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    Firmware update for Axe-Fx Ultra in 2021

    Looking at my downloaded firmware versions, the date of 19 June 2010 matches my downloaded firmware version of 10.01 I used with my Axe-Fx Standard. (I think that the firmware download was different for the Ultra and the Standard, but they would almost certainly be released on the same date)...
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    Bootload Firmware?

    If I recall correctly the last firmware version created by Fractal Audio for both the Axe-FX Standard and Ultra was version 11.0. There was no later firmware version for these products. firmware FW14 sounds like it is for a later AXE-FX Product which would not be compatible with the Axe-FX...
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    Preset/cab packs you can still buy for the Ultra

    JAR files requires Java to be installed. You might need Java (32) bit installed rather than 64 bit version, as it might not work for 64bit (Tuxguitar program I use wouldn't work with 64bit Java on Windows 10, but works ok for 32 bit version)
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    Welcome back old friend

    Very nice indeed. Out of interest, what version of Axe-Edit are you using..?
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    Axe Edit Beta 1.0.191, Windows 10 compatibility

    Excellent, ... thanks for the info..!!
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    Axe Edit Beta 1.0.191, Windows 10 compatibility

    No-one with an Axe-Fx Standard or Ultra use Windows 10 with Axe Edit....???
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    Axe Edit Beta 1.0.191, Windows 10 compatibility

    After years of using Windows 7 and "Axe Edit Beta 1.0.191" with my Axe-Fx Standard (using firmware version 11 in the Axe-Fx) and a "M-Audio Midisport 2x2 Anniversary" midi inteface, I now have to change to a Windows 10 PC. Does anyone know if Axe Edit Beta 1.0.191 works ok on Windows 10... ???
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    Receiving audio input every time Tempo goes off (Re amping) (Std)

    Might be related to this:- https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/clicking-noise-matching-tempo-light-send-realtime-sysex.23886/
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    Blast from the past! AxeFx 1G

    Love the tone of this..., I have an Axe-FX Standard and when I get a chance after Christmas, I'll be trying this patch out for sure...!! Many thanks for posting the patch..!!
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    Does this happen to you?

    Don't know if this is related, but I had a problem that I could not send certain patches from Axe-Edit, that were stored in a single folder on my PC. It appeared to be related to patches that were "later" in the list alphabetically, and I found that there was a maximum number of patches in a...
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    Would anyone still have the free Ultra/Standard presets by Fremen?

    I found these Axe-FX bank files that Fremen created, which also includes 10 user cabs I presume he used in some of the patches.
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    I'm getting an Axe-Fx Ultra. What else do I need?

    I have a Midisport Anniversary 2x2, using it with Windows & and the M-Audio drivers installed. What I noticed, is that with the M-Audio drivers installed the Midisport only works if it is connected to the exact same USB port that was first used to connect it when the drivers were installed...
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    Steve Vai "For the Love of God"

    It works a treat on my Axe-Fx Standard.
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    Please help me import .wav impulses

    Some cab response *.wav files can be converted to Axe-FX Ultra/Standard format by use of either java based "Axe-Fx IR Converter 2.0" (which requires java to be installed) or by using the PC program "Axe-O-Matic", (as long as you do not break the legal terms of agreement on any purchased *.wav...
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    Have we lost Mark Day's Ultra Patches forever?

    At least......the ones I posted are only for the AxeFx Standard and Ultra.
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    power drop

    The version of Axe edit that is most stable for Axe -Fx Ultra/Standard is version 1.0.191. You can find this version here:- http://archive.axefx.fr/AxeEdit/Legacy%20versions/AxeFX%20Standard%20and%20Ultra/
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    Scott henderson OD100 patch (1st try )

    Found one that might be related:-
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    axe fx ultra redwirez ir

    Use the "Axeomatic" program. It can convert *.wav files (of the right format) into Axe-Fx Standard/Ultra cab files.
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    Losing my Mind! Global Settings

