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  1. svl

    FS Allen & Heath GL2-S mixer in Road Runner M8URR case

    Allen & Heath GL2-S 16 channel board, perfect working condition. Racked in a Road Runner M8URR rack case with 8 space below the tilted board, excellent condition, never gigged. $350 for both, PP Gift. Local pickup (Chicago)
  2. svl

    FS Roland JV 1080 w/ manuals, 3 expansion modules

    Selling my Roland JV 1080, studio kept/racked, original owner. Has manual, power cord and 3 installed Expansion modules (SR-JV80-02 Orchestral, SR-JV80-05 World and SR-JV80-13 Vocal). Local pickup (Chicagoland area) preferred. $600 PP gift
  3. svl

    FS Roland S50 Sampling keyboard w/ Director S, manuals, case

    Selling my Roland S50 sampler, great condition, studio kept, original owner. Comes with all manuals, 3.5 sound discs, power cord, everything originally included. Also throwing in the custom Grundorf case I had built for it- thing is a tank, only used to cart the keyboard from house to studio...
  4. svl

    FS EV ELX112 speaker pair

    Great passive speakers- lightweight but sturdy (wood not plastic), really sweet sounding speakers. Perfect working order, fantastic condition, never gigged (house rehearsal only). Local deal only (Chicagoland area), $375 for the pair PP Gift .
  5. svl

    FS FS- 1980 Hamer Sunburst BC, pedals, pickups

    1980 HAMER SUNBURST 2020 sucks, been out of work (gig for a living) since 2/28, no idea when things will get back to normal so letting some of my babies go. First up is my 1980 Sunburst- as the video (shot today) shows, this is a monster, capable of a myriad of tones and plays like absolute...
  6. svl

    Will the FC controllers work with the XL?

    Praying it will, but got a feeling it won't. Any hints, FAS?
  7. svl

    Happy Halloween- new young band (15 year olds), all Axe recording

    A new, young band (15 year olds) I'm producing has released a special song/video for the holiday, all guitars, bass done with the Axe FXII & AX8... Band is called Vs. (as in "versus", their tagline is "It's Us Against Them")- http://vs-band.com/ If ya dig it and are on Facevook, Twitter...
  8. svl

    A pedal to simulate guitars is on its way

    http://lnx.sim-one.it/ Looks like the Axe FX of guitars and guitar pickups. I'm definitely watching with interest.
  9. svl

    Rockabilly AX8 tone-age

    A piece from one of my band's new demos, thought y'all might enjoy...
  10. svl

    Is the power supply in the AX8 the same as the Axe FX II?

    Have a spare power supply for my two XLs, wondering if it's also a direct replacement for the AX8. Here's the part- http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Emerson-Astec-Power/LPT42/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMsPs3th5F8koC2sObuvShnMftt3EqbU9U4%3d Thanks in advance.
  11. svl

    Wish Ability to program External switches to control Scenes

    One of the biggest things I miss flipping from the II to the AX8 is the ability to program external switches to change Scenes. Love to be able to "tap dance" less- having to continually tap F1 and F3 each time I change presets is tough when you're singing, playing, fronting and entertaining.
  12. svl

    External switches to change Scenes

    I have scoured the web and the site to find out how to program external switches to change Scenes (1-4) to no avail. Hoping someone can help. I want to be able to do what I do with the Axe II and MFC and use an external switching box to change Scenes while still using the AX8s switches to...
  13. svl

    AX8 power cord question for FAS

    Quick question for the crew- is the power cord for the AX8 the same as the Axe FX II power cord? Is this a direct replacement for the AX8 cord? https://btpa.com/FAS10-II.html Thanks in advance.
  14. svl

    The true Green Hornet, Van Williams, passes away

    http://variety.com/2016/tv/news/van-williams-dead-dies-green-hornet-1201933644/ Huge '66 Hornet fan, met Van many times over the years. He was an amazingly kind man, this is truly a sad day.
  15. svl

    "Switchable FW Controversy" question- kills Amp change?

    Been reading with interest but just got involved in the controversy (cue Prince here) and thought of something I didn't think about until just now- in deleting the option of being able to switch FW modes, wouldn't that by nature eliminate the ability to change the Amp block FW choice per preset...
  16. svl

    Best FracPad wireless midi interface

    I know it's a totally new product, but would like to hear what people are using to wirelessly connect FracPad (via iPhone & iPad) to their Axe FX II units, and what's working easily and flawlessly (so far).
  17. svl

    What's up with Lava Cable? Weird shennanigans it appears...

