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  1. Z

    Does Anyone Happen To Know The Current CLR Wait Time?

    I've sent a few emails but haven't heard back, so I was curious if anyone has had recent contact with Atomic/Tom and might have some insight as to the current wait time. Thanks.
  2. Z

    CLR Active Wedge .vs Equator Q8 (stupid question within)

    I never make these type of posts about gear, as I'm aware that it's all about personal choice and what works best for you. However, I've had an unexpected change in situation that has me rethinking things. My band situation came to a sudden and unfortunate end due to a situation with a band...
  3. Z

    Wonder If Anyone May Have Some Ideas On What's Wrong With My AXE II

    I've contacted support, but seeing as it's the weekend I figure I may not hear back until Monday, and thought maybe someone here would have some suggestions or thoughts. This is the email I've sent to support. I'm having an issue with my Axe II. It's just over a year old and the problem just...
  4. Z

    Matrix Customer Service = Amazing

    I'm going to make this short, as it's my anniversary and the wife and I were headed out to dinner, but our hot water tank blew, requiring us to call a plumber and put the night on hold, and now I'm trying to salvage things. Anyway, with the night seemingly ruined, $1,250 spent on a plumber and...
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