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  1. drawnacrol

    Tinnitus sufferers: ever find anything that helps?

    You can rule out B12 then. A B-complex also helps with blood flow. I find it isn't really noticeable on its own but if I take it an hour or two after NAC then I can definitely feel, or hear the affects. Vasoconstrictor'. So many terms to remember but that should have been obvious from saying...
  2. drawnacrol

    Tinnitus sufferers: ever find anything that helps?

    Didn't expect a lot of replies! Thats only a fraction of what I've learnt about T. I should really make a youtube channel if get the time. I'd dedicate my life to this if I could but I'm already trying to live several! Are you taking a B-Complex. B12 on its own is often not enough because it...
  3. drawnacrol

    Tinnitus sufferers: ever find anything that helps?

    Tinnitus is very complicated because it's a symptom and not a condition. You can get it from noise damage, poor blood flow, mineral/vitamin deficiency, stress, ear infections, ear wax build-up, muscle tension(TMJ) etc If you got T from noise damage which I presume a lot of people on a gear...
  4. drawnacrol

    Tinnitus sufferers: ever find anything that helps?

    Hi! I researched into T as much as I could when I got it. Right now my T is about 5% of what it was last year thanks to supplements, diet and a ton of other stuff I did. Most of the time its not even there anymore unless I really pay attention to it but I can shut it off in a few seconds now...
  5. drawnacrol

    I wish we could get them in the UK!

    If the Axe-Fx shipped from the US to me than its likely I'd end up paying more in customs with a high risk of the package getting damaged since it gets held in a holding facility until you pay customs plus their ridiculous fees. Pain having to ship it back to the US for any kind of repairs. I...
  6. drawnacrol

    Tone Matching and Amp Matching in the III

    Oh this would be a game changer!!! One of the problems with trying someones patch is you don't have their guitar and hands so it sometimes sounds nothing like their tone. So if I dial in a tone I like and wanted to share it here I could take a reference shot of that tone in the TONE MATCH block...
  7. drawnacrol

    is the AXE III USB 3.x?

    USB is a safe option. Imagine if they brought out the II a few years ago with firewire, I don't think my Mac even has a firewire port anymore.
  8. drawnacrol


  9. drawnacrol

    Convert 44.1K Impulse Response to 48K

    Thanks! I'll try that too.
  10. drawnacrol

    Convert 44.1K Impulse Response to 48K

    I used Logic for covering all the IRs. Then converted them to syx in CabLab. Everything seems to be working ok.
  11. drawnacrol

    Convert 44.1K Impulse Response to 48K

    Hey, I couldn't find much solid information on how to do this so I thought I'd ask here. I have a bunch of 44.1K impulses and I want to convert them to 48K to load into my Axe-fx II. How do I do this? I'm using a Mac. Thanks! Edit: I imported the file into Logic(44.1k project), then converted...
  12. drawnacrol

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" 2.00 Public Beta Numero Tres

    There is a definite improvement in palm mutes the last few updates.
  13. drawnacrol

    How about these Skervesen…?

    You get what you pay for and then some. Worth every penny. Where are you from? And why do you need a custom guitar? What specs aren't available in a production instrument that you need to go the custom route for? This is an important point to take into account since a lot of companies are...
  14. drawnacrol

    How about these Skervesen…?

    ^What you want is a dedicated custom shop like Daemoness or Carillion that hand makes guitars. If a company uses CnC they aren't going to be too keen on modifying existing shapes/specs.
  15. drawnacrol

    Dry track suddenly lagging in DAW

    ^I'm using Mountain Lion and Logic 10/X Yes its hi-gain, I'll record the input 1 track dry today and post a screenshot. Yep, its a good bit behind. I just checked all my old tracks I recorded the last few weeks and everyone is behind too completely ruining all the tracking I've done. Can...
  16. drawnacrol

    Recording with Logic Pro x and Axe FX II - Latency issues

    I'm experiencing this problem right now. My dry tracks are all a micro second behind the wet track. Did you ever find a solution?
  17. drawnacrol

    Dry track suddenly lagging in DAW

    Looking back at my dry tracks earlier they look out of line too. Why is the wet track on time but the dry track delayed. Is this a bug or do I need to get an interface to record dry tracks properly? Edit: looks like its a common issue...
  18. drawnacrol

    Dry track suddenly lagging in DAW

    I've been recording the last few hours with no problems but all of a sudden my dry track now lags behind the main track. Does anyone know whats wrong or how to fix this? I'm using Logic Pro and going direct via USB/
  19. drawnacrol

