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  1. scottburrow

    Anybody on a diet?

    Someone was asking how I did it. I chose Medi fast because it was fast. It isn't cheap. I talked to a buddy a while ago who wasn't interested in the cost, I said this. I think if you eat six meals a day with five of those meals being around 110 calories every 2 1/2 hours and your last meal being...
  2. scottburrow

    Anybody on a diet?

    Thanks Rex!
  3. scottburrow

    Anybody on a diet?

    I was diagnosed with Diabetes last June. I said enough is enough. I lost 84 pounds since last June. I have kept it off since making weight in oct. I’m no longer diabetic, and I’m no longer taking cholesterol medication. I no longer have back or knee pain. Live is much different these days for me.
  4. scottburrow


    What your doing is buying a ticket on the next train, It's not just about sound improvements, it's about the evolvement of a product. Life isn't about birth then death...it's about the journey between birth and death that is the most important. You can say buying the new product (Axe III) is the...
  5. scottburrow

    III on the Floor

    I was the same way, then I got a hernia, and had surgery. My rack is heavy. the Ax8 is just perfect for these little bars that I play. They have really small stages. Of course I still play church. Its funny, I have been going through different emotions the last few days. Excited for others as...
  6. scottburrow

    III on the Floor

    I don't care what the floor version will cost I'd buy it. its to perfect for my needs.
  7. scottburrow

    III on the Floor

    They sold me on the floor modeler, i'm not sure I can go back to a rack for my daily driver. I still have an XL, but its in pristine condition.. . wanna buy it....just kidding...
  8. scottburrow

    Axe FX XL (due for upgrade to AFX3) vs Wife (v1.0 - not due for an upgrade)

    Thanks for the wisdom! That stuffs not cheap! I used to want to work forever, but something has changed in me the last few years. I’m an ab initio/ informatica programmer by trade, and as I get older I get less patient with stupid programming languages that aren’t intuitive or fun. Musically I...
  9. scottburrow

    As stoked as I am for the Axe III

    I used to have one preset per song for my cover band, now I just use a Marshall amp sim, for everything. I have everything I want and need. It’s weird for me to be so happy with what I have, what’s going on with me. I guess I’m getting old...
  10. scottburrow

    Axe FX XL (due for upgrade to AFX3) vs Wife (v1.0 - not due for an upgrade)

    I'm perplexed. I have an XL and an AX8. I use my AX8 so much more, as a matter of fact my AX8 is always on always ready to go. I have become codependent on my AX8. People are asking me if I will get the AXE fx III...... Man, I really want an AX8 II so bad. You all know that I will get one...
  11. scottburrow

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

  12. scottburrow

    Hopefully I will see everyone again :-)

    I'm sorry to hear this. Take care of yourself! be strong.
  13. scottburrow

    Happy new Star Wars day!

    I’m going at 12:15am tomorrow morning. Meeting at 11:30pm tonight. Luckily I’m off through the 25th.
  14. scottburrow

    After 6 years with Fractal going back to Line 6...

    LOL, that was funny as if....
  15. scottburrow

    RIP Tom Petty..

    Man, I just need this day to stop! Enough already! Man this sucks in every way possible. We play a bunch of his songs, they are just well crafted songs. I’m just pissed right now, just found my brother in law has cancer today too, enough, enough, enough
  16. scottburrow

    Small MIDI Controller

    The MC6 really is a killer midi all round Midi controller. I have had mine for a long time now, and it just works consistently. I might buy another down the road for my other rig.
  17. scottburrow

    RIP Grant Hart

    I loved that band. A melodic punk band. Husker Du was one of the greats!
  18. scottburrow

    IRMA DAY for FLORIDA.......

    I have been praying for you guys, please be safe!!!
  19. scottburrow

    The Honey moon is over...

    It's just a great tool. Once you learn it ,you will tweak less and play way more. Your sound will improve so much you will play more confidently. Do you remember the days when your pedals would somehow screw up and you would always have to have a spare cable lying around so you could bypass a...
  20. scottburrow

    Did I read somewhere that some guys are using the Flextone amps as FRFR solution?