    Was going to order some extra wireless cables, but in the last few weeks got some weird emails from the company. First up was an email from someone named Michelle Stoddard (assuming it's Mark's wife) and John Davis saying that ownership of the company had changed. Then today I get an email...
  18. svl

    Any Behringer X32 Macbook users, need your help

    Pertinent info- X32 rack FW 2.16, Macbook Pro Retina (2015), Logic Pro X (latest FW), multiple USB cords Have been using the X32 rack since December, and multitrack recorded every gig since. Had an ether port blow on the X32, ended up picking up a spare because I have to have it for gigs. No...
  19. svl

    Timeout issue

    I put in a support ticket just now, but I'm incredibly desperate so I thought by posting my issue here perhaps someone may be able to shed some light on my problem. Longtime FAS user (started with the Ultra, moved on to the IIs, and then the XLs), definitely not a novice. Units (have two XLs...
  20. svl

    Which band for in ears?

    Looking to get a new in ear system, wondering if anyone had an opinion on which band to get? Leaning towards the Sennheiser EW300 G3, but confused as to whether I should get the A, B or G band. Also open to hearing about better units than the Senn. Many thanks in advance.
  21. svl

    Bug in the new FW 5.2? Set lists not saving correctly

    SOLVED WITH UPDATE Uploaded the latest 5.2, and now having issues saving sets. I put all the songs in, they look correct in the SYS file when saving, but when uploaded to the MFC they "skip" certain songs in the set list (example- set will be fine up to song 10, but then has songs 11 & 12...
  22. svl

    What router are you using with the X32?

    Questions for those of you with the Behringer X-32: which routers are you using? How many devices do you have trying to connect with the router at one time, and which ones (iPhone, iPad, etc)? Any connectivity issues? Anybody using the newish tri-bands like the Asus RT-AC3200 or the TP-Link...
  23. svl

    AX8 getting it's photoshoot...

    FAS just posted pix on the FB page of the AX8 in it's first photoshoot. The wait'll be over sooooooooon! :)
  24. svl

    Fractal's new "Smart Car"- the AxeCar

    Yesterday I had an outdoor gig (thankfully the last of the season, as it was cold as hell) and there was a slight chance of rain. So far this year I've had gigs completely rained out three times and another two instances where I got rained on (one of which was a baaaaaad storm), so I've taken a...
  25. svl

    Quantum explanation for those with animated minds....

    Quantum explained... Just think what Rick could do if he had an Axe XL+.
  26. svl

    Quantum FW live on TV this Monday morning (Memorial Day)

    Performing three tunes on WGN Morning News (Chicago, but WGN is syndicated almost everywhere) this Monday (Labor Day) between 8 & 10am with one of the bands I've been working with this year, THE HAT GUYS. Using the latest and greatest QUANTUM FW direct to the console. If you get the chance and...
  27. svl

    MFC-Edit Gary is a great guy!!!!

    Just wanted to give major props and undying thanks to Gary, creator of the amazing MFC-Edit software. Not only has this incredible system completely changed my life in just one afternoon, it's also added hours and hours of free time to my life by cutting my MFC programming time to a fraction of...
  28. svl

    Wish Ability to have (at least) 384 Songs for use in Set Mode

    Work in a couple busy cover/tribute bands, really need to be able to have more than 100 Songs. Would be fantastic to be able to access at least the first 3 banks of 384 presets (I have two XLs so could go for the whole 768 but at least 384 would help for now) as Songs to use in Set mode...
  29. svl

    Rectangular Case to fit my Les Pauls

    Looking for a rectangular case that will properly fit Les Pauls. Don't need ATA specs, just a good, flat rectangular case that will stack well on a cart. Any suggestions?
  30. svl

    XL reboot question

    Going to ask what may be a stupid question- if I had to reboot one of my XLs due to a brick, would my presets be lost or are they stored internally permanently each time I load them from a back-up? Got to thinking about what would happen at a show if the XL locked up for some unknown reason...
  31. svl

    Problem with Ethercon cable

    Question for y'all- just bought a used MFC Mk1, and for some reason it won't work with the ethercon cable and Neutrik adapter/connectors. Powers the unit, but just get the "timeout" message. Reason this is weird is because my other MFC Mk1 works just flawlessly with it (and has for the past...
  32. svl