    Also check that you are not "clipping" the output stage with too high a signal level (use the level meters if necessary), I'm sure that you would have also checked that the cab block(s) in the gain presets are not bypassed, but try turning the cab bypass in the preset on and off and see if the...
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    Losing my Mind! Global Settings

    Just to be sure...double check that both the "Power Amp", and "Cab" simulations are both turned on in the global menu and not set to "Bypassed" after you have turned the Axe-Fx on. Also make sure that the "Sag" control is not set to zero in the preset as this also defeats the "Power Amp" simulation.
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    Original Marco Sfogli Ultra Presets

    A .SYX file is a file which contains raw MIDI System Exclusive (SysEx) Messages, which allows a computer to communicate with external MIDI-compatible devices, such as backing up patch data from a synthesizer to a computer's hard drive.. The AxeFx uses such files for Bank Files, individual Patch...
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    What am I doing wrong - Loading IRs

    I would tend to agree that it shouldn't matter about the naming, but is always an option to try. I haven't sent any new cabs to my Axe Fx Standard for over twelve months, but the software was all the same versions as now and it worked fine at the time. About the only other thing I remember about...
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    What am I doing wrong - Loading IRs

    The text formatting went a bit wrong in my last post for the section "User cab No Filename" as this section was supposed to be in two columns. The first column was meant to be:- User cab No 1 2 3 4 and the second column to the right of it was meant to be:- Filename 01...
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    What am I doing wrong - Loading IRs

    Just had a quick look as I couldn't remember, and the user cab selection in Axe Edit does match the my UserCab list in Axe Manage. I meant that in The AXeFx itself, whatever the user cab custom name is that appears in both Axe Edit and Axe Manage, will not appear in the AxeFX itself after...
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    What am I doing wrong - Loading IRs

    The AxeFx Ultra and Standard only support 10 user cabs, so I would only recommend placing 10 cabs in the Axe-manage "User Cabs" window before attempting to send them to the AxeFx. In case you are not aware, the Axe Fx Ultra and Standard also do not support custom cab names within the AxeFx, so...
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    Random Guitar Player List

    For a guitarist that plays with emotion, control fantastic bending technique, and has played some of the best guitar compositions in music that I want to hear, I would suggest a guitarist yet to be mentioned:- Dave Gilmour Lots of stuff to like from his playing on Dark Side of the Moon, Wish...
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    I want as little latency as possible, should I get a analog mixer?

    The point was that the post I was responding to was incorrect as it quoted "...Sound travels at roughly 1 foot per second....." which it does not, at least not in dry air at 20°C as the figure is 1126 feet per second which is significantly faster than the incorrect value quoted. I was simply...
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    Presents for Axe Fx Standard

    You could try some of the ones linked to in following earlier forum post:- http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-fx-ultra-presets.81937/#post-994840
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    I want as little latency as possible, should I get a analog mixer?

    Actually sound travels at 343.2 metres per second (which is 1126 ft/s) in dry air at 20°C. At these conditions, in 1.0 millesecond sound waves will travel a distance of 0.3432 metres or 1.126 feet.
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    Help, Editor crashing after many years of bliss w/ my Ultra.

    Shouldn't do, but if If you are worried about accidentally deleting your presets etc, just find out what directory they are stored in and copy them to another directory. I recommend that you back them up anyway in case you PC dies. (I back up to a portable hard drive). I seem to remember that...
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    Help, Editor crashing after many years of bliss w/ my Ultra.

    I had a similar issue a couple of times over the years, first on my Wondwos XP PC, then my Windows 7 machine. Both were sorted by uninstalling the editor, then re-installing. (Can't remember if I re-booted in between or not).
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    How do you listen to music?

    Naim Unitilite, through Royd Minstrel speakers.
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    Rocktron Midi Raider?

    I've had my Yamaha MFC10 for years too and am not worried about it all. Very reliable and built well and works great with my Axe-Fx Standard.. It still appears to be available new in the uk at around £240 doing a quick net search, so if you like working the way you used to and don't need any new...
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    Is Ultra/Std still worth it ?

