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    Axe Edit Beta 1.0.191, Windows 10 compatibility

    After years of using Windows 7 and "Axe Edit Beta 1.0.191" with my Axe-Fx Standard (using firmware version 11 in the Axe-Fx) and a "M-Audio Midisport 2x2 Anniversary" midi inteface, I now have to change to a Windows 10 PC. Does anyone know if Axe Edit Beta 1.0.191 works ok on Windows 10... ???
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    Spillover query

    I've read the wiki for the delay/reverb spillover (http://axefxwiki.guitarlogic.org/index. ... =Spillover) and using two reverb blocks in 2 adjacent presets with a huge hall reverb with a very long decay in Reverb 1, and a medium room reverb with shorter decay in Reverb 2. (the input gain was...
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    Clicking noise matching Tempo light - SEND REALTIME SYSEX

    Hi All, Has anyone else noticed on Hi Gain patches (without the noise gate fully clamped off, or disabled) that if the SEND REALTIME SYSEX = ALL setting is selected then there is an audible "click" noise which corresponds with the same timing as the TAP/TEMPO light on the front display. If the...
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