    Wish Mini MFC

    Would love (and really need) a scaled down MFC, something nice and compact with 8 switches that "reveal" between preset/bank and scenes/FX block functions. No external switches in, only two external pedal ins. FASlink/Ethercon connections. Simple, small footprint, GREAT as a back-up to the...
  33. svl

    Gruv Muver 6 vs Rock N Roller R12 opinions

    Anyone have any experience with the Gruv Muver? How about the R-N-R R12 (with the all terrain wheels)? Looking to buy a new cart, want something built well that can handle any surface. Thanks in advance for any and all opinions/reviews. :)
  34. svl

    Bug: Expression pedals not ... [SOLVED]

    FW 16.04.1 Hit a preset, go to use volume expression pedal (or wah, or whatever, I have 3 Missions) and the pedal doesn't do jack. Go to another preset, works fine. Go back to original preset that didn't work, it works fine. Use various presets, all work fine, then hit one that doesn't...
  35. svl

    Fractal, you just get better and better....

    I ordered a FAS hat on Friday, and it already got here! It's the Flexfit version, and is even nicer than I expected. Incredibly high quality in look and fit. Thanks for the uber quick (and free!!!!!) shipping, FAS!
  36. svl

    Direct Box for the Axe FX

    Question- if you were going to buy a "just in case" DI for the Axe (XL), what would you buy (or if you have one already, what do you use)? Want to pick up a "just in case the board doesn't pad/ engineers an idiot" box to stick in my bag 'o tricks. Would like to stay XLR in and out, but not a...
  37. svl

    Setting up an external switch to act as a killswitch

    Okay, losing my mind. Want to set up one of my four externals to act as a killswitch (ala Buckethead) using the Gate/Expander block. I can not get the midi/set-up stuff right. Any help anyone is willing ti give would be most appreciated.
  38. svl

    Rick Nielsen uses Axe FX....

    * * * * * * * * * * * ...well, kinda. Here's a sample of my band CHEAP TRIBUTE, a Cheap Trick tribute show. The trax were done for a Cheap Trick tribute album coming out from Zero Hour Records in Australia. All guitars and bass were recorded with the Axe FX II. If ya dig it, please go LIKE...
  39. svl

    Does the XL use the same power supply as the II?

    Know we don't need the Eprom for the II because of the built-in back-up, just wondering if my back-up power supply will work in the XL in case of emergency.
  40. svl

    Looking for a Banjo preset

    Anyone have any decent banjo presets? Or suggestions on creating one? Thanks in advance!
  41. svl

    Anybody tried the NL12 Ultra Res IRs?

    Opinions? NL12 Ultra Res IR collection
  42. svl

    New U2 song INVISIBLE- is it the Axe FX?

    You can download U2's new single INVISIBLE today for free on iTunes. I'm wondering how much is the Axe? Any inside info available from FAS?
  43. svl

    Waitlist for XL ?

    Is there a waitlist yet for the XL? If so, where is it, 'cause I want in! :)
  44. svl

    Holy shit, Batman!!!! The 1966 BATMAN TV show finally comes to DVD!

    If you can't tell by my avatar, I'm kind of a fan. Been waiting for this for decades... Warner Bros. Confirms A Full Box Set Of The 1960s Batman Show On DVD This Year, Finally
  45. svl

    New recording for upcoming Dwight Twilley tribute album- ALL AXE FX

    Hey guys & gals! Just wanted to share a sample of a track we just finished, YOU NEVER LISTEN TO MY MUSIC, which will be featured on the upcoming Dwight Twilley tribute album from Zero Hour Records in Australia. The Axe FX II, FW 11.05 was used exclusively for all guitars, including bass! If...
  46. svl

    Bug- MFC goes crazy cycling thru presets in Song mode (solved)

    Not sure if this is the MFC or the actual Axe, but here goes. MFC on the latest FW, Axe FX II (MkI) on FW11. At a gig on Saturday, about 75% through a two hour set, up to now everything has been fine, then all of a sudden I step on UP to go to the next song in the Song Mode and the MFC just...
  47. svl

    Song mode- option to have MFC display song names instead of preset name

    Would love to be able to have the Song mode show me song titles instead of preset names. SUPER helpful when doing long gigs and using the same preset multiple times but for different songs.
  48. svl

    Any way to have MFC display Song names instead of preset name?

