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    12 String Sim?

    Also, check out @Moke s presets. He’s got a good one. Thanks Pauly
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    How long can you remember how to play a song?

    Sadly, about 25 minutes. 🤪
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    RIP Michael Gudinski

    All us Aussies already know, but just thought I’d post for our is friends. A very strong identity in the Australian music scene. His passing will leave a void in live music nationally. Thanks Pauly
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    How do you guys use colors in managing your presets?

    Hi, I find some presets motivate me and I end up playing them longer than others... clean, dirty, doesn’t seem to matter-they are just “good”. I color them red, and bass presets blue. Basic, I know! Thanks Pauly
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    StewMac prices are insane!

    Hi, Nothing worse than struggling away at a project with substandard tools! Like all tools, the good ones cost considerably more. Look at an axe fx 3 😜 Thanks Pauly
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    Covid - 19 Vaccine

    Hi @pharma07 Because we’ve been locked up, the virus seems pretty much under control here (Victoria Australia), but we still have Fuck wits that think it’s all a conspiracy and is somehow linked to a new mobile phone frequency - Just wanted to say thanks for your hard work and please don’t stop...
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    Axe-Fx III Sound System Advice

    Hi danepower, If you could save a little more money, it will pay off in the long run. Your monitors are one of the most important things you can buy, and skimping on them will make all your hand made presets a little dodgy (because they will be crafted to sound good on crappy monitors). Really -...
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    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    Hi, I’ve only had a few minutes to mess with this (busy month), but I certainly feel a sudden jump in reality. Like others have said, earlier versions sounded like a pre processed guitar track whereas this is like a living amplifier next to me. Loving it. Thanks Pauly
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    To Pull This Off at Age 69 Is Incredible

    Songs like that just don't happen any more. Thanks Pauly
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    Why does Fractal let Dealers out side the USA Rip users off so much ?

    Hi t4d, The cost is large, but worth it. As you get more experienced in life, you gain an understanding of what it costs to stay in business, and why prices do not seem to have parity as they cross borders. im telling you that the guys selling the axe fx here in Australia, are not making heaps...
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    RIP Rupert Neve

    Very sad A true loss to the pursuit of quality. I often imagined Rupert and Cliff to be of a very similar work and quality ethic. Admirable. thanks pauly
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    Cover of "Midnight Blues" Gary Moore/Peter Green....

    Welcome back! It’s been a while. Hope all is good. pauly
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    Do any of you guys and gals like wound G Strings?

    Hi, Another vote for unwound here - wound g strings are a bugger to bend. Thanks Pauly
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    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    Geeze you ask a lot of questions Chris! 😜 Thanks Pauly
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    New in town

    G'day Gnarly & welcome! Check out @austinbuddy preset packs - particularly the gold pack as that gives you a suite of ready to roll amp and cab combinations for lots of common brands. Asides from that - all the usual stuff - youtube tutorials etc. ... oh and coffee.... lot's of coffee... :-)...
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    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    Good luck! We've just been locked down for 5 days...damn...at least I don't have it... Hope you just have a cold! Pauly
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    From the Quad Cortex waiting list to a Fractal FX 3 owner

    Hi Vettahead, Welcome aboard - There are very few questions or issues you may have that can’t be answered or solved on these forums. Like others have suggested, reading the manual, and perhaps purchasing the austinbuddy gold preset pack (if you want a great starting point for many popular amp &...
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    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    Hi Cliff, You're really getting good at describing the nuances of sound! Looking forward to hearing those rocks rubbing together :-) Thanks for all your work. Pauly
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    Axe-Fx III sounds great via monitors and speakers- recording with any software via USB it has crackling / oversaturated sound quality

    Hi cr0ss, Are you able to check the sampling rate? This is a classic symptom of incorrect sampling rate between Axe FX and PC. Thanks Pauly
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    Gal or guy?

