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    When a block is open for edit the display briefly goes black when alerts are dismissed

    This is more of a minor annoyance, because I doubt many people are going to leave the block edit screen open when performing. But when you have a block open for edit, the display briefly goes black when the alert that is shown after pressing a foot switch is dismissed (eg "Drive 1 Enabled")...
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    Wish Ability to send a MIDI command OR set a control switch's state when exiting a scene

    Ask: I would like the ability to send a MIDI command or change the state of a control switch as the Axe-Fx is exiting a scene. This would be setup in the MIDI block or on the "CS per Scene" tab of the "Controllers" page depending on which option is implemented. Use Case: I'm using the MIDI out...
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    Help with using MIDI to toggle real amp's boost function per scene

    I'm going to preface this by saying I don't think what I want is possible, but maybe I'm overlooking something. Gear: Axe Fx III (or FM3) Bogner Ecstacy 3534 Voodoo Lab Control Switcher Setup: I'm playing around with using an AF3 or FM3 for pre and post effects with the Bogner using the 4CM...
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    4CM clipping Output 2 with Drive block set up as a clean boost

    I just got around to trying my FM3 with my real amps using the 4CM. I'm using Out 2 for both outputs to my amp, with row one of the grid containing my pre effects panned left and row two containing my post effects panned right. Out 2L goes to the input of my amp, the amp's effects send goes to...
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    Not a Bug Output 1 Mode does not affect USB audio?

    I'm running my FM3 into a single wedge from Output 1 L and would like to play along with tracks from my iPhone. I've set Output 1 mode to SUM L+R hoping to hear both sides of the USB audio. Unfortunately that setting only seems to apply to the signal coming from the grid because I'm only...
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    Fixed Problem saving large batch of presets in FM3 Edit's preset manager

    In the FM3 Edit preset manager I cut the factory presets and pasted them into spots 128-511 so I could start building my presets. I hit save and everything was fine for the first 100 or so, then the FM3's display faded to black and FM3 Edit stopped updating the color of the preset names. The...
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    Expression Pedal Calibration Question

    I have two new EV-2s that I'm using with an FC-12. The issue I'm having is that I can't get either to hit 100% with the toe completely down. I've calibrated them multiple times and I've tried several TRS cables but they never quite hit the max value for the parameter I assign them to. They...
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    Question for RCF NX 12-SMA users

    I just picked up a pair of these (from Pyle Audio at an awesome price) based on the plethora of good reviews here and elsewhere. I'm using them with an Axe Fx III and I'm coming from a QSC K10.2. So far the RCFs seem really bass heavy compared to the K10. I've been using the K10 in studio...
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    FS SKB 3U Shallow Roto Rack Case - $75

    Like new, used briefly with an Axe Fx III and it never left the house. Will include a bag of rack screws. PM me for a shipping quote. Dimensions according to SKB: Int Depth Lid to Lid:13.5" Int Depth Front Rack to Back Lid:10.7" Lid Depth:1.6" External Height:7.4" External Width:22.4" External...
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    Tone match level question

    I tone matched my amp recently by following the instructions in the tone match manual, using the line out from a load box. When I switched back and forth between the local and reference source it was very close in both tone and volume. I could also bypass the tone match block and my levels...
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    Main LCD Contrast usable range?

    I just picked up an FC-6 and wanted to see if this was normal. The usable range for the main LCD contrast starts around 75%. Anything lower and the text disappears, even with the brightness at 100% in a dark room. It's plenty bright at 100% and it's easy enough to find a setting that works...
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    Dirty Shirley vs Dirty Shirley 2

    Cliff if you happen to see this, can you give me an idea of where the serial number falls for the amp that the Dirty Shirley 2 model was based on? My Shirley is #71 and I seem to have better luck replicating it with the Dirty Shirley 2 version.
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    1987X Bright switch off by default?

