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  1. D20

    Moving to an Axe-Fx II/MFC-101 setup from an AX8

    Hey everyone, So I used to have an Axe Fx II and traded for an AX8 awhile ago. I'm thinking of going to an Axe Fx II/MFC 101 setup from the AX8 as I'd like a bit more power in my scenes and the ability to run more effects. Is switching scenes on the Axe Fx II compared to the AX8 similar -...
  2. D20

    FS Dingwall NG2 Bass

    Basically mint condition. I’m sure I’ll regret this...actually I know I will. This is an absolutely killer bass! Comes with the Dingwall brand gig bag. Ducati white is the color. 4 string model. This bass is pretty much brand new. Sorry for the iphone pics. I'll take better pictures today...
  3. D20

    Annoying Buzz/Hiss when using the compressor

    Anyone else experience this? I have to use a gate block and hit hard but then i feel like the feel is lost. I've posted the preset I am using if you would like to check it out. It is a modified "Gilmor Back to Life" preset. Also, a clip using the preset. I'm using my John 5 tele on the track in...
  4. D20

    Currently, in my possession I have an AX8 and a Kemper (audio included)

    (Sorry if this is too long) First, off I not here to bash Kemper, but i just thought i would state my observations since i have both at the moment. My buddy let me borrow his Kemper so i could test it out. I'll admit i have always been curious, but never pulled the trigger. Since they released...
  5. D20

    Rough mix of a track from my new band

    I used the Thordendal Modern and a free IR ;) for all the rhythm tracks in my AX8. Drums are a mix of a bunch of different Toontrack libraries. I also used some GGD on the kick as well. Bass was my fav ever Spector NS2 direct. I did a little post processing to it. If the bass is too loud...I'm...
  6. D20

    Djenthuggah Drum Demo

    Hey everyone, I made a demo using Djenthuggah Drums from ItMightGetLoud. I used my Squier Jim Root tele with a Duncan Custom TB-5 pickup in the bridge and I used the 5150 Block amp in my AX8 for all the rhythm guitar tones. I think i used a Vox model for the cleaner-ish parts. Unfortunately...
  7. D20

    New Pickup Test: Seymour Duncan Custom

    I just replaced the pickups in my Jim Root tele. I opted to try the Duncan Custom in the bridge and a 59 in the neck. At first i wasn't sure if i liked the pickups, but...Really digging the Custom now! It has taken a bit for my ears to get used to the pickup, but i do LOVE the way it sounds! I...
  8. D20

    Glassy Clean Test

    Trying to get that glassy clean sound. Let me know if you think i am close?
  9. D20

    Need help on a P&W preset

    Hi guys Currently i'm trying to setup a preset that i can switch 100% reverb to an XY reverb with 30%, but still have the trail of the 100% reverb. Can anyone help me with this. We are playing the song posted below. Basically do what he does in the beginning and into the verse but with the trail...
  10. D20

    First gig with my AX8

    Just thought i would share: I recently traded my Axe Fx II XL plus cash for an AX8. In my very honest opinion it was so worth it!!! I absolutely love the AX8! It is somewhat limited compared to the XL, but most of my patches are pretty simple and i like it that way. I also love the AX8 since it...
  11. D20

    Praise & Worship Patch

    Hey everyone, I've been trying to nail a good P&W tone lately with the Matchbox D-30 amp model. Usually at church I run through the actual amp and have a pedal board with me, but I'm hoping i can get away with just using the AX8 instead (Not to mention it will save my back from breaking!). I...
  12. D20

    Pink Floyd "Sorrow" intro guitar riff

    Hey everyone! I just go my AX8 the a few days ago and i have been loving it!!! I made a slightly more modern take on the PF intro riff for the song "Sorrow". I don't have a whammy bar on my tele so i just bent the neck a bit to get the audio to wave a bit. I'd love to hear what guys think of...
  13. D20

