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    Need help - cant get stereo (ping pong delay) from a cab

    So - Ive been an amp/cab guy for my whole AFX life (10 years now) - but recently Ive re-arranged things at home and its easy to use my monitors and IRs - and as such Ive been playing around with cabs for pretty much the first time. Thing is, I cant get a ping pong delay from my cabs. If I...
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    Patch creation, and FC control (as far as we know) help

    OK, So Ive been a Fractal user since 2008. First a standard, then an original Mk1 AFX2 which I still have. Im considering the AFX3 - though Im in Europe so will be a wait - and I wont get one until the FC controllers are released either. HOWEVER, Im trying to figure out how to "recreate" my...
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    Lf/hf settings when using valve power amp/real speakers questions.

    Just wondering what people's opinions are. I know yek likes to zero these as they simulate the modelled speaker with the modelled power stage, but in the case of valve pa And real cabs you get that naturally. I've tried it but can't decide. Loweringv the hf certainly controls high end...
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    Matrix GT1000FX v Fryette Power Station

    OK. I A/Bd these in a shop initially. Id used the Fryette Power station when trying a Friedman Buxom Betty, and was so impressed by the tonal match between fryette and Friedman when the volume was equal that I returned with my AFX rig. Initial impressions on a clean tone were the the two were...
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    Buxom Betty attempt.

    Played around today. Did some research on the Friedman Buxom Betty as I loved it so much at Peach Guitars last week. ITs a blackface pre, coupled to a JTM45 Power stage essentially. So I did just that - Twin, changing the tonestack to a JTM45 and the valves to EL34s. Had to lower the master to...
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    Which Rack?

    No idea where to put this - so leaving it here. I currently have a 4U, wooden/aluminium Rack that Ive had since my Standard days. Well -its got a bit full. Its actually got 5U of gear plus a power strip (normal household surge protected one screwed into the lid) and a patch bay. I have...
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    FW18 Beta - clean to crunch from vol pot and fingers.

    Sloppy playing, and camera's mic compresses at higher levels. It is what it is - but shows the improvement to my ears with FW18 on CLEAN/BREAKING tones.
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    OP 2 Clipping, but not OP1

    Playing with my levels since weve got the UV meters. I have my OP2 lower than OP1 (I use one for live and one at home - EQ compensated in the Global EQ for FM). Now, I have the levels altered in two places. 1st in the FX loop - where I have the loop at -9db but also in the Global EQ which is...
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    AFX with amp - 4CM - VERY noisey

    Hi all. For the first time in 6 years I own a real amp. Had been gasing for a while to fulfill a couple of purposes. Firstly I wanted a small combo as a pick up and go solution - the AFX is great, but its still a 4U rack, Cab and Midi board for me (I still go amp/cab live). For "round a...
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    When 500w/channel just isnt enough.

    Matrix GT1600FX 2u Rackmount Amplifier The GT1600FX 2u Priced at just £610* the GT1600FX 2u is available to purchase from our online store. Please click here to order The Matrix GT1600FX is a 1.6kw (mono bridged), 800 watts a side stereo power amp designed for guitarists who need tons...
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    AC/DC Back in Black tone here.

    Played on my PRS CU loaded with Bare Knuckle Mules - so hasn't quite got the bite of an SG. The Amp is the Atomica Low - which Axe-Edit doesn't recognise yet. ive uploaded the Patch to Axe-change BUT it will have the Bassman sims (on both amp X and Y) which you will have to change manually...
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    AC/DC Back in Black

    Played on my PRS CU loaded with Bare Knuckle Mules - so hasn't quite got the bite of an SG. Only learned this today (I knew the intro riff before0 so the solos are definitely improvised lol. The Rhythm bits playing under the solo (and outro) were on the backing track i used - so its a...
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    Blues dymanics FW8

    Haven't posted a clip for ages. Normally an Amp/Cab guy and dont record often - so Cab/IR bit might be off. Still Suhr Badger. 4x12 1960B V30 (RW) with U87 Mic, plus 1x12 Brit G1302H (RW) with SM57 All tones/drive is from Neck or Bridge PU of a CP60s strat with Kinman Woodstock PUs, and used...
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    Switching Lag after latest FW update?

    Anyone else noticed this? since the last FW update of the MFC, when I switch patches - that happens immediately HOWEVER, I cannott activate an IA for perhaps half a second or so. The MIDI in light on the AFX flashes with the same lag. Im assuming the MFC is switching patches OK, but is...
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    Want 20% of a Matrix wedge?

