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  1. Hugomack

    IS there a basic introduction to using the MFC to control other midi devices?

    I'm trying to bring in a Pigtronix Infinity looper, BeatBuddy drum machine and Dave Smith Tetra synth, to be controlled all together using midi. it may be that using the MFC is too ambitious for all of this, but I'd be very grateful if anyone who's using the Pigtronix could talk me through the...
  2. Hugomack

    Does the MFC 101 transmit Beat Clock or other tempo data?

    The Axe FX2 manual says it doesn't transmit any beat data (and that it will only conform to Beat Clock). I'm trying to midi link for tempo a Beat Buddy drum machine and a Pigtronix looper to the Axe. The best way to do this for me will be through the MFC - keeping everything on the...
  3. Hugomack

    Is anyone use a McMillen 12 Step to control an Axe FXII?

    I'm looking for a light-weight alternative controller for my FXII - acoustic gigs and for flying. Is anyone using the Keith McMillen 12 Step? If so, I'd be very grateful for a dialogue in how you're doing this. I'm guessing the USB connection won't transmit midi data to the Axe, and it...
  4. Hugomack

    Home-Made FRFR Cab

    [/url] img hosting[/IMG] These contain one horn-loaded 12 inch Eminence Kappalite speaker with 12 piezos in front in a melded array (facing each other which gives them a very wide dispersion). Weighs 16kg. Made of mostly 1/4 inch ply. Using a Matrix GT800 power amp, sounds pretty good...
  5. Hugomack

    Session Band app using Fractal FX

    I couldn't see that anyone had noted this in the Forum, but this chord looper app uses the Axe FXII for some pretty serious guitar work covering every rock style. SessionBand - Rock for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch | SessionBand Rock - Volume 1 There are also other genres covered, but I...
  6. Hugomack

    Could this man benefit from an Axe?

  7. Hugomack

    Has anyone opened up their CLR or Q12/CF12 & can tell us what drivers are in there?

    Xitone are straight-up with telling us what's in their 1x12 FRFR offering. As this info doesn't seem to be on the Atomic or Matrix sites, could anybody who's opened their's up tell us exactly what drivers, cross-overs and amps are inside please? (There've been a few spats in the...
  8. Hugomack

    Using Eventide Stomps with FX2 and MFC

    I have an idea for using my (now) redundant Eventide Time and Mod factors to get me over the lack of channels for a WDW system - using the Eventides to provide the Wets direct into the PA. I did this with my old analogue system and it was brilliant; the Eventides give great multidelay and super...
  9. Hugomack

    Reverse Delay: Hendrix "Are You Experienced" Intro and CHorus?

    I haven't got reverse delay sorted out at all.... Has anyone 'done' this Hendrix one? Seems like a single echo with short feedback., but does tap tempo come into trying to make it work live? How do you count yourself in - I can only do it by playing one beat ahead, but it's not great... I'd...
  10. Hugomack

    New FRFR Option: £120

    :pride:This is my attempt to avoid having to pay large sums for FRFR while still using my splendid EVMs - so I can use the new cab sims... EVM 12L for low end, cut-off at 1.6kHz (where they do a little dip), into a 60watt 8 ohm compression driver, complete with 'mixer' knob. It works a treat...
  11. Hugomack

    Converting a guitar cab to FRFR, now that FW10 cabs sims are so good...?

    Has anybody tried to add a compression driver to their guitar cab, to achieve FRFR? With the apparent non-availability of CLRs, the apparent high price of QLRs and the amount of money I've invested in ported cabs with EVM12Ls, which have a wide response anyway, this is looking like a good...
  12. Hugomack

    Why is it always Seven?

    Why not thirteen guitarists who you hate - which would allow us all to rant on about another six (assuming my arithmetic is correct). How about the three you worship maybe? Or the four you respect the most? Or the One you'd like to drown personally? Or in honour of waiting for FW10 (has it...
  13. Hugomack

    How to use an Expression Pedal Input as as IA Switch?

    I only use two Expression Pedals (one for Wah/Whammy, and the other for speeds for Vibe and PanTrem, and feedback for delays...) but would like more Switches. I'm using one Expression Pedal input as a momentary switch for the Tuner (so I can make on-off noises...). But I'd like to use...
  14. Hugomack

    This webite is increasingly "server too busy" - evenings (UK) - now afternoons.

    Has anyone else noticed "server too busy" problems getting into this Forum? If so, I hope it will be of interest to the webmaster. This forum was the vital factor that tipped me from analogue into the unknowns of digital emulation. It's not possible to move forward without regular reading...
  15. Hugomack

    Wet/Dry/Wet: using Y-splitters to avoid miking up cabs?

    I'm determined not to mike up my cabs for W/D/W as when using guitar cabs from Output 2, there aren't enough outputs for both backline and FOH. Would there be any gain or hum issues in Y-splitting the two Wet outputs?
  16. Hugomack

    Using Cab sims to 'Fine-Tune" Backline Sound?

    When using an amp and guitar cab for backline, we don't usually use a cab sim as the signal is going through a real cab. There's a considerable debate over types of amp and speakers to use for backline sound from the Axe. With 6-string guitar, I use a sim of my backline speakers to the FOH...
  17. Hugomack

    What MFC lay-outs and settings are people using to control Scenes?

    I use five presets along the bottom, and the rest IAs, with a two-switch external and two Expression pedals. I'm wondering how best to control the Ver 9 Scenes. How are the experts approaching this great-to-have problem?
  18. Hugomack

    Sixties-style organ patch?

    I'm looking for an Sixties-style organ patch? Cross betwen a Hammond and Farfisa....?
  19. Hugomack

    Just in time for Christmas - a newbies progress from AC30 + huge pedalboard, to FX2

    I can't remember when I ordered my Axe, but it never arrived. Instead it evolved over enormous amounts of geological time from the Ultra to the FX2, which arrived with an MFC 101 on my doorstep a week after Sussi at G66 emailed me the glad tidings. I'd already bought a Matrix GT800 power amp...
  20. Hugomack

    Axe-FX II won't start

    I've had my FXII for a couple of week,s all working as it should, but now it won't start. The LEDs flash on and off every second, which generates a click through the power amp and into the speakers. I've left it doing this for a while in case it's working it way through something.... but no...
  21. Hugomack

    How are People racking their FXII's?

    With the Matrix GT800FX power amp, there's the chance of getting everything into a 3u SKB weighing just over 8kg (plus the SKB). I'm not using an EQ unit as the FXII can easily do that globally for the foldback output, and Yek had problems using a power conditioner, so I can't the point of...
  22. Hugomack

    Is a separate EQ rack unit needed for the Axe-FX II?

    I noticed Dada has a "Tube EQ" unit in his rack, and wondered if others have found that fine-tuning the sound to venues requires a separate EQ unit, or whether the FX II has enough easily adjusted global EQ controls on the front panel to make a separate EQ unit necessary?
  23. Hugomack

    Using Axe as 2-channel or Left-Centre-Right system?

    A previous thread talked about Wet-Dry-Wet and stereo set-ups, concluding that unless the FOH is LCR, it's best to send the engineer a mono feed to avoid problems for people off-axis. However, for the mosh pit, the fun is hearing stage sound, so I'd like to try an LCR set up with the Centre...
  24. Hugomack

    Solid State Amps: light, but what are the problems?

    I've noticed people expressing various problems over particular solid state amps - for example the new Matrix XT800, and the forthcoming Pro-Audio - I think because the latter is class D. I don't know much about solid state versus valve, and would be very grateful for people's comments...
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