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  1. bradlake

    Super clean Strat tones. Just lose the cab and... zzzing! Video and preset download

    JJ Sweet. 62s ..incoming..in minty green...going into my Suhr Classic pro. Thanks again for the tip, Brett, you got some skilled pup rollers down there.....
  2. bradlake

    Delayed orders with UPS

  3. bradlake

    Fractal Modelling Combo

    Would probably sell a crapload , but IMHO may dilute the laser focus of FAS on it’s flagships and force it into competition with the many bigger companies that already have these things....
  4. bradlake

    Forgot How Loud Tube Amps Are

    Yes I saw The Who in 1968, the show that basically changed my life, at Majestic Hills Ski resort in Lake Geneva , Wi , and they were indeed way too loud, and at the very end of their stage smashing era. I will never forget Moon and Townshend swinging from the ceiling-suspended psychedelic...
  5. bradlake

    Not liking the H9 for Reverb ... need MIDI ... Ideas?

    You probly don’t need to be reminded, but I will anyway, you can save a s load of CPU by a) reducing the Quality, which used live is sufficient, and the Plex and Shimmer verbs in the Plexdly block are great.... and the Poly digit is the opposite of stupiid simple...if you can sacrifice MIDI the...
  6. bradlake

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    I have recently been enjoying the pleasures incurred here with judicious use of the Ignore function...........
  7. bradlake

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    I Really need to do this...especially cuz I have no attic or garage.......just converted bedroom/storage units.
  8. bradlake

    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    It has been asked before...but.....WHERE is OLA?!?!?! This guy has made more coin from the phrase “does it chug” than believed possible, he could prolly move a few units with his participation.......
  9. bradlake

    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    It is literally impossible to play the Deluxe Tweed now without drifting into the Rockin in the Free world riffs. Hey hey my my indeed.
  10. bradlake

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    Beat ya to it....cant wait for the royalties to pour in........;)
  11. bradlake

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    I am flabbergasted..and a very very pleased Chugglehead™...... haven’t been abLe to get past the the Tweed and Dumbles yet.... Boys and girls , todays’ secret word is......DYNAMICS.
  12. bradlake

    To Pull This Off at Age 69 Is Incredible

    Let us not neglect to mention.......Travelling Wilburys.........
  13. bradlake

    To Pull This Off at Age 69 Is Incredible

    Yup, that’s the tour I saw too, in Southern Illinois in a psychedelically beautiful natural rock outdoor coliseum...but as you said, super loud and IMO shittily mixed at least for my show.
  14. bradlake

    Super Funk

    Cory Wong did , just a couple weeks ago, an amazing Live stream with the redoubtable Nu Deco Orchestra, from the NorthBeach Bandshell in Miami Beach, where if the world didnt suck quite so badly, Mark Lettieri and Snarky PUPPY would be performing this week at their 4th annual GroundUp Fest, the...
  15. bradlake

    To Pull This Off at Age 69 Is Incredible

    ...I have seen ELO live twice in recent years , and are without question amongst the best sounding shows I have attended , I have loved Lynne‘s style and composing Chops since he joined the Move in 1970, which with Roy Wood and Bev Bevan evolved into ELO...He clearly revels in the opportunities...
  16. bradlake

    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    Don’t mean to be the language police....but .. Cliff ..is eminent... the Cygnus release is ... imminent.....hopefully.;)
  17. bradlake

    Why does Fractal let Dealers out side the USA Rip users off so much ?

    Marketing these days has indeed taken a lot of cues from the snarky, cancel-culture bullshit that permeates the Interwebs, and companies like FAS that , for the most part, take the high road can fall victim to these types of attacks, and you can be sure that they are aware of it.
  18. bradlake

    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    Take it from me , retirement before death is not overrated.
  19. bradlake

    How Will Cygnus Affect Existing Presets?

    Truth be told, Mel Blanc , who voiced OG Leggy as well as every single major iconic WB toon character is indeed one of the most underrated actors in filmic history
  20. bradlake

    Best USB cable for FM3?

