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  1. elchampion

    Game Changer Plasma?

    Mine arrives in October. Looking forward to hear what it does.
  2. elchampion

    Bare Knuckle Pickups

    I bought a Steve Stevens Rebel Yell neck pick up for my SG and it's amazing!! Work well with the Tone Zone in the bridge.
  3. elchampion

    MFC-101 no longer available?

    Best is to contact sales@fractal and find out for sure.
  4. elchampion

    A little something different from XiTone Cabs...

    No silver screw? Nice job Mick!
  5. elchampion

    “Like a Stone” Whammy

    That one worked no problem. Weird.
  6. elchampion

    “Like a Stone” Whammy

    Thanks for re uploading it but I still get the error message. I even tried thru the Axe-Manage presets and opened my download folder and it didn't even show up as a choice.
  7. elchampion

    “Like a Stone” Whammy

    I tried to upload this patch into my AX8 but it says file is not supported. Anyone having this issue?
  8. elchampion

    Thinking of giving away my XL+ ... Any Ideas?

    You can look into the Austin School of Rock or Anthropos Arts
  9. elchampion

    X-LOAD set ups

    Awesome!! Can't wait to try this!
  10. elchampion

    X-LOAD set ups

    Thanks Cliff!! This is the type of info I need to getting the best out of my amp(s) into the AXE-FX.
  11. elchampion

    X-LOAD set ups

    This is my first reactive load product so all this is new to me. I've tried running my LB-2 into the front of my XL+ and the rear input and haven't noticed much of a difference. I've set up a cab block and a reverb at the end the chain on the grid using my Fender super sonic 22 combo. Seems that...
  12. elchampion

    Raise the flag for another Fractal victory!

    It’s easier to go to guitar center and grab a helix than AX8. My guess as to why that is, tho the AX8 sounds better.
  13. elchampion

    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    Yeah I noticed the blue light show inside! Reminds me of the swart night light bulb!
  14. elchampion

    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    Received my LB-2 today and paired it with my Swart AST mkII and it sounded great into the front input of the AXE XL+. Maybe I should see if there's a difference from the back input. Its really cool to have all my pedals in front of the amp and the Axe effects behind the cab block. Its going to...
  15. elchampion

    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    Bit the bullet and trusted in Cliff. Ordered! This will be my first load box, so I’m excited to play my amps thru my XL+ and AX8. Would I plug the DI out to the front of the AX? Or on the back and use the FXL block as an amp block per se?
  16. elchampion

    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    Looks to be the same size as the suhr RL
  17. elchampion

    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    Ugh I must resist the urge!! I want to know more about and hear some examples before pulling the trigger. Lots of choices and that Ox is intriguing tho the price is not.
  18. elchampion

    In the Spirit of NAMM Anouncements (FAS reactive load box)

    What do the Beta testers think of the LB-2 compared to PS2 and Suhr RL?
  19. elchampion

    In the Spirit of NAMM Anouncements (FAS reactive load box)

    I was going to pull the trigger on the suhr but I’ll wait a week to see what cliff has coming out. Would rather stick with fractal products. Has the price been realsed yet?
  20. elchampion

    New Logic updates

  21. elchampion

    Oh man, why?

  22. elchampion

    New Universal Audio Arrow Thunderbolt3 Audio Interface...

    I recently bought an Apollo Twin Solo and wish I had gone with the Duo because you do run out of space quickly. Looks like I'll buying a Satellite to compensate.
  23. elchampion

    The Axe FX with the UAD Apollo

    I recently bought an Apollo Twin and with @austinbuddy 's help I was able to try out recording via S/PDIF. I was running into some latency issues in Logic before via USB and sometimes changing the buffer didn't help. My initial tests worked great and I look forward to recording this way.
  24. elchampion

    Any Neil Young Fans?

    He also opened the Neil Young Archive website today http://www.neilyoungarchives.com. Pretty impressive!
  25. elchampion

    John McLaughlin Farewell Tour apparently

    I can't wait to see them November 30th!
  26. elchampion

    700+ Naked Amps TonePack by AustinBuddy Available NOW!

    I strongly agree with Austin Buddy on seeing David Grissom on Tuesdays. Amazing players!
  27. elchampion

    Have many of you gone from Axe-ii to the AX8, then back to the Axe-ii again?! I'm thinking..

    I’m thinking of selling my xl+ soon with the mkI midi controller. I’ve got the ax8 and fx8 to cover my fractal needs.
  28. elchampion

    King Crimson Fall Tour 2017

    I was at the austin show and they blew me away! The 3 drummers were amazing! I saw a picture of Fripp with Axe-Edit open on his laptop behind him. These guys are not to be missed!!
  29. elchampion

    The Defiant Ones on HBO - Excellent!

