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  1. jiagap

    Wireless guitar recommendations

    Just ordered the Carvins........ hope they will be a great improvement to tripping over my cable....
  2. jiagap

    New super lightweight wireless...

    I just pulled the trigger on the Carvin....... hoping they will be a great option to me tripping on my cable....
  3. jiagap

    JBL 305P MkII vs KRK Rokit 5 G3

    Studio Monitors question: I am seeing a pretty good cyber price for either the JBL 305P MkII or the KRK Rokit 5 G3 Active Studio Monitors at Pro Audio Star. Any thoughts or advice on which way to go? Or any other options in the <$100 range and link to a cyber Monday or Black Friday
  4. jiagap

    Wireless guitar recommendations

    Thanks for the suggestions thus far. At this point I am debating within myself between the Carvin WG5 and the Nux B5RC. I like the simplicity of this format. Any thoughts on the differences? The big one is the 2.4 vs 5.8 operating band. Is that significant either way? Welcome any comments on...
  5. jiagap

    Wireless guitar recommendations

    With Black Friday deals, I am interested in maybe going wireless on my guitar to AX8. Looking at ads, they run from $40 to $200 and probably way beyond that. I would prefer to stay under $100, but that may not be possible for quality. Any recommendations and/or warnings with reasons would be...
  6. jiagap

    New Fractal Products?

    Thanks for the responses. This review pretty much nails where I am at.....
  7. jiagap

    New Fractal Products?

    Hi anyone here, I have an AX8 and have loved it. I have not been on this forum lately mostly cuz my AX8 works fine and yet it is discontinued so the discussion has tapered and I have had it long enough to know how to get around to make it do what I need. I love the fact of everything on one...
  8. jiagap

    Eventide H9 - changing patches with SCENES

    Ha, I got it. Figured out getting the Ch 1 to work. Now the only minor problem is if I plug in patch 42 in the AX8 it brings up 43 in the H9. One off. Surely there is one more simple setting I am missing........ yes?
  9. jiagap

    Eventide H9 - changing patches with SCENES

    I do have the midi cable connected as you ask; do I just need the one cable or do I need a cable to go back to the AX8? And how do I set the same midi channel that I have setup in the per-scene midi switches? In the H9 set up I see "Connect to Eventide Device via MIDI" and "Connect MIDI Device...
  10. jiagap

    Eventide H9 - changing patches with SCENES

    About 3 and half minutes into this very cool and inspiring video: @2112 goes into changing the H9 patches via scenes. However, he does not get into the basic 101 of how to set it up. I have plugged the numbers into the Midi PCs page that he has, but the H9 patch does not change for me like it...
  11. jiagap

    Peavey Stereo Chorus 212

    yes. I used to have a Roland JC-40 but it was too bright and harsh. Wondering if the 212 rather than 210 would help.
  12. jiagap

    Peavey Stereo Chorus 212

    Anyone have any experience using one of these as a stereo solution for your fractal amp modeler? Any thoughts?
  13. jiagap

    Best Powered FRFR Monitor

    I have one 12" xitone wedge that I like, never bought two, I know you like stereo. But if you ever want to hear it maybe we could get together for another shoot out. I still like my little FBT's but they are only 8" so I wanted an 12" option.
  14. jiagap


    PLEASE DELETE THIS POST. I figured it out
  15. jiagap

    Integrating AX8 with other midi fx (H9)

    Thanks for the responses. I found out the main problem - the FXLoop on the AX8 is also the OUTPUT 2, which I had never used so I had it turned all the way down. I turned it up and surprise it works!!! I am trying to run stereo, and I did figure out how to get to "Killdry" in the H9. I am...
  16. jiagap

    Integrating AX8 with other midi fx (H9)

    I copied much from Leon's video. I am thinking it is something in the H9 set up that I am missing. Attached is the patch I am using with the H9 in the FXLoop. Maybe in the midi hook up? Thanks for any help.
  17. jiagap

    Integrating AX8 with other midi fx (H9)

    I just received my H9. I can run it independently, but I am struggling to get it to go through the FXloop in the AX8. Do you or anyone know of a more 101 instruction on how to get it to work through my AX8? Please forgive my incompetence. Though I appreciate any help. First time trying to use...
  18. jiagap

    Trailstroops - Mooer Red Truck

    This link popped up on my FB account. But the offer seems too good to be true and I know nothing about trailstroops. Anyone know if this is legit or not? https://trailstroops.top/collections/best-sale thanks,
  19. jiagap

