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  1. spikey

    Question to those that own both the Axe FX II and the Kemper...

    I own the Axe FX II XL+ and am quite pleased with it. That said, if you own both it and the Kemper I have a question or three. In your personal opinion please, 1. Is there any advantage in owning both products (like maybe playing both together)? 2. Does one out shine the other in...
  2. spikey

    I think I want one of these in the FX loop!

  3. spikey

    Using switch # 6 for X/Y?

    Can someone show me a link for setting up one switch (#6) on my MFC-101 for X/Y'ing stuff please? Or a step by step? I have MFC Edit but can't figure this one out. Yea I know... :grey: Thanks a lot! :D
  4. spikey

    My Gibson SG- with a new look!

    This is my Gibson SG with a new look, thanks to my Grandkid ( the little artist is the family)... Thanks for viewing! :pride: https://youtu.be/MLzbFGNmRHs
  5. spikey

    Not of this world....

  6. spikey

    Look Deep Within

    I recorded this in Logic X using an Axe FX II, 59 Bassguy patch (with a little bit of breakup), Native Instruments B4, Spectrasonic's Trillian Bass and Toontrack's EZ Drummer II... Hope you like... :pride:
  7. spikey

    My 59 Bassman

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flktrATxKNQ&feature=youtu.be Here's my 59 Bassman sounds ... :)
  8. spikey

    Drive 1 XY external switch ?

    Im having issues programming my external foot switches. I picked cc 108 for one switch (which is supposed to switch drive pedal 1 from X to Y). This works fine and latches from X to Y, but how do I switch it back to X and then stay at X? I can momentarily switch it back to X by holding down the...
  9. spikey

    Random power issue causing icepick noise?

    Im getting a very seldom, at random ice pick noise (high pitch squeal) that lasts less than a half second, one time it seems per way over an hour. I haven't timed it but they are far spread out. Im playing thru CLR's on an Axe mark II and at just barely above bedroom levels. Latest drivers...
  10. spikey

    A relative of mine...

    One of my new children... :mrgreen
  11. spikey


    iMac 27" latest Mav etc etc... Im using an FCB1010 that was working great with 13.07. I upgraded to Ver 14 (thanks FAS). Now my auto engage for the Wah is acting strange, In Axe Edit the little dot will not go all the way down when moving the External 2 pedal. It stays up around 35% ... My CC...
  12. spikey

    1st Ultra Rez Experience and I gotta say..

    Its just amazing! I have only played with the 1 12" folder so far. I took the 1969 Celestion Alnico Silver and panned it left, added another cab block in parallel and then use the "rear" capture IR panned right... I turned that one it down just a bit and then used the Vox AC15 amp... I loved...
  13. spikey

    Patch naming for different setups- How do you do it?

    I plan on setting up a power amp to speaker cab patch group with cab IRs off, and a Axe FX II to Mackie 824s with Cab IRs on for the second group. I was wondering how you guys named and grouped them? I had an idea to name the patches using the power amp and guitar cab "Amp" and then followed...
  14. spikey

    K12 eq?

    I've been playing with a pair of QSC K 12s, and trying to dial in a few patches. I've noticed the 125, 250, and 500 hz sliders are the ones I always drop. To my ears the 250 and 125 are lowest, and the 500 is 6 db down or so. Setting by ears is one thing, but knowing its right is another. Any...
  15. spikey

    QSC K12 and the Axe FXII... continued...

    Hi all, I just purchased a QSC K12 for my Axe FX II. I have been running thru my Mixer into a pair of Mackie 824's. I was quite impressed with how loud the K12's are for their small size. The 1st thought was to set the attenuation to 0 db on the back of the K12. After all 0 db is unity gain...
  16. spikey

    No BS just astounding tone

    After working 12 hours, and tired, after supper I went into the music room. I sat down tonight, and played for over an hour without even knowing the time had passed. It was just "gone"... The tones that are coming out of my Axe fx II are simply astounding to say the least. Thanks again FAS...
  17. spikey

    Triple Play

    Im gonna treat myself to a early Christmas present order soon.. Check out Fishman Transducers, Inc. Blending the Axe II tones and this, with one of my Vst's / AU synths n pads should be heaven... :mrgreen
  18. spikey

    Axe-Edit Comms to FX II times out when using CAB LAB ?

    Im getting an Axe-Edit communication time out when I try to send IRs to the scratchpad. Im using the latest versions of software on Axe-Edit, the Axe II and CabLab. My machine is a late 2009 iMac 27". I have reset everything separately and all together- no help yet. I have no trouble updating...
  19. spikey

    Wah Off value changed?