    There are absolutely certain USB-B cables that dont fit properly, sadly no way to tell until you try AFAIK....I am personally not a fan of the USB B input on any musical gear, but it is it what is...Ive had to service three different pieces of gear (FM3, Linnstrument , and Moog Matriarch) over...
  21. bradlake

    My All In One Preset

    noice. can't wait to hear/use it once its been .....Cygnified.......
  22. bradlake

    RIP - Chick Corea

    Oh no...He will always be a top motherfucker player and jazz advocate for all time and a sweet , deep sincere and funny cat. I was privileged to see him live in numerous phases of his multifaceted career (first time was RTF with Flora and Airto(!) ), and he never failed to bring high levels of...
  23. bradlake

    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    My uninformed non 8 ball guess is...yes it will run on both III models, and soon FM3 as well.
  24. bradlake

    Firmware 11-> 15 - Overview

    I am still amazed on a daily basis.
  25. bradlake

    Wish Can we please get an Aqua-Puss Way Huge slapjack delay?

    easy peasy. as below . also fun to mess with the LFOs on the modulation tab.
  26. bradlake

    New Guitar Days: Wolfgang Specials

  27. bradlake

    NGD (Tomorrow)

    Was just now playing my 2019 57 CS Goldtop ..nothing quite like it, but better on a guitar stand.......welcome to da club.
  28. bradlake

    FAS Reverb/Big Sur Compatibility

    Unless I am missing an update, my FAS Reverb plugin now crashes Logic every time I attempt to choose a preset...this is on current Mac Pro on Big Sur 11.2...bummer.
  29. bradlake

    No Wait for FM3 in the USA and CANADA

    ...Take that, alleged Noooral vaporware...............;)
  30. bradlake

    Weird issue after update to Big Sur

    There seems to be lots of AV-related anomalies in Big Sur that can seemingly be solved by a reboot, as you discovered......
  31. bradlake

    You Big Tease...

    Beat me to it!
  32. bradlake

    Dweezil Zappa's guitar collection

    No , i didn’t , but thanks!
  33. bradlake

    Dweezil Zappa's guitar collection

    Many of these plus the rest of FZ’s amazing equipment stash have been featured in the wonderful Zappa Gear book by Mick Ekers
  34. bradlake

    You Big Tease...

    Sadly, the dreaded excessive fan noise that hopefully a few loosened screws will remedy. My MK 1 III was dead silent, but my MK 2 , not. As always I know FAS support will come through.
  35. bradlake

    You Big Tease...

    selfishly, I hope there is no release today, as my III is in Plaistow right now getting a tuneup. ...........unless of course FAS graces us with the first ever simultaneous FW release on the FM3............................................
  36. bradlake

    New UA Pedals

    The best part of this release/video is the heightened online presence of longtime FAS friend, conributor, and Scheila -spouse James Santiago, who is obviously the heart of the dev team of this project, and his level of enthusiasm(hype) in his laid-back way seems quite sincere....Although I am...
  37. bradlake

    AXE FX III Vibration security

    I would not overly worry about it, the III is built tough for the road, and I believe this topic may have been addressed here before, and the consensus IIRC was it was not an issue.
  38. bradlake

    RIP Hank Aaron

  39. bradlake

    Thumb down emoji

    Geez dats fun!
  40. bradlake

    FM3's USB Type B Interface Issue - Again !

    I believe the USB-B is a flawed design from the start for use with devices that get moved around....in recent times Ive had to send back my FM3 , a MOOG Matriarch, and a Linnstrument for replacement!
  41. bradlake

    FM3: My Life Has Been a Lie

    Read my mind....just this AM I played “sparks” from Tommy thru myFM3 hIwatt And my Roxy FZ SG...bliss.
  42. bradlake

    Not a Bug White screen and unresponsive unit when booting with a MIDI to USB interface plugged in.