    Just wondering if the bright switch is supposed to default to off for the three 1987X models. All the other Plexi models have it on by default, but I suppose the particular amp modeled may have had the bright cap snipped.
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    Possible navigation bug

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or the expected behavior. If you enter the grid from the home screen by pushing the knob under Layout and then press Exit it takes you back to the home screen. If you enter the grid by pressing the Value knob and then press Exit nothing happens. I would expect Exit...
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    EV-1 as expression pedal question

    Not sure if this is the right place for this as it isn't really Axe-Fx related, but I don't know where else to put it. I'm toying around with a traditional pedalboard and decided to use an EV-1 as an expression pedal to switch between two settings on an MXR M300 reverb pedal. So I follow the...
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    Various Noise Issues in 4CM

    I have a couple of noise issues that are bugging me. My setup is an FX8 mk2 using the 4CM with a Friedman BE-50, Humbuster cables going to the amp's input and effects return. Both the amp and FX8 are plugged into the same power strip and I'm not using any other effects. The FX8's power cable...
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    Hum with Marshall Jubilee 2555x

    Anyone using the FX8 with one of the new Jubilee reissues? I have it hooked up in 4CM using Humbusters on the pre and post outs and I'm getting a ton of what sounds like ground loop hum. The amp and FX8 are plugged into the same power strip and the noise is there even when my guitar isn't...
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    4CM Noise

    I have both an FX8 and an AX8. I primarily use the AX8 with amp modeling into a power amp and cab but I'd like to use it with the 4CM and my real amps occasionally. The FX8 is silent with my amps but the AX8 has a persistent, loud hiss that is really annoying. I mainly want to know whether...
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    Delay Mix - Is this normal?

    I think I'm just now noticing this, I doubt it's related to any recent firmware changes. When setting my delay mix I have to go VERY low to get the volume of the repeats where I want (the block is in series, level at 0, not using global mix or anything funky). Around 1-2% the repeats are still...
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    Input Levels

    I just got an XL+ after having sold my Mk 1 over a year ago. I'm trying to set my input levels to just tickle the red and it seems like I have to go unusually low considering the pickups I'm using. Using vintage style PAFs and single coils (Gibson Custom Buckers and Duncan SSLs) into the front...
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    Dirty Shirley default Supply Sag value?

    I noticed the Dirty Shirley model has a default Supply Sag value of 1.15. The real amp has a tube rectifier but that sag value is lower than a lot of SS rectifier amp models. Obviously I can raise it if I want more sag, I was just wondering if that value is accurate.
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    Anyone using the AX8 in 4CM? Weird noise when tuner is active

    I've been using my AX8 a bit for effects with a few real amps via the 4CM. I have the tuner set to mute and when it's active I get a fairly high pitched, constant frequency hum coming through the amp. It's not particularly loud, but is annoying. I've isolated it to output 1. It's still there...
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    Bug? Reset Filter Block confirmation modal text wrong

    Very minor bug and it could be related to the other parameter name wonkiness we're seeing in AX8 Edit. When resetting a Filter block on the AX8 (not using AX8 Edit) the confirmation modal says "Reset Chorus?".
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    Speaker resonance when using a SS power amp and traditional cab

    I was wondering if there was a "correct" way to set high and low speaker resonance in the amp block when you're playing through a solid state power amp into a traditional cab. It seems like the default values may be redundant in this scenario and over-emphasize certain frequencies. Is setting...
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    Spring Reverb tips?

    Does anyone have tips for tweaking spring reverb? I'm not a reverb junky but I've had a couple of amps with great reverb and I'm having trouble dialing that in on AX8. It just seems harsh and overly metallic (yes I realize that sounds silly since it literally is a metal spring). Instead of...
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    Bug? Bypass state ignored when block is disabled due to CPU load

    I have a preset with reverb in a parallel path, mix 100%, bypass set to Mute In. When I bypass the reverb block there is no change in my overall volume. When the reverb block is disabled due to CPU overload my volume jumps like it would if bypass were set to Thru.
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    EV ELX112P Opinions?

