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    Help: Axe-FX Sync Timeout!

    Would really appreciate some help here. When I load Pete Thorn's preset "PT SL68 Greenback," or I get the "Axe-FX Sync Timeout!"-message on my MFC 101. I don't get this message with any other preset than this. This happens both when I'm connected via usb to my Mac and without being connected...
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    What a great update (12 -> 12.04b/13.xx) + null mic

    I realize that I sound like a six year old in a puppy store, but what a great update the last one is. There's been great updates before, but this one really set things straight imho. Prior to 12.04b, especially after v5 somewhere, things did not work out for me with the amps/cabs I'm using. I...
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    Ultrares in stereo?

    I'm using two of the new oh ultra res irs in a stereo cab block. Does this mean that the ultra res irs used in stereo are reduced to low res, or do ultra res support stereo this way?
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    FW 12.04beta - yay!

    Just have to express how pleased I am with this upgrade. I won't bore you with the struggles I've had through the last updates, I've been moaning so much I even had Cliff PM me a couple of suggestions, which in this context pretty much equals having the pope on the phone trying to tell you...
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    Opinions on FRFR cabs: Matrix vs Atomic?

    Anyone with any experience with either or both that wants to chime in? I already have the Matrix GT1000FX, which is an awsome amp with a regular cabinet. I also have 2 x RCF NXs for FRFR applications, but like the idea of a cab that both backs me up onstage and gives the audience some rumble...
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    Real tone!

    Bit the bullet after missing my tube amps and bought a new Two-Rock Sensor. Amazing amp. And it's when you plug in to your Two-Rock with a great cabinet, a nice reverb and delay, cranking it a bit, listening to the tone... that you realise how freakin' amazing the Axe-FX 2 is. Not a bad word...
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    What are the Ownhammer Betas?

    I occasionally see references to the Ownhammer Beta IRs, and that they're supposed to be great. What are these?
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    ODS 100 Clean love

    Having done the mistake of trying to make v 10 do things exactly the same as v 9, I started more or less from scratch, testing the different amps all over again. And then I discovered the v10 version of the ODS 100 Clean! This amp is amazing -- so organic. I couple it with the stock Basketweave...
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    I'm not whining

    at all, but I'm having much the same problems btw v 9 and 10 as I had btw the Ultra and Axe 2. After updating, I was amazed by some of the changes, e.g. the cleans (some of the Fenders and the AC30 with the new IRs). There's really some exciting stuff going on here, obviously. But I'm having a...
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    The new IRs (the mix series)

    are really good, a huge step in the right direction, imho, as IRs are so vital to the FRFR sound. Are there more of these coming?
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    Sorry, all the superlatives are used here, and stating how great this is, is impossible. Cliff, when the baby is out, I'll treat you and your family a vacation in Norway just so that I can buy you a beer ;) My kids will probably exhaust you, though. I installed fw 10 without presets, just to...
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    Help: How to combine regular amp and FRFR

    I'm used to using my Axe 2 FRFR, but I'd like to test how it works to combine it with an amp onstage, just to get that extra kick in the butt. The only problem is that I'm used to a signal chain with all the time based effects after the cabinet. Putting the fx loop to feed out 2 after the amp...
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    Previous software versions for the Axe 2...?

    Where can I find earlier versions of software for the Axe 2 if I wish to roll back a version...? Thanks W
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    How to fix Ethernet input...?

    I won't even try to explain how this happened (bent over the rack trying to fumble my way with the usb plug, etc.), but I managed to slightly bend/push up a couple of the small metal stripes in the Ethernet input on the Axe. I plugged in the MFC and it seemed to work, but last night I got a...
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    Would have bought the Axe 2 just for the Leeds model...

    ... just sayin' ;) Awsome, from Vox-ish chimey cleans to fat, old Marshall just from my guitar volume; more or less all I need in an amp, and with tons of personality.
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    Tonematch: First attempt, oh joy! + A question!

    The Oh Joy! part: I haven't been missing much amp wise since I first got my Ultra 3 years ago, but if I've been missing something, it would be a chimey Vox sound. I haven't really gotten along with the Vox-type amps in the Axe, although they are way better in the Axe 2. My Kemper has a couple...
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    Blankenship Leeds, anyone?