    I own an Axe-Fx Standard, and it does the job for me........nuff said.
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    Need Help downloading axe edit for ultra

    Hmmm,.... Axe Edit version 1.0.191 works ok here for Windows 7 and an AxeFx Standard. It also worked ok on Windows XP. I don't know about Windows 10 mind.
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    Please help! I can't load user cabs :(

    I haven't sent a cab to my Axe-Fx Standard for a long while, (I use Windows 7 and M-Audio Midisport 2x2 anniversary), but I seem to remember the basics were:- 1. In Axe-Edit, make sure that in the "Settings->Application Settings->Workspace" that the default configuration is set to "Standard"...
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    Please help! I can't load user cabs :(

    There is a couple of cabs on the official Axe-Change website which should be ok:- http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/search-results-cabs.php?search=&fields=all&products=4&setups=0 The best version of Axe-edit to use with the Axe-Fx Standard is version 1.0.191.
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    Original Axe-Fx-Std.. so I lost all my presets..

    I use a Midsport 2x2 and Windows 7, but use Axe edit (version 1.0.191) to transfer patches and/or bank files to my AxeFx Standard..I seem to remember that you need 2 Midi cables not just one. One cable is connected from Midi Out A of Midisport to Midi In on Axefx, and the other cable is from...
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    Volume pedal dead spot

    Have you checked that that you have set the Boss FV 500 "MINIMUM VOLUME" knob on the side of the pedal to the correct value..?? (I would start with this set to the minmium value position before attempting calibration. Also the FV500 come in two different impedance versions. The low impedance...
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    Gary Moore - Empty Rooms Solo (Long Studio Version)

    This song is one of my all time favourites, and you have done a pretty damn decent job with a rather good tone (wouldn't mind trying you patch out on my AxeFx Standard, if the patch is available...!!). In my own very humble opinion, to make it sound even more special and compelling to listen to...
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    What is the best MIDI USB interface for standard fx? any body has an experience?

    I have a M-Audio 2x2 Midisport (Anniversary Edition) which I use with my Axe-Fx Standard and a Windows 7 PC. The M-Audio 2x2 Midisport was recommended to me by the very kind folks at G66.eu who are the European distributors for Fractal Audio.
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    Hoping to join the ranks...

    Hi there, how is this performed..??, using what tool(s). I have been able to convert older Axe-Fx II IR's to standard/ultra format using a combination of JoJo's sysex converter utility and Axeomatic, but later Axe-Fx II versions (when the IR format changed, let alone Ultra Res versions which...
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    Satriani Lead Preset

    You may have already tried this of course, but there are some Satriani patches in the older "Ultra/Std Preset Exchange" forum, if you use the appropriate search tool. Just go to the forum page:- Ultra/Std Preset Exchange then use the "Search Forum" drop down tool on the far right above the...
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    This will win the most stupid question of the day, L + R Output 1 Into Stereo Jack

    Yep, the Simple dual mono to stereo converter should work ok. I've used a similar method with my Axe-Fx Standard (which has no headphone output by the way) to get a stereo input into the line in on my PC (stereo mini-jack), except that I used a combination of two leads for convenience. The first...
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    Can't get Axe-Edit to default to Ultra

    The most reliable version of axe-edit for use with the Axe-Fx Standard/Ultra is 1.0.191. Later versions could cause problems. When I installed of Axe Edit (Windows 7 PC), the program asked which Axe-Fx "Default Configuration" you wanted to use with it, so I selected the "Standard" option to...
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    Pole Position Guitar

    Not Completely a new idea....... Doug Wilkes Guitars - How do you get almost any imaginable sound out of a guitar wi th a single pickup? Doug Wilkes has 'The Answer'
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    updating to 11

    I used to use SendSX version 1.22 to update my Axe Fx Standard, and had no problems with any of the updates I applied, (including the final firmware 11). Probably changed a setting to ensure that it would handle the full large file transfer but other than that it was very simple to use. Never...
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    I think my computer is near death...

