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    Axe-Fx Ultra presets

    Its been a while since my last visit here... Does anyone know where i can find a preset bank/tones for Ultra? metallica tones for fade to black clean and distorted? thx in advance
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    u2 discoteque

    has anyone a patch of u2 discoteque? if yes could he post it here? thx in advance....
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    U2 Mysterious Ways Patch - Here's how to do it....

    thats right patches are corrupted...please if possible upload the patches again...thx
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    red hot chilli peppers?

    for songs like californication and can't stop i think that the sound is pretty straight forward....i am not a specialist in red hot but i can surely tell that with axe fx i am sure that you can replicate every sound you want....i have seen axe fx replicate sounds (and i have those patches) for...
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    red hot chilli peppers?

    i agree....frusciante is more of a feel guitarist....that is why i said maybe the patch is easy to make....then you have to master his techniques....i would follow the amps and cabs you proposed and i believe the tone would be good.... do you know if he uses a special effect like reverbs echoes...
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    red hot chilli peppers?

    thx that would be a good start...
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    red hot chilli peppers?

    anyone got a good red hot chilli pepper sound like "californication" or "can't stop" or a suggestion of how to built them? i searched but couldn't find a preset...maybe because it is simple to make? anyone who knows settings of red hot chilli peppers could help me?
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