m Monitor...Anyone use this?

    Hey, I'm trying to finish up my rig for small clubs, currently using AF2 straight into the PA with a crappy Behringer 12" powered monitor to accompany me onstage. Basically I need more power/headroom and would like to get away from the straight into PA thing at smaller gigs. I'd like to have...
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    Hum / Noise on factory presets?

    Just a question...I've had mine for a couple of months now, have been very busy and haven't really messed around with it too much. I notice that almost any factory patch with even moderate gain is incredibly noisy. I'm getting lots of background noise, hum almost like the guitar is unplugged...
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