    If this has already been addressed sorry. FYI I had a few patches where rocking to fcb1010 expression pedal B all the way back (heel down) would shut off the Wah, and rocking it forward just a touch would reengage it. Ver 12 seems to have "moved" this setting just a bit, and I had to...
  20. spikey

    FCB1010 file I use with my Axe FX II here!

    I do have the uno chip installed in my FCB1010... I set it up so that I have the top row of buttons changing the scenes, and the bottom row changes the patches. The up down changes the banks. And finally Pedal A changes the volume, and B does the wah (or what ever u set up)... I used #11...
  21. spikey

    Just to clear up another rumor mill....

    Someone is trying to state (on another guitar processor forum) that the reason all of these famous players are using the Axe FX II in their rack is because they got it for free, to promote, and thats why its in there.... Yea I may be getting my chain pulled but none the less..., I have...
  22. spikey

    Auto Engage is da Shiz folks!

    Im using an FCB 1010 with my AxeFX II. Ive been setting up a scene where it engages the wah wah, and just today I setup Auto Engage with an Off value threshold. If you try and match the low end of the wah frequency with the low end tone of the amp & Cab its magic!!! You can engage the wah from...
  23. spikey

    Fun with the 59 Bassguy and a wah

    Well Im just blown away first off.. After a glancing blow at all the presets ive slowed down to play a bit longer with each... Ive been playing with the 59 Bassguy and finally got my FCB1010 volume and WahWah (Clyde) pedals working, and i am using the scenes (set as pedals 6-10 on the fcb) to...
  24. spikey

    A little confused about the USB port...?

    Ok, I want (which does not hold any water im sure) the USB port to work with AxeFX Edit, updates in firmware, IR cab programs, etc etc... But I already have and use an audio interface (MOTU 828 mk3) that is hooked to my DAW (iMac) using Logic X, Cubase etc etc... Im reading the manual and it...
  25. spikey

    What a great time to jump back in...

    Hi all and fyi, I sold my Ultra back 2 years or so after the FX II was announced, and fully planned on upgrading. As life does at times, it got in the way of that. So lately Ive been reading here and learning whats new, seeing new firmware and editing software become available, and watching...
  26. spikey

    MFC and Axe Edit?

    How can I hook up the MFC101 AND Axe-edit to my Ultra (via midi) and have both working at the same time, with both getting all the information they need ?
  27. spikey

    Newest presets with a 2009 file date?

    A bit confused, sorry... On the Fractal Audio support page Fractal Audio Systems Support - Axe-Fx Latest Firmware, Manuals, Downloads, Axe-Edit Software, and more It lists the presets for the standard and Ultra, specifically banks A, B and C, for download.... It also shows that these...
  28. spikey

    Axe Edit and RipWerx together?

    Hi, I just ordered the Uno chip for my FCB1010, and getting ready to start using it with my ultra. One (of many) question popped up.... Are you guys using Axe-Edit along with the Ripwerx FCB1010 editor at the same time? If so, how are you doing that midi wise?
  29. spikey

    Axe Edit Tutorials?

    Are there any good tutorials for Axe-Edit written for the beginner forward, either on Youtube or from another web site? Or a PDF perhaps, on how to "step by step" use store and load of presets and banks? Some times I can save a preset, or a bank, or think I did and didnt. And sometimes I do...
  30. spikey

    The SLA2 alternative and other questions

    Well, dang it I just cant afford $500 plus poweramps or set of FRFR's right now, and I have a 2007 nice Marshall slant stereo 1960 cab sitting here gathering Texas dust. So I looked and found a slightly used Art SLA-2 power amp on ebay, for abt 200 bucks. I hope this wasn't a mistake, but it...
  31. spikey

    Bridge of Sighs Patch...

    Here is my 1st attempt for uploading or designing anything on my ultra. Hope you like. I modded the hell out of the stock Crazy Train patch... It sounds good to me with my 93 Strat plus with Kinman Woodstocks thru a pair of Mackie 824's.
  32. spikey

    Oh my GOD....

    I just got in the slightly used Ultra I bought off ebay, and the 1st thing I did was update it from 9.01 to 9.03 firmware (using the free SendSX ver 1.30), and then do a preset update, and then install the factory banks. I have never seen an Ultra before today, but it really wasnt that...
  33. spikey

    Hello and more questions.

    Hi folks..., Please welcome me to the fold. :mrgreen: This may not be the place to ask, but Im new so gimmie a bit to learn the ropes... ;) I am now a pre-proud owner of a slightly used Ultra, and was wondering about its use with Cakewalks UM-3G USB to midi interface, and Windows 7 home...
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