    I use a flextone cab sometimes a 2x12 with a Matrix gt1000 poweramp. Sounds good and is loud. I mainly go direct and also have Atomic CLR and QSC k10. I use different cabs for different situations. I always leave cab modeling on. I'm not trying to be exact with my tone, I just make sure it...
  21. scottburrow

    My conclusion about guitar gear forums

    When there is nothing going on for months at a time, you check far less. I still check daily, but I don't expect to find much. The heyday of this forum was awesome. The ride up was exciting. I use chrome and I have a few set pages that come up every morning. This is still the first one I check...
  22. scottburrow

    RIP Glen Campbell.

    Major bummer...:-(
  23. scottburrow

    Video: AustinBuddy Builds a Jimi London '67 Preset Step by Step

    I enjoyed this alot. Thanks Austinbuddy!!! For us guys who have been creating presets for years now, It's great to get into the weeds with this stuff, seeing how you approach it versus how I approach things. You do a great job explaining on what you did and why you did it. Thank you!
  24. scottburrow

    Welcome Don Felder (The Eagles, Solo Artist)

  25. scottburrow

    Getting Sound More Upfront

    I would set your proximity in the Cab block up. That will give you that sound you are looking for.
  26. scottburrow

    some self promotion

    Ha, I bought that album from you way back when!!! I enjoyed it. Its great to listen to when I'm programming.
  27. scottburrow

    Why is the Matrix GT1000 needed?

    It's for powering a passive speaker. Be it a passive FRFR, 2x12 or 4x12. People use it because it's good and it works. I use mine on a 2x12 and it has been powering my bass rig 2x12 and 1x15.
  28. scottburrow

    Welcome Lyle Workman!

  29. scottburrow

    The Fractal Grill.

    Medifast! My wife is on it, and I decided it's working for her why not.
  30. scottburrow

    The Fractal Grill.

    Still wearing my fractal shirt from last nights gig. This the shirt I got at the 2012 axefx event in California. I have lost 60 pounds in 12 weeks. I'm happy that I can fit into it again.
  31. scottburrow

    Boston's - Foreplay/Longtime live at the 'House of Blues'

    Good job moke! That was fun to watch!
  32. scottburrow

    Mom, why does dad have that....

    I want to see the full picture of your CNC machine myself.
  33. scottburrow

    IOS 11....still no dark mode???? WTF Apple???!?!??!?!??!??!

    I'm excited for files app for my iPad Pro.
  34. scottburrow

    AX8 V8.02 Released!

    Thanks Joe!
  35. scottburrow

    Happy Birthday Mark Day!!!!

    Happy birthday Mark!!! Another year of you, that's awesome!
  36. scottburrow

    Who forgoes the comp block in favour of the amp block comp?

    This is what I do. I have been doing it this way for a long time. Setup a compressor in front and add the amp compressor as well. I love my sound. I also set on the dynamics page character type dynamic, character freq about 500 (499) character amount around 2.0 or so. From what it was explained...
  37. scottburrow

    Chris Cornell..... :(

    Wow, I just heard...☹️ What a terrible loss. He was was still very young. I will pray for his family and friends today.
  38. scottburrow

    Musicians insurance

    I have seperate policy for my main gigging equipment and my wife's expensive Jewlery. Well worth the cost. Mine is through Allstate insurance.
  39. scottburrow

    Happy Birthday Matt

    Happy birthday Matt! you are an awesome human being and a great friend. I had a great time at the MIM museum with you a couple weeks ago. Thanks for hanging out. I will see you soon.
  40. scottburrow

    AX8 V8.00 Public Beta

    Hmmm, I hear something magical in this one. Played the Brit 800 for a very long time. I'm am extremely happy right now.
  41. scottburrow

    AX8 V8.00 Public Beta

    Thanks Joe!
  42. scottburrow

    MC-6. Small, fully programmable midi controller

    I still love mine as well. I can get to things a lot faster. It makes for a great sidecar controller.
  43. scottburrow

    Ax8 First impressions

    You're going to love it in a live situation. I have been using mine for a long time now and I have to tell you it is one indispensable tool I can't live without. Before you know it you will find a workflow that works for you. I'm jealous for you. I remember that feeling of when you just get used...
  44. scottburrow

    Elliot Easton 1978/79?

