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  1. G

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.06

    What? No new Rectifier badlands amp model???? :D
  2. G

    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    Plus one for Archon :)
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    Incredible resource for comparing dialed-in amp tones

    This channel is top notch. He really knows guitar sound and amps.
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    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    Revv Generator and Archon :)
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    Fan Noise

    My fan is very noisy also. I think I'm going to contact G66 for a replacement... You are right for almost 3000 eur this shouldnt be an issue considering that this problem ocurred on the previous versions of the AXE.
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    Grooves! (IIC++ crunchies)

    Love everything you do man!
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    Friedman HBE 2018 C45 [MIXTEST]

    Sounds soooo good! What modifications did you do to the patch. Gonna try it out. Friedman is my favorite amp!!!
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    How loud should the fan be?

    I think its unacceptable considering all the fan noise issues with AXE-FX I and II that Fractal didnt solve this issue with the III. After all it costs 2900 Eur we shouldnt have to spend even more money to fix the noise issue.
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    Anyone replaced their Axe-Fx III fan yet?

    Hello After having my AXE-FX III for 2 weeks I really need to change the FAN in it. I'm using the AXE FX in a studio environment and the FAN noise is unbearable. Has anyone had success in replacing the fan with a lower noise? With my AXE-FX II G66.eu sent me a new lower noise FAN that did...
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    Modeler Stress Test

    Without loudness matching its difficult to compare. The louder always sounds better :D
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    Full song, play thru video with vocals! fw9.03

    Great job with the song and mix man. Sounds stellar!
  12. G

    ALICE IN CHAINS - Check My Brain - MIXTEST

    Sounds huge man! What cabs are those? ML?
  13. G

    IRON MAIDEN "2 Minutes To Midnight" COVER

    Well done! Congrats.
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    just got me that new line6 native helix !!

    Tried it yesterday, while the axe sounds better for me in terms of dynamix and pick attack its very cool to be able to insert various instances in tracks. Really wish Fractal did a plugin. I would buy it for sure.
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    Guitar tone Within Temptation

    On the latest record sounds a lot like a rectifier. The key here is the Impulse for the speaker.
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    For those wishing for an Archon in your Axe

    Can you printscreen the settings, I'm on AXE-FXII MarkI so I cant open the preset. Sounds really nice. Think the second is the real amp.
  17. G

    Claudio Pietronik Style Melodic Jam by Stel Andre

    Love your playing man. Keep it up!
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    Many thanks for a long time AXE-FX owner and MarkI pre-orderer! :) You're the man Cliff.
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    Q5.03 Recto riff hugeness playthrough video! (OH 212 ORNG)

    Huuuuge Sound man!!! Love it. What post processing did you do on the guitars? Congrats Ricardo
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.01 Public Beta

    It would be a great solution. I never tend to go back to previous modeling versions! And I think most of us always go for the latest. Keep up the good work Cliff! You're the man!
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    The Ownhammer Heavy Hitters Collection is out! (ORG 412, USA IIC++ clip inside)

    The second video has some amazing sounds Did you use the same amp on all the speakers in the second video? What amp did you use? Love your sounds!
  22. G

    Marcello-Vestry | Gone (Rob Marcello Solo Cover)

    Awesome playing and tone man. Congratulations
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    Quantum 3.0 HBE V2 and Ultimate V30 4x12 Comparison

    What about the Mesa comparison? Would really like to compare to these.
  24. G

    Friedman V1 vs V2

    Hi guys, Tried last night the new Friedman V2. To my hears they dont sound that different, do I need to make any amps or parameters reset or something? Anyone compared them yet? SmallBox sounds really cool!
  25. G

    Evanescence - Imaginary (cover by Jotun Studio featuring Minniva)

    Curious to see the EQ curve on the post processing. Would you mind sharing it? Keep up with the good work :) Regards Ricardo
  26. G

    Corncob ROCK to start the weekend with!

