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  1. MDProd

    Dirty Loops - Rock You

    Whaou !!!
  2. MDProd

    New FAS Factory Cabinet Gallery Axe II & Axe III Legacy Bank

    Here's a new guide for the Factory Cabinet of Axe8 and Axe FXII. It's also for the Legacy bank of the famous Axe FX III 189 Cabinet models, in different Orders (Bank Number, Cab Type, Guitar Cab, Bass Cab, Speakers ...) It's here: http://archive.axefx.fr/AxeFX II/Docs Manuals/FAS_Cabs Factory...
  3. MDProd

    NEW FAS Amp Models Gallery - Axe-Fx III Ares 12.05

    The New Axe-Fx III FAS Amp Model Gallery is here: http://archive.axefx.fr/AxeFX III/Docs/FAS_Amps Models III Ares12.05.pdf Good reading to all. ;) New firmware Ares 12.05: With a little More !!! Update March 12, 2020 2 New Pages for Phaser
  4. MDProd

    Eddie’s “Brown Sound” New article

    Just read this new interesting article about "VH Brown Sound" on Tone Report: http://tonereport.com/blogs/tone-tips/channeling-your-inner-van-halen-nailing-eddies-brown-sound Many Rumors are cleared.
  5. MDProd

    New FAS Amp Models Gallery & More Ares 02.00 - Axe FX II

    From the list of the 266 channels amp modeled in the AxeFXII & AX8, I added a photo of each original amp. It also indicates the Drive & Wah models. + 1 page with direct link of Wiki & Guide by Yek, the Great JMA Reference Guide & more... + the Famous Faces TABLE (Hope it's help select an Amp...
  6. MDProd

    Tone Matching [TMA] -> Export to Cablab

    Tone Matching [TMA] -> Export to Cab Lab Help Guys :encouragement: I want to export a TMA, in Cablab, How ? Seen the AxeFX manual p. 110: EXPORT PAGE Tone Matching Data can be “Exported” directly to an onboard USER CAB memory or dumped to USB. “Dump to USB” creates an “.ir” file...
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