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  1. scottburrow

    Off to get my certification for a PADI scuba cert in 55 degree lake water.

    so today is my final day where I do the rest of my skills in water, to complete my certification. The water is 55 degrees. I will have a wet suit, gloves and a hood on, so it shouldn't be to bad.wish me luck. This has become a great new hobby.
  2. scottburrow

    Happy Birthday Matt Picone!!!

    Happy birthday Matt. Thanks for being such a great resource for all of us here. We salute you!!! Have a great day!!!
  3. scottburrow

    This is cool from EurekaSound Midimizer

    Midi over Cat 5 starting around 24 bucks, not bad. This came up on facebook today. theres a couple different versions 2 midi cables, three midi cables, or 2 midi cables with a dc plug for power. Midimizer http://www.eurekasound.com/midimizer this is from premier guitar write up. Pittsburgh...
  4. scottburrow

    Found this interesting Todd Rundgren on WTF

    Here is WTF with Todd Rundgren. Found it fascinating talking about music. http://www.wtfpod.com/podcast/episodes/episode_691_-_todd_rundgren
  5. scottburrow

    Modular Pedalboard for AX8

    So after hanging out with Larry Mitchell last weekend, we were comparing and contrasting his AX8 with Mine. His is nice and small and portable and mine is NOT! So Larry says, if you get a smaller board that you attach your AX8 to, then you can pull it off when needed. So here it is 6 days later...
  6. scottburrow

    Arizona Fractal forum meet tomorrow at 12:00pm Sat Jan 30th.

    OK, I just got off the phone with Larry Mitchell. We are planning a mini Fractal Forum get together at my house tomorrow at 12:00 if you are interested PM me and I will give you my address. This is a short notice event, as I wasn't exactly sure when we were going to do this. The goal is to...
  7. scottburrow

    Here is some AX8 Noodling

    Here is some AX8 noodling from Church practice last night. what you hear is from The PA. I was using in Iphone 6 plus to record. This isn't anything that exciting, but it is something. its silent at the begining, I was just trying to show you the rig that I was using. And yes I know I'm old and...
  8. scottburrow

    Glenn fry has died.

    Sad, sad news!
  9. scottburrow

    AX8 Wish Show bank Number preset/name in VU meter

    I just learned something cool in the AX8. If you are in the utility VU meter adjusting a preset, and you click on F1 and use F2 and F3 to go up and down it actually goes to the next preset so you can adjust all your presets one after another at one sitting scrolling up and down. My wish would...
  10. scottburrow

    Little diddy about Migrating presets.

    I created a real simple demo video on how you migrate AXE-EDIT presets over to AX8 using AX8-EDIT. Its really simple, you can enjoy my Background Easy listening music as I explain. I like easy listening music. Make sure you select 1080p or it will look like poo. I apologize for my ugly mug, I'm...
  11. scottburrow

    My AX8 came in. Just magical!

    My AX8 came in Woohoo!!!!! I haven't attached it yet, but below is what it's going to look like. I haven't even turned it on yet. The board is a trailer trash pro series 36x18, just so you can compare the size with what you need.
  12. scottburrow

    May the onslaught begin. I just ordered my Ax8

    Should be here in three days. Wooooohoooooo!!!!!! Thanks fractal Matt, Mark,Cliff.
  13. scottburrow

    R.I.P. Scott Weiland

    What a sad, sad loss, from an awesome singer.
  14. scottburrow

    Who celebrates thanksgiving tonight?

    We do. We have been doing Wednesday nights for the last 14 yrs, since I got remarried. When you have a blended family sometimes you need to give a little bit. My kids are all grown now, but we still do the night before. What's your story? Oh and happy early thanksgiving, to my fractal family.
  15. scottburrow

    Heading to the Amp show.

    So It's 1:48am Arizona time. My wife and I are leaving at 3:00am Heading towards Van nuys California, to check out the Amp show, and to see the fractal peeps. they say (siri) that it's 5 hours and 45 minutes to get there. This should be a blast. See you all there.
  16. scottburrow

    Fractal are you showing the AX8 in October at the LA Amp show Oct 3,4?

    I'm just curious, since someone from the Fractal camp or Tone merchants will be there showing the AXE-FX II XL+ I'm just wondering if you will have an AX8 for people to gawk at?
  17. scottburrow

    So whats your opinion on Apple music

    I signed up yesterday. I like it. its right there on your phone. roughly $15.00 bucks for a family of 6. I stopped my RDIO subscription. What do you guys think? Rocking out to Van halen at the moment.
  18. scottburrow

    Im not sure if you follow this guy, but he's interesting nonetheless.

