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    NPD - DiMarzio Titan 7 (Jake Bowen) | Cab Pack 13 (Bulb)

    Nice 2027x. The finish on those are to die for!
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    Original Metal/Metalcore track - Modern II

    Thanks man, I have another track that's 90% done so I'll put it to use for that! Hopefully I will be done in the next couple of weeks.
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    Original Metal/Metalcore track - Modern II

    I'm sure it will! Thanks heaps! Off to buy cab pack 14 :) And I'll give the 6505 a go since I used to own one, was using modern II because the idea of a 'made up' amp sounded cool. Don't own pod farm but I'll have a go at reamping through the axefx. Standard practice seems to be multing the...
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    Original Metal/Metalcore track - Modern II

    tfw I'm not there... Well if I can pick your brain for 2 minutes in order to hopefully save myself some time.... Any recommendations for a good IR or 2 to get me in the ballpark of these mixes, or a cab pack I should purchase (I have none)? In the Trillian example I was trying to emulate a...
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    Original Metal/Metalcore track - Modern II

    Lol, not rude at all infact I chuckled heartily. But I'll have to say that I think you're exaggerating just slightly. The palm mutes provide the only musical bass frequencies on that album, I'm pretty sure mine isn't that bad! Here's an excerpt without bass for contrast: Also I need to...
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    Original Metal/Metalcore track - Modern II

    Thanks for that! I'll give it a go - my monitoring situation is a bit crap atm so it's hard to hear. I do heaps of cutting around the low mids as I've always had trouble keeping it under control but I've gone too far this time!
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    Original Metal/Metalcore track - Modern II

    Modern II amp using 'Clark Kent's Perfect IR', across probably the last 6 major firmware revisions haha, I've been working on and off for the last year due to time constraints! Feedback will be appreciated! Drums are SSD4 Terry Date, Bass is Trillian and guitar is my Ibanez RG1527 Cheers...
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    Modern death metal guitar test: High gain essentials Ultrares

    Can't wait to hear the finished version!
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    Strange reamping latency issue

    Whoops, I'd better brush up on my reading skills :? If you can afford a separate interface though your setup becomes much more flexible and it should solve your problem (hopefully!)
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    Strange reamping latency issue

    If your daw is playing nicely with your audio interface then you shouldn't be experiencing this behaviour. The ASIO drivers will report a latency for each buffer size but in my experience some software handles it wrong ex. in cakewalk sonar pre version 8.5 my layla 3g would have negative latency...
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    Is there such a thing as "Reverse Fletcher Munson"??

    The 'loudness' switch/button that you find on most hifi stereos came about to compensate for lack of apparent bass and treble at lower volumes. Reverse Fletcher Munson probably isn't the correct way to put it - it's still regular Fletcher Munson, just that most people encounter problems when...
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    This is exactly it - 'awesome pro guitar recording's have been mixed professionally to sit within the context of a whole mix. When you create a basic axe preset with amp and cab all you're effectively doing is throwing a mic in front of a cab in various ways depending on the IR. Whether a pro...
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    A.C.T. - Mistral

    There's still some shredding! Great work, the mix sounds awesome.
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    Original metal tune with vocals

    You should definitely check out their album 'Natural Born Chaos' ! It's their 'Clayman' or black album in their discography.
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    FW15 has turned my EV Live X just awful...

    My elx112's are sounding just fine down here. Are you filtering anything down low at all? For my main high gain patch that I use when jamming I use the petrucci v30 mix with u87 mic, proximity is 3.4 and I have low cut set to 80hz. Goes loud as!
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    Original metal tune with vocals

    Friggin awesome work dude! Do you happen to listen to much Soilwork? I can hear some influence :)
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    Strange! The more (bypassed) Effects the less gain and real-amp-feeling?

    I totally agree. I'm not trying to validate OPs claim, just pointing out something that no one has mentioned yet. These type of threads seem to pop up from time to time but I can't understand why OP won't just reamp the same signal twice, do a null test and prove himself wrong.
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    Strange! The more (bypassed) Effects the less gain and real-amp-feeling?

    I can think of one thing - I record into Sonar with the axe setup as an external insert. The external insert is a dummy plugin that you can put on any track and it will route the signal how you want and adjust gain etc. but the main feature is that it has a tool to measure round trip latency and...
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    Can't tell if it's my mix or my tone

    The drums in that video are NY Avatar as well and seem to be mixed fairly similarly to your track, but it works a lot better in a laid back rock context. What are you using for bass at the moment? Plugin or real? The type of bass used make a ton more difference than what guitar you use. In your...
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    Can't tell if it's my mix or my tone

    The drums sound like they've got a bit too much wooliness or mud to them. Try backing off the room mic a bit or at least highpassing at lets say ~700hz to start with and see if that makes a big difference. Your guitars are nicely up front but the drums sound like they're at the back of the room...
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    Delay 2 won't save to Scene 1......weird?!?