    Want 20% off a Matrix wedge? Enter the competition on their Facebook page, for the chance to win 20% off your choice of an active or passive wedge plus free delivery. Matrix Amplification | Facebook
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    Matrix GT800fx v GT1000fx - review + vids

    OK, so ive been using the GT800fx for a year now, and today got the new GT1000fx. I have compared the two amps and taken some short videos. Nothing special, and no time for more as the 800 is already sold and needs shipping later today. So - immediate thoughts. the 1000 is definitely more...
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    5.07 Freezes?

    Happened twice so far to me. Once an hour after updating the FW, then again 20 mins later. Unit locked - no sound, no response to any buttons. First time a power reset didnt help :(, but a second reset did. then the second time again a first reset didnt work - this time only getting to the...
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    so - which studio monitors?

    Im using my monitors much more now I have my AFX2 that when I had the standard - and I bought some new headphones for use with it - some AKG 271s. Ive been happy with my Event TR5 monitors for years - but the AKGs actually show much more definition and control. I was aware when I bought the...
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    New Gear Day :)

    Well, its been NG month actually, new PUs and Trem for the Strat, New bridge for the Tele, pots/caps, connectors to make up my rack, new headphones and of course i took delivery of my AFX2. Most are routine things, and while the AFX2 is a stunning piece of kit it isnt to everyones taste - and...
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    EV TX1122FM?

    Im thinking of getting one of these. I normally use amp/cab but with the latest firmware being much better with FRFR - and the fct that on occasion I HAVE to monitor quietly on stage - im thinking about this speaker. Its passive - which was something I wanted as I will drive it from my...
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    Messin with FW5 dynamics

    Only my seconnd recording with the AFX2. its direct (one take again) into Reaper. Havent worked Reaper out yet as im used to Pro tools - but thats only 7.2LE so wont let me use the AFX as an interface. Main guitar an Ash tele loaded with Broadcaster PUs, but into a Soldano SLO Patch. should...
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    Dave Friedman talking about the GT800FX during NAMM

    Dave Friedman talking about the Matrix GT800fx "just like a valve power amp" :) theres a complement. Dave Friedman GT800FX.m4v - YouTube
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    Any Ideas?

    Dont want to post in "bugs" as it probably isnt an issue with the AFX2, still. The problem is playing backing tracks via the AFX2 over USB while playing over the top. I get the audio no problem, and play over the top no proble BUT after a while (from a few seconds to 30/40 seconds) it gets...
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    1st AFX2 Recording

    Nothing special. Its all done on a strat, and a Shiva patch - two gain levels and a full drive drive pedal. A small amount of reverb - very slight, and a delay for a small part of the track. Its one take and i didnt mix it - just played over the BT in Reaper, one take and exported.
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    Recording/re-amping Question

    I usually run Pro Tools LE o my main computer - but as that doesnt allow 3rd party hardware, I cant run the AFX2 via USB - I can only run my audio in. So - I set up reaper on my laptop, and I have configured it fine. I can play a track back via the AFX (headphones) and play along - OK. i...
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    3 years with a standard - my AFX2 just turned up. Blog.

    Well, the boss gave me time off this morning to wait for Parcelforce to deliver the new toy. After waiting since May 11th for this thing - and despite owning the AFX Standard for over 3 years now I was giddy. it arrived, and although I had to go into work - I couldnt resist a short (with...
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    Global EQ Question

    On the Gen 1 Units, There were separate Global EQs for OP1 and OP2. is this still the case with the 2? I had assumed so - and have configured my rack as such - but it has been pointed out that may not be the case. PITA if it isnt a I have the 2 OPs EQ'd for low volume home use (a FM curve...
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    Finished Rack/Patch Panel - almost.

    Put this in the wrong section - however as the "almost" in the title is because its still housing an AFX Standard until Monday when my 2 gets here it can stay there for now with this link: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/ultra-std-discussion/45957-finished-rack-almost-including-patch-panel.html...
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    Finished Rack - almost, including patch panel.

    So - Pretty Much finished my Rack and board. the exception is it still has an AFX Standard in it :( my AFX2 will be here Monday :) So - From the Front: From the Rear: The Power Strip is a UK Surge protected 4 way screwed into the roof of the rack. Lead is secured and comes...
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    Patch bay - what am I missing

    ive been preparing for the arrival of my 2, and changed my rack blank/patch panel connections. I have 2 blanks which is fine - but am wondering if Ive missed anything. I have: Guitar in - routed to the front pannel socket. Aux In - routed to input 2. for accoustic/bass/vocal use should...
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    Talk to me about Strat type guitars.