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    Compatible Axe-Edit is out so time to give this a try.
  20. drawnacrol

    I'm concerned that updates are getting a bit out of control

    When most companies release an update it involves having to buy a new unit.
  21. drawnacrol

    Drive Block set itself to FAT RAT

    Y was already set to a TS808 with slightly different settings than X. I'll post back if it happens again but I'm guessing it was one of those things thats a once off.
  22. drawnacrol

    Drive Block set itself to FAT RAT

    I was recording and stopped to tuned my guitar, pressing bypass and tuner. When I went to start recording again I noticed my tone was now full of hiss and feedback. I had a TS808 selected but the drive block set itself to a FAT RAT with some very strange High Cut settings. I'm using the...
  23. drawnacrol

    Cab Pack 13! Misha Mansoor!!!

    I picked these up during the week, still have to go through them all but so far so good! They blend nicely with the two OH Modern impulses that come with Firmware Updates. If I wanted a hi-gain lead tone what impulses should I try? any amp sims that will work best? Cheers!
  24. drawnacrol

    1500 bucks, you say, Line6?

    Even if its really good, easy to dial in a realistic tone, lots of amp models, can get sounds just like a Fractal Unit its still made by Line6. They have some of the worst customer service I've come across. Expect one or two updates 6-24 months after release that still won't fix half the issues.
  25. drawnacrol

    Line 6 launches a AX8 like Modelling Processor.

    They finally listened!! I gave up on Line6 years ago because they wouldn't implement this feature.
  26. drawnacrol

    1500 bucks, you say, Line6?

    I bet it still doesn't have the option to load User/Third Part Impulse Responses.
  27. drawnacrol

    Line 6 launches a AX8 like Modelling Processor.

    I bet it still doesn't have the option to load User/Third Part Impulse Responses. Line6 have never been good at listening to their customers. It looks nice though!
  28. drawnacrol

    Offspring Axe-Fx Rig Rundown

    I don't think the interviewer has any clue what an Axe-fx even is. He seemed really confused by it.
  29. drawnacrol

    New single from my band Every Hour Kills - Metal, Ownhammer, FW17

    Came for the axe-fx metal tones and stayed for the amazing vocals. Great work as always Sacha. Have you got an album? more songs?
  30. drawnacrol

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    I made a quick preset using the TS808 - 5153 red - Ownhammer SB-75 Studio modern + Guitarhack ThisOne and it sounds great. Very tight and dynamic. I usually suck a lot of the bass out to tighten things up but the 5153 is noticeably tighter now on palm mutes. I'm experiencing a lot more noise...
  31. drawnacrol

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    So if I install this onto my Axe can I still use Axe-Edit for minor tweaking or will I have to use the front panel.
  32. drawnacrol

    Look up

    I've got some serious cracks in my ceiling.
  33. drawnacrol

    Trivium - Shattering the Skies Above

    Cheers dude! Much appreciated. I'll check out your patches now. I find drums easy enough to do since there are so many good ready to go plug-ins and mix ready samples available nowadays. I've always struggled with guitar tones.
  34. drawnacrol

    Trivium - Shattering the Skies Above

    Sounds great dude! I checked out a bunch of your other clips and they all sound really good. What guitar/pickups are you using and if you have a few minutes could you suggest what IRs you like using for metal tones. Cheers!
  35. drawnacrol

    Crazy noises using USB as output device on iMac

    Latest firmware, very low CPU usage, just overdrive-noisgate-amp-cab-EQ-reverb
  36. drawnacrol

    Crazy noises using USB as output device on iMac

    I'm using my Axe-Fx II as the output device for my iMac. Periodically when I'm using iTunes or Logic Pro everything turns to complete noise full of hissing and screeching. Turning the Axe-Fx II on and off fixes it but its a very strange bug. Is it a problem with Apple or my Axe-fx. I'll...
  37. drawnacrol

    7 String Metal - 5153 Red, Ownhammer, FW 15

    Thanks man! Its only in the last year or two that Schecter and other American brands have gotten really expensive in the EU. We pay about 30-40% more so I usually get stuff shipped from the states. In dollars the KM7 is a bargain!!
  38. drawnacrol

    7 String Metal - 5153 Red, Ownhammer, FW 15

    I'm working on a demo video for it next. I like it a lot. Some quick pros and cons: Mine has great fretwork but a lot of small flaws in the paint and finish. For anyone in the US its an absolute bargain for the price but for EU customers its a bit expensive. The pickups work great in the...
  39. drawnacrol

