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  1. Fenris

    Graveyard Disciples Solo (Black Label Society Cover)

    Hi guys, I recorded this solo yesterday. I wanted to test my XVive by recording something, and well, I always enjoyed this solo so... why not? It has been recorded with Firmware Ares v1.03 and Brit AFS100 1.
  2. Fenris

    Street Fighter 2 - Ryu Stage

    Hi guys... I wanted to do a small experiment. I recorded this song more than 10 years ago, so I recorded it again in order to find out if I improved or not hahaha ... well, here is the NEW one: And, the one from more than 10 years ago hahaha :) I tried to replicate more or les the same solo...
  3. Fenris

    MFC101 Mk III with Axe Fx III

    Will it be possible to use the MFC101 with the Axe Fx III? Thank you
  4. Fenris

    MEGADETH - "Tornado of Souls" (FW Quantum v9.03)

    Hi there, I just recorded this song from scratch with a friend 1 tone below the original. I used Brit JVM OD1 Rd for Rhythm gutiars and Brit AFS 1 for lead. Bass was recorded with USA BASS 400 2 and some distortion using Fat Rat. If anyone wants the patches I still have them. Hope you enjoy it!
  5. Fenris

    [Cover] Firewind - The Fire and the Fury (Quantum 9.02)

    Gear used: Franfret BLOODHUNTER for Lead Guitars - Brit JVM OD1 Rd Franfret Vento Deluxe for Rhythm Guitars - Brit AFS100 1 A ultracheap bass almost dead for Bass Guitars - USA Bass 400 1 Axe Fx II
  6. Fenris

    Terra's Theme - Final Fantasy VI (Quantum 9.02)

    Rhythm guitars are Recto2 Red Mdrn and Leads are USA Lead Brt+.
  7. Fenris

    Jawbreaker Solo - Judas Priest Cover

    Holy tone match haha I think the guitar sound is fucking similar to the Defenders of the Faith album!
  8. Fenris

    Rurouni Kenhin - Starless

    Ey, I just recorded this. I was testing some sounds with my new Franfret custom guitar. It has been recorded with: Axe Fx II - Quantum 7.02 Franfret Bloodhunter - Lead (BRIT AFS100 1) & acoustic guitar (USA CLEAN) Franfret Vento Deluxe - Acoustic guitar (USA CLEAN)
  9. Fenris

    GOJIRA - The Heaviest Matter of the Universe Cover

    Hi guys. I love this song so I made a cover of it. The problem is that I used a sound VERY VERY close to the original, so you can't feel my guitars. I uploaded just the guitars on soundcloud, but they are on the video too haha I used a 5150 III and 2 cabs, the 5153 Mix and the PVH6160. If...
  10. Fenris

    CHILDREN OF BODOM - In Your Face Cover with 6505+

    Well well well brothers and sisters. I just found this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHnVfV9Tv2k) and think that should be funny to record the "other" guitar, so don't kill me because I didn't play the solo :)
  11. Fenris


    My video for the #100GUITARSFROMHELL recorded with the BRIT JVM OD2 Rd and the 1960 V30 cab w/57. I tried to sound like Alexi Laiho in the example vid :) The contest: http://www.helsinginjuhlaviikot.fi/tapahtuma/100guitarsfromhel/
  12. Fenris

    Testing Live Preset 6505 - FW 18.08

    Maybe it has too much bass, I'm doing it right now BUT, the overall sound is fucking better than ever!!!! Holy shit!!!!
  13. Fenris

    Testing 3 www.franfret.net custom guitars with Axe Fx II

    Hi there! I used my axe fx II to test the sound of this hand made guitars from Franfret® Custom Guitars All sounds are with marshalls (JCM800 and Plexi 50), but I used my sound at the end of the Vento Deluxe vid (5150 III very tight). Hope you like it! Vento Deluxe Cherry Special...
  14. Fenris

    BLOODHUNTER (full album)