    Great sound and riffs!
  27. G

    Evanescence - Imaginary (cover by Jotun Studio featuring Minniva)

    Love the guitar sound. What post processing did you do to it?
  28. G

    Nightwish - Ever Dream (feat. Minniva)

    Hello Great cover! You did an awesome job. For me the guitar sound is a bit too much scooped, you cannot separate it really well from the bass. A bit more mids would make it cut more in the mix. Great track, and singer, post more :) Regards
  29. G

    Epic Rock Thing-Marshall JCM800mod-(sharing my preset too) Cp20

    Awesome riffs and sound. Well done! Also I love Zagreb and Croatia. Hope to go there again :)
  30. G

    Star Wars Theme (Guitar Full Orchestra) - AX8 - Cooper Carter

    Damn, had this ideia years ago, you beat me into it :) Great job man! Sounds awesome!
  31. G

    VAN HALEN | Unchained | ML Sound Lab NEW IRs MIXTEST

    Awesome sound and playing man!
  32. G

    Nice Job on the New Website!!!

    Not a fan of the new layout too. Everything seems to take up a lot of space. If you are on a laptop with a small screen reading through the various posts is tedious.
  33. G

    Ambient Quantum Dr. Z 38 Strymon Cloud Reverb Style

    Sounds really good. Would be great if you would share the preset :)
  34. G

    Up The Irons

    Sounds great, awesome singing by the way :) Was that you?
  35. G

    Quantum, Ownhammer JYC and Line 6 JTV-59 demo!

    Great sounds. I'm definetly going to grab that pack!
  36. G

    Zedd's "Addicted to a Memory" (Crazy arpeggios)

    Wow! Really Awesome. Did you make a TAB of this. Would love to try and play them
  37. G


    First one is my clear favorite.
  38. G

    ML Sound Lab High Gain comparison! 10 cabs (also unreleased) FW19 BOOM!

    Do you have a release date for this pack?
  39. G

    ML Sound Lab High Gain comparison! 10 cabs (also unreleased) FW19 BOOM!

    Loved the Citrus Cabinets too, Like Yek I was never into the Orange tone hehe.
  40. G

    Lifting Shadows Off A Dream Interlude - Mark IIC+ Lead Tone

    Great sound! Preset please :)
  41. G

    FW19 and Cab Pack 13 Recto riff!

    Love that bass sound. Preset please! :)
  42. G

    FW19 high gain lick

    Great 80s guitar hero sound!!!
  43. G

    Marshall-esque amps for high gain tones?

    Friedmans and Camerons! :)
  44. G

    New Mix Test

    Wow love that sound. Both of the guitar and Bass! What speaker cabinet did you use? We need a DarkGlass B7K sim in the AXE-FX. Best amp pedal EVER!
  45. G

    I Did ALL Of The Guitars On This Recording With The Axe FX II

    Great job man! Love your playing. Big Firehouse back in the days.
  46. G

    You do not want to click here... Unless you like progressive Danish metal

    Guitars Sound great, what model did you use?
  47. G

    Iron Maiden - Seventh Son (Murray solo)

    Is that you playing or Dave Murray??? Great job. Actually Adrian part is much simpler you should give it a go. Its just some simple tapping lick. I think he uses his pick to do the tapping too.
  48. G

    Katy Perry meets FW 18.07

    Never mind managed to figure them out :)
  49. G

    Katy Perry meets FW 18.07

    Anyone can help me sort out which cabs from ownhammer? I think I dont have those IRs I want to go and buy them :)
  50. G

    Katy Perry meets FW 18.07

    Thanks. I subscribed your youtube channel. Cool tones and great songs. Greetings from a neighbour from Portugal!
  51. G

    Katy Perry meets FW 18.07

    That would be great, I really liked the sound :) I also own many Ownhammer cabs and still have some credit in the store so I sure would check that cabinet.
  52. G

    Katy Perry meets FW 18.07

    Loved the tone, I think it seats really well in the mix would you share that patch? Any post EQ? What amp/cabinet did you use?
  53. G

    Sneak Preview: New Cab Pack Goodness Heading Your Way

    Wow! One of the best sounds I've heard from the AXE
  54. G

    having some fun with fw18beta & Chapman ML1 Bea

    Great playing and tones. Congrats man!
  55. G

    FW 18b7 Mark IV, CK factory IR, Metal content

    Man I love that sound. Big fan of Mark IV amp. I own one. Would you share the preset? What cabinet did you use?
  56. G

    FW18 Couple of clips with my 1973 strat I may be trading

    Awesome tones man! What pickups on that strat?
  57. G

    G3 FW18 Recto2 vs Roadster

    Only on Iphone earbuds here, but I think its the first time I cant spot a difference between two clips. Will have to listen on my Focal SM9 studio monitores! :)
  58. G

    Does Amp Block Improvements affect the FAS amps?