    7 String Metal - 5153 Red, Ownhammer, FW 15

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nm9OnuG7mQE Original song of mine demoing the Seymour Duncan Nazgul pickup. All settings are at neutral. My signal chain is: T808 OD - 5153 Red - Ownhammer 4 X 12 SB75 Studio Modern - Low Cut/High Cut For lead guitar I used a bit of reverb and one of the...
  40. drawnacrol

    Just did a comparison between 7 high gain amps. Patches, Stems and love FW14.02

    A mix of Das Metall and 5153 Red would be the best.
  41. drawnacrol

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.00 Public Beta

    So far so good!
  42. drawnacrol

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.00 Public Beta

    Sounds good so far!
  43. drawnacrol

    Dialling in a hi-gain lead tone for recording/studio

    Mids at between 5 or 6. Treble at 5 with a bit of EQing to bring down the brightness from using the bridge pickup.
  44. drawnacrol

    Dialling in a hi-gain lead tone for recording/studio

    Hey guys! I'm having trouble dialling in a hi-gain lead that sits in a mix. I made 4-5 patches last night that sounded great when playing but when I tried to record a solo section in one of my songs they just sounded horrible. It sounded like I was playing over the mix rather than the tone...
  45. drawnacrol

    Announcing the OwnHammer High Gain Essentials

    I bought the Mesa V30 EN pack. They sound great! Chunky palm mutes on the low B while the rest of the strings sound full. I will definitely be buying the rest! Edit: Just adding reverb gives you a really full lead tone. Amazing job dude!
  46. drawnacrol

    Announcing the OwnHammer High Gain Essentials

    I will definitely be checking these out. I think i'm using one of the Ownhammer cabs in my current mix and it sounds great.
  47. drawnacrol

    what was the last Firmware version that was the "smoothest"

    Firmware 9 was great for hi-gain since you could get a really polished studio tone but I don't think it had anything you can't achieve now with the advanced parameters.
  48. drawnacrol

    Technical Deathmetal composition with Mayones and Axefx

    Sounds great dude! Obscura and The Faceless fan?
  49. drawnacrol

    Something Cool I've Been Working On

    I've always found the cab sim to be the biggest contributor to tone do this really interests me.
  50. drawnacrol

    Metal Amp Models - What do you use?

    The Axe could just have only the 5153 red and I'd be happy.
  51. drawnacrol

    Announcing Axe-Fx II XL

    When did we start calling it the Axe-Fx II Mark II? I thought it was just called the Axe-FX II.
  52. drawnacrol

    Guest solo with Axe Fx II & Music Man JP BFR Koa 7 String

    This solos is anything but buried:S What kind of speakers are you listening on? The Oval 1x6 cab is a strange choice. What was the reason behind it?
  53. drawnacrol

    DOOM - E1M1 Guitar Cover - 5153 RED

    Cheers dudes! I'll upload a wav file of my guitar later today if anyone wants to tone-match it. Guitar Pro & PDF Tabs + Backing track for anyone who was looking for it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rk171su3yp8uc22/DOOM%20-%20E1M1%20-%20Guitar%20Tab%20%2B%20Backing%20Track.zip Try to play all the...
  54. drawnacrol

    DOOM - E1M1 Guitar Cover - 5153 RED

    Anyone who grew up in the 90s should know this one. My guitar is an Ibanez RG1527 with Seymour Duncan Nazgul and Sentient Pickups. My signal chain is T808 OD - 5153 RED - 4X12 V30 with multiple Mics - HI-pass/Low-pass with some EQ cuts to make room for the bass drum + snare
  55. drawnacrol

    The Metal Factory IRs

    How are you finding them?
  56. drawnacrol

    Steve Vai Home and Mothership Studio for sale

    Wow! When I was growing up a fairly nice house in an estate in Ireland could cost nearly $1,000,000. Crazy how things have changed.
  57. drawnacrol

    FAS Modern Content - Prog Metal

    Wow! Awesome song dude! Its great to hear the Axe in a band context.
  58. drawnacrol

    More Progressive Metal/Shred with 5153, PVH6160 and DActivator

    Wow nice work dude and awesome playing! I've been watching your videos for years. What amp models/cabs are you using?
  59. drawnacrol

    Axe-Fx II repeatedly locking up on FW11 [SOLVED]

    Fixed: The new 1.68 driver was the problem. I reverted back to 1.67 and all is well!
  60. drawnacrol

    Axe-Fx II repeatedly locking up on FW11 [SOLVED]

    Every time I click layout and try to edit one the parameters it locks up. The only solution is to turn it on and off again. Whats wrong? Update: The new midi driver for Mac seems to be the cause. As soon as I connect my Axe-fx to my iMac it looks up.
  61. drawnacrol

    All the metal heads who forgot was a riff/song is....

