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  1. brycegoertzen

    Guthrie Govan/Larry Carlton backing track jam

    Hey guys this is just a short cover of an improvised solo that Guthrie Govan did over a Larry Carlton backing track. I used the Elegant Gypsy preset which I believe is 83 on the axe. Real good tone for funk/fusion jamming if I do say so. A few flubs here and there, at least I know there's room...
  2. brycegoertzen

    Original Metal Song with Vocals - Patches included in Thread!

    Hey guys! Just put up an original song on my youtube page with some corny green screen background action and wanted to post it here for some potential feedback/criticism. I recorded it using combo of the USA Lead BRT and Solo 100 for leads and the Angle severe 1 and Herbie CH2+ for rhythms The...
  3. brycegoertzen

    Original Song with Vox - Presets Included in Thread

    Hey guys! Just put up an original song on my youtube page and wanted to post it here for some potential feedback/criticism. I recorded it using the Solo 100 Lead for leads, the Brit JM45 for cleans/ slappy guitar and the Angle severe 1 and 2 for the heavy rhythm guitars. The patches for the...
  4. brycegoertzen

    Original Metal Tune with Vocals.... Patches Included (Angle Severe 1+2)

    Hey guys I just uploaded a new original to my pooptube page. I recorded the rhythm and lead guitars with the angle severe 2 and angle severe 1 amps, respectively. The rhythm patch uses a tone match block from one of Ola Englund's amp demos (the last Engl demo I believe) after a 4x12 PVH6160 so...
  5. brycegoertzen

    Original Tune with Axe fx and Komplete

    Hey guys, I uploaded this the other day. It's a song with some of the Native instruments libraries and wanted to share it here. Upon listening to the final mix, I think there's most certainly room for improvement (i.e. smoothing out the kick for less pop). On the green screen end, well, its just...
  6. brycegoertzen

    Axe fx won't turn on

    Hey guys, so like the title says, my axe is having trouble with its power source. I opened the top to check the on/off switch cables attached to the power cable input and everything is sitting snug. Also tried unplugging and replugging the cables back and still no response. Has this ever...
  7. brycegoertzen

    Original tune with Axe fx + Komplete 10

    Hey guys! I tried writing something with a film score kind of influence and this is what came out. I'm using the Chris Broderick pick clip for jumping between tapping and picking faster. The amp tone is supposed to be more Recto oriented. The singing after the break was the toughest part for...
  8. brycegoertzen

    Jamming on Jakub Zytecki track ...... PATCH INCLUDED

    Hey guys, I bought Zytecki's jamtrack central package and threw together a patch that I thought sounded good over the backing track. If you want to take it for a test, I have attached the syx file. I'm using Dimarzio illuminators so tweak it to your liking. Cheers!
  9. brycegoertzen

    Over the Rainbow..... PATCH INCLUDED

    Hey guys, I made a clean tone that works really well with the Dimarzio Illuminators in my Majesty. It has a very gentle, wide and warm feeling that would go great with an arrangement like "Over the Rainbow" which I recorded to demonstrate the sound. Hope you enjoy the patch. Cheers!
  10. brycegoertzen

    JTM45 Clean setting w/ Reverb + Multi Delay.......PATCH INCLUDED!

    Hey guys, I made this patch last night playing on my majesty and damn, I think I found the sound of love. The patch is attached and is also on axechange if you feel inclined to play and sway for a long time. Cheers!
  11. brycegoertzen

    Opeth Inspired Song .... Patches Included!

    Hey my Fractal brothers and (possible) sisters. I recorded this little tune last week using some knowledge gained from an online mixing course (Login | Hardcore Mixing) and wanted to share it here with the patches used. The patches are below The Gear used to record this is as follows: -Axe...
  12. brycegoertzen

    Scar Symmetry- Noumenon and Phenomenon solo --Patch included!