    I'm not sure if you follow this guy or not, you probably do, anyway I thought I would share with you all, a guy who speaks about the music industry in a way that tells it as it is, his opinion of course. I subscribed to his site, about three months ago and I get the most enjoyment from reading...
  19. scottburrow

    I thought I would share what I do.

    I shared this on facebook, so I thought I would share this here. I'm the fat guy with the beard. This is the church that I play at, in Surprise Arizona. This shows how I use it in a worship setting. Radiant Worship : January 11th, 2015 on Vimeo
  20. scottburrow

    This looks interesting Boss ES-8

    Looks like Boss is jumping into the pedal switcher market. BOSS - ES-8 | Effects Switching System
  21. scottburrow

    Some info for you traveling Musicians in America, concerning your instruments.

    This should be good for musicians, who travel within the united states. The final ruling. Posted December 30th 2014 U.S. Department of Transportation Issues Final Rule Regarding Air Travel with Musical Instruments | Department of Transportation Main Traveling With a Musical Instrument |...
  22. scottburrow

    Any idea on how to get this delay?

    I'm doing this song this weekend, do you guys happen to know what type of delay this is? is it a quad type or just dual maybe? I usually don't have problems figuring this stuff out, but the version I made doesn't last as long as this one. I'm not exactly sure how to make the delay last longer, I...
  23. scottburrow

    My wife got me a Mono m80 dual case with a tick bag. Whats your thought on them.

    Do any of you own one? are they as reliable as they say? and if you do have one how long have you had it? Here is a link. http://monocreators.com/dual-electric-guitar/
  24. scottburrow

    For all you Video camera nerds like me...Gopro 4

    GOPRO 4 announced today. It now shoots 4k30 frames and has better audio. http://shop.gopro.com/cameras/hero4-black/CHDHX-401.html
  25. scottburrow

    Looks like lincoln Brewster is selling his ultra. Time for him to get an XL.

    Time to upgrade to an XL. Lincoln Brewster Fractal Audio Systems Axe FX Ultra | eBay
  26. scottburrow

    Here is something cool.

    My buddy works on movies, he is working on one in Utah called Waffle Street. He shared an earlier photo on Facebook with the clap board, so I looked on imdb and it said that Danny Glover was in the movie, so I told John Kelly the guy on the left to tell him hi for me, so he did. I have known...
  27. scottburrow

    Here is some Nostalgia for you.

    I am quite illiterate when it comes to certain bands of the '80's. Well thankfully you can find all kinds of old concerts out there. My ignorance comes from the fact that I didn't know that Adrian Belew played with the Talking Heads. Heres a concert. It was fun to watch him make noises like nels...
  28. scottburrow

    I'm no longer AXE-FX less, all is right with the world.

    XL just came in. ahhhhhhhh OK, I can breath now. this is the best part, discovery. That is all.
  29. scottburrow

    I'm Axe-Fx less and I feel weird and lonely. Nobody wants to play with me.

    This is the first time without some form of Axe-fx for many years. I'm not sure what to do with myself until Wednesday. Strum in silence, I guess...;-) I do have Amplitube on my mac, but it's no Axe-fx. And to Billy the gentleman that I sold my Axe-fx too. Rock on buddy, have fun and call...
  30. scottburrow

    Big day today in the burrow house hold

    Today my 22yr old graduates from NAU in Flagstaff, Arizona. The last four years just flew by, and I'm excited for him to move back home for six or so months, until he finds out where they are going to place him. He got a job before graduating, and this will be a job that travels, so he will...
  31. scottburrow

    PSA Don't Panic

    Don't Panic if your buddies are selling their AXE-FX II. They are just upgrading. To an XL
  32. scottburrow

    Found this picture on Facebook from premier guitar

    Interesting. Bottom left. Looks like some ir speaker simulator box thingy. It's weird that they would manufacture this in photoshop, and present as if this thing already exists.
  33. scottburrow

    U2 on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight show.

    Does anyone know if Edge used his Axe-FX last night on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight show? His guitar sounded really good on top of the Rockefeller building. The backdrop with the Empire state building behind them was gorgeous. Its great to hear a song that isn't dance related, for a change.
  34. scottburrow

    Looks like Steve Vai is doing a Dweezilla type of thing.