    Putting together a new band/First track done

    I'm in the process of putting together a new band. I've been writing a lot of new music for the project and just finished this track. I used my Squier J5 and the 5150 block model using Clark Kent's Gift to Mankind IR (One of my personal favs!) for most of the rhythm tracks and used my Spector...
  14. D20

    Dieswich Drum Demo

    This is a demo featuring Dieswitch Drums from It Might Get Loud Productions. These are some amazingly mix ready samples and i barely had to do any processing at all on them. Right out of the box they are super punchy and BIG sounding! Do yourself a favor and go check them out as the are very...
  15. D20

    Friedman ASM or EV ZLX12p

    hi everyone, I've read a bit on both of these. I have the chance to pick up the ASM for a really good price locally. I'm just wondering if anyone has had experience with the ASM? Is it loud enough to compete with another guitar and bass and drums? Is it preferred to the zlx12p? Any advice is...
  16. D20

    Axe Fx Ultra Brit 4x12 cab

    Was this cab ever released for download anywhere? I found some old tracks i did using that cab in particular and always loved the sound of it. I didn't see it listed on my Axe Fx II XL list. Just wanted to see if anyone has that cab that i can import into my Axe II XL?
  17. D20

    Opinions on these guitar tones

    Hey there, I haven't posted anything in awhile. Work.... I recently put a D Activator in the bridge of my JP100D. I actually am liking it a lot better than the CL at the moment. Up until now i have used active EMGs for as long as i can remember so using passive pickups is a very new to me haha...
  18. D20

    Machine Head Style Riffs

    Just threw this together really quick this morning. Didn't have much time but i wanted to try to get a Machine Head style tone and put some riffs down. Guitar was JP100D using the 5150 Block amp with the Fat Lazy XXL cab. Bass was my Spector NS-4 into my B7k and the drums were Toontrack Metal...
  19. D20

    ML Soundlab Contest Track. Using the Bulb Cab Pack

    Haven't posted anything in awhile guys! Working 60 hrs/week keeps me super busy! Anyways I'm a sucker for Misha style tones and got the BULB cab pack. It's awesome!!! Many thanks to ML Soundlab for making this one!!! Here is my entry for the contest that ML Soundlab is holding. In this track...
  20. D20

    New Mix Test

    Just a quick mix for a project I have been working on. I just got the most amazing bass and wanted to test it out. A Spector NS-4. It has a water cured redwood top over black walnut. It sounds incredible and is everything I want in a bass. I ran it direct using my Darkglass B7k. Guitars on this...
  21. D20

    Ever since updating to the newest firmware i can't tone match

    Ever since updating to the newest firmware i can't tone match? Its weird. I make sure my Axe Fx is on, set Cubase to the FAS USB Device, and start a new project. I can't hear any audio i put in the project. Anyone else experience this? Any help is surely welcomed
  22. D20

    D20- New Short Unfinished Clip

    Hey everyone, Had a few moments to try out the SSD4 Bendeth samples and a new guitar tone. I usually use Toontrack stuff but thought i would try these David Bendeth samples out. I'm using the FAS 6160 for guitars and the bass is my 87 Spector direct with a bit of processing. I threw it together...
  23. D20

    Sending presets to Axe Fx 2 XL issue

    I'm having issues sending presets and IRs to my Axe Fx 2 XL. With my old Ultra i never had an issue. I'm using Bome's Sendsx. I've choosen my Midi ports IN and OUT, loaded a preset and sent it, but nothing happens. I'm also using an M Audio Midisport 2x2. Anyone have any possible solutions?
  24. D20

    Axe ultra patch into axe II XL

    Is it possible to send an axe fx ultra patch into an axe fx II XL? Will it load axe ultra patches I've saved?
  25. D20

    My first tone match

    Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!! I tone matched Skrape's "New Killer America" guitar tone. One of my favorite band's guitar tones. The bass may be a little off, but this is INSANE!!!! The first part is the band track and the second is my guitar track...
  26. D20