    If i boot my FM3 with USB plugged into my Mac Pro, I get the white screen every time, but if plug in after I turn FM3 on, works fine...don’t know if Issues are connected to OP.
  43. bradlake

    Office/Studio Chairs

    ...Aerons are also excellent , as mentioned above, and I always recommend a hydraulic desk, the option to sit or stand while manipulating gear is priceless.
  44. bradlake

    Office/Studio Chairs

    http://soundseat.com/ I‘ve been very happy with mine for some years...just moved with me into my new crib...
  45. bradlake


    Did not realize til now that two of the most iconic rock personas of the 20th century shared today’s birthday....then I saw this.....
  46. bradlake

    Who is your favourite James Bond?

    Connery 007 #1 forever, but Craig has done a very good job to date...but for pure camp fun , the better Moore selections are hard to beat ...dalton, lazenby, Brosnan, Woody Allen...meh.
  47. bradlake

    Wish Output MIDI clock

  48. bradlake

    Gibson buying Mesa?

    I thought I was the only one old enough to remember Opcode....many of us of a certain age cut our DAW (sorta) teeth on that app......quite bizarre when it just..went away.....
  49. bradlake

    Playing Trilian and Modo Bass via Axe-Fx III

    Should be doable but totally depends on your setup, routing, computer type and additional interface if applicable.....more info will help.
  50. bradlake

    Happy New Year from the III, me, Jason Richardson, and Music Man

    great way to start 2021! Cheers, Jason, Carter, FAS and EBMM!
  51. bradlake

    Looks Like We Lost Another One: RIP Leslie West

    Mountain, in certain circles , probly mostly in the Tri State Area , were rock Gods equivalent to Cream (and sharing collaborators.)
  52. bradlake

    Pedals in front of the Axe = lose the "secret sauce?"

    Try it and see how it works for you, think you may be surprised
  53. bradlake

    Pedals in front of the Axe = lose the "secret sauce?"

    It does not...and no, I accidentally underlined.....
  54. bradlake

    Pedals in front of the Axe = lose the "secret sauce?"

    you may want to try the Freqout in a post-amp loop....
  55. bradlake

    Pedals in front of the Axe = lose the "secret sauce?"

    Freqout and fuzz both work very fine in front of III, don’t worry about the sauce.
  56. bradlake

    Helix Modeling Question

  57. bradlake

    Perfectly and without a hitch...

    Dude if you are playing in South Florida at any safe gigs, let us know!@
  58. bradlake

    Helix Modeling Question

    Genius is not very common in most corporate situations. It is simply the CliffBrain that is the core of any answer to this thread.
  59. bradlake

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24

    Nice bonus Frankenstein!
  60. bradlake

    FM3 Firmware Version 3.0

    This thing sounds amazing now. ...couldn’t get past a fresh simple Bassguy patch.
  61. bradlake

    14.07 Firmware Friday?

    Yeah this thread is irrelevant at this point anyway..........unless of course it is Firmware faturday (er ...Saturday)
  62. bradlake

    14.07 Firmware Friday?

    I am strange, I am left handed at some things(writing) and right handed at others (guitar) ..I have used theremin in the past and determined I am more comfortabLE controlling pitch with my left hand, with Moog theremins, turning it around with the display and controls away is not optimal...
  63. bradlake

    14.07 Firmware Friday?

    Nah... i want to do this......
  64. bradlake

    14.07 Firmware Friday?

    I have a pre order in for a left-handed Claravox theremin....my rapidly expanding semi modular setup demands it....
  65. bradlake

    Mac OS 11 Big Sur Notices

    I have UAD Apollos, they are always slow to update and do not currently work on the M1Mini , the III and axeedit are fine
  66. bradlake

    Mac OS 11 Big Sur Notices

    My report from the M1 (new Mini)..is the III mk2 and axeedit is rock solid in bigsur, work bettrr than ever with the supercharged Logic, (with no plugins excrpt the awesome and compatible Midi guitar 2)and is the only of my audio interfaces that work ......bodes fir good times ahead Except maybe...
  67. bradlake

