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    Original Metal/Metalcore track - Modern II

    Modern II amp using 'Clark Kent's Perfect IR', across probably the last 6 major firmware revisions haha, I've been working on and off for the last year due to time constraints! Feedback will be appreciated! Drums are SSD4 Terry Date, Bass is Trillian and guitar is my Ibanez RG1527 Cheers...
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    Thordendal Modern full song/mix

    Well, full song without vocals. Anyone care to do some for me? ;) Nothing special with the patch, I just tweaked the FAS Modern stock preset. Cabs are 43 and 52 (not sure if I changed them from default or not) T808 OD in front, drive at 1, tone at 5.5, level 10. There's some EQ in the mix...
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    5150/6505/+ Green/Rhythm channel with crunch alternatives

    Hey guys I used to own a 6505+ head (not anymore thanks FAS!) and found the rhythm channel with the crunch button to be pretty useful. My question is - in terms of the way that particular channel is configured with tubes, and gain staging, and voicing and all that other stuff I don't know...
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    First Post - Red Alert Hell March

    Hello from down under! I'm a bit of a lurker but it's about time I posted something! I've had the 2 for a month now and I've finally decided to stop being lazy with using VSTs and plug in. Should have done this ages ago, it's so easy to dial in sounds on the axe instead of spending 5 minutes...
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