    According to the manual, no, but I thought some enterprising lad or lass here may have a work-around. Many thanks in advance.
  49. svl

    Mission Expression customer service is amazing!

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Mission for their amazing customer service. Bought a used EP1 pedal a week ago via TGP and unfortunately the torque system to tighten the rocker was completely toast. After an attempt to find out to to fix it myself failed (was trying to retain the...
  50. svl

    Mission expression pedal help

    Anyone know how to remove the rocker pin? I just got a used pedal with a stripped head torque screw and can't adjust the tension on the rocker- need to get the pin out and take the rocker off so I can get a pair of pliers in there to do the job. Any help is most appreciated.
  51. svl

    My latest release (just hit stores), completely AXE II driven (even bass!)

    This was just released last month by Zero Hour Records in Australia, a tribute album to Power Pop legends THE RECORDS. I used the Axe II exclusively for all guitar parts, including the bass. All Messed Up And Ready To Go by offbroadwayusa on SoundCloud - Hear the world
  52. svl

    The Purple One reaffirms my faith in rock & roll

    Prince & 3rd Eye Girl – “Let’s Go Crazy” (2013 Remake) - Stereogum
  53. svl

    No sound on startup until you step on a preset IA V10

    When I first turn on the Axe, I get no sound until I step on a preset IA. After that all is fine.
  54. svl

    Looking for U2 Mysterious Ways preset

    Any help would be most appreciated. Found a couple for the Ultra, but need it for the II.
  55. svl

    True Temperament fretting system

    True Temperament - Fretting systems Anyone ever played a guitar fitted with one of these necks? Looks interesting.
  56. svl

    New article in Premier Guitar ponders © implications of modelers & profilers

    Written by Jol Dantzig, formerly of Hamer Guitars. Private Domain: The Sound Ethics Laboratory - Premier Guitar
  57. svl

    Line 6 G90 transmitter connection

    Just bought a G90 and wanted to see if anyone has had their TA4F female connection on the transmitter changed to a metal one versus the (supposedly crappy) plastic one, and if so, where did you have it done? Edited to add- also, what's the best replacement cable for the trans? This one...
  58. svl

    Fractal announces new product

    Once again Cliff shows that he listens to his customer base and unveils a product that literally anyone can program, by diversifying with a brand new offshoot to the Fractal Audio empire- MY FIRST MODELER BY Fractal Price Features simple to use, "no learning curve" patent applied for...
  59. svl

    Connecticut shooting

    I have an 8 year old and an 11 year old, both in elementary school. My heart breaks for the parents of the children directly affected by this senseless tragedy, and even more so for the children themselves...
  60. svl

    Hamer shuts their doors....

    Well, it was fun....... but it's over. - Hamer Fan Club Messageboard - Hamer Fan Club Message Center A sad day.
  61. svl

    External switches? What are you using?

    I'm looking for a dual external switch (latching) to hook into the MFC (going to use 'em for scenes). Who's using what? I want as small a footprint as I can get, LEDs (battery op) if possible. The ideal would be like the Mission TT switch, but with two in one unit (and the same size as...
  62. svl

    Cat 5 problem

    I don't know if anyone has had this problem, searched the database but couldn't find anything. I've purchased three different Cat cables, and none of them fit/stay locked in the Axe. Fit and lock fine in the MFC, though. The only cable that locked is unfortunately a 3 footer, which does me...
  63. svl

    Excited today to receive my II and MFC, but UPS destroyed my MFC!

    My name finally came up on the list last week and I took the plunge and ordered the II and an MFC. They arrived today, and when I opened the boxes... the MFC was completely smashed on the left front side. Corner mangled, finish chipped off and even the foot on that side had it's screw...
  64. svl

    My Axe FX II is shipping today- what's the likelihood it'll have 6.0 on it?

    Ordered up over the weekend, brand new AFX II and an MFC. Status says shipped today- what's the chance it'll be pre-loaded with 6.0? :)
  65. svl

    Any tricks to replace the Definition knob on a Velocity within the Ultra?

    I just switched to an EV ELX112 passive from two 2x12 ADA cabs but am still using the Velocity (120). My prob now is how to get away from using the Definition knob on the Rocktron (it's so sweet) so my on stage monitor (the EV) and the mains sound the same, but all my presets sound flat and...
  66. svl

    Looking for great Elliot Easton patches

    Scoured the Axe Editor exchange and the net and come up with nada. Anybody have anything they're willing to share?
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