    Eeeooo - Man hands.... I mean ... just a genderless blob like the rest of us. Thanks Pauly
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    You Big Tease...

    It's Friday here now! Thanks Pauly
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    What advice would you give me as I will get my Axe-Fx III in a few days?

    Hi David, Welcome - you are going to enjoy this unit. I’ve always approached the axe fx as if I was looking down on a stage. Using axe edit (the editor software for the axe fix) I put an amp, and a cab somewhere in the middle...and a reverb last (just to emulate the room I want to pretend I’m...
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    Ceramic Coating Vehicle

    Hi Craig, You can compromise and spend $50 on a bottle of ‘ceramic coating’ and do it yourself. I recently did it to a new vehicle I purchased and have no idea if it’s helped ;-) Thanks Pauly
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    Anyone have an electric car?

    My assumption was based on the warranty period, and experience with various lithium cells. I hope it's wrong and people get 16 years out of them, however that would surprise me. Thanks Pauly
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    Anyone have an electric car?

    The intermenet tells me it'll cost around $18k USD to replace a tesla model S battery. so... there's $1600 per year (if you assume the battery will need replacing in 10 years). Here in Australia, they are putting a new tax on recharging electric vehicles to replace the tax they rip out of petrol...
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    Doc Was Really Nice

    Good luck Craig - Wish I had an answer. Pauly
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    Locking Tuners for a Les Paul

    My les Paul has locking grovers and I cannot fault them. T.hanks Pauly
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    Anyone sell all their tube amps?

    Ah but you can’t say you don’t miss the electric shocks on your lips while using an old valve amp and singing. Fractal should have a shock block to send a few hundred volts to the guitars earth so we can reminisce. Pauly
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    Free preset of the week and backing track

    Thanks Marco! It was a little bass rich on my system but once that was sorted, it sounds good with a les Paul. Pauly
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    Ideal vs Authentic

    Hi Axe, I use authentic, as it allows me to quickly dial in the amp I want, while continuing to sound like the chosen amp. Ideal allows more controls, however it also allows you to modify the amp way past what the ‘real” version would be capable of. If I choose a specific Marshall, I want it to...
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    Gibson buying Mesa?

    Soon there will be Mesa boogie fridges, and Bluetooth speakers. yay Thanks Pauly
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    Gibson buying Mesa?

    I had some opcode stuff in my rack - for the time, very very useful. Thanks Pauly
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    New to the Fractal Family

    welcome Fizz, Amazing gear isn’t it - When it comes to monitors, approach it like you’re buying something that will be your reference for everything musical for a long time into the future. Monitor prices are like guitar modeler prices - ie, it hurts initially, but if you get the right ones, you...
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    Looking for a specific monitor recommendation

    Let us know your thoughts Thansk Pauly
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    Looking for a specific monitor recommendation

    Hi @cleanplanets In my opinion, if you get the A7x now, they will follow you to your next room...and the ones after that. Thanks Pauly
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    Anyone have an electric car?

    I have recurring nightmares of the Discovery I had for too many years. It’s like they included wheels, engine, and body in the initial design drawings, but everything else was an afterthought. It was great for refining my diagnostic skills, but (to me) long term reliability is king and these...
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    Wish Preset "Notes" Field

    Nice idea! +1 Thanks Pauly
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    Happy New Year from the III, me, Jason Richardson, and Music Man

    That’s amazing! How do you guys conduct a normal life (like mow the lawns, pay the bills, trim the hedges) while still fostering that enormous talent? Wow. Thanks for sharing Pauly
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    I might need my head examined. Just ordered an Axe-Fx III Mk II

    In that case, don’t talk to me either.
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    RIP "Mary Ann"

    She was a legend, and will be missed. Pauly
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    Cheap vs expensive monitors - big difference, or over-hyped?