    After listening to it a few times it feels like a Heartwork B-side disc. Its still a good album but it doesn't have the instant catchiness of Heartwork. Also Protest the Hero FTW!
  62. drawnacrol

    will the FX3 come out as soon as i buy the Fx2

    I had a dream last night that the Axe-3 was coming out so everybody put their 2 units on ebay.
  63. drawnacrol

    Seymour Duncan Invader + Ibanez ARZ307 + Axe FX Test

    Sounds awesome dude! What amp/cab were you using?
  64. drawnacrol

    Ola Englund Axe Fx 2 Firmware 10 - Metal Preset Pack!!!

    Nothing to do with wether you know good tone or not. Its down to your guitar and you. 1 in about 100 hi-gain presets from other players will sound ok with my guitars. I dialed in a really tight hi-gain preset for my Mahagony Ibanez with Bareknuckle Miracle Mans and when I tried it with my...
  65. drawnacrol

    Real amp into Axe FXII Cab Sim only

    Just got an Engl E530 the other day since I've always been really interested to try one out and it sounds awesome direct into the Axe-fx. Here is a super quick clip I did before swapping out the pickups.
  66. drawnacrol

    Getting feedback when using preamp via effects loop

    Tried a couple of options adjusting the levels on the ENGL and Axe and it didn't make a difference. I'm convinced its something wrong with the ENGL. I'm going to try new tubes and see if that works Humbuster cables? I'll have to look into them after I change the tubes.
  67. drawnacrol

    Getting feedback when using preamp via effects loop

    That worked but I'm still getting really bad feedback/hiss and a noisegate does nothing.
  68. drawnacrol

    Getting feedback when using preamp via effects loop

    I tried to use my Engl E530 with my Axe-Fx 2 and I got crazy feedback from it. I'm guessing I had it connected wrong but here are the ports on the back of the ENGL and Axe-fx. Can someone tell me exactly what I'm meant to do to use it in the middle of the chain like this? The ENGL has...
  69. drawnacrol


    Sounds awesome dude!!!! Looking forward to more clips.
  70. drawnacrol

    Born of Osiris - M∆CHINE/Machine Sweep Arpeggio Cover

    Cheers dudes! Here you go: https://www.wetransfer.com/downloads/cb51e4d7fab9ade5673048ecc2e4f68020130625193232/cae2de Its crazy how much synth there is. There is a guitar rhythm and lead track that you can tone-match.
  71. drawnacrol

    Born of Osiris - M∆CHINE/Machine Sweep Arpeggio Cover

    My guitar is a Schecter Custom Shop 7 with a Bareknuckle Emerald in the neck. I'm using the Silent Underground IRs and I think the Diezel Herbert Ch3 model. Axe-Edit wasn't playing nice as usual so I lost the patch after recording. The Silent Underground IRs are really good for hi-gain leads.
  72. drawnacrol

    Silent Underground IRs

    I bought the 4 packs last night and I'm really liking the V30 pack. They are tight and clear + easier to get a quick tone compared to the stock cabinets. They don't sound as big but using 2 in a stereo cab block fattens them up a bit. With some experimenting with dual cabs and mics aswell as...
  73. drawnacrol

    Original Metal Tune w/ Vox (Patches Included!)

    Good stuff dude! Subbed your channel.
  74. drawnacrol

    This is how close the Axe Fx II can get to a real EVH 5150III

    I'm going to go with B is the real amp.
  75. drawnacrol

    Yek's Presets for MkI/MkII (v15.03) and Blog

    I don't think I've ever tried your presets so today is a good day to start! Thanks for sharing!
  76. drawnacrol

    The Reaver - 7 String Metal with FW 10

    Not sure but I keep my guitars in their cases whenever I'm not using them and I also wipe them down after playing them. I also have them in a warmish room so they aren't subject to dampness or shifts in temperature. I've seen Megadeth with Chris Broderick twice now. The guy is terrifying...
  77. drawnacrol

    Tips for Hi-Gain Lead Tones?

    Cheers guys! I'll try all those later and see how I get on. Would you recommend using drives in front of the amps?
  78. drawnacrol

    Tips for Hi-Gain Lead Tones?

