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  1. Z

    No Synthpads were used here :)

    How about an almost Synthwave tune without synths? Still searching for my "tone", i dont think ill ever get there though! Only bass and drums are synthiey, all other noises are strictly guitars! Hope some will like :)
  2. Z


    Hi Guys and gals, Heres a new one, title says it all. We are on a verge of a historical change. Hope some of you will enjoy it. Thanks!
  3. Z


    Hey all, Here is another newbie. This is contrast to the tune i posted earlier in the week "Made of Steel" Something like disco djent or something.. i wouldnt know! Its in 7/8 timing and i brought out an old buddy of mine with a whammy! Been ages since i used the whammy and did some...
  4. Z

    Made of Steel. Feat. Leons IR :)

    This is a new one. Sure its sloppy but Im no Andy :) After listening to Andy Timmons more and more lately, i got so inspired and wrote this tune. Oh I do wish i could play like Andy.. the expressiveness and the feel that he has is second to none. So here is my take on Andy, at least my...
  5. Z

    More P90 and Axe-Fx III Dirty Shirley

    Hope you all dig it. More 80´s music :) Used the Dirty Shirley again, i just love the sound of it. Its the same patch i posted on the other tune!
  6. Z

    No Solo - But it's Christmas!

    Hi all, Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year! Wrote this tune to commemorate the end of this year. Enjoy! Thanks to Cliff and FAS for a great year and hope for even better next year! Also used a cheap Epi with P90s and used the Dirty Shirley amp model.
  7. Z

    Epiphone 56 with P90s (preset attached)

    This is how a cheap guitar sounds like with the magic of Axe-FX III. Best investment ever.. thanks Cliff and FAS for quenching the thirst for tone hunting for me.
  8. Z

    What I missed with the Axe-Fx III

    I was looking forward to keep the protective plastic on the display (like i had for my AXE 2 XL for 4 years) for my new and shiny AXE 3, alas to my disappointment... there is none! :)
  9. Z

    Ariana Grande meets the great 5150 :)

    Hi! This song was playing almost daily at home and the kids running around dancing to this all the time. It kinda stuck on my head and finally i knew i had to cover it. Hope you guys enjoy it! [
  10. Z

    Solitaire - More 5153 Axe-Fx II action!

    Hi good folks, Im still loving the Axe-FX II while waiting in line to get the invite for the III :) Ive had so much struggle in mixing this tune since there are so many guitar parts with different tonalities. Anywho, here is the "almost" finished product. Mixing and mastering are very hard...
  11. Z

    5153 100W Red was used here FW 9.03

    Hi all! Hope you all are having a great time with families and friends during these holidays! I had too much of food and needed to work off some calories... so i sat infront of the Axe and was inspired by the 5153 model and started tweaking... and came up with this riff/tune. Its a fuse of...
  12. Z

    Mini-EP released - Axe-fx with hollowbody clean settings

    Hi all, Ive just released my free (costs only some of your time) to all music lovers a Mini-EP titled "The End" Its an effort, but what the jello. Hope some of you will dig it. Its a Mini-EP with a special theme. 1. Epiphone Joe Pass Hollowbody Guitar - Bassman sim on the Axe. 2. Synthbass...
  13. Z

    Overboard with effects?

    Hi! With this tune, Im trying to incorporate Mixbus as part of my workflow. And the result can be heard below . All guitars and bass are using Quantum 8.02, wished its 9.02 :) Have a great sunday everyone! Kind regards Zack Studio Log. Guitars - I might have gone overboard with the...
  14. Z

    Fender EVH 5150 2x12

    Has anyone seen this IR somewhere on the net for free to download? Ive been looking for this for awhile. Preferably, UltraRes of course. Thanks!
  15. Z

    Please help me identify this tone. Good ears needed.

    Hi all, I found this clip on the net that I downloaded, author/guitarist unknown. I really like the solo sound and im trying to get close to this sound with the Axe-Fx 2. So far im not even close, i dont even know what amp to start with..and i cant even tell if its a 4x12 or 2x12 cab that was...
  16. Z

    Suhr Badger 30 Patch

    Hi, Still tinkering with this Suhr Badger 30 patch for sometime and still not satisfied. Please comment and suggest improvements. Thanks and keep them criticism flowing :) Axe-Change - Download Preset - Suhr Badger 30 Zacks - by zack_y of course the compulsory sound sample of the tone...
  17. Z

    Any thoughts on the solo tone?

    Any thoughts on the solo tone? Preset attached Hi, Im still a novice concerning the Axe-fx. Got it a few months back and I am still trying to get my head around in creating a solo patch that would cut through without too much post production. http://youtu.be/HyJepXmzSdY Any input is...
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