    Background. Ive always liked Strat shapes, but not the colour :( and not 3 x SCs. Ive always been a HB man - with the exception of a SC at the neck. I did own a Sambora Strat for a while that I really liked (bar the Floyd and the star inlays) but felt happier with HBs - and at the time could...
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    clarification - system requirements.

    Get my AFX2 early Jan - and wanted to clarify something. From reading the information available, I believe I cant use he AFX2 as an interface with my music PC. Its an AMD 3500 Athlon processor, single core, runnin at 2.2Ghz. oporating system is Windows XP. From what I understand, the...
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    Cabling/patch panels

    Today I have been preparing for my AFX2 arrival. I received various parts in preparation yesterday, and today I soldered. First I changed the connector in my cab from Jack to Speakon. Not needed now but when I get a pair of Matrix's new EV12l clones I will for the added power. Next I...
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    Line 6 DT25 with the AFX?

    Tempted to try this. I want a pick up and go combo anyway - and the DT25 as a "pure amp" looks pretty good, and a decent price. I have had a look at the Midi implementation as well - and you can change channels, change amp configuration (the 4 modes) per channel, switch from Class A to A/B...
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    Where in the US?

    Should I live :) im thinking if Emigrating from the UK after my time in the forces is done, and The US is an option. I have looked in to jobs/criteria etc and it it possible - but where should I aim to live? obviously the Job I end up doing will have an impact - but I will probably have a...
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    Definately NOT High Gain - Including Matrix Gt800FX & Strat

    This has been recorded for me to see what the Strat sounds like now its been modded so Pos 3 is Bridge/Neck in parallel like a Tele. Anyway - Its the Strat, using that Pos 3 and the neck at various times. the sim is the AC30 sim - but ive not been using it long and it was designed for a PRS so...
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    The EUs AFX2s are HERE! Cliff! Everyone!

    First off, Im really pleased Fractal have moved forward with the AFX2. After owning a Standard for 3 years now im very exited by Fractals products. Im also sure that Fractal could sell every AFX2 it is currently makin in the US with no problems at all. Thing is, those of us in the EU (and...
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    Your Ideal Power Amp Size/Power Rating ??

    A little research here I suppose. Ive been talking to Andy At Matrix about various things - and he happened to mention he had a GT800FX wound up on stage at a demo - and it was SERIOUSLY loud. He wondered why us guitarists wanted so much power. I told him it wasnt so much power - as clean...
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    Hep choosing a new - and important Guitar

    HELP - choosing a guitar. I would never normally ask this question on a Forum - but Im having a REALLY hart time making a descision. My gran died recently and has left me some money. I want a keepsake as I didnt get anything personal from her estate - and the only things I keep and form...
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    Q For Bete Testers or Cliff

    Hi, The only thing Im concerned about, is the "Unity Gain" thing. As I understand it, you set the IP gain but then any signal comming in sets to unity. Does this mean that the AFX basically fees the same strength signal to the Amp sim regardless of the I/P - so a Tele with Low OP PUs, and...
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    Matric GT800fx - for those with Fan noise concerns, and some "flat" Axe EQ clips

    I thought it would be best to start a new thread on this. The other threads are getting long, and this post might get lost. i know there are a few people out there with concerns over the fan noise on the Matrix. I did an A/B/C with the Axe, the Matrix XT800 and the VHT - however it was far...
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    Used Ultra/Standard prices to plummet ? I Dont think so

    And heres why (Im UK so will speak in £, but its an almost 1:1 £/$): Last week an Ultra was £1850, and a standard £1450. Today the AFX2 is £2000 - however once the current stock of standards and ultras are gone there are no more - ONLY the AFX2. So - thats point 1. The "entry" price...
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    Standard/Ultra firmware 11

    Been playing with FM11 on my Standard. It sounds really good, and made me think "maybe I dont NEED Axe-FX 2" lol. The only disappointment - no more amp sims in there :( nice to see Cliff gave us all something new, not just those with loads of money to play with.
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    I have developed a fault - help!!