    I bought a brand new PC with Windows 7 on it about 2 months ago (I can't stick Windows 8 either). There are currently plenty of options for buying new PC's from the "business" selection as opposed to "home" orientated computers from the likes of Dell and other such companies. (I bought mine...
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    Air on a Theme - Yngwie Malmsteen

    Thanks for the preset.......much appreciated.....!!!:)
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    Air on a Theme - Yngwie Malmsteen

    Really good tone there.....(no doubt the touch and feel of the playing had an influence here....!!) Don't suppose you may care to share the preset...??? (He asks keeping his fingers crossed...!!.. :encouragement: )
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    Seeking a solid amp + cab combo for some Tom Waits style country and jazz

    Hi there, .. This is the forum section for the Axe Fx Ultra/Standard, the firmware for which finished at version 11. Stating that you are re-working the presets for FW18, suggests you are using an Axe Fx II, (the presets of which are not compatible with the Axe Fx Ultra/Standard), suggesting...
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    Ultra - maximum number of simultaneous effects

    Here are some Axe-Fx %CPU figures for different effects blocks from the Ultra, and Standard which I think were from firmware 11 (The last firmware done for these models). The "minus 'none'" column indicates the quoted CPU % usage minus the value indicated from the "none" row, which is the CPU...
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    with Axe-FX Ultra

    I have an Axe-Fx Standard.....it works......really well....., and I like the sounds and feel of playing through it. I have the same guitar I purchased in 1992, it works....really well and I like the sounds and feel of playing it. If it ain't broke don't fix it. I don't need to spend any money on...
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    An introduction and questions...

    You can connect headphones to the Axe-Fx Standard/Ultra rear 1/4" stereo outputs using a Y-lead (stereo socket to twin mono plugs), which is how I connect my Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones to my Axe-Fx Standard. Also if you use an "FX loop" block in the signal chain shown on the front panel...
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    Tuner Talk (Grover, Sperzel, Schaller, Gotoh, ...)

    I have now obtained a second guitar which is A Washburn Parallaxe PXL10WA which is factory fitted with self locking Grover Mini's which seem to work very nicely for me, nice and smooth operation and accurate tuning and very good tuning stability. (I haven't had chance to change strings yet, but...
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    Simeon, I have a Yamaha MFC10 too, and use a Roland EV5 as expression pedal, but connected directly into my Axe-Fx Standard. I tried to use it with the Yamaha, but it basically worked pretty much as an on-off switch instead of a full sweep expression. I contacted Yamaha who stated:- "I am...
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    Original Marco Sfogli Ultra Presets

    I have this one I found on the forums ages ago (It was from Axe-FX Ultra/Standard firmware 9) The following text is from a text file that came with this patch "The basic tone consists of (from left to right) Tube Drive, FAS Lead 2 amp sim, Parametric EQ (mimicking the on-board Mesa Mark series...
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    Everyone agrees...

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    FRFR Headphones

    I know you were considering the more expensive Beyerdynamic DT880, but I would say that Beyerdynamic DT770 have been ok for me, and are a comfy closed back design that has low sound leakage from them. If you can I'd suggest going somewhere to audition a selection of headphones within your budget...
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    Headphone advice...

    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro.
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    Axe Ultra Balanced outs no sound.

    The European distributors G66 used to do a quick start guide for the Axe Fx Standard / Ultra, which they may still have...:- http://forum.fractalaudio.com/ultra-std-discussion/89656-ultra-quick-start-guide.html
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    Why would anyone buy a Kemper over the Axe-FX II?