    I enjoyed it! Jimmy is one lucky bastard!
  30. elchampion

    Video tutorial: how to dial in a Jimi/London '67 Preset on your Axe-Fx

    Nicely Done! Look forward to creating this preset!
  31. elchampion

    FX8: Wet/Dry Rig

    I've never tried the Strymon pedals because the day I do I will be rethinking my whole set up! lol. With my FX8 im using EJ fuzzface into a digitech freq out, EP booster, SP-1, Keeley Neutrino, bonamassa wah, FX8. Everything fit onto a Pedal Train Pro boardexcept for the fuzz face and EV-1. I'd...
  32. elchampion

    FX8: Wet/Dry Rig

    I've got 2 sets of tube amps that I'm using with this set up. Set one is The Swart AST and the 5:35. Set two is a Fender Pro Junior and Supersonic 22. The Super sonic 22 and Mesa have the effects loops, so those amps serve as the Wet. I route them as you would for the 4CM shown in the manual and...
  33. elchampion

    FX8: Wet/Dry Rig

    Thanks for asking! It's working out great! Once I level out the amps with the Dry a bit louder than the Wet, it sounds great! I love the way the Multi Delay block sounds. Still need to mess with it more to work out the amount Wet but that's the fun part!
  34. elchampion

    FX8: Wet/Dry Rig

    Thanks for chiming in Deadpool_25. I played with it a bit last night and connected the Mesa V35 using the 4cm and then used the (R) of the OUT (PRE) to go into the Swart. After messing with the levels, it began to sound pretty good. Tonight I'm going to do the same thing but run the 4CM into a...
  35. elchampion

    FX8: Wet/Dry Rig

    Hi guys! This might be a silly question since there's plenty of info out there on how to create this type of rig with pedals. The last two nights I haven't been able to create the type of sounds I heard this W/D set up do. These are my two amps: I'd like my dry sound to come from my Swart AST...
  36. elchampion

    NAD!!! Swart AST mkII

    No I haven't. I plan to this weekend!
  37. elchampion

    NAD!!! Swart AST mkII

    Sounds great so far! Having issues with the FX8 relays. Using a boss fs6 and TRS Y cable turning on/off the reverb and Trem worked great, but on the FX8 On was off, Off was On there's not a polarity switch to reverse the function on the FX8. Choosing Ring or Tip, didn't really work either. Only...
  38. elchampion

    NAD!!! Swart AST mkII

    I once played a Swart Atomic Space Tone when looking to try a guitar out not worrying much about the amp. I plugged the guitar in this amp and I was blown away. The lush Reverb and that Tremolo! WOW!! When Cliff added the Nuclear Tone to the Axe and it just made me want the real one even more...
  39. elchampion

    Greg Koch in Austin tonight

    Damn I had no idea! Would have loved to have seen that! I agree the David Grissom on Tuesdays is one the best acts to catch around town!
  40. elchampion

    So i found a beat up original 1974 stratocaster in my closet needs work..

    +1 on the Fluence Strat Pick ups! One of my biggest pet peeves is 60 cycle hum on strats. These fishman pick ups have no hum and sound awesome! The Tele Greg Koch verision are in my sights!
  41. elchampion

    Now that the NAMM dust has settled, what are you getting?

    I can't wait to try out this pedal!
  42. elchampion

    Barefoot Buttons

  43. elchampion

    Barefoot Buttons

    @klaushouz Pm'd you. Thanks
  44. elchampion

    Tips to get Pitch block to NOT sound like a Ring Modulator

    Thanks for the reply Ed. I'll give it a shot.
  45. elchampion

    Tips to get Pitch block to NOT sound like a Ring Modulator

    Hi guys, This weekend I was messing with the Pitch block and added a control switch to raise the pitch an octave up and down. It performed that function great but when playing notes at the higher octave it would sound like a ring modulator. Don't remember this happening before. Maybe there's a...
  46. elchampion

    Blue Mo-Fi Headphone review.