    I have forwarded this to G66, but thought Id see if anyone here has an idea. I appear to have developed a fault, and TBH wasn't sure if it was the Axe or the MFC. Basically, my CC pedal connected to EP 1 stopped working - or rather the Wah on auto engage didn't work. I checked the cable and...
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    UK Axe Users?

    Sorry to post this - I know its been done in the past but the search function isnt picking anything up. Anyway, I have an interested party that could so with a demo (but not in my neck of the woods). anyone close enought to the M6/M56 Junction area of the UK who could help out? there are a...
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    Matrix XT Guitar amp - what would be your spec requirements?

    As discussed in another thread, Matrix are developing a potential guitar version of their XT500/800 amps. Part of that design would be to use Jack outputs. The current design puts out too much power when utilised fully to use Jack safely (their low V outsputs really) so their looking at...
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    SPOILER ALERT ** Matrix XT800 v VHT 2:50:2 Reveal - take the test first!!

    Interesting. the difference in the patch was the Matrix had couple of points of db up in 3 bands (65hz, 4Khz and 8Khz), a fraction more sag, fraction less damp, slightly lower HF response and slightly lower prescence. I mean SLIGHT. So - Clip 1 was the ...
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    Matrix XT800, VHT 2:50:2 - 2 clips which is better and why? no clues

    So. this is not me pushing the Matrix - lets get that out of the way. its also not about testing you lot ot see who has better ears. its about seeing if the two amps are close. its a blind test really. i took a patch Ive used for ages on the VHT, and recorded a clip to a backing. I...
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    Can you control master volume via a modifier?

    and if so how? Basically, I can assign an IA on the MFC to volume, and set max and min settings. Great. However, I only get no LED or Green LED. Not a hugh issue but Id like Red/Green to mirror all the other LEDS. Picky I know. i have done something similar with another modifier that...
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    Switching Red and Green LED Functions

    it would be nice to choose which state the Green/Red LEDs show. I only say this, because for gain levels, it seems normal (on amp footwsitches for instance) for green to be low gain and Red to be high. im sure Ill get used to it, however personally Id prefere a Grenn LED for FX Block Present...
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    2 colour LEDs non FX Block functions

    Id like to hsve 2 colour LEDs for things that arnt FX blocks. Things like Modifyers and volume. They are allocated CCs in the same menu as the FX blocks within the Axe. It cant be that difficult to poll the Axe to see id there allocated to one of the CCs the IAs are set to?
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    Matrix XT-800 Review, and up against a VHT 2:50:2

    Matrix XT-800 Review, and v VHT 2:50:2 now with video This will be spread over several posts I think. I will put some pics up when I get some taken - and will also do some video clips of both the Matrix and the VHT for comparrison (as best you can on the net). Well, the new Matrix XT-800...
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    i have issues. anyone help.

    So, got my MFC today. Sold my all access in preparation. Problems I have. 1. In axe mode, I have no patch names, no tune info and slow patch changes. I'm using a 7 pin rocktron cable I have used with the all access. I'm presuming the core is 5 core and needs to be 7 for two way comms. It...
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    Tip so 2 colour LEDs work with non FX

    Dont know if this has been covered. ive been pondering before my MFC arrives, because with my all access I use an IA to enagble external 1, which toggles between two gain levels in my amp sims. How do i get the <FC to show green for low and red for high gain? Well, Ive placed a block I dont...
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    Question for owners

    I want to use the 3 LED statuses when I get my MFC, however for my "gain boost" I toggle 2 levels within the amp block using a modifyer. From what I read I cant get this to "auto display" or use the 3 LED states. As I understand it, I have to have the MFC in Axe mode, and assign a button to an...
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    New Strat - first dedicated strat patch. Amp/Cab setup

    Sound and pic is a little ropey as the missus nicked the camera - had to borrow my daughters still. First strat clips I felt were a little brittle (though some loved them) but I was playing into patches Id designed for my PRS. This is the first "Strat Patch" with some gain - its a bit...
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    Encoder - easy fix?

    My Encoder seems to be giving up on me. When I scroll through patches for instance, it sometimes jumps one or two, and occasionally goes back a few - so I might scroll right ant the patches go 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,6,7,8. This happens both ways. Its over 2 years old but Ive EMailed sussi at G66...
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    More Vids, Amp/Cab not FRFR or Direct.

