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    Trey Anastasio Beacon Jams

    I don't think I've seen a thread about this but Trey Anastasio of Phish has been doing free live streams from the Beacon Theater every Friday night for the last few weeks on Twitch. It is a primarily a five piece band with some extra guests and they play for about 2.5 hours. Even if you don't...
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    Trey Anastasio/Phish Preset

    First of all, big thanks to Ian (@iaresee) for feedback and suggestions as I was finishing this preset. It is still a work in progress but I think its ready to share with the group and get some feedback to refine it. There are four scenes, a Comet 60 with EL34s, Comet 60 with 6L6s, Deluxe Reverb...
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    Trey Anastasio/Phish Preset

    Sorry, I accidently posted this in the FM3 preset forum. First of all, big thanks to Ian (@iaresee) for feedback and suggestions as I was finishing this preset. It is still a work in progress but I think its ready to share with the group and get some feedback to refine it. There are four...
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    Wish: Can this be done? LED color change by channel

    I think the answer to this is no, but can you have the LEDs change color based on what channel is selected or is using the Long/Short Name plus channel naming option the only way to tell what channel you are on? This would be a really nice feature to have since my channel A/Bs are often...
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    FS Accugroove Latte, Xitone 1X12, Lyt Pedalboard

    Accugroove Latte: $1,100, self powered version, best speaker I've played through. Selling it to get 2 Ristrettos. Details here: http://www.accugroovellc.com/latte Xitone 1X12: $550, Matrix GM50 power amp (http://usa.matrixamplification.com/gm-50.html), Eminence Beta12LTA. LYT32 Pedalboard...
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    Is it possible to change controllers using X/Y or Scenes?

    I think the answer is no but I'm trying to have the X setting be a normal wah and the Y be a envelope filter. Is it possible to switch source from external1 to envelope using X/Y or Scenes?
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    Wah Setup Help

    I'm using a Mission SP1 with the FX8 and having some trouble setting up the wah. It is set up so the SP1 toe switch turns the wah on/off. The problem I'm having is that the foot switch on the FX8 now seems to be disabled and I can't switch between X/Y settings. Any idea of what could be wrong...
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    Wish More than 8 effects

    As long as you didn't exceed the CPU limit would it be possible to run more than 8 effects? There are some effects that that are set and forget (reverb, EQ), some that are controlled by the pedal (wah/whammy) and others that could be turned on/off through scenes if needed. Or could there be a...
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    Wish Would it be possible to add another effect...

    that would not be controlled by a foot switch? For example, the way I use Reverb I never turn it off or change the settings. For me it is a set it and forget it effect. Another example would be to have the wah be controlled only by an external pedal/foot switch? When you control the wah this...
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    Question: Usinging Pedalboard Switches and Controllers

    I configured my wah to be turned on/off by the toe switch of my Mission SP1 using an external controller. This seems to have disabled the switch on the pedal board. Even when I try to turn the effect on in the editor it gives me a pop up saying the function is prevented by a controller. Is it...
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    Can the rubber feet be removed?

    I want to double check before I do this but can the rubber feet on the bottom be removed to mount the FX8 to a pedal board? Just want to make sure the screws aren't holding anything in place. Thanks!
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    Question Re: Effect Pedalboard Location vs. Signal Chain Order

    I can't seem to figure out how to do this. My effects chain order is Whammy(1)>Wah(2)>Drive(3)>Phase(4)>Flange(5)>Blank(6)>Reverb(7)>Delay(8 ). How do I keep the same order but rearrange the effects on the pedalboard and group those I commonly use? For example the signal chain would stay the...
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    Help needed with looper (volume increase)

    I am having a little trouble with the looper. I added the looper to the end of my chain and as a result the volume of the entire preset jumped and now the output is clipping. I branched off the second last block into the looper which runs straight to the output. The last block in the normal...
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    Anyone at the NY Amp Show and hear the Matrix Powered Wedges?

    Apparently Matrix had some powered wedges in Fractal Audio room at the NY amp show. Anyone attend and hear how they sounded? Thoughts?
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    Need Advice: Clean Amps Clipping the Output

    I've been building some presets in 6.0 and I'm struggling a little with the clean amps clipping the outputs. I start out with a basic amp/cab and tweak my base tone using the deluxe and USA Clean 1 & 2 amps and 2X12 blue cab. After that I will add the effects, usually in this order: reverb...
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    MFC LF Visual Comparison

    My MFC arrived on Friday, the first thing that struck me was the size: I can't believe how compact the MFC is in comparison to the LF. Although, the switches do not appear to be too close and I wear a size 13. I had a gig last night so I didn't have time to set up the MFC. I will be...
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    Quality Right Angle 7 Pin MIDI Cable

    Does anyone know who makes a high quality 7 pin MIDI cable with a right angle plug on one end that will work with the MFC? I found this one but I think the pins need to be flipped to use with a flat pedalboard: http://best-tronics.com/guitar-cable/images/MC-1153.jpg
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    St. Louis: Starfire Fest

    My Phish cover band is playing a festival for Jerry Garcia's birthday tomorrow night. I will be playing my Novax through a Ultra/Atomic FR/Liquid Foot rig. We will go on about 6pm. If your in the area come check us out.
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    Atomic FR Settings

    Had another gig with my Ultra/Atomic FR set-up last night and it sounded great. I was wondering what settings others are using on their FRs. I set FR volume at about 1 o'clock and the tweeter volume between 12 and 1 o'clock and use the volume on the Ultra to set the overall stage volume. We...
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    New Drive Blocks: What am I missing?

    I had my first gig with 8.02 last night and my overdrive sounds sounded flat and muffled. I am using the 808 OD model into the USA Clean amp and I cannot get the volume boost to get the overdrive to cut through the mix for solos. I use two drives, one set to light OD and one set to heavy OD...
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    Devi Ever Peep

    Anyone try one of these as an expression pedal? http://deviever.com/fx/peep/index.html
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