    D20 - First Axe Fx II XL recording

    Hey everyone, Well i took the plunge and got the XL. I've only had it one day and I'm a bit overwhelmed with it, but that will ease with time i'm sure. Just had about 30 minutes today to throw something together really quick before work. I'd love to hear thoughts on my tone. Too much gain?, not...
  27. D20

    Breaking Benjamin using Axe Fx 2

    Just saw this and wanted to share. BB is one of my favorite bands and a big inspiration! Pulling the trigger on my Axe 2 XL this week!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEKvC3gqWDI
  28. D20

    D20 - Just testing a new mix (Axe Fx, S2.0)

    Hey everyone, Testing out a new mix here. I used the 5150 model on my Axe Fx for the guitars and a Recabinet Ghandi w/SM57 IR for cab. Drums are S2.0. The Avatar library. Hope you guys like the mix test. Feedback is always welcome! http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1046513/Testing%2052.mp3
  29. D20

    Pitching up/down for Guitar harmonies

    Hey everyone, I was hoping someone here can explain how to pitch up/down my axe fx patch in real time. I remember ages ago Clawfinger did it from drop C to Gb i think. I from what he said it was Pitch block type: "Fixed Harm", page 2, "Master Pitch" modifier: pedal of choice. Scroll down to...
  30. D20

    Recording multiple tracks question

    I've been experimenting with quad tracking lately and was wondering something. Could i setup my signal chain (amp, cab, etc) and then another exactly the same, but have the 2nd going out of the (i think it is the fx loop) and track both at the same time on different tracks? That way the first...
  31. D20

    D20 - You're Allaireous man!

    Hey everyone, I made a new guitar patch using the Engl Amp Sim in my Axe Ultra and wanted to try it out on a new track. I used the Axe Ultra for 2 tracks of bass and a free sansamp plugin from TSE. I also have never used the Allaire kit from Toontrack, so i decided to use it and see what i could...
  32. D20

    D20 - LA

    Hey everyone, Well i just bought the Metal Machine from Toontrack! WOW is all is can say!!!! These drum samples are SICK!!!! Love them! So i had to record a quick test track with them. I had to try out my newly purchased 1987 Spector NS-2A with Spector USA 9 volt circuit as well. This bass is...
  33. D20

    D20 - Fate (New track from my band)

    Just came up with a new song not too long ago. This one is going to be on my band's 2nd album, and this is a rough mix at the moment. Axe Fx (5150 model)for all guitar tracks and 3 tracks of bass using Axe Fx, Ampeg SVX, and Sansamp. I used the Hit Factory library from Toontrack and replaced the...
  34. D20

    FCB1010 Question

    Is there a way to send a patch from my Axe Fx straight to the FCB1010. I guess meaning is there a way for me to save like patch 030 to button 1 on my 1010 with the 1010 hooked up to my Axe Fx?
  35. D20

    D20 - Tweedly D

    I sat down today with no intention of writing something, but i kinda did i guess haha! This is definitely a work in progress, but not bad for an hour or so. Drums are all Avatar library. This kick is replaced a bit by a sample. Guitars are a Soldono (Solo 100) model in my Axe Fx using Recabinet...
  36. D20

    D20 - Just a new idea

    I have never used multi outs with S2.0 so i was recording this idea with trying it out. I'm using the Hit Factory library and 5150 model through Recabinet Ghandi cab. Hope you like and hope my mix sounds ok :unsure: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1046513/HFMultiTest4.mp3 ****Updated Mix...
  37. D20

    D20 - Chasm

    Just working on an idea here. Nothing too special, but i wanted to track it so i wouldn't forget it haha! Guitars are my Axe Fx Ultra using the 5150 model into a Recabinet Ghandi cab, and Recto New into the Axe Fx Brit cab. Bass is 3 tracks of bass. Axe Fx, SVX, and Sansamp. Hope you enjoy...
  38. D20