    Ok, the first one is the same track as the Blue PRS video - with a Strat as this has been asked for several times. I used the same patch as I had been asked to do that too. Personally I think its a little brittle on the Strat as th Patch is a higher gain one for the PRSs so has quite a bit of...
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    New Vids. PRS, new strat and unashamadly 80s hair metal/roc

    Some dodgy vid clips. First ones the new strat on a PRS clenan patch to see how it works, 2ns 8-s hair rock inc vocals (original not mine) and Im not sorry. thid is a PRS gettin clan and high gain tones from vol,tone and PU selections only. No Axe settings change...
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    MFC 101 now vailable in the EU

    Perfect timing - today is my birthday and have just had the "its available " EMail from Sussi at G66 :) Im sure it will be a few days before they start actually shipping, and the EMail is only to confirm whos still interested - however it made my Birthday :) :)
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    Short Vid clips

    Some short video clips taken when I spent the morning demoing the Axe. Volume is high - easily gigging levels (and was matched to a cooking Carvin Legacy). Amy was a VHTY 2:50:2 though a 2x12 3/4 back cab (loaded with v30 and G12H). the camera mic does break up a little at times due to the...
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    Pro Audio 1U ss Power amp review

    OK, so stopped off at Pro-Audio yesterday for 3 hours to test their new Solid State Power amps. I had used an Art SLA-1 bridged for 14 months, but been using a VHT 2:50:2 for the last 6. The Art was just dull in comparrison. Some thick mids in their I couldnt dial out and it wasnt as dynamic...
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    Any UK Lurkers based Reading way want a demo next Sunday?

    As it says. I having a weekend trip to the mainland next weekend. the main reason was to demo my axe to some interested parties near Reading. This has fallen through - though I'm still making the trip. I have some shop and factory trips arranged for the Sat and Mon (travel days) and the...
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    My Shop Demo review

    Well, I still think Im the only person in Northern Ireland to own an Axe FX. Last week I went into a local shop (low end guitar stuff really, with pianos, brass etc as well - a true all round music shop) and got talking to the guy on the desk. Really nice young guy who had heard of the Axe...
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    Atomic Passive FR Cab right for me?

    I have tried powered FRFR soutions and never really clicked with them. Its really because I need an amp type backline as most gigs I play are too have anything but vocals through the PA - maybe kick drum. The problem with FRFR was than it was the audience as well as me that noticed the...
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    how to load a patch in sysex format?

    Silly q really - but Ive never done this. Someone has sent me a patch in a sysex file. I have this on my PC. How do I load it into the axe, in a specific patch slot?
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    Output level - in db??

    Im trying to match my Power amp to the Axe. It has two levels - -10dbu and 0 dbu. Now i know there are SO many ways to effect the output level of the exe, but as a guide, with the patch lelel at unity, the global EQs at 0db, and the Output volume (via 1/4 Jack) full - what is the output level...
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    Naked, Dry Amp only demos

    I started a thread on Music Radar (a UK site linked with guitarist magazine) which later got added to the gear page. Basically I started showing off some Azxe sounds that were amp block only. No EQs, No FX and default settings - with the exception of the master volume that I changed on some...
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    More FANTASTIC service from G66 !!

    Some may know I had a fault with my axe - or so I thought. One of my patches showed ghost notes, or double notes when played hard and high up the neck. Also some distortion on pristine clean patches when struck hard. I checked with some factory presets and the squeeky clean showed the same...
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    Axe Problem - HELP !

    Any ideas here. I have just noticed a really funny sound on one of my patches. It sounds like ring modulation, or doubling of notes. It only happens on the Brownface sim, it happens with all my guitars, and also direct recording or through my PA/Cab. Its not the patch. I can change the amp...
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    New line up complete - nearly

    So - gone is the Stroborack, the SLA-1 and the VHT 2x12 Fatbottom cab. In is the new zilla ported 2x12 with 3 removable back pannels, and a VHT 2:50:2. All I want now is a Stageclix Jack wireless on top and Im good to go. 1 Midi cable, 1 Speaker cable, 1 power plug and a guitar and Im off !!
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    VHT 2:50:2 - class A or A/B ?

    As it says - for those running a 2:50:2 do you run Class A for 50W and the most pure sound, or Class A/B for the higher headroom of 62W but maybe a little more colour?
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    I got a Bargin !!!

    AS some will now Ive used my Art SLA-1 Bridged for 14 months and been happy. Until that is I tried a Vale Amps loop. While not a million miles away in tone, the feel and depth were deffinately better through the amp. Nect I tried a Marshll 9100 (used) and the same was evident. So I started...
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    Thoughts on Peavey Classic 60/60 ?