    Steve Vai Presents Vai Academy | Has he done this in the past? I wish I had the Cash, saving for a AXE-FX II XL at the moment. I have always wanted to go to something like this, hopefully this isn't a one time deal. "Steve Vai proudly invites you to the very first Vai Academy June 23-27...
  35. scottburrow

    Happy Birthday Simeon!!!

    Have a great day or night. Thanks for everything you do for this community, we appreciate ya.
  36. scottburrow

    2000th post

    Just sayin.:mrgreen
  37. scottburrow

    Can you assign the Pedal (back input) to a Particular CC#?

    Here is my Dilema. I have an MFC with four expression pedals using EXT CTRL 1 - EXT CTRL 4 EXT CTRL 1 = VOLUME EXT CTRL 2 = WAH EXT CTRL 3 = DELAY INPUT TRIM EXT CTRL 4 = Modulation Speed (rarely use it) I also just bought a FCB1010 for $65bucks which has an UNO Chip. I just bought an EUREKA...
  38. scottburrow

    LOGIC PRO X was updated to 10.0.5 today.

    Here is the info. Logic Pro X 10.0.4: Release notes Logic Pro X 10.0.5 update New features and enhancements Includes 3 new Drummers and 11 new Drum Kit Designer patches. Significant enhancements to Channel EQ and Linear Phase EQ plug-ins, including: Redesigned, easier-to-use interface...
  39. scottburrow

    Well I didn't win the lottery, you?

    So it goes, ten dollars spent. if only my dreams would have came true. I would have bought an Axe-fx for everyone. I guess unless you live in san jose California or Atlanta Georgia, you didn't win either. That's ok, I'll buy you a beer anyway. My wifes said that she would have flown all the...
  40. scottburrow

    Bought a banjo.

    I have always wanted to learn how to play a banjo, so I bought one at Guitar center on Friday. Anybody else play one? There are a couple courses on truefire.com that I am going through right now, so I don't have to guess. Some of the guitar translates over. Here it is.
  41. scottburrow

    5 Days till AXE-FEST 2 woohoo!

    So, its nearly upon us. So what does it mean to you? I'm driving out of Arizona on Friday morning, hoping to be there by the afternoon. This is my Birthday gift from my wife, the whole weekend is on her. What an awesome wife. I had no idea what an AXE-Fest would be like last year, I don't...
  42. scottburrow

    Cliff thanks for Ver 11 and AXE-EDIT 3.0 Have a great vacation.

    Cliff thanks for Ver 11 and AXE-EDIT 3.0 Have a great vacation and see you at AXE-FEST 2.0.
  43. scottburrow

    Having fun with Logic Pro X

    So I got Logic Pro X a couple weeks ago and I have been learning the app by buying Logic Pro x explained series and then just buying a monthly subscription for one month to Groove3.com. I should have just got the monthly subscription instead, it would have saved me a few bucks. So I can play...
  44. scottburrow

    I got my AXE-FEST II Ticket, what about you.

    So I just bought my ticket. California or Bust OCT 5,6 WooHoo!!!!! I'm looking forward to an Awesome meet up Version II. So have you bought your ticket yet???
  45. scottburrow

    Logic Pro X released today. I knew it was coming.

    I was waiting for this. Apple Launches Logic Pro X with Virtual Drummer and Flex Pitch - Mac Rumors Apple - Press Info - Apple Unveils Logic Pro X
  46. scottburrow

    Happy Independence Day, folks!

    Are you guys, going to see fireworks?
  47. scottburrow

    Does anyone know if CARL RYDLUND is on the Man of steel Soundtrack?

    I know that he works for Hans Zimmer sometimes. I was listening to the soundtrack on RDIO, and I was just wondering if anyone knew if he was on it or not. It sounds Huge and awesome.I started listening to Soundtracks going back to A river runs through it, I'm not sure, how many years ago that was.
  48. scottburrow

    Just realized what got me into music

    So I was playing the Alman brothers on my Apple TV this morning, then I realized I have these 200 TV theme songs, so I just started listening to them, and Bam there it was. There was my inspiration of wanting to play the guitar. The simple melodic themes that were rich in orchestration...
  49. scottburrow

    Have you ever had one of those life flash before your eyes.

    So my 21 yr old Daughter works for Harley Davidson. She tells me a week ago that she has an interview in Chandler to be an assistant manager 45 minutes away. So I'm thinking, good for you dear, knowing in the back of my mind, that they wouldn't give it to a young 21 yr old. So she has the...
  50. scottburrow

    Happy Birthday M@!!!!!!