    Dream Theater - "Barstool Warrior" with AX8

    sure, share the patch. That was sweet
  20. jiagap

    Integrating AX8 with other midi fx (H9)

    truth is not all of us are as creative as you my friend. 🤪 Leon do you have a pic of your board when you are using the AX8 with the H9?
  21. jiagap

    Integrating AX8 with other midi fx (H9)

    Wow, thanks. I have been pondering getting an H9 for Christmas with my 16% off Guitar Center coupon. I have searched and read all the comments in the Fractal Forums and there certainly are some diverse opinions. Your video is great. Hoping to bump this thread to see other people pipe in with...
  22. jiagap

    Block presets for effects

    How does this work with an iMac? I copy these over to my block page and it says "webloc." I realize I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, so any 101 instructions on how to get those drop box folders over to my iMac and have the show up in my blocks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !
  23. jiagap

    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    I could live with that. But, loving the idea of an all in one with no addl pedals, I would like 1 expression pedal as well. But I know that idea gets poo poo'd a lot cuz folk are selective about what exp pedal they use. It is not a deal breaker for me. I currently love the AX8 as is, but agree...
  24. jiagap

    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    Because I had not seen anything for the AX8 for updates, and I was not interested in the FM3 (I would rather see an all-in-one beefed up floor model like and AX10 - with more horsepower and a couple more switches), I was becoming discouraged and went out an bought a Helix floor. So far I have...
  25. jiagap

    New Xitone Speaker Arrived

    Do you have pictures?
  26. jiagap

    Any users of Gibson monitors?Thoughts

    The price is tempting if they are any good. Anyone have any experience with any of these? https://www.proaudiostar.com/landing/80-percent-off-gibson-monitors.html?fbclid=IwAR2Cfvp5hr9jaOA68dL9qqy3pYXXh-zn5hPQ8HyPgq_w8xKOEkTe-3vYXwM
  27. jiagap

    Drum amps for AX8

    Any thoughts, pro or con, for using a pair of these for the AX8? https://www.guitarcenter.com/Kustom/KDA100-Electronic-Drum-Set-Monitor-1500000263030.gc?cntry=us&source=4WWMWXGP&source=4WWRWXGP&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjtXhg7iw5AIViYbACh23kwCAEAUYAiABEgIx3fD_BwE
  28. jiagap

    NGD - PRS CE

    I just got one used. The pickups on this thing are delicious. I don’t even play metal. The cleans and crunch are lovely and unique.
  29. jiagap

    Anyone have, or played PRS Dustie Waring ?

    I just picked up a Dustie Waring PRS. Very different guitar from anything I have. The Floyd rose takes some getting used to. The pickups on this thing are delightful. Funny thing is I love the cleans and crunch, I don’t even do metal. What gauge strings do you use?
  30. jiagap

    JBL 306P MKII vs Adam T5V

  31. jiagap

    JBL 306P MKII vs Adam T5V

    I am looking to upgrade my studio monitors. I would like to stay under $400. These two look appealing. Thoughts? Or any other suggestions to make my mind spin? Thx
  32. jiagap

    Tube amp humming

    Thanks for the trouble shooting tips. I did try the ground lift and it had not effect. And isn't that for the XLRs? I tried the humbusters both ways just to see, but I usually have it hooked up correctly. And either way I had the hum. I did try normal cables, same issue. THEN........ I...
  33. jiagap

    Tube amp humming

    I have both a Fender 65 Princeton RI and a Fender Blues Deluxe RI. Both wonderful amps. If I plug directly into them from my guitars they are quiet and lovely. If I plug into them from the AX8 they hum noticeably. I use a Fractal Humbuster cable. On the Blues Deluxe I have tried the direct in...
  34. jiagap

    Best speaker for AX8?

    FWIW I am quite happy with my Xitone 12” powered wedge.
  35. jiagap

    AX8 through an amp

    I sometimes run mine direct into my fender Princeton reverb RI. I think it sounds great, even running amp models I can get all sorts of sweet and crunchy tones.
  36. jiagap

    Ducking Delay

    Forgive my ignorance of cool things, but I recently discovered the "ducking" delay and what it does. Can anyone elaborate on the various block parameters and your thoughts on what and why you do what you do on the ducking delay? Also, is there anyway do do a ducking reverb in the AX8? Thanks!
  37. jiagap

    4CM vs. Front of Amp

    I can’t answer your question but curious if you use the amp and cab blocks into your hot rod fender?
  38. jiagap