    Hey, I'm having trouble getting juicy hi-gain lead tones so any tips you guys could share would be really appreciated!! I've no trouble with rhythms since they tend to follow a typical chain: Tubescreamer Drive 0 Tone 5 Level 5-7 - Peavey or Diezel Amp set to taste - Cab - Hi+Lo Pass - Shelf...
  79. drawnacrol

    The Reaver - 7 String Metal with FW 10

    Cheers guys!!! I love Kalmah but I've never really listened to Iced Earth. I did catch their last show with Matt Barlow at Wacken a few years ago and that was epic!!! For most of rhythm playing I would mainly be influenced by In Flames, Carcass, Children of Bodom, Protest the Hero and Death...
  80. drawnacrol

    The Reaver - 7 String Metal with FW 10

    Schecter C-7 Hellraiser - Metal - YouTube Firmware 10 is amazing! Palm mutes sound really dynamic and have a really nice chunk sound to them. Its also much easier now to get a good tone. Before I used to cut some of the bass to tighten up the low end before hitting the tubescreamer/overdrive...
  81. drawnacrol

    Hard copy manual V10

    I got the Systematic Mixing Guide printed out so if this is the last major update I'll get the new manual and print it out.
  82. drawnacrol

    V10 Update

    Does the week end on Friday or Sunday. I actually have no idea what day it is today.
  83. drawnacrol

    FW 10 Release - is there a way to be notified?

    Same, haven't played my axe in nearly 2 weeks since the front panel annoys me(I'm doing very In-depth multi parameter balancing back and forth tweaking so its not a case of me being to lazy to push a few buttons).
  84. drawnacrol

    My heaviest mix yet!

    Sounds good dude!!! What pickups are in your RG?
  85. drawnacrol

    BETA TESTERS: Have you found

    Someone help that man carrying his amps! That sounds pretty crazy, looking forward to the next firmware!
  86. drawnacrol

    Animals As Leaders Javier Reyes presets up on Axe-Change

    For most of us its not about the sound but how they go about dialing in their presets. What parameters the tweak & what they don't touch, what amp models combined with cabs, setting up EQ and boasts in an unorthodox way, Post/Pre EQ, pushing the distortion with a really tight noisegate. I've...
  87. drawnacrol

    Nolly 5150 Rhythm patch

  88. drawnacrol

    Axe-fx II - Melodic Death Metal - FW9

    Cheers guys!!! Ha, well what do you want to know? For tight palm mutes I set the low-cut to about 80hz, roll back the Proximity to cut some of the boominess from the cab and then use a slight shelf EQ to cut the lows and highs so the mids stand out more. I like how you can get very...
  89. drawnacrol

    Axe-fx II - Melodic Death Metal - FW9

    Original metal clip in D standard trying out Firmware 9 on the Axe-Fx 2. The improvement in palm mutes and dynamics is crazy. I wasn't sold on previous firmwares and was thinking of selling it but FM 9 has sealed the deal. I can't wait to see how FW 10 turns out. I'm using a blend of the Diezel...
  90. drawnacrol

    Axe front panel QuAD Guide

    That would be awesome
  91. drawnacrol

    Firmware 9 Metal Demo - DAS METALL + FAS 6160

    Recorded a quick mix with it there and it sounds alright. Ha not for long:mrgreen
  92. drawnacrol

    Firmware 9 Metal Demo - DAS METALL + FAS 6160

    Sure I will post something when I'm in from work!
  93. drawnacrol

    Firmware 9 Metal Demo - DAS METALL + FAS 6160

    Cheers! I quite like Schecter. This is one of there better built models compared to others in its price range and since I've never found sustain a problem.(Mainly because I'm playing hi-gain where a lot of the time I have a hard noise gate). To be honest I don't have much trouble playing "lower"...
  94. drawnacrol

    Firmware 9 Metal Demo - DAS METALL + FAS 6160

    Schecter C-1 Custom - Metal Demo - YouTube Playing some unaccompanied original riffs using a couple of different Das Metall and FAS 6160 patches. Cliff has really outdone himself with the latest firmware. Palm mutes are much more punchy/dynamic and everything feels much more repsonsive. Hi-gain...
  95. drawnacrol

    Artist Patches?

    I'm always interested to see how artists dial in their patches. What amps/cabs they use and then what advanced parameters they tweak.
  96. drawnacrol

    FAS Modern V9.2 - Mayones 7

    Sounds awesome! How you find your Mayones? I'm thinking of getting one with the same specs but is it very bright?
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