    Are you using any third party midi controllers? If so could they be sending a CC message on each preset change that you're not aware of? Or as Chris said check the I/O menu, if Delay 2 is set to 'pedal' that could be causing it.
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    Compensate Output 2 level

    Output 2 is unbalanced.
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    Compensate Output 2 level

    Your main concern seems to be about connecting an unbalanced output from the axe to your expensive preamp and the possible damage that it could cause right? If so then maybe some sort of isolating transformer box like a DI would make you happy, particularly if you're getting problems with ground...
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    Upgrading from fx ii to xl

    Since you have access to both why not put your money where your mouth is? Reamp the same signal into both units and post the results. Even go one step further and null test both outputs, I can bet the difference is so small that no one could possibly tell the difference. Do a blind poll. So...
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    "Correct" EQing techniques

    Hey Rockeralex, you mentioned on the first page about how you think your tones are not mix-ready yet - are you at the stage of trying to use them in a mix at the moment? What I'm getting at is if it's getting the guitar to sit in the mix properly that you're struggling with then maybe it's not...
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    V13 angry face music

    Love it, sounds awesome! What drums/bass are you using btw?
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    stutter help

    Never thought about doing using the delay hold function before but you're link gave me an idea. One way to go about it would be to start with a tremolo block set to square wave, then feed that into the delay block and turn the hold on. All after the amp/cab though. Not really sure though how...
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    Slight difference in pitch between Axe FX and unplugged guitar

    My perceived pitch goes sharp by a few cents whenever I yawn, strange but true!
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    SPDIF ReAmp Tutorial - Sonar X2, Presonus, AXE FX II

    Don't forget too that some DAWs (including Sonar) have an 'external insert' feature. Sonar's allows you to insert outboard effects as if they are plugins, and will also calibrate for any latency introduced so you don't have to realign the tracks.
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    First gig with the Axe, and it sounded terrible

    Exactly. I think a lot of people are equating FRFR to mean that there's a bunch of extra high and low frequencies that are being added that wouldn't normally be there in a regular amp/cab setup. The Axefx is producing theoretically the same signal that a real life amp and cab that's miced up...
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    CLOUDBURST" - instrumental prog metal with the RECTO RED (Guthrie, Karnivool fans)

    Awesome work dude! Hey which kit in s2.0 are you using? You've definitely avoided the stock avatar snare sound that always gives the drums away :)
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    Progressive Metalcore (Axe-Fx II Cleans/Leads/Effects)

    Wow that's kick ass! Are you guys gonna tour up the east coast anytime soon?
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    FAS Modern - Regius 7 - Playthrough Video

    Awesome, love it!
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    Thordendal Modern full song/mix

    Nice, thanks!
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    Thordendal Modern full song/mix

    it's strung up with a sort of custom set - .011 .014 .018 .030 .042 .056 .074 . It's fine as long as the pick attack isn't overly heavy and I don't fret down too hard.
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    Thordendal Modern full song/mix

    Cheers! I did the stutter manually in my daw. It's pretty easy actually, just cut a small clip and copy and paste it to the grid. I did a small fade out on each clip so it wouldn't click when it was chopped off, but having the click at the start of each clip is what makes the effect stand out...
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    Thordendal Modern full song/mix

    Thanks man, I'll have to have a play around. I just need to get my head into programming mode. It'd be good to have it set up where you can press an IA button on queue and have the effect start then stop at the end of it. I'll post back if I get anywhere!
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    Thordendal Modern full song/mix

    Well, full song without vocals. Anyone care to do some for me? ;) Nothing special with the patch, I just tweaked the FAS Modern stock preset. Cabs are 43 and 52 (not sure if I changed them from default or not) T808 OD in front, drive at 1, tone at 5.5, level 10. There's some EQ in the mix...
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    Holy Sh*t! Fredrik Thordendal AXE-FX II Rythm Sound

    You guys sound similar in a lot of ways to Andromeda, especially the singer!
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    Old Song Re-recorded and Re-mixed. Ownhammer Mesa v32 IR. S2.0. FAS MODERN & TRILIAN

    What bass patch did you use in Trillian? And what processing? Has a good grit to it!
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    Transformers Original Movie Soundtrack - two video covers

    Friggin sweet! I love that movie, and especially the score - I listen to it in my car all the time! I've thought about doing an amalgamation of sorts of the different 'Unicron theme' pieces, or Escape. Also I reckon Attack On The Shuttle would lend itself well to some cool production ideas...
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    Devin Townsend Live, Axe Fx 2 and a Hot Blonde. Wow!