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.06

    This sounds so good (especially with the freshly tweaked @austinbuddy Naked amps bank 1 I just downloaded on my freshly unwrapped III Mk2 (sold the ((not)) old one in minutes on Reverb..). And the channel /scene switching...what can I say...bees knees..cat’s pajamas , bitchen..far out...
  68. bradlake

    Vintage gear

    Wow., talk about Eurorack..............
  69. bradlake

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

    Axe Fx III mark I ...sold....in an hour......! ( i did offer a great deal)
  70. bradlake

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

  71. bradlake

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Happy B-day, youngster. Hope you get as much joy today as you give us on a constant basis. Thanks.
  72. bradlake


    My understanding is they are still working that out. Hopefully very soon.
  73. bradlake


    [ asfar as I know, the film will be rent or on demand only for 90 days then available to buy or stream , for now Amazon is as good as anywhere.
  74. bradlake


  75. bradlake


    Cheers..I’m just glad I’m still alive to see it out
  76. bradlake


  77. bradlake


    https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/zappa_2020 the verdict is in , We have a classic, an I hope everyone tries to see it soon , as I think Alex and his editor and crew did an amazing job...and don’t miss the soundtrack , which is IMHO the best post-mortem compilation of FZ’s work yet, with amazing...
  78. bradlake


  79. bradlake

    FM3 Firmware Version 2.00 Public Beta 1

    It is in American holiday parlance...Thanksgiving nweekend(such as it is ) begins today.
  80. bradlake

    Line 6 Helix 3.0 released

    Haven’t figured it out yet....
  81. bradlake

    Well, I'm all in with FM3!

    Wrote this seconds before I saw this post ...weird......lotsa dust out there.....
  82. bradlake

    Line 6 Helix 3.0 released

    Yoinks. My Helix sits on the floor collecting dust and is giving me recriminating looks, better upgrade it. Everyone and their coding cousins are releasing updates lately, hard to keep up ...(and just upgraded to III mk2 just now.............)
  83. bradlake

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

    New Fractal Friday!!!!! (Invite recieved and ordered...look out extra memory , here I come with with my mountain of Content...)
  84. bradlake

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.05

    Snappy, baby!! This update bodes well for the future of the FM3 as well, methinks............
  85. bradlake

    Apple Silicon

    Think i will give a new Mini a spin for fun and possible edification
  86. bradlake

    Studio Monitor Recommendations

    The Focal line has top stuff in all price ranges these days, including headphones as well as monitors. While the Trio and Solo stuff is amazing (and pricey (got a couple Solos here in chicago, ) their newish Shape and Alpha lines are great bang for buck
  87. bradlake

    Hulu and SNL

    From all accounts, the SNL experience was bummer for both Zappa and SNL, stemming from creative control issues..(there is some great never-before seen or heard stuff from this in the upcoming ZAPPA movie (coming THIS MONTH to a screen near you)
  88. bradlake

    Where are all the FX8 MK II's?

    I have sold and replaced several generations of Axe-Fx and AX8 , but have never considered selling the FX8 as it still a unique unit in its use case.
  89. bradlake

    Wife Accidentally Brewed Regular Coffee Today

    Well heck, might as well see what slipping a couple Psilocybin shrooms in your omelette and see what pops up.......................
  90. bradlake

    Wife Accidentally Brewed Regular Coffee Today

    I knew something was up......it’s you
  91. bradlake

    Delay Designer

    this preset has officially (by me) added to the all-time useful templates menu. (its on axe-change now, cheers as always ,Leon).. After being away from my Chicago rig for months longer than expected, was happy to crank up some gear I had dearly missed, upgrade the III to14.whateverthisisnow ...
  92. bradlake

    FM3 Status Update

    This is obviously the proper course. Thanx!
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