    Hi there! I posted here our first single a month ago. We just released the full album online (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify...) and I want to share it with you again. All guitars and bass were recorded with the Axe Fx II: You can listen it at our Bandcamp https://bloodhunter.bandcamp.com/...
  15. Fenris

    BLOODHUNTER - Ages of Darkness (Single) - Melodic Death Metal with Axe Fx II

    Hi guys! I didnt post in a long time, because I was very busy with our first album which will be online next 6 May. I want to share with you the first album single, because all guitars and bass were recorded with my Axe Fx II. I didnt tell the people around me that it was recorded with the...
  16. Fenris

    Gojira - Toxic Garbage Island Cover

    Hi! I cut some freq to try that my guitars sounded in the first line instead the original ones. Axe sound really like the originals. Hope you enjoy!
  17. Fenris

    Personal "cradlesong" (FW 11.03)

    Ey! I made this song over 5 years ago for my nephew, but I recorded it yesterday! I have looking for old songs and I found this so... I recorded it with the Axe!! There are some parts that I don't like (maybe a strange bending, or something like that) but it's a very special song! Enjoy!
  18. Fenris

    Problems with midi footswitch

    Hey! I have some problems with the Axe Fx II and my midi device (Behringer FCB1010). I don't know if it doesn't work because the FW update (11.03) or because nothing. The point is that I have my FCB with my own configuration and... one day it stoped to work. Anybody has problems with that...
  19. Fenris

    Original Shred Intro - 5150 Red FW 11.03

    Well, this is a old song I made some years ago. I was testing my solo sound with it and I recorded it. It has some little mistakes. Live things... xD Hope you enjoy!
  20. Fenris

    About Amp Compression in FW11

    I saw that the default Amp compression it's very high comparing with other firmwares. If I don't remember bad, FAS MODERN II comes with 36% of compression. I usually saw values like 10%, 15%, but now are very high by default. There is any change in this property of the amp? It's less...
  21. Fenris

    PVH 6160 with FW 11!

    Well I made a little test because some days ago I uploaded a song and... yesterday came the new FW so... xD Another thing to hear!! It's short but I think that it sound so much better than 10! Smoother!!!
  22. Fenris

    Double Dragon Metal Theme

    Eyyyy!!! Another geek song! I recorded the guitars with the Fas Modern II and the bass with... with what? With the only fucking one amp we have into the axe fx II xD Hope you enjoy!!! \m/ Tell me if something doesn't sound good!! Edited with the youtube video! xD
  23. Fenris

    Amp reset on change (FW 10.12)

    I think that with the FW 10.xx, when you change your amp type in a preset it resets to the default settings, BUT I have the FW10.12 and it doesn't happen now. It's because the firmware or am I smoked?
  24. Fenris

    Final Fantasy VII - Cid Highwind Metal Theme w/ Axe Fx II FW 10.12

    Hi again guys! I want to see your tears falling If you played the FF7 :lol It's recorded with Mesa Boogie sims. Palm mutes with Recto modern, chords with Recto vintage, Melody with USA Lead+ Yesterday I was looking for FF7 tabs and... I made it haha I don't know why this. Maybe because...
  25. Fenris

    Testing the Fas Modern II with Behemoth

    Well, I made this video because I was playing some stuff and I realized that this amp is FUUUUUUCKING AWESOME haha with a lot of gain, so I can play Behemoth with the default settings without problem... and it sounds fucking heavy. :evil
  26. Fenris

    Power amp questions

    Hi guys! I just buy a Matrix GT1000FX. I didn't test it yet with a 4x12 cabin, but I will do it soon. The point is that cabins have their max load (100 ~ 240W) and their own impedance (4~16)... In the matrix you can't select the amount of power or the impedance, so I'm afraid if I can burn the...
  27. Fenris

    Marshall JVM OD2 - Iron Maiden very short cover

    Hi! I made this video testing the JVM OD2, because I read today that was the Dave Murray amp, so I said... Let's do a test with Iron Maiden! haha It's not VERY well played, I know. Some vibratos are strange. I made it in one take and with the guitar tunned in D. I think I made 2 mistakes with...
  28. Fenris