    Anneke is an amazing vocalist. Have a listen from 6:15 through 8:30. Actually, listen to the whole thing, it's pretty awesome anyways! :)
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    Progressive Metal ala Dream Theater, Axe FX II and Mesa/Boogie Dual Recto

    Wow the keyboard patches sound just like Jordan Rudess! Awesome work man!
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    RJM Mastermind GT vs. the competition?

    No experience with any of the competition but I have one and can say that the support from Ron is flawless. One of the biggest plusses compared to any other unit is that you can program it with ease, without using a PC editor and with no manual in sight - it's that intuitive. Check out their...
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    5150/6505/+ Green/Rhythm channel with crunch alternatives

    Hey guys I used to own a 6505+ head (not anymore thanks FAS!) and found the rhythm channel with the crunch button to be pretty useful. My question is - in terms of the way that particular channel is configured with tubes, and gain staging, and voicing and all that other stuff I don't know...
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    Recording, tracking questions, IR questions, etc.

    I think the point is more that with each additional layer you add, you should reduce the gain. Try a little test - record a riff 4 times and pan it in the same direction. It will sound like there's way more gain than there is.
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    Recording, tracking questions, IR questions, etc.

    Whether you double or quad track can depend on the complexity of your riffing and how tight you can play. If you're loose, with quad tracking it can end up sounding like a big mess. Btw, in my mind double tracking is 2 tracks, quad is 4, wherever they're panned. With cab/IR sounds, it's a...
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    Help! I'm covered in bees!

    Hard to tell but I'd start first by swapping your instrument cable, and also checking the wiring on your guitar's jack - maybe the shielding connection came loose? - edit whoops, saw you've already tried that....
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    2 guitars with axe-fx II, separate outputs

    Instead of using input 1 for guitar 1 and input 2 for guitar 2, use input 1 left for guitar 1 and input 1 right for guitar 2. Then I just use a volume block at the start of each row to select left or right input for the source. On a side note it'd be great if there were separate blocks for fx...
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    2 guitars with axe-fx II, separate outputs

    I think the problem you're having is that you need to be using the effects loop (FXL) block instead of the feedback send block. Just end the guitar 2 chain with that!
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    Help: How do I set up Wah/Whammy autoengage in different scenes?

    What if you split your signal to different rows for the pitch and wah, and recombine the signal afterwards and set both blocks' bypass mode to mute? EDIT: wait that won't work... :/ Do what I said above but put a volume/pan block each before the wah and pitch and set that to mute on bypass.
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    I haven't tried the enhancer myself but if it's similar to any other stereo widening tool, you can run into problems when listening in mono. Definitely no substitute for recording the part twice. Instead of recording each part as a single take, why not do it in sections? That way when you make...
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    RJM MasterMind GT - Experience, anyone?

    I think for my setup it may objectively be a bit overkill but I'm not unhappy with the price I paid - I got in on the presale price for $1700 btw. It would be nice if they offered a smaller version, but as I said earlier I'd probably end up regretting not getting this one. So I think it was...
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    RJM MasterMind GT - Experience, anyone?

    So it arrived last Friday! I haven't had heaps of time to play with it just yet, but what I've found so far is very impressive. My setup is pretty simple with just the Axefx II and the Mastermind GT, but there's so much flexibility to make things work with a more complicated rig like jlbaxe's...
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    RJM MasterMind GT - Experience, anyone?

    Mine's in the mail as we speak, should hopefully be here in the next week :) I'll let you know how it goes once I'm set up! I was thinking about the liquid foot but I placed a couple of purchase requests and never heard back, and being prone to buyer's remorse I thought why not get the...
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    First Post - Red Alert Hell March

    Hey thanks for the kind words! I remember playing this game on Christmas day in '96 and I kept going to the menu to change the in-game music back to this song. Man that's hard to believe it was 16 years ago! Trillian is awesome, even though I only use about 3 or 4 different patches. On this...
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    First Post - Red Alert Hell March

    Hello from down under! I'm a bit of a lurker but it's about time I posted something! I've had the 2 for a month now and I've finally decided to stop being lazy with using VSTs and plug in. Should have done this ages ago, it's so easy to dial in sounds on the axe instead of spending 5 minutes...
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