    I got a green screen a few days back and felt like playing with it by doing a solo I'm in love with. The patch is an Energyball amp going into a mix of 4x12 Petrucci V30 and 4x12 Uber T75+V30 It was an attempt to capture the lead tone of Jeff Loomis Thanks for checking it out and...
  13. brycegoertzen

    Original Metal Tune with Vocals

    Hey there my fellow fractalers. This is a song that a friend and I made over a few days. His soloing is on a completely higher level than anyone else I've played with and I enjoyed putting this together with him. Thanks for checking it out! Gear used: - Schecter JL C7 -EBMM Majesty 7 -...
  14. brycegoertzen

    Original song with EBMM Majesty

    Hey guys, I wrote this shortly after I got my Majesty guitar in the mail. I had to take advantage of that piezo sound and tried using it with some under strumming I learned from Josh Martin. Hope you guys enjoy. Also used to record it -Axe fx 2 for all guitar and bass tones - Superior...
  15. brycegoertzen

    Tom Quayle/ Greg Howe Style Solo

    Hey guys. I learned a Tom Quayle lesson a while ago that was emulating Greg Howe's style in an issue of Guitar Interactive Magazine and recorded a video yesterday of a play through of it. Both players are amazing, and this is really fun for me to run through/warm up before serious practice...
  16. brycegoertzen

    FW16 Euro Uber - Soloing on Paul Wardingham backing track

    I am in love with the newest firmware update. Although some of my patches were altered, a good portion of them were, shall we say, enhanced. One of them was Euro Uber Lead patch. It has a more glorious sound to it after the update. There is a video of me using it here. Enjoy!
  17. brycegoertzen

    Keith Merrow Tribute Song - "MarshMerrow" (with Vox)

    Hello my Fractal homies, As the title says, I recorded a song as a tribute to Keith Merrow as I am a huge fan of his playing style in Conquering Dystopia as well as much of the stuff he has done beforehand. -All guitars and bass were recorded with the Axe fx 2 -Vocals were recorded...
  18. brycegoertzen

    Original metal tune with vocals

    Hey fellow Fractalers. Here is a song I've been working on for the past little while. I couldn't stop playing the riff at the beginning so I decided to make it into a song, and this is what came out. Getting the singing (almost) right was probably the hardest part for me and my inner critic...
  19. brycegoertzen

    Theme from "Europa Report"

    I rearranged the theme from Europa Report to have a heavier feel. The theme is cool because it has a lot of tension and suspense. I really like those eerie elements. Hope you enjoy! Gear used: -Schecter JL-7 -Axe fx 2 -Ibanez bass -Logic Express 9 DAW -Superior Drummer 2.0 w/ Metal Foundry
  20. brycegoertzen

    Original Tune w/Vocals PATCHES INCLUDED!

    Hello Fractalers, I've been experimenting with style development lately and ended up writing something that sounds like this. Criticism is welcomed and encouraged. I'm the farthest thing from perfect. Hope you enjoy! Patches are included below! (p.s. I know my face gets a little contorted at...
  21. brycegoertzen

    Periphery -The Gods Must be Crazy! Cover w/ live drums

    Here is a cover of The Gods Must be Crazy done by myself, my good friend and talented shredder Cole Rolland, and my brother Tyler Goertzen on drums. All guitars were recorded with the Axe fx 2 using the FAS Modern amp and the FAS 6160. Hope you Fractalers enjoy this!
  22. brycegoertzen

    Guthrie Govan Cover - PATCH INCLUDED

    I usually post metal stuff on here, but I decided to take a whack at covering a Guthrie tune because lets face it... Guthrie is a master. Also wanted to try getting his "feel" for loose playing. Hope you fellow Fractal users enjoy the vid, the patch, or any combination of those two. Thanks for...
  23. brycegoertzen

    Game of Thrones Theme Metallized

    In anticipation of the 4th season of Game of Thrones, I decided to whip up this little medley of the GoT theme with some tremolo picking, finger picking, and wanky guitar. -All guitars and bass were recorded with Axe Fx 2 -Drums are SD 2.0/ Metal Foundry Expansion
  24. brycegoertzen

    Original Metal Tune w/Vocals

    This is a song I wrote recently attempting to capture the theme of an evil carnival. All guitars + bass are Axe fx 2 fw 12.0 Vocals recorded through Toneport UX2 Drums are SD 2.0 w/ Metal Foundry Other samples (strings, synths, etc.) used in Logic Express 9
  25. brycegoertzen

    Original Metal Tune for Webisode Series

    I was asked to compose a song for a fight scene in a webisode series coming out this Jan./Feb. called PCU (Paranormal Counter Unit) This is what I wrote. All guitars and bass are Axe fx. Drums are Superior 2.0 with the Metal Foundry. Hope some of y'all dig. Bryce
  26. brycegoertzen