    As it says. Ive checked out some valve power amps to replace my Art SLA. The Marshall 9100 (or 50/50) is OK - but just OK, and at around £400 used and £700 new isnt the best option. My 1st choice is a VHT 2:50:2 - BUT ther elike rocking horse poo used over here - and at £1250 new out of my...
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    Quick advice needed. Lap Gruppen??

    I have used an Art SLA-1 for a year now, and as I only go mono at present Ive been happy. Recently though Ive started loking for a higher quality amp. I have a chance at a Lap Gruppen iq1050. Its an installation amp really, but is 2U rack. Its a quad amp driving 4 x 8 Ohm channels at 120W...
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    Pro Audio 1U and 2U Power Amps

    Further to my recent thread on these being competition for the Art SLAs in particular. I spoke to the company today. The first units should be ready in a week or so. They are a small company, and dont have US distribution BUT will ship direct (to the EU as well). There also looking for a...
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    Art SLA Revelation

    Well, maybe not quite a revelation. I have been happy with my SLA-1 for nearly a year now. I didnt quite get what people were talking about when saying it was "flat" or "lifeless". While I could see it being more middy, and maybe duller than a real amps power section, Id put it down to being...
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    New 1U power amp - rival to Art SLA and Carvin?

    Found a new (ish) company in the UK offering 1U (and 2U) high power power amps. The blurb on the site looked good - but the prices were really low. I thought maybe they were a budget make. However, given all their componants are designed and made by the company, the amps are assembled in...
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    Atomic and Exchange Rates

    I HATE Exchange rates !!!! How are you supposed to budget for anything ? When the Atomics price was first estimated at $699, that price to the UK via G66 worked out at around £530. Even given the actual price it was released at of $799 that would still have cost me £600. Fine - I had £600...
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    Art sounding flat/middy? experiment with head and Art.

    Ive been happy with my SLA-1 for around 9 months now - but I have read a few seople saying itsw mid heavey, 2d or flat sounding when compared to using a tube amps power section. Well, I had my mates Orange Thunderverb 50 head last week so did some A/Bs. I played a mid gain patch through my...
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    Atomic ? - Oh Crap

    After saving the money from the sale of my VHT for 5 months now, the Atomic is VERY close. BUT - Yesterday our cooker blew up :( . The heating element in the main fan oven tripped all the breakers in the kitchen. When they were reset the Lower oven no longer works. Well the replacement is...
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    Red Wirez IRs - How exactly?

    Ive read up on Red Wirez Website. I get that for $10 you get loads of IRs of one cab - plently of speakers, mic positions and mic distances. How exactly do you load them into the axe though? and how does it work once there. It is a case of load one of the 500 or so IRs into 1 user IR slot and...
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    Which Speakers?

    So I have decided not to go FRFR for now (Ill wait for some reviews on the Atomic. If there good, maybe Ill try that route in a few months). The upshot of this decision is a new cab :D My Current VHT Fat Bottom 2x12 is nice, but it is a closed back. Its neither a 4x12, or nice open back...
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    Atomic FR - eu Price.

    This has been covered in the Atomic FR thread, but for those not checking that - g66 have put up info and pricing for the eu on their site. Price is 849 Euro - BUT - having corresponded with sussi, if you have an Axe-FX already (bought through them) you only pay 799 euro delivered. :D This...
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    The truth of the "micd up" guitar sound over "real" sound ?

    Firstly a few caveats. 1. For those who have read my "7 FRFR solutions" thread this point has been covered (maybe not so well) - though in the thread not the first post. For those who have skimmed it - or not read it I wanted to make these points specifically. For thoese that have read it all...
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    7 FRFR solutions auditioned side by side - my mind is blown

    So. I have tried an Art RCF 312a and 522a previously. The 312 was OK, the 522 much better. This is partly because of the series and partly because of the compression drivers (1" in the 312 2" in the 522). So I took a trip to the best PA place in a couple of hours drive. I have tried: a...
  87. P

    Anyone else with this problem?

    Despite the Axe having unlimited tones available (and a main reason why many go the modelling route - axe or otherwise), I find Im using only 3 patches, with FX being switched in/out in a pedalboard way. All 3 sounds have the same sonic tone - mine. A clean, Crunch and lead. Its like having a...
  88. P

    15" FRFR solution? worth it?