    What a great update! And thanks for the work with the new presets -- really great sounding and nice combinations of amps and cabs. Being a Marshall kind of guy, I must really say that each and every marshally amp sounds incredible after this update. But what really caught me was the...
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    Difficult to build coaxial speaker rig?

    Perhaps a silly question, but there's nothing wrong with ordering a coaxial speaker such as this (RCF CX15N351 - Thomann UK Cyberstore), mounting it in a cabinet and running the Axe via a decent power amp such as the Matrix into it? Will it be more or less the same as slapping e.g. a Vintage 30...
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    Not ready to ditch my Ultra yet...

    Gigged with the Axe 2 yesterday, after spending a few days tweaking (in my studio and with monitors/a small PA). Even though I dialled in a couple of nice Bogner and Marshall presets, I honestly don't get the same feel as when I'm using the Ultra (and I almost desperately want to like the Axe...
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    Help with quick controls

    I'm using one of the quick controls to adjust the volume of the delay repeats on the fly. Is there a way to make the parametres I'm adjusting visible in the display? I'd like to invoke the parameter display just by turning the assigned knob, and I'd like the display to go back to normal after...
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    Any experience combining FRFR and amp?

    Dear fellow forumites, please help me out with experience and suggestions here. I've been using my Ultra for 2,5 years now, purely as a FRFR rig, never missed my old Marshall rig :) Lately, I've started using an additional FRFR monitor onstage pointing towards the audience, in addition to the...
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    Matrix on the way

    Yay, my Matrix gt800 was shipped from the UK yesterday, my Axe and Port City cab are waiting eagerly!
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    2 years with the Axe Ultra (and counting)

    Just wanted to share my experience with the Ultra as my main rig for some time now -- my ears still ringing from last night's gig :) I've been using the Ultra extensively for nearly 2 years. My history with amps is the same as everybody else's here; tube amp lover, having owned nearly...
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    Harsh sound using the Line 6 wireless with Axe-FX

    Anyone experiencing this? I bought the L6 Relay G30, but it really doesn't sound nice. It is certainly usable, but it adds harshness to the sound. Using it through any of my tube amps doesn't yield the same (negative) results - with my Marshalls the G30 is a great unit. I've experimented with...
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    Wah with Gordius LG2 and Axe-FX

    I'm trying to set up an expression pedal via the Little Giant 2 to control my wah block. However, the only thing I'm able to control with this pedal is the wah block on and off (CC number 24, if memory serves me right). No sweep through the frequencies like a wah. I did this on my previous midi...
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    Help with delay

    Fellow forumites. I'm using my delays as outlined in the attached image, where I route the signal via fx-loop blocks into a chorus block, then into a delay block, before the signal is routed back to the main signal chain. This way, I'm able to add chorus to the delay repeats only, not the main...
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    Please educate me on the use of EQ in live settings

    For the last couple of years I've been using the Ultra directly to the board, fed back through the PA's monitor system. It sounds great, and I've spent quite some time dialing in a few amps + effects that work for me. However, as with any of my previous tube amp set-ups, the sound engineer dials...
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    How to output to mono

    I usually go direct with two amps panned l/r, and stereo delys, chorus etc. I'm facing a couple of gigs where I might have to go mono. How do I do this in a simple manner, using my existing patches?
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    Delays and stereo spread, what's the deal?

    Using Stereo or Ping Pong Delay, I can't seem to achieve any stereo spread effect, even though spread is at 100%...? In fact, adjusting the spread value from 100 to 0% does nothing with the stereo image. Also, I thought the deal with Ping Pong was exactly what the table tennis connotations gives...
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    Setting up expr. pedals Axe + GCPro

    I've set the Ground Control Pro up for using patches 1 thru 8 as cc switches, and the lower 4 for changing programmes on the Axe, and in this department, everything works ok. I've also set pedal 1 and 2 to on. I then connect 2 expression pedals, one for wah and one for delay level. In the...
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    Anyone tested in-ear monitors with the Axe?

    Just curious: Instead of using standard monitors, have anyone tried a decent IEM-system as a monitoring system for the Axe? If the IEMs are half decent, they'll provide the Axe-user going direct with a better listening environment than most wedges, I guess? w
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