    OUCH! Good luck!
  47. elchampion

    Backpack for AX8 transport

    Here it is: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/edit-search-over-winner-mono-365-case.108302/page-2#post-1300160
  48. elchampion

    Backpack for AX8 transport

    I'll try to remember to take pics when I get home before I head out for my gig. When I flew to San Fran, I had my AX8 and Macbook Pro inside with no problems. The expression pedals fit nicely in the side pockets and everything else in the front pockets. I believe there's a picture of another...
  49. elchampion

    Backpack for AX8 transport

    I've been using a Mono 365 back pack and it fits everything I need perfectly! http://monocreators.com/the-365/
  50. elchampion

    Tips and tricks for using Axe Fx with IEMs

    This is a very helpful thread as I'm about to take steps into the IEM world. This past weekend I used a Jamhub and Blue Mofi's to see if its something I wanted to invest in. I've had the Jamhub for years just sitting in a box until I found out it could be used as an IEM solution. I was very...
  51. elchampion

    AX8 V3.03 Released

    ah thanks!
  52. elchampion

    AX8 V3.03 Released

    Where did they move the VU meter? Can't seem to find it
  53. elchampion

    VIDEO: HAAS Delay and how to use it

    Hi Danny I'd be interested in the Nuno Delay trick. Thanks for your insight!
  54. elchampion

    Livid Instruments Guitar Wing

    I've got one and a Kenton. Need to see how this works with my AX8.
  55. elchampion

    Traveling with the AX8 ...... (Very long post) :0)

    When you go thru TSA do you have to take the AX8 out like it was a laptop?
  56. elchampion

    AX8 Looper

    Ahh ok.
  57. elchampion

    AX8 Looper

    how do I get the looper fuctions to stay? When I engage looper control, the fuctions show up but then revert back to the foot switch view. Thanks guys!
  58. elchampion

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    Got my invite as well! Ordered! Waitlist 10/13/15 6:17
  59. elchampion

    John Mayer has a Kemper but no Fractal

    Here's the link to the Periscope. He gets a question from a fan towards the end if he has an Axe-FX. His new PRS looks pretty amazing. https://youtu.be/Lxl_L7dXp1c not sure how to embed a youtube video.
  60. elchampion

    Quick Demo "TheAmpFactory" Teaser.

    I'm really excited about the new Amp+ cab combo packs. I've got so many IRs that I have no time to audition or a clue of which amp to use them with. Only reason I bought them really was so I can test out presets of Notable preset wizards who use 3rd party IRs. Sounds great TAF!
  61. elchampion

    Is there a way to run Audio from USB to OUTPUT 2?

    Thanks for the suggestions Yek! That definitely helps. You are the man!
  62. elchampion

    Is there a way to run Audio from USB to OUTPUT 2?

    Thanks Yek! Clears that up!
  63. elchampion

    Is there a way to run Audio from USB to OUTPUT 2?

    It works great thru OUTPUT 1 and can live with that, if that's the case. Just making sure I didn't miss something. Thanks for chiming in. ed
  64. elchampion

    Is there a way to run Audio from USB to OUTPUT 2?

    My apologies if this has been discussed someplace else. My Search yielded no results. I'm wanting to run the synth sounds from my laptop using my FTP thru the AXE FX XL+. I can get OUTPUT 1 to work great but it doesn't go out of OUTPUT 2. Is this possible? I did echo output 1 to output 2 but I...
  65. elchampion

    Guitar Wing!!!

    I updated mine yesterday. I haven't messed with it yet. I was hoping to use it with the Amplifire but for some reason there's a connection problem between it and the usb host. Oh well, tonight I plan to use my soft synths but as far as I can tell it works. Pretty cool!
  66. elchampion

    And now....Van Halen on Ellen

    Sammy's Drummer is Jason Bonham, John Bonham's son. He's pretty good.
  67. elchampion

    And now....Van Halen on Ellen

    I agree, that his voice sounds way too perfect. If he really does sing like that at his age, its really remarkable.
  68. elchampion

    And now....Van Halen on Ellen

    I think I'd rather pay to see Sammy and Mike and their new band The Circle. Here's video of them doing This is Love. Mike's voice is the missing link to VH sound. If only they could work something out, but it is what it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRKj2Whvm7E
  69. elchampion

    Guthrie Govan Sig Charvel

    I tried one at a local store. Its amazingly light but I think its a bit over priced. Nice feel tho.
  70. elchampion

    New Xitone Cabs

    @ Mick LOL I was about to say.... Man I wonder how much better mine will sound after its broken in and I've had my Xitone for a year and a half I believe. lol
  71. elchampion

    New Xitone Cabs

    man, a second one would be sweet to have!
  72. elchampion

    awesome NGD

    Cocobolo. This guitar was inspired by Jerry Garcia's rosebud. Such character wood grain.
  73. elchampion

    awesome NGD

    I've got a forshage Orion as well. The wait was the hardest part but Chris is an awesome guy and great luthier! Congrats! Here's mine
  74. elchampion

    Hans van Andel (Vafam Sound, Rack Panels)

    Thanks Cooper for introducing us to Hans! My panel has been a time saver! When I needed something he was quick to reply and deliver! One of a kind and will be sorely missed!
  75. elchampion

    MFC-101 Mk III and AxeFx II XL+ (Firmware 18) Name Timeout SOLVED!

    me too. I just got my XL+ and will need to use it tomorrow for a gig.
  76. elchampion

    Hans from Vafam

    Very Bummed to hear about Hans failing health. Thank you for being such an awesome guy and selling and supporting an awesome product!
  77. elchampion

    Cab-Lab 3 Launched!

    waiting on my upgrade code as well. Not in my spam box.
  78. elchampion

    Not One, but Two new XiTone designs!!!!!!!

    love the handle idea! Great Job Mick!
  79. elchampion

    Your favorite guitar (that you own) and why...