    Absolutely..........not everyone can afford the significant price difference, in fact you could buy two excellently playable, good sounding and affordable guitars with the price difference, like two Washburn Parallaxe PXL10's for example, ...or perhaps a cheap old second hand car..........
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    Axe FX Standard Clip

    I did indeed...!!
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    16.04 Plexis model showcase

    3 and 4 best for me
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    Seem you might have to be open minded as to what the definition of music actually is as well...... Definition of music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Or perhaps a Yamaha MFC10, works great for me, although it may be bit bigger in physical size than you were thinking.
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    Ultra Quick Start Guide

    The very nice guys at G66 used to do a quick start guide pdf file for the Ultra/Standard I think. Try e-mailing them. Their website is:- G66.eu - Home
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    Lightest and the most protective conditioner seeked.

    Undervoltage supply (ie "Brown-out" as opposed to "Black-out"), can be far more of a problem than you think as the following quote refers to:- "If you know what a power surge is, a brownout is essentially the opposite. Instead of the voltage surging, the voltage sags. However unlike power...
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    Ultra/Standard and a Foot switch, recommendations.

    Yamaha MFC10 Midi foot controller works for me with my Axe-Fx Standard. Does patch changes and CC's
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    The official PC and mac versions are on the Fractal Audio website here:- Fractal Audio Systems - Axe-Edit Legacy Versions Archive Just scroll down to the bottom of the page.
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    2 guitars, 1 axe fx ultra?

    Also here is a quote from the Axe-Fx wiki - Yek's How to's pages at the following link :- Yeks How Tos - Fractal Audio Systems Wiki Here's how to set up a preset for use with two guitars: Method #1: use the FXL block and use Input2 Left for the additional instrument. If FXL is not...
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    2 guitars, 1 axe fx ultra?

    This is one method https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuPAbAlvnI4
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    One or two row midi controllers?

    Yamaha MFC10 midi foot controller might do the job perhaps. (I use one with my Axe-Fx standard for CC's and PC's).
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    HELP! How do i load the ownhammer IR? (video inside)

    I seem to remember that you can only send patches/cabs etc to the Axe-Fx if you have 2 way communication between the PC midi interface and the Axe Fx, which would require 2 midi cables, one for sending from the PC midi interface, and one to receive from the axe-Fx.
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    Dweezil Zappa presets posted on Axechange!

    Try searching the forum:- http://forum.fractalaudio.com/ultra-std-discussion/18109-dweezils-eruption-preset.html#post1007070
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    Best damn Comfortably Numb tone ever

    I enjoyed listening to that, nice tone, and great playing....However for the "Best damn Comfortably Numb tone Ever" I think I would have to go with a certain Mr D Gilmour. Hmmmm
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    Axe FX STD/ULT Users... FW 10.X or 11???

    Firmware version 11 was the first time I went "That's the type of tones I've been looking for". Prior to that I was always found there was a little too much high end presence in all the higher gain tones, without putting in filters etc. Of course it may well have been the effect of the sound...
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    Axe Fx Ultra basic questions

    Just connect to your PC's line-in input, from one of the Axe-Fx Output's. (assuming it has one of course). You can also record this way using something like Audacity (which is free). It may not give the highest level of recording quality this way of course but it works.
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    Dweezil's Eruption Preset

    Axe-Fx Ultra/Standard presets are not compatible with the Axe-FX II. The Cab IR's used by the Axe-Fx Ultra/Standard can probably converted to Axe-Fx II IR's using a combination of two programs which were available via the Fractal Audio forum, "Axeomatic" and "JoJos_Sysex_IR-Converter". (I've...
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    Dweezil's Eruption Preset

    These may or may not be what you were looking for.....
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    How to add Amps/Presets to Axe Fx Ultra

    You can actually place your cab IR files anywhere you like on your PC hardrive, as Axe-Manage will act as a file explorer anyway as long as you place them within the cab directory of a Axe-Edit "Workspace" directory structure, but the simplest thing to do is to put them into the default Axe-Edit...
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    Which midi controller should I get?