    Thanks for that. That was a good read.
  45. scottburrow

    Has your AX8 made you a better guitarist?

    This device separates you from all the other Loud bad sounding Guitar players out there. You will have a better tone, your sound engineer will love you because he has complete control of your volume, and you will be consistent from Gig to Gig. When you have a great tone, you will be called more...
  46. scottburrow

    Has your AX8 made you a better guitarist?

    It's made me a better sounding guitarist!
  47. scottburrow

    AX8 V7.02 Public Beta

    Thanks Joe!
  48. scottburrow

    Motor drive update?

    I'm not sure we're getting that for AX8. Joe would say for sure. There is only so much processing power. I guess I stand corrected. That's great to hear. Looking forward to it.
  49. scottburrow

    MIDI Guitar 2 - Out of Beta and Bitchen

    I had version 1 and version 2 is free for version 1 owners, so you know. I had fun playing with it. it's a very creative tool.
  50. scottburrow

    First Use At Church

    Sound guys suck...just kidding. One thing to think about which I do, when I play churches. Is sometimes your tones need to sound a little middy to fit in that space where nothing else is sitting. When I hear my presets by themselves they sound strange, but you stick that tone amongst all the...
  51. scottburrow

    AX8 V7.01 Released

    Thanks Joe!
  52. scottburrow

    AX8 V7.00 Released

    Thanks Joe! have a great weekend.
  53. scottburrow

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta #2

    Take your time. We love it when you stumble onto something.
  54. scottburrow

    Truly impressed!

    Just wait, it will get better and better.
  55. scottburrow

    Somebody please convince me to NOT buy an Axe FX with my tax return.

    I have had some form of AXE-FX since 2010, I have used it in churches and bars, I am one happy camper. To me that is the base set. it's like using your most used wrench in your tool box. It is the one thing that you will rely on constantly. I have an XL and an AX8. Both indispensable, for what I...
  56. scottburrow

    Playing an Axe/FX II Has Ruined NAMM For me

    This is precisely the reason I got into Scuba diving this year. I have a strat, Tele, Les Paul, epiphone Joe pass for Jazz stuff and an Axe-fx and AX8, there is not much more I need. So I got into scuba. I just got every thing there as well. Mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit, hood, Regulator set with...
  57. scottburrow

    So, the whole Klon thing

    I thought Paul was a Fractal user. Seems like he probably wanted it in. I'm guessing of course.
  58. scottburrow

    So, the whole Klon thing

    I always thought the fas boost, was supposed to be Cliff's version of the type of drive that the Klon was, slightly over driven. I could be wrong. Its funny watching the video above I get that tone all day long, using different methods to achieve the same result. It's not about a particular...
  59. scottburrow

    Joined The AX8 Club

    Congrats and welcome to the club!!!
  60. scottburrow

    Merry Xmas Everyone !

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  61. scottburrow

    Off to get my certification for a PADI scuba cert in 55 degree lake water.

    This whole thing started with a Father's Day raffle at church that I won. I did my discover scuba class and fell in love with it. The instructor who has became my friend, asked if I ever want to blow bubbles let him know. I had just had Hernia surgery, so I had to wait six weeks. He asked me...
  62. scottburrow

    Off to get my certification for a PADI scuba cert in 55 degree lake water.

    That's awesome to see, how many have became divers. I guess I, joining awesome company! Guitars and scuba equipment!
  63. scottburrow

    Off to get my certification for a PADI scuba cert in 55 degree lake water.

    Well the instructors regulator failed, but we got one dive in. Back out on Monday.
  64. scottburrow

    Off to get my certification for a PADI scuba cert in 55 degree lake water.

    so today is my final day where I do the rest of my skills in water, to complete my certification. The water is 55 degrees. I will have a wet suit, gloves and a hood on, so it shouldn't be to bad.wish me luck. This has become a great new hobby.
  65. scottburrow

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.02 Firmware Released

    Thanks Cliff and Co!
  66. scottburrow

    New FAS Video w. Larry Mitchell + Free Presets!