    Hi Cleanplanets Spend as much as you can. If you get really good monitors, they could stay with you for decades. It really makes a difference and affects the enjoyment you get from your music. Thanks Pauly
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    Electric Guitarist of the Year 2020 winner is Igor Paspalj

    Good on you Igor! thanks pauly
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    Taking the plunge

    Hi Cleanplanets and welcome. Your monitors need to be accurate - Make sure you have the best monitors you can afford. Asides from that, you will find an fm3 or Axe fx 3 to be the best purchase you have ever made. thanks pauly
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    Have a wonderful Christmas all

    Hi, I just realized, this is the only place on the intermenet that I feel comfortable to comment freely without some knob responding in an unreasoned manner. Thank you. Thanks to you all for being decent human beings, and for all the tips, trick, advice, ....and of course the wonderful firmware...
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    Free IRs in Celebration of the 80th Birthday of Frank Zappa

    Please pass on my thanks too. I miss the days when JBL used to make good speakers. Thanks Pauly
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    Ebay & Paypal Are Breaking Up

    Its almost not worth selling things any more. You invite them to your home - you get robbed, If you sell to them on eBay or reverb, - you have listing fees, final value fees, delivery fees, and payment fees. If you use a free internet sales app, you sure meet a lot of weirdos. (Even weirder than...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01

    Thanks Cliff , Thanks also for fixing the clicking I was encountering with some presets with v15.0. Pauly
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    Here is something I'll bet you haven't heard

    Hey Bulldog, (Great old Beatles song right there!) Have you tried putting ferrite cores on the output end of every cable you can think of? They are pretty cheap and the theory is that they will remove much of the rfi thats being picked up by cables...
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    I think this is the best reason to choose the Axe FX

    one of many many reasons. Thanks Pauly
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    Clicks and pops from the noise gate in certain presets

    Hi @austinbuddy, @Robin Seaver & @FractalAudio I've just loaded V15 firmware and the issue is fixed - Hey thanks Cliff! Pauly
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    Frustrated Screechy tone

    Gday Bill, Don't fret - you'll work this out. Firstly, make sure the speakers sound good - As you probably know, your speakers have EQ and crossover presets that can really screw with the sound. See if you can plug a cd player, phone, whatever, and play some music through them to make sure they...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.00 Public Beta #1

    Always great to get a firmware update - Thanks Cliff. Pauly
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    Axe-Edit III 1.08.03 (public beta)

    Michael!....Thanks so much! Pauly
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    Clicks and pops from the noise gate in certain presets

    Cool - so I’m not insane! Phew. Yes this is a really unusual and interesting issue. I don’t know if it’s some “magic sauce” you’re using with the marshalls, or if it’s potentially in other amps... or even a subtle bug in the gate. looking forward to your findings. thanks for staying with it. pauly
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    Clicks and pops from the noise gate in certain presets

    hi jdr3009 yes I expect the little residual “fizzle” you get from the noise gate closing (great description by the way), but this is something different. this is like there’s a light switch or something on the same circuit, but only in certain presets, and (it seems) only when using the...
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    Clicks and pops from the noise gate in certain presets

    Hi @sprint, Really?...That's a fact? That's a bit weird! Thanks for letting me know - I will give that a go when I get the chance, if the affected patches have 2 amps. Will keep you posted. Thanks Pauly
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    Clicks and pops from the noise gate in certain presets

    Hi @austinbuddy , Have you had a chance to check this out? Seems to be an issue with the gold pack Marshall’s. I’m not sure if it’s all of them but certainly consistent with the High100W Plexi AX3 preset. When I say consistent, I mean it’ll happen within 5 minutes. Thanks Pauly
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    Clicks and pops from the noise gate in certain presets

    Hi Mr_fender, Yes that was my thought too. I’ve tried various gate settings from fast to slow attack and release times - same issue unfortunately. Thanks Pauly
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    New To Fractal, Question About Using Mesa Gear

    Welcome Tom, if you want to specialize in a small range of sounds, hybrid will be fine. If you want the versatility the axe fix gives you, have a go with some high quality studio monitors first. Its a brave new world now. The days of ‘it sounds digital’ are basically gone from most brands, and...
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    Hi Pat, Definately! It never ceases to amaze how much hi hat is in subwoofers, or bass guitar in tweeters. A lot of people tend to overdo the subwoofer thing, but if you play some music you know well while you’re adjusting the crossover point and level, and try to make it sound as real and...
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    Can you please share a mk2 preset?

