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  1. Midiot

    JS410 plus TS808 great response in feedback and sustain (brutal)

    extremely cool? yes brutal?hehe no
  2. Midiot

    Decapitated - Spheres of Madness [Axe Fx ii + JS Toneforge Menace]

    nice,you will get no love for real heavy stuff here
  3. Midiot


    i still listen to your slow madness
  4. Midiot

    Behold, Satan \m/

    i like this,because no one else does!
  5. Midiot

    Benaeth The Silt...MACHINE Fing HEAD

    pretty close when you play them side by side.cool
  6. Midiot

    Axe-Fx II Death Metal Recording

    ha hell yeah
  7. Midiot

    Iron Maiden: The Wicker Man

    smokes a maiden song,wearing a queensryche shirt \,,/
  8. Midiot

    Cab Pack 19 Bulb Epic Metal Demo :)

    thats da shit there
  9. Midiot

    Digging this USA Lead

    tone man that tone.sounds like tubes to me
  10. Midiot

    ML Brit Collection: The Mothership!

    i borrowed the money from my gramma. she rocks
  11. Midiot

    ML Brit Collection: The Mothership!

    hate ta say it but........ told ya so lol $75
  12. Midiot

    ML Brit Collection: The Mothership!

    4packs in one plus cab pack 8. So this is looking like it will be around $75? i need a paper route
  13. Midiot

    ML Brit Collection: The Mothership!

    cannot wait to get my grimey fingers on these IR's
  14. Midiot

    ML Brit Collection: The Mothership!

    wow first ir's i have heard that dont have that extra little digifizz in them that give away so many ir's. these sound like the real deal holyfield
  15. Midiot

    New video: "Donald Trump"

    you look like chris angel! i was waiting for a magic trick too.nice
  16. Midiot

    John Mayer has a Kemper but no Fractal

    hes good at what he does,not my style.he has enough money he can buy a axe fx if he really wanted one
  17. Midiot

    Dual Rectifier comparison (real vs axe fx)

    Axe does sound fuller,but you can hear that fizz-digital hiss that gives it away. the recto does not have that hiss sound.sounds cleaner.i wish axe fx could get that silent sound -if i am saying it right
  18. Midiot

    Skinned for the fun of it...

    i cant seem to open that AE_v3.saxey file with anything.on a mac
  19. Midiot

    just some mutilated octave alien shizzy only available with a Axe Fx

    just as crazy as your last songs.sounds beastly
  20. Midiot

    You do not want to click here... Unless you like progressive Danish metal

    cool stuff. big difference in usa by changing the 'o' and the 'r' ....at first i thought the band name was scrotum lol. glad to see it is scortum
  21. Midiot

    Mark IIc+ Test Clip

    sounds like ACCEPT \,,/
  22. Midiot

    Asteroids .... just rippin up da' whammy!

    i think i like this because it is different.no weedley arpeggio chasing like every thing on the internet.just rocking chugs and crazy sounding solo.guitar on right side sounds ace
  23. Midiot

    Axe Fx II - Gravity Storm - Cemetery Gates Pantera

    wowwowowowowowwow wow!
  24. Midiot

    Asteroids .... just rippin up da' whammy!

    your drums just crush!nice and different for sure
  25. Midiot

    Mr Scary AxeFX2

    sounded tits through my stinky filthy rich buddys bowers and wilkins 800's omg
  26. Midiot

    Jared Dines Solo Contest Entry (Facemelting Solo Inside)

    nice.i see you like emmure
  27. Midiot

    Asteroids .... just rippin up da' whammy!

    insane dude that was crazy
  28. Midiot

    Okay, so how are these lead tones at all similar?

    your arrogance,ignorance,and lack of knowledge now dictates any and all future posts by you.your welcome
  29. Midiot

    Is the Axe FX 2 the same sound quality as the XL?

    if you plan on selling it, grab a XL.if you need 512 user cabs, grab the XL.we rarely use 12 user cabs lol.if you need the latest lcd screen grab the XL+.they all sound quite nice, II - XL - XL+
  30. Midiot

    DIGGIN' FW18 Beta

  31. Midiot

    DIGGIN' FW18 Beta

    F**K meeeee! what's that you doing with them squealys? it is not a pinch but what is it thats some heavy stuff
  32. Midiot

    Your D.A.W. of choice?