    Connecting my Roland JC-40 to my AX8

    I had a JC40 for awhile. I plugged in directly to the L/R effects loop from my AX8 outs with Humbuster cables. Worked great for me. Some will argue to turn off the amp and cab, but I experimented and found all sorts of great tones using both the amp and cab. If you are trying to get a specific...
  39. jiagap

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Brit Pre and JMPre-1 (Marshall JMP-1)

    Anyone know why the Master Volume defaults to 4 if there is no MV on this amp? I thought the amps with no MV defaulted to 10? Also, what does the MV do in this amp model? I have been enjoying the JMPre-1 OD1 BS model today, playing around with a clean tone.... Input Volume at .142 and Input...
  40. jiagap

    Roland JC 40 and AxeFX

    I used to run my AX8 into the effects loop of a JC40. I liked it pretty well.
  41. jiagap

    Justin Hayward - You and Me

    Revisiting, just heard You and Me again. Loving that tone, anyone clues on amp, cab, effects..... thanks.....
  42. jiagap

    EDIT: Justin Timberlake - "My Love" Chord harmony inversions / Synth Sound

    I would’ve curious to hear if folk would post their blocks or patches.
  43. jiagap

    Pulled trigger on Xitone cab finally!

    I love mine
  44. jiagap

    New AX8 user and amp it replaced

    Welcome to the club. While I did purchase a Xitone powered wedge, which I like, I still sometimes play through my 65 Princeton RI and am always blown away at how good the AX8 sounds through it. And many of the Fractal amp models are incredible through it as well. I would sell the pedals, but...
  45. jiagap

    Waves PRS Supermodels

    I am not planning to get the 3, very happy with the AX8. The 3 would be great if I were a rich man. Nice to read other Fractal users fairly happy with the Waves PRS. Only $29 today!
  46. jiagap

    Anyone tried the new Waves/PRS amp sims?

    Only $29 today, cyber Monday!
  47. jiagap

    Waves PRS Supermodels

    Awesome, thx.
  48. jiagap

    Waves PRS Supermodels

    I have the Waves GTR 3 I got in a bundle a couple years back. I could get some nice cleans but most crunch and distortion was not very good. My AX8 far exceeds. But wanting an in DAW tool I was looking at their PSR SuperModels. Anyone have opinions on this they are willing to offer? Thx
  49. jiagap

    Making Yek's amp models write up even better......

    I have valued Yek's amp model thread for a couple years now. I also value all the users on this forum. As I have dabbled into new amps I always read Yek's write up and GREATLY appreciate when users offer settings, patches, ideas, and deep tweaks in the thread on the particular amp model. This is...
  50. jiagap

    Making Yek's amp models write up even better......

    I have valued Yek's amp model thread for a couple years now. I also value all the users on this forum. As I have dabbled into new amps I always read Yek's write up and GREATLY appreciate when users offer settings, patches, ideas, and deep tweaks in the thread on the particular amp model. This is...
  51. jiagap

    Making Yek's amp models write up even better......

    I have valued Yek's amp model thread for a couple years now. I also value all the users on this forum. As I have dabbled into new amps I always read Yek's write up and GREATLY appreciate when users offer settings, patches, ideas, and deep tweaks in the thread on the particular amp model. This is...
  52. jiagap

    Jackson Browne 'Naked Ride Home'

    Can anyone get me close to the main guitar on Browne's Naked Ride Home? On headphones it is the guitar in the right side. Chimey. Amp and settings and guitar type for that tone would be appreciated. thanks,
  53. jiagap

    1987X jump - deep editing help

    Awesome, thanks! The details are specific and detailed and appreciated. Is this a great forum or what?!?!
  54. jiagap

    1987X jump - deep editing help

    Thanks, Sonofiam. I will give it a try at my next live playing. Can you share what tweaks you did so I can learn? Thank again!
  55. jiagap

    Out Of Nowhere

    Agreed. Seems like every other week I find a new amp to drool on. Recently is was the 1987X Jump. This box just keeps on giving.
  56. jiagap

    1987X jump - deep editing help

    I am not usually a Marshall guy but started liking this model. I created this patch. Playing alone I think is sounds pretty good. But today playing with the other guitar player, bass, drums, and vocals it sounded a bit digital. Anyone understand deep editing that would like to take a stab and...
  57. jiagap

    Fractal Audio AMP models: 59 Bassguy ('59 Fender Tweed Bassman, 5F6-A)

    I used to have a 59 RI and loved it, but I could not make the AX8 give me the magic. Tried this above setting, now I am on my way to glorious tones. Delicious cleans and gotcha crunches. Thanks! Great amp in Fractal.
  58. jiagap

    Fractal Audio AMP models: 1987X (Marshall 1987 Vintage Re-issue)

    I just discovered this amp. Wow. Love the roll off volume to clean - and the roll up volume for crunch. The tones are great. For Cab I was using F189 4x12 Creamback Mix (Cel) and loving it. For experiment I tried F110 1x15 SV Bass Subkick - rolled of volume on neck pickup. Added some nice creamy...
  59. jiagap

    XiTone 12" Active Wedge or Atomic CLR Neo MkII?