    Whammy settings patch question

    Is it possible to create settings like 5th up/ 1 octave up, 1 octave down/ 1 octave up with the Axe Fx? If so, can someone elaborate more on how to do this?
  39. D20

    D20 - Man in the Box Clip

    Hey everyone, Not sure how close i am with this one, but i tried my hardest to get the "Man in the Box" tone. Another one of my goals was to get my bass tone as close as i could as well to Mike Starr's because his tone to me is perfect! All Guitars were my Schecter C1 w EMGs using the JCM 900...
  40. D20

    Man in the Box patch

    Can someone up this? The one that comes stock on the Axe Fx? I can't find it anymore on my Axe Fx Many thanks in advance!!!
  41. D20

    Song from my band's upcoming EP

    This is a song from my band's (The Icarus Effect) upcoming EP. We are still working on vocals at the moment, and i think we should be finished in the next month or so. We are pretty much just taking our time with it at the moment. Axe Fx for all guitars and bass. Hope you all enjoy the tune...
  42. D20

    D20 - You Win...Brutality

    Just working on a new mix here with a short clip i wrote last night. I used the JCM 900 model for the guitars and used my Schecter C1 Blackjack with EMG 81 in the bridge. Bass was 3 tracks of my Spector 4LX. Drums are S2.0, Evil Drums, and Metal Foundry. Hope you all enjoy! You...
  43. D20

    D20 - I am Snake Plissken

    Just working on a new tune. Used the Ubershall and FAS Modern on this one as well as an acoustic with SUPER DEAD strings. Did my best to make the acoustic sound as good as possible haha! This one will end up as a song my band will play probably as well. Hope you all enjoy! Feedback is always...
  44. D20

    D20 - First finished track from my band's EP

    Hey everyone, This is the first finished track from my band's upcoming EP. I just got done mixing and mastering everything for this track. We are finishing the rest of the vocals at the moment and should have a finished product by April. The song is called "Eye Opener". Hope you guys like the...
  45. D20

    D20 - Yes Sir, The Check is in the Mail

    Wrote and recorded a new track this weekend. I got the Joe Barresi Evil Drums SDX half off not too long ago and thought i would give them a go. I also used the Electronic EZX as well in this. Guitars are FAS Modern and bass is 3 tracks of my Spector bass. Sansamp/Axe Fx/Ampeg SVX. This song will...
  46. D20

    D20 - The Forsaken (Lamb of God-ish)

    I was going for a Lamb of God type of tone and overall feel with this one. For the guitars i used the Recto New model (even though i know they use Mark Vs now i think). I think the IR i used was a Fredman s-preshigh IR. i used my Spector bass into the Ampeg and FAS Modern models for the bass...
  47. D20

    D20 - A track from my band's EP i'm recording

    I've been busy lately recording my band's (The Icarus Effect) EP and just finished up a track. I wanted to post the instrumental version of it here to see what you guys thought of how everything is sounding so far. Guitars are Recto and 5150 models. Bass is a few tracks. 1 axe fx, 1 direct, and...
  48. D20

    I need serious help with my FCB1010

    Ok first of all i feel like an idiot when it comes to MIDI. I have the UnO chip install and all is working as far as i can tell. I've calibrated the expression pedals and i am using Ripwerx to setup the message. I have on the Ripwerx message the following: Program change is set to 90 (i'm...
  49. D20

    D20 - BYD Tone Test

    Hey everyone, Lately i have been really into the band Bury Your Dead. I thought that i would give it a shot at emulating their tone from their newest album "It's Nothing Personal". Guitars were my Schecter C1 Blackjack with EMG 81/85 pickups tuned down to drop A with a .046 into the 5150 model...
  50. D20

    D20 - The Game of Life (Axe-Fx, S2.0, Redwirez)

    Hey everyone, Well is been awhile since i last mixed/recorded something. I've been working on this idea for a bit and decided to just record what i have of it so far. For guitars i used my Schecter C1 Blackjack with EMG 81/85 into the 5150 model and Recto New model with the Axe Fx with a couple...
  51. D20