    Thanks Fas and Larry.
  67. scottburrow

    AX8 V6.02 Released

    Thanks Joe. Have a Merry Christmas!
  68. scottburrow

    Rogue one

    I just got home from watching it. Well done, I say!
  69. scottburrow

    Rogue one

    Seeing it at lunch on Friday. That's our christmas party.
  70. scottburrow

    AX8 V6.01 Released

    Thanks Joe!
  71. scottburrow

    AX8 V6.00 Public Beta

    So I played a neighborhood party and then Church the next day. 6.0 PB Sounded great. I am very, very happy!!!
  72. scottburrow

    AX8 replacing GCP Pro used to control multiple GCX units?

    I use my morningstar mc6 to control my AX8.
  73. scottburrow

    New Fractal Pedal

    I resemble that statement...;-(
  74. scottburrow

    AX8 V6.00 Public Beta

    Thanks Joe as always!!!
  75. scottburrow

    Where is Chris? Hope he is ok

    Probably just busy. I sure have been. I have been playing a lot, between church and my classic rock band, it keeps me moving. I imagine all us musicians are getting busier.
  76. scottburrow

    Adhesive-backed Tie-Mounts

    I use a Heat gun to get the Glue on the back hot. They stick better in my opinion.
  77. scottburrow

    AX8 + external midi controller

    I would like to see a video of this.Is that possible?
  78. scottburrow

    AX8 + external midi controller

    Not much! I wish we had CC's for preset +-. I did have F1 set to Preset +-. I still do, so I can just use F2 to go up to the next preset. If I hold down F1 I get the List of presets.
  79. scottburrow

    AX8 + external midi controller

    Yeah, it's like how much stuff can I get on one board. You know, were all fluid. You find what works and try to get it on the smallest real estate possible. I still have my big trailer trash board. It sits over in the corner of my office. The whole reason why I went smaller in the first place...
  80. scottburrow

    AX8 + external midi controller

    How does that work? Is that a little Giant Module? I see the foot switches in front what do they do? You have me intrigued.
  81. scottburrow

    Looking to borrow or rent two small powered monitors in Hamburg Germany Wednesday November 9th

    I have played that very guitar. Larry gets around. I was so busy last time he came through Arizona. Next time Larry. We'll get something going.
  82. scottburrow

    AX8 + external midi controller

    I bought an MC6 from Morningstar. I use it for all kind of stuff. Controlling scenes, presets, Effects, H9 effects. I have one bank for my H9 looper I just switch on one preset to pull up the preset and the bottom three to record, play and stop. I have another three footswitches in the aux...
  83. scottburrow

    Vendor FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Awesome!!! I'll buy it for sure. So how much is that in US money?
  84. scottburrow

    Breaking up with Apple....

    I'll just say one Thing. Virus Software... which makes your computer slow............................................... Why Windows makes you pay for a third party Tax and they don't address it once and for all is beyond me. I believe it should be on them. Build an OS with some security, will...
  85. scottburrow

    Is the Matrix GT1000FX Enough?

    I actually played Glendale Arena once with my Vox amp. I thought cool, I'll be able to turn up really loud. Nope It was quieter than a club. Major disappointment. Back on topic, my Matrix GT1000 is stinking loud, you will not have a problem hearing yourself, for sure.
  86. scottburrow

    Vh "Feel Your Love Tonight" Cover Video

    Awesome as always Mark!!! Nice guitar!
  87. scottburrow

    What DAW do you use/and why?

    Logic pro x on my mac mini Late(2012). Works great, 0 issues. I might get a new Mac mini this year, if they announce one next week. Great, cheap machines. I have an IPAD Pro 12.9 for surfing. A cool app on the IPAD is Auria Pro. Does a lot of stuff, and if you hook that up to a Behringer X18...
  88. scottburrow

    New Warehouse

    I was thinking the same thing.
  89. scottburrow

    New Warehouse

    Woohoo,Upward expansion!!! You gotta love it! Congrats on this milestone!!!
  90. scottburrow

    Wish MIDI block

    Most definitely +1
  91. scottburrow

    AX8 V4.01 Released

    Thanks Joe!
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