    Yes, numerous threads dealing with Xitone and CLR. I have never tried the CLR and its advocates are many. But I did get a Xitone 12" powered wedge and am very happy with it. Mick was far better than average to deal with, it is a bit less expensive to the CLR, and mine sounds great at very low...
  60. jiagap

    Small FRFR monitor

    Maybe Cliff will add a freqout block someday :)
  61. jiagap

    FAS amp models

    In a recent thread, "So, what's everyone's favorite amp model?" Someone recommended the FAS Modern III. I tend toward Fenders (cleans and crunch) and use an ES-335 most of the time and have not scanned the FAS models for a couple years, but thought I would give it a try. Caveats: My 335 is in...
  62. jiagap

    So, what's everyone's favourite amp model?

    This week is the Suhr Badger 18, last week was the Trainwreck Express. Changes all the time. It is the box that just keeps on giving.
  63. jiagap

    DIY FRFR similar to xitone

    Don’t forget Mick’s secret sauce
  64. jiagap

    Any thoughts on Sony WH-H900N Bluetooth Headphones?

    Costco is running a pretty good price on these. Was thinking of stepping up my game for headphones for multipurpose: general music listening, mixing, and AX8. Anyone here use them or any other recommendations in the price range $180...
  65. jiagap

    XiTone Active Wedge - Ported?

    Mine is like Bman. No port. But best speaker I have ever owned - at both bedroom levels and open throttle in a larger space.
  66. jiagap

    Using Xitone Powered Wedges as recording monitors?

    Agreed. Comparing mixes with different systems is great. My use of "incredible" was mostly for the revealed articulation and clarity of all the parts that I was not hearing as well in the Mackies.
  67. jiagap

    Using Xitone Powered Wedges as recording monitors?

    I just ran one of my Logic recorded mixes through my one Xitone Wedge, it sounded incredible. The articulation, clarity, and punch were remarkable. I usually use a pair of Mackie HR824s in the studio. While I have been a bit frustrated with them, I had no idea the difference that I would hear...
  68. jiagap

    Xitone 12" Powered Wedge

    It was time to clean up my little studio/office, so I decided to put my Xitone 12" powered wedge into Bluetooth mode and stream some nice jazz through it while I filed papers and cleaned things up. Sounded great and I started to feel convicted about not writing this review. I have owned my...
  69. jiagap

    Just read a post about AX8 II...real? [answer: no]

    Ha. If it happened I would probably be in. Though, for the most part, I am pleased as punch with the AX8. no matter what, something always happens "soon" around here. Love the products and the people here on the forum....
  70. jiagap

    Anyone have a good tremolo sound for "Born on the bayou"?

    Yek, I do not understand your answer. Are there tremolo controls in the amp block for a Deluxe or Vibato Lux, or are you saying use the tremolo block with a Deluxe amp block?
  71. jiagap

    Best FRFR For Lower Volumes?

    My xitone 12” active wedge is wonderful at low volumes, and even more wonderful at loud volumes
  72. jiagap

    Short list on FRFR - Help spend my money!

    I had a delightful chat the Andy about his passive cabs with his amps. He was quite up front about the sound advantage of his passive cabs with his amp over his active cab. Unfortunately I needed an active cab for better portability. I tried his active 12” and it was pretty good but a bit hissy...
  73. jiagap

    The Wrecker Lvrpool (based on Trainwreck Liverpool) - FW 10 RC2

    Very nice as always. Interesting you picked the Liverpool. With the new firmware the express and rocket have really come alive for me. I will have to try out the Liverpool now. Thanks!
  74. jiagap

    First Hit with Q10 - Comparison and presets

    Train wrecker rocket
  75. jiagap

    AX-8 10.00 Release Candidate

    Seems like I have updated every night this week. :cool: Not a power user so they all have worked fine for me for what I do. Thankful the update only takes a few minutes. Thankful Cliff is working hard to eradicate any bugs. This box has been a huge blessing to me. Have had mine for over 2 years...
  76. jiagap