    I hope you have a great day, and how was Iron Man 3? My son went he said he liked it. The only thing left is to find a Book sale for you and your day's complete.
  51. scottburrow

    Dave Grohl Interview WTF Podcast Marc Moran

    Not sure if you guys ever heard this. I'm not sure how I found it, but I did. Its a nice long interview. Quite insightful. He mentions stuff that was in his SXSW speech. I love hearing Raw emotional speek, espcially coming from musicians. The interview starts a way into the podcast. Big...
  52. scottburrow

    Joining a bar band.

    I can't believe I'm saying this out loud. I have Ben playing churches for over twenty years, that's all I have ever done. But a good friend and drummer texted me last asking if I wanted to join. So now I'm in the process of learning songs for the next couple weeks. I'm extremely excited to play...
  53. scottburrow

    Cooper Carter playing with Robert Randolph

    Our very own Cooper Carter playing with Robert Randolph, pretty cool. I'm not sure where this is at. But it was over the weekend. He'll let us know. proud of you buddy.
  54. scottburrow

    Happy Easter Everyone.

    I hope you guys have a great Easter. Watch it on the candy...:mrgreen
  55. scottburrow

    And now for something completely different.

    Found this on BoingBoing.net One last thing as a preface, no whinning in my thread this is for fun. My last thread got deleted, so knock it off, enjoy...
  56. scottburrow

    Heres a long Interview with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson hosted by Eddie Trunk

    I haven't watched the whole thing yet, but I thought I would post. This is Eddie Trunks first Video on his new Video series on the air with...
  57. scottburrow

    Fractal the best product and people ever...

    We are on the cusp, of great things from fractal when it comes to ver 10. How do I know you say, it's because Mott and I heard it for an hour last night and it was awesome. So lets shed some positive vibrations fractals way, and lets give them some encouragement for the last push that they need...
  58. scottburrow

    SXSW Anyone?

    SXSW is next week in Austin Texas, who's going and who's hiding because you live there? Any body interested in a meetup? I know our own Cooper Carter is playing there, and I know a bunch of you live there. So what say you? I think it would be great to cheer on one of our own. Cooper will have to...
  59. scottburrow

    Cliff Sir, Whats the Latest release Notes look like.

    I know we must be getting close, can we get a current release Notes? You know, it gives us folks something to get excited about, and it gives us food for thought. No offense to the how long I have been playing threads, but I want meat, and I'm vegetarian...:D By the way I have been...
  60. scottburrow

    Cool combination of Ipad apps = fun for hours

    Audiobus with input: chordbot pro/Axe fx II output: Auria Daw chordbot pro reminds me of band in a box, where you can put in any chords and assign it a style kind of and create an instant backing track of chords of your choice. Auria is a professional level Daw that has tons of functions. It...
  61. scottburrow

    I wonder how many Axe-fx's made it to tonight's Grammy's

    They do it live don't they? or are those performances lip synced?
  62. scottburrow

    Happy Sunday everyone. Unless your in Australia, that would be happy Monday.

    I got the next two weekends off from playing, so guess what I did this morning. I pulled weeds in my front yard, for an hour. Yay I would have rather played. Anyway have a great day folks.
  63. scottburrow

    Have you seen this little Kid belt out the blues yet.

    I saw this on facebook this afternoon. He definitely can belt it out. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151464093480450
  64. scottburrow

    Just watched a great move sound studio

    You need to check out this movie, it truly inspired me tonight. It kind of brought back the focus of what music is really about. The get together of musicians creating music. That is all, watch and discuss thank you.
  65. scottburrow

    So who's playing Miraculum from Lincoln brewster this year.

    Man, I'm not a fast player at all, but it sure has been fun to learn this piece. I have definitely sped up my left and right hand, learning this. It's funny how the Trans Siberian Orchestra, has inspired other musicians to do the same. I know the guy who put the Multi Track up for Praise charts...
  66. scottburrow

    Has anyone seen this?

    Just saw this on Facebook. Demo Video: Fractal Audio Axe FX 2 Amp Modeler/Effects Processor | Guitar World
  67. scottburrow

    Is there any good Black Friday deals that even we could use?

    So is there any musical or non musical black Friday buys for tomorrow? I find it kind of strange these days as I don't really need anything. In years past it was new amps or pedals or some new musical toy, but it's been the last few years that I can't think of anything that I need, so Im taking...
  68. scottburrow

    Heading to New york city next week. Where should I go?