    I rather like my Yamaha MFC10 which is an excellent unit, (although it is a bit more expensive than the Behringer)
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    Axe FX Ultra presets

    You could also try some of the Mark Day patches I posted on the following forum thread :- http://forum.fractalaudio.com/ultra-std-preset-exchange/58336-have-we-lost-mark-days-ultra-patches-forever.html?#post729905
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    Axe FX Ultra presets

    Axe FX Ultra and Standard presets (you can use both in the Ultra) can be found on the offical Axe Change website (some cabs too), here :- Axe Change -The Official Site for Fractal Audio Presets, Cabs and More and on this other older website here:- Axe-Fx - Got Preset Ultimate Preset Library
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    How to add Amps/Presets to Axe Fx Ultra

    Use the correct version of Axe-Edit (see forum thread below), and then use Axe Manage from within this program. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/ultra-std-discussion/79737-new-user-here-first-question.html?#post969585
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    Tesseract/Jake Bowen like ambient patches

    Unfortunately the patches listed via your link are all Axe-Fx II patches, and therefore not compatible with the Axe-Fx Ultra/Standard.
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    Where have the Preset Banks gone?

    Down near the bottom of the Fractal support page, are the links for the preset banks for Ultra/Standard. Just tried them and downloads worked ok via the link, but not the blue highlighted "Download" button for the Ultra so here are the working links......... for Ultra:-...
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    New User here, first question

    Use Official Axedit legacy version that matches your operating system (see web page link below), and a suitable MIDI interface. I used to simply use Creative Soundblaster Live audio card on my old Windows XP machine with no problems (that is until the PC died), but now use M-Audio Midisport 2x2...
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    ok...so here's a tip to help you tweak...(may need some help figuring it out though)

    I was under the impression that CabLab was only for the AxeFX II, and not compatible with the Standard/Ultra.
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    Axe Fx Ultra Midi Problemo's

    Hmmm...well according to Fractal Audio website the Axe Edit version i have installed is described as " Axe-Edit 1.0 for Windows v1.0.191" on the legacy Axe Edit software download page :- Fractal Audio Systems - Axe-Edit Legacy Versions Archive it also states in my installed verison of...
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    Axe Fx Ultra Midi Problemo's

    By the way I use Axe edit version 1.0.191.
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    Axe Fx Ultra Midi Problemo's

    I use the latest M-audio win7 64 bit drivers with my Midisport 2x2 Anniversary edition and my Axe-Fx Standard with no problems, other than being fixed to using the same USB port that I originally installed the Midisport 2x2 Anniversary with. It will connect and work ok when using the generic...
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    Axe Fx Ultra Midi Problemo's

    For anyone using the M-Audio Midisport 2x2 with Win 7 64bit and the official M-Audio driver, note that based on my experience, you may find that the first compatible USB port you first connect it to after installing the official driver may be the only USB port that the driver will fully...
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    Problem with completely outdated firmware

    I always used Borne's SendSx program (Release 1.22) to update my Axe Fx standard firmware. (Was using PC with Win XP and Creative Labs Soundblaster Live as midi interface at the time. (Version history - Bome's Send SX - Bome Software - Freeware for sending and receiving any MIDI messages -...
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    Reference Material

    For playing over CD tracks I connect the headphone output of a small Denon Hi Fi (it has no line out otherwise I would use that), to the Axe Fx "Input 2" stereo inputs using a stereo Y cable. Then in the Axe Fx patch all you need to do is place an effects loop "FXL" block on one of the four...
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    Wood & Guitar Tone

    Don't forget the bridge type and material, pickup positioning , string height, the nut type and material, the playing technique...picks used.....what part of the neck you strike the strings...what angle of pick attack....or fingernails....or fingers etc etc.......ad infinitum......(or ad nauseum...
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    ULTRA user looking for metal rythm and lead tones and interface

    M-Audio Midisport 2x2 USB to MiIDI interface (mine was the "Anniversary" edition but shouldn't matter which one) does the job for me (I'm using Windows 7 64bit, and the official M-Audio driver), and is the only interface that the European Axe-FX distributors at G66 recommended. Cheaper...
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