  33. Midiot

    For Your Malice ... L.O.G.

    down stroke mania! sounds spot on. sucks about your hand. goodluck seems ok on this even though this is fairly easy on the fret hand for log. another log patch is always good thing
  34. Midiot

    Lamb of God - Blacken the Cursed Sun (patch included)

    theres not a goddamn thing wrong with that snare
  35. Midiot

    You gotta see this rack!

    looks impressive. it really does. but i can see this guitarist roadies running around hooking that all up in about 30-40minutes..... then i see a kid walk in with a back pack and sit his axe fx II on the drum riser and his mfc101 on the floor, in one minute. and have pretty much the same sound...
  36. Midiot


    as slow as this song is them drum fills! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu dam lows are vicious is that a 9 or 8 string? thanks for reply
  37. Midiot

    SRV Tribute Band Texas Flood - Gonna get a taste of the Fractal

    he looks kinda like stevie.seems like he plays the songs in a hurry
  38. Midiot


    Listened to the whole thing again, how the hell did you get that note to sing that long towards the end? And yes that's some doom stuff indeed
  39. Midiot

    LIVE one man non djent 8 string melodic death metal

    Nice. i always say, one man projects are cool. but ya need a 'live' drummer at least just to deliver some energy from the stage. I bet if you had a FULL band, that crowd would of been moving. See it happen with Putrid Pile and Bloodsoaked. Cool tune though \,,/
  40. Midiot

    WAY Too Much Guitar

    waay too much guitar for me:roll
  41. Midiot

    Chuggah Chugging OwnHammer UR and Acacia Strain

    FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU i like Acacia Strain that is creepy close need longer sample :)
  42. Midiot

    9-String, Axe-Fx II, Flux Plugins, Cubase 7.5.1

    is this a fractal recording or a ad for your plugins? just asking:encouragement:
  43. Midiot

    psycroptic - (ob)servant cover

    tha Haley brothers would be proud
  44. Midiot

    Axe-FX II: Hendrix - Watchtower

    sounds great Gamedojo. maybe your girlfriends old boyfriend billbill:pride: doesnt care for it,but many of us do:lol
  45. Midiot

    Holdsworth's "Zarabeth" using Simeon's patch.

    wow you totally diss the OP playing... but you play like this>>>click this
  46. Midiot

    The Virtual Microphone System from Slate Digital, anyone seen this yet?

    oh neato... I wish him and his staff would put more effort into making the FGX a 64bit plugin instead of this.and no im not using a wrapper to make it work just ranting
  47. Midiot

    Axe-Fx II FW12: Amp demonstration

    Nice tones there. I think if these are just amp >>> cab It's all in the I.R. Nice dude
  48. Midiot

    kostein's Axe FX II Firmware 12 High Gain Showcase (28 amp models) & Metal presets

    Really nice of you to do all this. I honestly mean it! But, wow. People do NOT just load these (especially with headphones on) and plan to rock out. You'll blow your eardrums apart.
  49. Midiot

    ACDC Cover - You Shook Me

    oh my..........
  50. Midiot

    Progressive Metal ala Dream Theater, Axe FX II and Mesa/Boogie Dual Recto

    i don't care much for dream theater but just the fact that you guys are not allowed to play metal yet put out a pretty dam good clip here.respect man, dont get caught!
  51. Midiot

    Holy Sh*t! Fredrik Thordendal AXE-FX II Rythm Sound

    ha... dude your band sounds like this>>> ... and you make fun of Meshuggah:roll
  52. Midiot

    I'm so glad the Axe is not made in China

    the title of this thread is jacked up but to turn it into a political thing is just more jacked up. that worker could be anyone anywhere on this earth
  53. Midiot

    Maiden vs. Metallica

    maiden.you take hammets wah wah away and hes nothing
  54. Midiot

    For those not on Facebook

    :| No Mac build to test yet = 'still coming soon' :lol
  55. Midiot

    6160 Blues

    whats amazing is your sitting in front of about 1 million dollars of audio gear................................ and you used a mobile phone and movie maker to make the video. :lol us guitarist are frugal creatures nice rocking
  56. Midiot


    ok i will jump on the 49er bandwagon.i have been a fan of those guys for..................... errr, 7minutes now
  57. Midiot

    Yngwie's not looking for an endorsement

    funny thing is we can get his sound from a 19" 2U box, he's got two stacks and over 10 pedals. :lol either way he's a arpeggio master
  58. Midiot


    Nick did just do Danza IV so Im sure hes doing this for fun.All the mixes on here sound cool,many ways to mix a song
  59. Midiot


    nice Schlagdog.Theres a few bigger names doing that mix too.:lol This one is so phat it kinda makes many mixes sound like skinny guys lol
  60. Midiot

    Another V10 Preview

    sounds good.is it safe to say that with v10 in the making,there will be no axe edit till then?
  61. Midiot

    It's like a real amp!... but what's beyond that?

    i want what you guys are smokin:lol
  62. Midiot

    Is this board very slow and down in periods??