    Where are the cool places to go see and hear music in New York City?. My wifes busy monday night and Tuesday night, so I'm left to my own devices, and I'm not staying in the hotel, when there is music to be listened to. Musically I listen to everything and I'm not afraid of the sub way so what...
  69. scottburrow

    Music on my RDIO playlist today.

    Artist: Los Straightjackets Album: !ViVA! Los Strightjackets Style: Surf Music Favorite song(S) on this album, so far: Cavalcade or Pacifica http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Straitjackets Stretch your musical boundaries and listen to something that is not in your comfort zone. That is...
  70. scottburrow

    Has anyone brought this up yet from Mark Day

    I saw this on the Matrix Facebook site. Matrix GT1500FXBD w/d/w Demo - YouTube
  71. scottburrow

    So Cliff, have you added any new amps since Oct 31st?

    Just trying to keep the excitement growing.:D
  72. scottburrow

    So M@, do you have an Avatar picture for Version 9? and will you change it today?

    Or Public Beta 9 avatar logo I don't care which. Just asking... Don't hurt me...
  73. scottburrow

    Just Paid for my Music Badge for SXSW in March, who else is going.

    Like the title says, I'll be at SXSW in March, who else is going? We should do a meetup. I wish I could bring my rig down there and just hang on a corner and demo the unit. You figure a few bands will get signed that week and have some Advance money to buy equipment, and the AXE FX for a new...
  74. scottburrow

    Austin city limits festival on YouTube this weekend Oct 12-14

    If you are into watching festivals live, YouTube is broadcasting the Austin City Limits Festival this weekend. They did this for coachella as well this year. so if you are interested, here it is. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. if the link doesn't work just do a search in google. What I do is...
  75. scottburrow

    And now for something completely different ----- Rockabilly -----

    Here I am jamming with Preset #206 "Rockabilly Hot Rod" Excuse the clams, as this isn't my usual playing style. :oops I learned part of this off a Brian Setzer Video years ago. I used an Epiphone Joe Pass guitar the middle position. Drums are from my Roland DR-880
  76. scottburrow

    Crest Audio Poweramps

    My buddy is selling his Crest Audio CD3000 power amp, and is willing to give me a good deal. Does anyone know anything about them and would it be overkill? he said it was like 46lbs which is heavy I know and 1500 watts per side. Now as a side note, it would be a really great deal and that it...
  77. scottburrow

    So, how's the New York amp show going?

    Just wondering how the show is going. Any news? I'm excited for Fractal, this might be the one weekend that adds a lot of new users.
  78. scottburrow


    So for the longest time, I have been having these static issues with my Eric Johnson Strat, that have been bugging me to no end. I thought it must be the Axe FX II because I see a static entries once in awhile. So out of curiosity I plug in my Les Paul, and no static, That's good news. So I do a...
  79. scottburrow

    Change Input volume with a switch.

    I have my first pedal controlling my input volume which works great. I now want to do the same thing with a switch to basically decrease input volume when I do swells by a couple db. I have modified patch 48 Ganymede using a Plexi treble instead of what was in there. I have also added a delay2...
  80. scottburrow

    Any Secrets on Getting Garage Band to recognize the AXE II on Lion?

    For some reason all that garage band sees is the internal microphone. I have the AXE II plugged directly into the back of my IMAC, any ideas? Axe Edit works fine.
  81. scottburrow

    Holly Bleep!!

    I just got my AXE II, wow is all I can say. the way that the amp breaths is what is blowing me away. when it needs to be spongy it is, when your looking for soulful, it's there in spades. As others have said this is totally a different animal then its predecessor. So my opinion is that when...
  82. scottburrow

    question about using wireless midi on mfc101

    I know that to be in axe mode on the mfc01 it needs a two way communication between the axe and the controller. I have bought an m-audio midair wireless midi device with the goal of going wireless to the mfc101. The midair is one way only, so my question is if i get another one going from the...
  83. scottburrow

    Advanced Wammy

    Does this still exist? and if it does where do I find it? I got this from the Wiki. Advanced whammy [Ultra] The Advanced Whammy mode is identical to the Classic Whammy mode except that the start and stop shift amounts are controllable in semitone increments. This allows you to set the heel down...
  84. scottburrow

    New Fanboy

    So I bought an AXE FX Ultra last week and got it last Friday. Here are my opinions on this beast. A little history first, I have been playing since I was 10 or 11 and I’m 44 now, so it has been awhile; yes I should be better than I am for the length of time that I have played some think I am...
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