    D20 - More fretless playing

    Just trying out a cover of an old Meters track with my fretless. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think? The bass track and the guitar tracks were all Axe Fx on this one!!!! http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1046513/Tippi%20Toes.mp3 or http://soundcloud.com/d20/tippi-toes
  52. D20

    D20 - Woooo! (Fretless content)

    So i bought a fretless last weekend and decided to see if i could grasp playing one. So far i love this thing and the tone i am getting from it! I just ran it straight into my Axe Fx Ultra then to Cubase for this track. The drums on this one are from the Hit Factory library. I absolutely love...
  53. D20

    Analog Delay/Memoryman

    I know its been talked about a bit before, but is there a way to replicate the memoryman sound. I guess the best way i can describe what i'm after is a delay that on the repeats it esentially gets "broken up" or "muddied up" as it delays out. I know that there is a MOD tab, but i really haven't...
  54. D20

    FCB1010 question (noob here)

    I just sent a sysex message to my 1010. I have it set so that PGR CH 0-1 is my patch 74 on my Axe Fx. Bome's shows everything was sent successfully, but i still see 00 on the display. Should it say 74 there when i press 1? Also, (remember i am a noob) if i just hook this up to my Axe Fx (which...
  55. D20

    D20 - Corridor

    Hey everyone, Just finished recording a short idea i came up with the other day. I'm trying out some new tones as well. For bass i recorded 2 tracks using my Spector 4 LX. One was through the Ampeg amp model with 8X10 cab and the other was through a FAS Modern amp with Recto2 cab. The guitar...
  56. D20

    Question on Passenger band tone

    Anyone know what these guys used for guitar tones? I love the tone on this song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jjCmucISLQ
  57. D20

    Dead Letter Circus using Axe Fx????

    I absolutely love this band!!!! Just saw this video of them in the studio and when the guitarist starts talking i notice plain as day and Axe Fx on right behind him!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUIyI1pKC5I
  58. D20

    D20 - Redemption

    Hey everyone, I made a new patch using the 5105 model and a Redwirez IR (Marshall 1960 w/Vintage 30 cab. I think it was SM57 and Cap 4in) I am also using Superior DFH on this one. I have a hard time trying to decide if i want to use Avatar kit, Metal Foundry, and this. I really like what i have...
  59. D20

    D20 - Testing more Metal Foundry with Axe Fx (Tool content)

    Hey everyone, I've been writing a lot lately and working on getting a drum mix that i am going to use for my first album. I'm digging the Metal Foundry at the moment (previously i have only used 2.0's Avatar kit) This is pretty much just an improvisation. The guitar part isn't exactly what they...
  60. D20

    D20 - First Youtube vid (Axe Fx Content)

    I just entered a Demon Hunter contest. The contest was that they give you the tabs for a new song of theirs, but.....the song has not been released, so no one knows how it sounds. I decided to make "my interpretation" of the song based off the tabs as my entry. Hope you all enjoy and please...
  61. D20

    All presets to MIDI

    Is there a way to dump all my individual presets to Midi so that i have a backup of all of them? I wasn't sure if it is the "Dump system to Midi" option under the utility button. If it isn't and there is another way to do it...can someone explain how to do this? I wanted to do this before i...
  62. D20

    D20 - My band's first song

    Hey everyone, I just finished up my band's first song. We actually got it played on our local radio station last night as well. Hope you all enjoy. I'd love to hear what you think? http://www.myspace.com/endingsedge or http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1046513/Kezazah%20Radio.mp3
  63. D20

    D20 - Rickets (With Vocals)

    Hey everyone, Well i just got myself a Shure Sm7b mic not too long ago and decided to try it out on this track. Hopefully i don't sound horrible..... :D Guitars were FAS Modern with German and Cali cabs Bass was two tracks: Axe Fx/Ampeg SVX I'd love to hear if you think my vocals are good or...
  64. D20