    Hi @AlGrenadine did you get some? If not, I’ll fire up the pc and send a few. thanks pauly
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    Pink Floyd - "Comfortably Numb" Solo (VID)

    hi, nice! I like your vibrato - any tips on how to train for that consistent vibrato that you have? thanks Pauly
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    Burg's Dumbles V2

    Thanks Brett, That T-shirt looks new! merry crhristmas. Pauly
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    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    You’re a good man - thanks! pauly
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    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Hi Al, sure do.... I wanted to set the value of the wah’s modifier source to ‘external 2‘. That would be a useful feature for anyone purchasing a preset pack that makes use of modifiers, as (often) we don’t have the same pedal or controller configuration as the preset creators. thanks pauly
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    Recommendations for Purchased Patches

    Hi Tonto, definately @austinbuddy goled pack, and all of the @Moke presets. for free... @camilovelandiamusic does some great presets, as does @Marco Fanton and @Burgs. thanks pauly
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    14.07 Firmware Friday?

    please please put the clean sound back on! thanks pauly
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    How Do I Add Shunts

    HI Steve, Using Axe Edit, click on the border of a block you want the shunt to 'come from'. All the possible shunt locations will then pop up, and you can then select the other end of the shunt. Thanks Pauly
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    Original funky jazz song - Mulgrew's Fashion

    Is that an old pair of Tannoys? Thanks Pauly
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    "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

    Hal’s do you remember all those positions! thanks happy christmas pauly
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.06

    In a perfect world, every company would be like Fractal Audio. Thanks Cliff & team.
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    Clicks and pops from the noise gate in certain presets

    Hi Bruce - CPU is fine - 35.3% Thanks Pauly
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    Thankful for FAS & the forum

    Hi Cableguy, Have you had a look at the @austinbuddy gold preset pack? I have to say it's one of the most valuable acquisitions I have made as it contains all the amps, with their proper cabs, named correctly (so you know a 'marshall' is a marshall!), and sounding great. Thanks Pauly
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    Just installed Celestion F12-X200 into my Genz Benz GFlex 2x12 and ...

    Hi again Tremonti, Porting to suit the speakers/box will give it a more accurate bass response - often described as a 'Tighter' bass with less resonances and a 'smoother' bass. There are defined numbers that work well called 'Theil Small' parameters derived by a couple of smart Aussies (didn't...
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    Les Paul fingerboard inlay coming out

    hi @pharmd07 Thanks for that shouldn’t be a challenge now. Pauly
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    Les Paul fingerboard inlay coming out

    Hi, I have a les Paul standard, and one of the trapezoidal inlays has partially lifted (needs to be re-glued). any tips on how to approach this job? It appears I could pry it out of its recess, apply new glue and clamp it in, but I’m concerned it might break - would I be better off using a...
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    Guitar Rig vs Axe-Fx III: is there really a better tone?

    Mate - what better gift for your 40th? Do it! As a tweaker, you'll be there for weeks and still hardly touch the surface. Thanks Pauly
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    Just installed Celestion F12-X200 into my Genz Benz GFlex 2x12 and ...