    Original tune w/vox called "I Don't Speak Robot" PATCHES INCLUDED

    I uploaded an original song of mine, and although I am proud of this song, there are definitely things that I see I could have done better. I think most of us have had that feeling of having a good mix, and then the next day saying "guitar should be louder", "vocals are too loud", etc. But...
  27. brycegoertzen

    Animals as Leaders - Song of Solomon Cover

    This song took me a really long time to learn, but it is my favourite track from AAL. Tosin plays an 8 string but luckily this song does not utilize the lowest string so I can get away with playing a 7. Thanks for checking it out. Absolutely loving firmware 11. Much love Fractal.
  28. brycegoertzen

    Axe-Manage in Axe Edit 3.0: Are you coming back?

    Just got axe edit 3.0 and its got some cool features, but what happened to the axe-manage feature? In other versions of axe edit I could select a folder and scroll through the list of presets i had in it. I have a lot of presets I've stored in separate folders while keeping some of the factory...
  29. brycegoertzen

    Da Vinci's Demons Theme (Metal) Patches Included!

    This is the opening theme from "Da Vinci's Demons." It was more of an orchestral piece composed by the brilliant Bear McCreary. I took the liberty of making it sound different with guitars, bass and drums. The patches are attached for the dirty guitars. I used an acoustic simulator for the...
  30. brycegoertzen

    Me recording songs from an upcoming album

    This is just a trailer of some riffs from some songs I'm recording currently. Just wanted to share it here Cheers axers, Bryce p.s. I know my faces are a little retarded. If I could help it, I would.
  31. brycegoertzen

    Original Metal Tune w/ Vox (Patches Included!)

    This is a song I wrote called "Drag Me Through the Rain." I am going USB direct DAW is Logic Express 9 Guitar is a Schecter Jeff Loomis model EMG 707 pickups (neck+bridge) Axe Fx 2 used for all guitar and bass tones (of course). Patches for opening clean tone and distorted rhythm...
  32. brycegoertzen

    Original Metal Tune (Patches Included)

    This is a song I wrote and posted a few days ago called Landscape. The clean and dirty patches are posted here as well if you're curious as to what I'm using. Thanks for looking!
  33. brycegoertzen

    Original Metal Tune w/ Vocals

    Here is a song I wrote recently called "Comfort in Ritual" Guitars and Bass recorded with the Axe fx 2 Vocals recorded with Toneport UX2 Feedback of all types are welcome. Happy 2013!
  34. brycegoertzen

    Mayones/Seymour Duncan contest entry

    This is an entry for the competition that Mayones guitars and Seymour Duncan pickups have kindly put on. For the rules and other details for submitting an entry, look here: https://www.facebook.com/Mayones.Guitars.Basses?fref=ts This is my entry: Cheers guys, and may 2013 be a great...
  35. brycegoertzen

    Original Metal Tune

    This is an original tune called "Wrong Orbit" For those who enjoy aggressive music, you may enjoy this. Gear used includes: Logic Express 9, Axe fx 2, Superior Drummer 2.0, Schecter Loomis 7 String, Ibanez Bass, Korg Midi keyboard Wrong Orbit - Bryce Goertzen - YouTube Thanks for...
  36. brycegoertzen

    Clean Slap/Fingerstyle Guitar PATCH INCLUDED

    Hey, Here's a clean patch I played through my axe fx 2. Video is here: Axe Fx 2 Slap/Fingerstyle Guitar - YouTube Patch is attached.
  37. brycegoertzen

    Original Metal Tune w/ Vox

    This is an original tune I wrote called "In the Grotto." I did not record vocals or bass with the Axe fx 2. Only the guitars were recorded with it. Other gear used:Logic Express 9, Superior drummer 2.0, Schecter Loomis 7 string model, Ibanez bass, Toneport UX2, Studio Projects Condenser...
  38. brycegoertzen

    Has anyone done a Jeff Loomis tone match?

    I love the way Jeff's tone sounds. Has anyone matched it?
  39. brycegoertzen

    The Walking Dead Metal Theme

    Hey everybody, I got my Axe fx 2 a short time ago and recorded my interpretation of the Walking Dead theme done by a metal band. Here it is as a youtube file. Enjoy! The Walking Dead Goes Metal HD - YouTube
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