    AX-8 10.00 Public Beta #4

    THANK YOU FAS TEAM! Love my AX8. Tried out the Wrecker Rocket. Absolutely lovely. So responsive to fingers, pickups, and tone & volume controls.
  77. jiagap

    AX-8 10.00 Public Beta

    Yes, but can someone fill in some descriptions of the "New methods/features"......? Thanks.
  78. jiagap

    AX-8 10.00 Public Beta

    Sorry for the ignorant question, but could someone explain the “Ares” modeling?
  79. jiagap

    Best Small Battery-Powered Practice Amp

    Quite good for a small stereo amp for the AX8.I use it as my monitor at a small church I play in. I have a Xitone 12” powered wedge for most of my uses. The little Roland has quite a few mixing options and sounds pretty good at lower volume levels.
  80. jiagap

    Best Small Battery-Powered Practice Amp

    Would love to hear your thoughts after you get it. Looks cool, but pretty spendy $400?
  81. jiagap

    Best Small Battery-Powered Practice Amp

    I use a Roland KC-110. Stereo and battery powered.
  82. jiagap

    XiTone arrived today...shoot out against my DXR10

    I am very happy with my Xitone 12" active wedge, though mine did not come with a power cord. :( I use mine about 98% of the time in my little studio - gives wonderful and full articulation at low volumes. Though, the time I took it out to turn it up, it did not disappoint. I still need to...
  83. jiagap

    recomended small combo amp for AX8?

    I used a Roland JC40 for awhile. Pretty good, and nice stereo. But I eventually sold it opted for mono and bought a Xitone 12” active wedge which I am quite happy with.
  84. jiagap

    FET Boost Drive Block Settings for the EP Booster

    Forgive me, what is EP boost?
  85. jiagap

    Aussie newbies rejoice?

    65 years??? Wow. I am 63, have owned the AX8 for over 2 years now, and I, almost daily unless I am on vacation, noodle around with my AX8. One of the best purchases of my entire life. Never ending fun. As you already realize, there is much help here in this great forum. Hope it arrives soon and...
  86. jiagap

    Searching for a pristine Fender clean

    I have been having a blast with the blues jr. Playing with the graphic eq is a hoot.
  87. jiagap

    Ideas on Blues tones

  88. jiagap

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Brit Brown and FAS Brown

    The “depth” parameter is very fun in this model.
  89. jiagap

    One Minute Brown Sound (Kind of)

    Most of that stuff is way over my pay grade. It was the first time I think I have even tried the Brit Brown and I played around with the depth, presence, bright, bright cap, saturation switch, and input drive and master volume - with different stock cabs and was pretty amazed at all the tonal...
  90. jiagap

    One Minute Brown Sound (Kind of)

    I noticed the Brit Brown defaults to Auth on the Saturation Switch..... that was interesting. I never use that switch. Toggled around between that and the Ideal and off..... There is quite a bit of tonal fun and variation there..... No sure what is going on, but something is...
  91. jiagap

    Some handy AX8 tips

    Great video as always. My only complaint is I wish you would stick with stock cabs on AX8 tips and tricks. Though your tips are transferable
  92. jiagap

    The mightiest, mini-est monitor: dB FM8

    I have a pair of FBT Verve 8ma. They are built like a tank, sound great for 8s, tons of volume, and weigh 25lbs. Not sure they make them any longer. I did just purchase a 12” Xitone powered wedge which I like better; however. Mick may be able to produce an 8” version.
  93. jiagap

    FRFR - What is the major Diff, and which are the best?

    Mick by far goes the extra mile. After much deliberation I finally got a Xitone 12” wedge. It is cute and compact, fairly light, sounds great, and has more volume than I will ever need, and works great at low volumes in my little studio.
  94. jiagap

    Just got a prototype Xitone cab...

    Is it powered or passive?
  95. jiagap

    Goodbye family, girlfriend, social life...

    It is lovingly addicting. I was checking out a new Matrix FR-12 last night and looked at the clock and it was 3am. Fortunately my wife is out of town for the week and it was a Friday. My AX8 purchase has been a wonderful joy ride for about 2 years now - and I am not even a very good player. And...
  96. jiagap

    Favorite FRFR powered speaker?

    Cool thanks, I see we have 3 there, I will check them out.
  97. jiagap

    Favorite FRFR powered speaker?

    Where could someone find any?
  98. jiagap

    Andrew Hunt and Matrix FR10/FR12

    I called Matrix Amplification customer service today and Andrew Hunt answered the phone. We had a long delightful and frank conversation. A transplanted Englishman stopping in California long enough to understand that ain't home baby! and now in Idaho, the land of the free and brave! Anyway, I...
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