    Hi Tremonti, Looks great! Curious about the porting. That seems like a lot of porting for a couple of 12s - was that intentional? Thanks Pauly
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    Clicks and pops from the noise gate in certain presets

    Hi @austinbuddy and @FractalAudio I have found the following with a few presets in the old pack this evening - Currently, I've got 'High100W Plexi AX3' loaded and it's quite repeatable... but only with certain presets... this is a good example. AXE FX III Mk 2 Axe Edit III 1.08.01 Windows...
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    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Hi @AlGrenadine, Hope you're staying healthy. Any chance of adding a feature to the Batch Setter to change the 'control source'? The reason I ask is that I've purchased a preset bank, and the wah block isn't set to the controller I need to use (External 2) - That would be handy! Thanks Pauly
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    New to Axe-Fx III

    HI Josh, Welcome to the amazing Axe FX! You probably already know, but just in case - Its very easy to have the master volume set too high. Have you tried lowering the master volume in the preset's amp block, and turning the level up to compensate? That could open it up significantly. Thanks Pauly
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    Unable to download anything from the forum-how do I fix this?

    hi Kram74, if you open windows file explorer, and navigate to your ‘downloads’ folder, you’ll see you’ve downloaded that file twice. Rather than trying to open it, open Axe edit, open an empty preset (or one you don’t want anymore) and then drag the file from windows file explorer, to the preset...
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    Mark 2 fan noise

    hi Pedro, how does it vary the speed then? thanks pauly
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    Help !! Dust in the studio ...

    Hi, Have you ascertained where the dust is coming from? If it's just 'in' the studio, then get it out by vacuuming with a long hose to a vacuum cleaner that's outside the studio, then figure out a way to stop it coming in again. My room has a sound deadened box (installed in the roof cavity)...
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    Mark 2 fan noise

    Can anyone answer the following? would I be right in thinking the mk1 fan just received 12v dc, and the mk2 fan gets PWM? thanks pauly @FractalAudio
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    Mark 2 fan noise

    thats how mine sounded too, thanks pauly
  87. P

    Mark 2 fan noise

    First world unit! Thanks Pauly
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    Anyone want Improvements in Axe-Fx User Interface?

    Hi mkbigmoz Get into Axe Edit III, and tap the 'quickbuild' button - Drag anything you want anywhere! Thanks Pauly
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    Advice on speaker setup

    G'day Prongs, Sounds like the studio monitors would be perfect for you. Spend as much as you can to get the right monitors - Everyone seems to speak really highly of the Adams so you're probably on a safe bet there. Your monitors (if they are good) will be with you potentially for decades so...
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    My wife passed away today

    sympathies rod - hope you have the support you need and family. pauly
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    Organ preset?

    Hi - I think Fremen did one for the Axe FX 3 - perhaps it could be converted? Have a look at Axechange. Thanks Pauly
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    So - you guys are saying I’m not alone? All this pain is normal? phew :-) It would be nice if there was a solution but alas, with time comes pain by the sound of things, I take q10 (to kelp with the side effects of statins used to fight cholesterol) amongst other things. It appears a solution...
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    Some solos with the Axe-Fx III, live

    The ‘feel’ of that reminds me very much of the guitar solo in manfred mans ‘blinded by the light” - nice work! Thanks Pauly
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    Mark 2 fan noise

    It seems everyone is an expert now. The answer is simple - don’t modify your fan. Thanks Pauly
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    Mark 2 fan noise

    2k? 4K here ,! I’m sure if a warranty issue arose, that was a result of overheating, that issue could be voided from warranty. That seem fair to me. Thanks Pauly
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    Mark 2 fan noise

    Hi mark, Yes it is, it’s a larger diameter and spins slower, giving less audible air movement. not the photo is of the plate upside down to how it’s mounted. The fan sitson top, and the four empty holes screw onto the standoffs the original fan mounting plate is mounted to. Thanks Pauly
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    Mark 2 fan noise

    Hi, This is before I replaced the screws mounting the fan with those little rubber mount thingies that come with some fans. is the fan being pwm driven at a lower frequency or something @FractalAudio as this specific fan is quieter in a mark 1 than a mark 2?
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    Mark 2 fan noise

    I fabricated a new aluminum mounting plate, and installed a larger diameter, slower revving fan, rubber mounted to the new plate. thanks Pauly
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