    I know most people use 12" solotions - or less. BUT: I tried an RCF 522 and it ws really nice. I though better than the HPR 122i. I also have been told that the QSC K12 is very good - unless I can stretch to the RCF 722. Problem is the 722 is nearly £1000 !!! the K12 is £750. Much better...
  89. P

    Anyone know how Mackie SRM 450s sound?

    Just asking because there the cheapest option I have ;) Basically Id dismissed Mackies as I didnt think they were that good (admittedly the V1s and It was some years ago I tried them). Still, In the UK we get stiffed on prices. Here are my options: 1. SRM 450s - £500 2. RCF 322a - £650...
  90. P

    Which FRFR Solution?

    Well - here it is. Ive used an Art SLA-1 with my VHT cab for 8 months since I got my axe. i have a Wharfedale powered PA and have tried FRFR through this - yes I know its not great quality, but Id never been convinced FRFR was for me. Well - I havent played in the band for 3 months (various...
  91. P

    ART SLA Performance report !!

    So, I see many posts here with questions on the Art SLA-2 (200W per channel into 8 Ohms - 520W bridges into 8 Ohms). I myself have ran the SLA-1 since getting my Axe (100W per side into 8 Ohms, 260 W Bridged into 8 Ohms). i would like to share my experiences with volume/performance of the SLA...
  92. P

    Help identifying the "best" FRFR solution for me

    So, Im going to take the plunge into FRFR after using an ART SLA-1 and my old VHT 2x12 cab for 8 months. However I need some help selecting the best method. My Useage. I do a lot of recording, and practice to backing tracks in a music room using my Wharfedale EXP PA System. Its a cheap but...
  93. P

    Observations on FRFR v Amp and Cab

    Well, I have spent the last 8 months using an Art SLA-1 bridged in to my VHT 2x12 Fat bottom cab. I have tried FRFR a few times but havent really liked it. It didnt sound like I wanted it to at all. I kept my VHT amp for 6 monhts and used that to compare my patches to (along with a friends...
  94. P

    Mats Nermark backing track - My Gilmourish take on it !

    Many thanks to Mats - Fabulouse selection of Backing Tacks !! This is a one take track - mistakes and all. Needs some work on timing and licks. Also I feel I maybe had too much delay. It reminds me of Division Bell Floyd, or Gilmours Solo work. Its My Tele neck PU into a HiWatt sim on the...
  95. P

    Axe Owners in the UK ?

    Only asking because Ive been championing Fractals Cause on the Guitarist forum (Music Radar). There is one member who really wants to try one as a replacement for his ageing Digitech 2120. It happily show him mine, but im in Belfast hes in Berkshire (not sure where in Berkshire). Anyone in...
  96. P

    Cleanish Blues Track.

    Same as the last one. One Take straight into Pro-tools, no post production. This is a Dr Z Sim, with my Tele. The Backing Track was found on this very forum. Very nice selection he has too. Something happened when I bounced it to disc. Its a bit warm/muudy. Wasnt there in Pro-tools. Its...
  97. P

    My First Direct REcording !!! - Long.

    OK - my first attempt at a direct recording tone. I normally use a SS amp and 2x12 Cab for my sounds. For ths, ive used my patch that emulates my VHT 50ST head. I added a Recto 1 cab (just thought it sounded closesto my 2x12 !!). Track is one take - mistakes and all. Its 7 mins long though...
  98. P

    More 7.12 Firmware update problems

    I cant get 7.12 to update. Im using Midi-OX. I didnt every have a problem until 7.00. This took 4 trys to load - with bad checksums being given on the first 3 attempts. When I tried to update from 7.0 to 7.04, I got bad checksum 3 times, then I re-downloaded the file and tried again. I got...
  99. P

    Clean ish Funky Clip

    Dont get many low gain clips so heres one. I should maybe have tuned the low E before I started though :oops: and Sunday morning playing is a little rusty. Its a Dr Z and with just a tough of reverb. There are 2 gain leves (in the amp block) that I toggle with an IA switch. Starts off low...
  100. P

    My First Vid !! - Axe, SS PA and Cab.

    this is a vid Clip I did for Guitarists Forum. Its just a PRS, Axe Standard, Art SLA-1 and a VHT 2x12 Cab. Backing track through my computer Speakers, recorded on a Samsung Digi Camera just placed on my computer desk. amp model is a Fryer D60M - spash of reverb and a little delay. thats it...
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