    Mine is a PRS swamp ash special with two 5708 narrow fields and 5708 humbucker that I love! Second would be my custom forshage Orion with SD p-rails.
  80. elchampion

    Blue Mo-Fi Headphone review.

    I love the Blue MoFi's. With the Axe I use them with the built in amp off, because otherwise I feel they are too loud. When recording and mixing the built in amp in First position sounds amazing or just plain listening to music. I end up hearing things I've never heard before. Highly Recommended!
  81. elchampion

    New fiddle Extended Range Content

    gorgeous build!
  82. elchampion

    Guitar Wing!!!

    I've been using Midi Pipe to communicate with the AXE-FX thru my laptop to see how it would work before I bought the USB Hub. I agree with Yek on how cool it is to control the Whammy parameters with the touch pads and to play with the oscillating delays but sometimes the connection just drops...
  83. elchampion

    Clark Kent's JP Matches

    @Clark Kent Why is the Looking Glass Cab louder than the others? Also what's the strategy behind setting the balance hard left in the AMP block? Is that just another way to control output volume?
  84. elchampion

    Blue MoFi Headphones with Axe Fx?

    Are you guys that are using them with the Axe, are you using them in passive mode or with ON engage? I've found with the amp on, that's it sooo loud that I have turn the output 1 volume down to 2 or 3. Personally I like them in passive with the Axe but curious how ya'll are using them.
  85. elchampion

    Blue MoFi Headphones with Axe Fx?

    because of you guys I ordered some myself! Looking forward to hearing the Axe thru them!
  86. elchampion

    A little something new from XiTone Cabs

    looks awesome Mick! Whats the weight on that?
  87. elchampion

    NGD - PRS Tremonti Sig in Angry Larry

    Nice Flame! I have a PRS Swamp Ash Special in Angry Larry. Killer Color!
  88. elchampion

    VH Panama 16.02

    Sweet Bro!
  89. elchampion

    Welcome to the New Cab-Lab and Cab-Lab Live Subforum

    If you own cab lab is this an additional cost?
  90. elchampion

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 16.01 Released

    Mine too! LOL I created a new preset and decided to see what the 5153 Red sounded like and DAMN!!! I was shocked also how great it cleans up too!
  91. elchampion


    I've been playing in a live Mashup band for about 7 years here in Austin, called More Cowbell. Its always great when we are hired to play a corporate gig or Wedding and watching people's reaction to what they are hearing. By the end of the night everyone is into it playing off beat cowbells on...
  92. elchampion

    Guitar Wing!!!

    Thanks for chiming in! Look forward to when the Dev team has sent you the email for the release of the editor!
  93. elchampion

    Guitar Wing!!!

    I recently got my guitar wing integrated with mainstage 3 using plug in amps when I don't want to lug around my axe II and mfc, and it has worked great so far. It's cool to use the slides with the delay feedback to get the oscillating sound. I plan to do more when the editor comes out...
  94. elchampion

    Guitar Wing!!!

    Look forward to what you come up with. Might need to look into a USB->MIDI box myself.
  95. elchampion

    Guitar Wing!!!

    I've got one too, but I'm waiting for the editor to come out. The Guitar Wing has issues between CC or midi Notes when mapping in Ableton. Looking forward to really putting it to work in the future!
  96. elchampion

    Question for the Fractal Team....

    You could run the Output of the GR-55 into Input 2 of the Axe and then drop in FXL block on a separate chain from your guitar signal and experiment with a Mixer block.
  97. elchampion

    Axe-Fx Austin Facebook

    Thanks Mott! I live on the eastside of 71 in Del Valle but I work on campus. I'll have to plan on doing that and meeting you fellow fractalites.
  98. elchampion

    Axe-Fx Austin Facebook

    Dude that would be great! I'll let you know for sure!
  99. elchampion

    Axe-Fx Austin Facebook

    Yeah I would love to hear a CLR in person to see if I'm really missing out, tho it might cause some serious gas if it indeed turns out that I'm missing out. LOL. I'll be playing this sunday at NOMAD for their brunch at noon with my buddy. I'll be playing my original II thru my Active xitone...
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