    D20 - Fate

    Testing some new guitar and bass tones and a new drum mix with this one. I'm using the 5150 model with the German and Brit cabs. Bass tone is just the Axe Fx on this one. I thought i would see what i could do just recording one track of bass instead of three like i usually do. Please let me...
  65. D20

    D20-Deftones Cover

    Hey everyone, Well i haven't had a whole lot of time to sit down and record anything (been studying for a Microsoft Certification test a lot lately...), but i thought i would go back and re-do this song with the Axe Fx. This is one the more high energy songs from "Around the Fur" not to mention...
  66. D20

    D20 - Working on a Cover song

    Whats up everyone, I've always wanted to cover this song, so i did. I was a huge Helmet fan in the '90's! This is one of my fav songs by them. It's called Milquetoast. I'm going to try to record vocals on it this weekend if i have time. I might go back and record bass as well (this one is just...
  67. D20

    D20-Short Tone/Mix Test

    Just a short clip (around 40 seconds) i made today testing out a new FAS Modern tone. I'm really digging the FAS Modern so far. Its also a new mix test as well. Hope you enjoy and as always let me know what you think? http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_so ... ID=8068735 or...
  68. D20

    D20-Autotainment (New track)

    Hey everyone, Well i haven't had time to really write and record anything new until now because i have been working on my band's demo as of late. I recorded this new song using the 5150 model, and Ampeg for the bass. Just BBE Sonic Maximizer and a bit of EQ was all that i added to the guitar...
  69. D20

    Need advice on power amps

    I think i have it narrowed down to either the QSC GX3 or the ART SLA-2. Anyone with experience with either of these that could provide input as to likes and dislikes would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  70. D20

    Mono or Stereo for recording

    Hey everyone, I'm no pro at recording, but i had a question regarding mono or stereo inputs. For tracking a clean+chorus+delay underling part (that would be hard to duplicate twice) would you suggest tracking it stereo, or mono? Just wondering because normal rhythm tracks i track twice and pan...
  71. D20

    Testing out The Metal Foundry

    just made a test clip with the Toontrack Metal Foundry drums. Bass and Guitar were my Schecter C-1 Blackjack (w/ EMGs) or Spector 4LX-35 > Axe Fx I used the 5150 model on this one. I was kinda going for a Machine Head meets old Soilwork like tone. Don't know if i pulled it off, but here are...
  72. D20

    Apex Theory/Mt. Helium

    Does anyone know how to recreate a guitar tone close to the delay tone of The Apex Theory/Mt. Helium song "Pins"? I can't figure out how to recreate it. During the verse and the chorus of that song is mainly what i am referring to. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  73. D20

    First 5150 Clip

    Hey everyone, This is my first clip i have posted here. Last night i record this in an hour or so using the 5150 amp with Brit 4X12/Cali 4X12. Hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think/what i can improve. PS- I was wondering if there is anything you guys could suggest to mute the...
  74. D20

    Recording your tracks question

    I'm just curious as to how everyone records rhythm tracks with their Axe Fx. Do you record one stereo tracks? (with the L R outs on same track) Two mono tracks? (panning L R outs to different tracks) Quad track? (two on L and R) Etc.... Many thanks in advance! :D
  75. D20

    Trying to hook up Axe with Midisport 2X2

    Hey everyone, Well i just got my Axe Ultra a few days ago :D I have been editing my presets on the display, but wanted to try out the Lars B editor and also update my firmware. I have the M Audio Midisport 2X2 connected via a midi cable on the Midisport out > Axe Midi in. I believe i have...
  76. D20

    Ultra newbie Output question

    Hey everyone, I just ordered my Ultra (YES i can't wait untill it arrives!!!!) and was just wondering and had a question about the outputs. I know you can have two different amp setups, but can you set them up to be on there own separate out, so that each could be recorded on its own separate...
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