    Yes. it is slow and once i get back on im booted off and have to sign in again.thank goodness my axe fx is not like this
  63. Midiot

    Any Guess on Fx 3?

    I do not know if I would want a $2000+ floor unit.just one oops sorry I spilt my water on your pedalboard and your toast
  64. Midiot

    Rock demo with FAS Modern, FW 9.02 and the Darkglass B7k on bass

    fas sounds nice.hetfield would love all that down picking
  65. Midiot

    Herbert and Ownhammer sludge\,,/

    diezel doom nice
  66. Midiot

    How's my mixing?

    just my opinion.i only listen to 9 the keys are way too loud and I say turn up your guitars :)
  67. Midiot

    Help me decide here

    1 and lose all that verb :)
  68. Midiot

    Quick little metal demo

    That was quality there!
  69. Midiot

    It's time again: What new music are you listening to?

    Melvin Taylor and Eric Gales wow these guys are insane bloos dudes.and i dont even play blues
  70. Midiot

    How's my mixing?

    Just keep practicing mixing.I'd love to say yes it's soundclouds bit rates,but this guys mix sounds fine to me there https://soundcloud.com/eric-hill1/the-voynich-manuscript-celestial
  71. Midiot

    Alex Lifeson's tech seems pretty impressed with the Axe II

    If and when Alex goes full Axe Fx II..... His Tech will have quite a boring job lol
  72. Midiot

    For those feel 9.0 lost something.....

    I say leave the 'betas' for those who want and can test. im happy with v7 and just want a working axe edit
  73. Midiot

    axe fx 2 price drop!

    Looks like you won't be like all the cool kids hey?:D The Ultra still kicks butt!
  74. Midiot

    Nine Iron!!

    Seen your video to this.sic man.do you still have this preset?song is 420long
  75. Midiot

    PANTERA DIMEBAG'S TONE!!! "WALK"....I'm blown away!!!

    The FAS Modern seems to be a great tone matching amp.I have heard van halen,machinehead,slayer, your dimebag and a few more using it
  76. Midiot

    Is 6.0 supposed to be out today?

    F5 will refresh on your Mac too. I do it all the time online.
  77. Midiot

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 5.07 Available

    Axe-Fx II Firmaware version 6.0 will be cool when we get it :lol
  78. Midiot

    Is 6.0 supposed to be out today?

    Ah seems they come out around after 4pm cst. So within the hour if it is to be today maybe
  79. Midiot

    Acoustic Cover: Led Zeppelin - All of My Love - FW: 5.01

    Nice.I would mute the guys voice and just have the female. She doesnt need that male back vocals on those parts. Just me,she has an amazing voice ...sounds nice
  80. Midiot

    Axe FX II + 8 string test (Meshuggah new song)

    Nice. Axe FxII better be able to sound like that CD:D Since they used Cubases' VST guitar amp for it.
  81. Midiot

    New Axe-Fx II Firmware 5.04b released

    Relax............................ Why would you want to update before a show?:o Just asking :-P
  82. Midiot

    VAN HALEN - I´m the one

    Sounds great! Licks are there! Riffs are there! .. but your playin' the verses way way too fast. Man you slow them verses down and it'll be damn Eddie close!! Maybe it's the drum midi?
  83. Midiot

    Man your guitar sound rocks, but.......

    Ahhh so that's why Jimi, SRV, BB King, Santana, Eddie, Rusty Cooley are sooooooooo awesome. They use metronomes! pffttt...:roll Timing is a must, metronomes aren't.
  84. Midiot

    These are Great IR's

    Trying as many IR's as I can and seen these here before for Ultra. Well now they updated all for Axe Fx II. These sound nice for heavy stuff. And the nicest part about them is they are free. Gods Cabs
  85. Midiot

    Redwirez impulses

    You'll eventually try them. It's like buying a Harley and not adding ONE thing to it.... Eventually, everyone does.;)
  86. Midiot

    "NOTE: Axe-Edit is NOT yet updated to work with this new firmware" Is this problem?

    Is he running pc or mac? Maybe its his usb port on the computer, sometimes this can be fixed as easy as unpluging and plugging it back in. Is the usb cable securely inserted into the back of the axe fx II? nevrmind-posted at same time.
  87. Midiot

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 5.00 Up

    Thanks Scott!
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