    Dimmu Borgir Cover with Energyball

    Well, I'm full of power this days haha I made a cover over the original song. I think I got a very very very similar sound, because some people thinks that I'm not playing HAHAHAHAHA :D I will have to upload the guitar only hahaha I fixed one thing in the 4:06, but only that. I learned the...
  29. Fenris

    PVH 6160 II Metal Test

    Well, here is a little test I made today with the 6505+. The riff is very bored, but I hope you enjoy the sound!
  30. Fenris


    Ey guys, at last we released the BLOODHUNTER Demo called THE FIRST INSURRECTION (Death/Black Metal). I recorded it with the Axe Fx II when there was the FW 9 I think, so it doesn't sound like our new Axe Fx III hahaha but I would like to share it with you. It could sound so much better BUT it's...
  31. Fenris

    Short solo w/ Marshall AFD100 - Axe Fx II with FW 10

    Testing the firmware 10 :D I edited it because I didn't see that the fade out of the music wasn't there. NOW is ok!!
  32. Fenris

    Testing a Fender Stratocaster Yngwie Malmsteen Signature with Axe Fx II

    Ey guys! Here I am again! This time somebody give me for a week this AWESOME guitar, so yesterday (the first day) I recorded something. This is not my best playing because I dont play Yngwie for a long time but WHAT TO RECORD with his guitar? hahaha so... Hope you enjoy! The preset it's the...
  33. Fenris

    Metal Mix with Energyball

    Well I made this new thing because I was bored. The point it that I'm trying to improve my home records, so, this sounds good or not? I need that you say anything bad that you can hear :) I think that nobody could need the preset, because it's the energyball preset from V9 but with less...
  34. Fenris

    Metal Riff

    Since I am reading and trying things with "The Systematic Mixing Guide" I think I do better things! This is a little record I made to try different EQs, multiband compressors and put everything where it has to be. Rythm guitars are with the ENGL and Melodys with a Mark IV. Hope you enjoy!
  35. Fenris

    Riff with PVH6160

    How about the guitar sound? So much dirty? Any advices? :) Hope you like! Thanks! The chain is T808 OD -> PVH 6160 -> IR Mesa Boogie (it's another different from 4x12 Recto V30 (RW) or 4x12 Recto V30 (OH), i could upload it). There is no bass. 2 Rythm guitars and 1 doing the dirty melody.
  36. Fenris

    Learn to make good recordings

    Ey there! I would ask if any of you know a book, web, forum... where I can lear how to make good recordings. The point is that I'm doing experiments with the Axe Fx 2 but I don't have any idea about make a good mix and that. Greetings!
  37. Fenris

    BLOODHUNTER - Saints of Sand

    Ey! I just want to share with you a little record that I made for my band BLOODHUNTER. We used vocal takes from a recording session from the last year (the studio didn't give us anything... so I used only that stuff because I dont have the guitars, drums, bass...). Guitars and bass were recorded...
  38. Fenris

    SLASH (Apocalyptic Love)

    Well, I was looking about the sound of Slash and I saw that the Axe Fx II has his amp... so it was so easy to find a sound very very similar to him. Maybe I have more gain, and I used a pitch to record this track (because I tune my guitar in DGCFA#D). I think that the f***** little bad sound...
  39. Fenris

    Background Noise

    Hey there! I was looking in the forum but I didnt find something like this. I saw some people say about noise but my noise it's different. I always have it, even with a noise gate. The only thing that do the noise gate is that when you are not playing, you dont hear it, but when you do a chord...
  40. Fenris

    Tone Matching Children of Bodom (Hatebreed)

    Ey there! I'm new here! I just received my Axe Fx II yesterday. I was working with it and I tried to make my first tone match. Maybe is not 100% good but I will try to make it better next days. There are some secods that I am not in time with the left guitar (original), so you can hear better...
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