    These caught my interest and I wanted to see if anyone could share their experience with them. They get decent reviews as PA speakers but I haven't found much about their suitability for use with a modeler. The only other FRFR speaker I've tried was a QSC K12 which I thought had boomy lows and...
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    Compact SS power amp, Quilter?

    Does anyone have suggestions for a small SS power amp that won't color your tone? I like the form factor of the Quilter Pro Block 200 and don't want to do the rack thing again. It has an effects loop, so I would assume I would be good going into the return. Has anyone tried one of these or...
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    BUG: Filter Block bypass state not saved with scene

    I just received my FX8 and started setting up my presets. I've noticed a bug related to the bypass state of a block when using scenes and X/Y. I have a filter block in position 4 of the grid, pre/post is 4/4, firmware 1.02. I'm trying to save scene 7 with this filter block engaged in its Y...
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    Dirty Shirley - wrong power tube type?

    The Dirty Shirley model defaults to EL34s but the actual amp comes with 5881s in the power section. I honestly don't hear a huge difference switching between the two, just wondering if this is an oversight or if Cliff's specimen actually has EL34s.
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    External Controller to bypass a block - Is this possible?

    I'm using a Pod HD500 as a MIDI controller for my Axe-Fx. What I'd like to do is setup each of the 8 footswitches on the HD500 as a CC toggle tied to the CC# for external controllers 1-8. This way I could determine what they control in each patch on the Axe-Fx while using the exact same patch...
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    Amp Gain Question

    I've downloaded several patches from other users and tried them out on my rig. Some of these patches were posted with clips so I have an idea of how they should sound. I'm noticing they generally have a lot more gain for me than they do in the recordings. I'm using an LP with 57 Classics and...
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    Are PEQ's a necessity or am I doing it wrong?

    I usually play my Axe through a guitar cab and I love the tone I get. Most of my patches are just an amp block with reverb/delay and a drive pedal and require very little tweaking (no EQ other than the amp). I recently decided to take a stab at recording figuring it should be fairly easy given...
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    Trying FRFR... Not Digging It

    UPS dropped off my QSC K12 today and I excitedly ran home to try it out. This is my first venture into FRFR other than playing through my studio monitors. I must say that I don't get it at all, and yes I have power amp and cab sims on. I don't know how you FRFR guys do it. I know the FRFR...
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    Possible 9.01 Bug

    I just updated to 9.01 and was going through my patches. I stopped on one using the Plexi1 model, fairly high gain with the master and tone controls dimed and drive around 5-6. I turned the Bright Switch off and the gain dropped tremendously, it was almost clean. After playing for a minute or...
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    Help with Farts and Splatter

    :oops: Yeah, I know it sounds like a personal problem but... I'm having two issues with the vintage, non-master volume amp models that I'm hoping you guys can help with. Let me preface this by saying that I generally start with the tone controls at 12 o'clock and the master around 9.00 to...
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    FBT Verve Questions

    I'm looking at going FRFR I think I've settled on the Verve 8ma. I wanted to ask those with experience a few questions about the Verves. 1. What's the best place to buy in the US? A good return policy is a plus since I'm not completely sold on giving up my guitar cab yet. 2. Is the added...
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    FRFR vs Power Amp and Guitar Cab

    Hi, New AxeFX owner here, had it for 2 days so far and I'm sold already. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to amplify it though. I've been playing it through a SS power amp into a V30 cab with cab sims disabled and it sounds amazing. Organic, present, 3D, everything other modelers seem...
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    Took the plunge...

    After lurking here a while, watching every video demo, and listening to every clip I finally ordered my Ultra yesterday. It should be here tomorrow, I can't wait! I also need to buy an audio/midi interface for my Mac, after searching around it seems the E-MU 0404 USB works well with the Axe...
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    Request for some quick 9.0 amp model samples

    I've been lurking here for a while trying to convince myself not to buy an Axe-Fx and it's not working especially after reading the release notes for 9.0. What would really help push me over the edge is to hear a clip with a really quick run through of the amp models, with just the default cabs...
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