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  1. elchampion

    X-LOAD set ups

    This is my first reactive load product so all this is new to me. I've tried running my LB-2 into the front of my XL+ and the rear input and haven't noticed much of a difference. I've set up a cab block and a reverb at the end the chain on the grid using my Fender super sonic 22 combo. Seems that...
  2. elchampion

    FX8: Wet/Dry Rig

    Hi guys! This might be a silly question since there's plenty of info out there on how to create this type of rig with pedals. The last two nights I haven't been able to create the type of sounds I heard this W/D set up do. These are my two amps: I'd like my dry sound to come from my Swart AST...
  3. elchampion

    NAD!!! Swart AST mkII

    I once played a Swart Atomic Space Tone when looking to try a guitar out not worrying much about the amp. I plugged the guitar in this amp and I was blown away. The lush Reverb and that Tremolo! WOW!! When Cliff added the Nuclear Tone to the Axe and it just made me want the real one even more...
  4. elchampion

    Tips to get Pitch block to NOT sound like a Ring Modulator

    Hi guys, This weekend I was messing with the Pitch block and added a control switch to raise the pitch an octave up and down. It performed that function great but when playing notes at the higher octave it would sound like a ring modulator. Don't remember this happening before. Maybe there's a...
  5. elchampion

    AX8 Looper

    how do I get the looper fuctions to stay? When I engage looper control, the fuctions show up but then revert back to the foot switch view. Thanks guys!
  6. elchampion

    Is there a way to run Audio from USB to OUTPUT 2?

    My apologies if this has been discussed someplace else. My Search yielded no results. I'm wanting to run the synth sounds from my laptop using my FTP thru the AXE FX XL+. I can get OUTPUT 1 to work great but it doesn't go out of OUTPUT 2. Is this possible? I did echo output 1 to output 2 but I...
  7. elchampion

    Looking to buy a laptop, Need Help!

    Hi Guys! I'm in the market for a new laptop to run Logic, Maschine and Ableton Live. Since I want to use Logic, a Mac is the only choice but would be willing to sacrifice not having it on my laptop. if there's a PC laptop that will do the job. So what do I need to look for as far as performance...
  8. elchampion

    ISP Technologies Stealth Power amp

    I just saw this amp pop up on my fb feed from Sweetwater and it looks interesting to try with the Axe. 180 watts might not be enough for some people tho. ISP Technologies Stealth 180 Watt Pedalboard Power Amp | Sweetwater.com It would be a great option if it worked! What do you guys think?
  9. elchampion

    NEW Passive Xitone Cab Arrived

    I received my cab yesterday afternoon with no gorilla wear and tears from Fed Ex. After a successful recon mission passed the wife and into my man cave, I proceeded to test out some presets but at bedroom levels. To power the cab, I'm using my Retro Channel power amp. I began by scrolling thru...
  10. elchampion

    Good News for Traveling Musicians!

    FAA Bill Allows Musical Instruments on Planes : MusicRow – Nashville's Music Industry Publication – News, Songs From Music City This should hopefully make it less stressful when flying with our instruments!
  11. elchampion

    Retro-Channel First Impressions

    My Journey with the Axe Fx has been going on for about 3 years, first with the Ultra and now the II. Amplifying it has been an expensive trip. The first was the HPR 122i's, the Verve 12m's, and then the Matrix GT800FX. I've gone back and forth with FRFR and guitar cabs and both have their...
  12. elchampion

    W/D/W Routing Templete?

    I've searched around to find out how people are routing the Axe II in this config, but its taking too long to find the nuggets. So this is what I have: AxeII to use for effects only Fender Super Sonic Matrix GT800FX 2 EV 12L 1x12 cabs How do I wire this up to use in W/D/W rig and what...
  13. elchampion

    Kudos To Matrix's Support

    This past Friday night I had a show and my Matrix amp died before sound check. No idea what happened because the night before it was working fine. First thing I did was email Matrix support about it and ran my Axe II front of house using one of my EV speakers as a monitor, which I don't...
  14. elchampion

    23 lb 212 cab

    I just ordered a Matrix GT800FX from Tone Merchants and should hopefully get it in a week or two to pair with my Axe II. Now I need to find a cab preferably a stereo 212 cab, though I might do 2 1x12s. In searching the interwebs I found this DV Mark 212 cab that only weighs 23 lbs. Markbass...
  15. elchampion

    Re Amping in Pro tools 9?

    I'ev spent the last 2 hours trying to figure this out. I'm new to the PT world, so all the routing is confusing. Anyway I was able to record 2 stereo tracks and now want to route the dry track to track 3. Can anyone who has this DAW help me out? Thanks!
  16. elchampion

    Is this a mistake?

    When I went to look for the new firmware for the II, I found this for the MFC with today's date v1.02 but after I downloaded it it was only v.1.00. Just a little confused for sec. MFC-101 Firmware Version 1.02 Jun 27, 2011 - MFC-101 Firmware v1.02 (Zip Archive) IMPORTANT: Upgrading from FW...
  17. elchampion

    USB noise

    What's the solution to getting rid of the computer noise coming thu my monitors when I'm using the USB cable?
  18. elchampion

    GR-55 thru input 2 volume

    I've been running my GR-55 thru input 2 and placing FXL on the first line of the grid after the Feedback return block (mix 100%) and connecting it to the Feedback send block on line 2 to get sound out of Output 2. My main issue is that the volume coming from the GR-55 isn't very strong, though...
  19. elchampion

    ERROR 14

    I'm trying to load the firmware .19 on my MFC but every time I get close to 70% I keep getting this Error. I'm using my midiman 2x2 anniversary and have tried it on both a mac(Snoize) and pc(midi-ox). In Midi-ox I configured the Sysex to 256 , 16 in both places and set the delay to 90ms. No...
  20. elchampion

    Boss ME-25

    Anyone use one of these? I have a gig in LA and would like to not have to rent an amp. I wish I could take my Axe but that's too risky. So reviews seem good. Just curious how you think it sounds as far as the COSM amps?
  21. elchampion

    Reggae Dub Delay tips?

    What up fellow forumites! One of our songs breaks into this Reggae part and I want to hit an E minor chord and get that dub delay sound that trails off and modulates. I know that they use a Space echo and phasers but I'm just all that familiar on achieving this sound. So any tips will really...
  22. elchampion

    Black Line

    When I shut off my Ultra tonight I noticed a black Line across the screen. After a minute it disappeared. Just wanted to make sure this was normal and not a sign of something bad. I apologize if this has been discussed in the past. I did a search and couldn't find anything or maybe I didn't...
  23. elchampion

    My Axe Fx Rig Makes its Debut!

    I've had my AXE-FX Ultra since January and have been taking my time dialing it up and programming the Liquid Foot Pro. Yesterday was the first time the rig left my room and hit the stage. I run it into a QSC HPR 122i and ran the out of that into the PA. In the past I had trouble hearing myself...
  24. elchampion

    delay block

    Im wondering why when I bypass the delay block the volume shoots up?
  25. elchampion

    Looper set up?

    Hey guys, I've searched this forum and the old one on how to set up the looper. I've gone into the I/O and gave each command a CC# I made sure Delay 2 was one in my preset and set my IA switches to momentary. I'm using a Liquid foot Pro as my midi controller. So what am I doing wrong?
  26. elchampion


    ok, I'm having problems getting my CC#s to work. I have a LF that I'm tying to get to turn on and effects and having no luck, so I simply hooked up a stereo cable to pedal1 into a boss FS-6. Then in I/O set tuner to pedal 1, press enter and pressed B on the FS-6, the "learned" disapeared, I hit...
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