    Sounds awesome. Nice growl to the sound. What speaker did you use?
  59. G

    Ownhammer V3 Mesa demonstration (kinda heavy and lowwwww)

    Man I love that recto clip. It sounds awesome. Would you share the preset and the recipe? I would buy the Ownhammer immediatly I still have some credit left from the Bundle buy
  60. G

    Just Heavy Stuff - Axe Fx- Ownhammer - Toontrack S2.0

    Great riffs and guitar sound man!
  61. G

    *fw17.03* RACER X - Motor Man cover [w/ patch]

    Awesome playing man!
  62. G

    Andre Antunes - New album Guitar Solos. (Dumble, Triptik inside)

    Well Done, André. Love those solos. Will definetly check out the album. Congrats from another fellow Portuguese :) abraço Ricardo
  63. G

    Reseting the -6db from USB Playback??

    In these days of true 24bit you shouldn't really record that hot anymore! Aim for -12dbFS
  64. G

    Axe FX II 5153 Ownhammer Mesa High Gain Essentials Crushing It

    Sounds great! Well done. What mix did you do?
  65. G

    Axe Fx II - New OwnHammer - V3 [Mesa V30] SeeD

    I think the 57 alone sounds better then the mix with R121
  66. G

    Axe Fx 2 + Daemoness Guitars Tune-age! Mixed by Keshav Dhar.

    That is a brilliant guitar finish. I wish I could a afford a Daemoness.
  67. G

    Clark Kent introducing MicRobot©

    Well if you dont find a company to market it you could always release it to other DIYers. I would love to give a shot at making one :)
  68. G

    Orange Rockerverb VS Axe-Fx Experiment: You tell me!

    Can you post a clip of the Archon through the same IR? :)
  69. G

    Halloween KM-7

    Man, that sounds awesome! I bought a KM7 a couple of week ago too. Still havent recorded anything with it but I love the way the guitar feels. Gotta try it with the HBE. Which cab did you use?
  70. G

    Clark Kent introducing MicRobot©

    Was it DIY the robot? How hard is it to do? I've been wanting one of those for ages!!!! Awesome video by the way :)
  71. G

    Schecter Banshee-7 DiMarzio CrunchLab/D-Activator

    Great guitar sound, song and mix! What amp model and speaker did you use?
  72. G

    Ruminating on Selling Amp Collection

    If you want to sell them, let me know :) Always looking for cool amps for my studio.
  73. G

    Cliff: Friedman BE question

    Oh I didnt saw that the results were posted already. I have a pretty good track record of always telling which is who :) 25 years of tube amps hehe
  74. G

    Cliff: Friedman BE question

    First clean is the amp right? First Distortion is the AXE.
  75. G

    Cliff: Friedman BE question

    Yek: I thought it sounded great till I heard the new edition of the real amp. I almost handed my credit card right away hehe :)
  76. G

    Cliff: Friedman BE question

    Yeah, but probably Cliff is the better person to figure out that Friedman did differently :)
  77. G

    Cliff: Friedman BE question

    From what I've heard in presence and from several clips the modern Friedmans sound a bit different from the AXE Model. The difference is what is being refered as also the difference between the early models of the Friedman and the newer ones. More Boxiness, less definition, etc Friedman BE is...
  78. G

    Cliff: Friedman BE question

    Hi Cliff, I've been noticing that the last Friedman BE's that are being sold have been quoted as sounding way better the the initial runs. I even talked to this guy that had one of the initial runs and sold the amp cause he didnt like it, and recently bought a newer one and says it's a big...
  79. G

    Classic rock tone

    Love that tone. What amp model and cab did you use?
  80. G

    This is FIRMware 15

    Bar Rafaeli an Israelian model.
  81. G

    Nothing beats the "TV mix" Cabs, not even UltraRes (Opinion)

    Love the TV and AV Mix So much that I'm buying a real one for my amps :)
  82. G

    FW14 Super with Spring Reverb

    Awesome sounds!
  83. G

    New song and video. Guitars AXE-FX

    Thanks guys! No really much guitar work on this song... But more will come soon!
  84. G

    New song and video. Guitars AXE-FX

    Hey guys, Just finished mixing the single for my band: All guitars AXE-FX II Firmware 13 something... What do you guys think?
  85. G

    In My Dreams Cover VIDEO

    BE100 sounds really better. What IR are you loading on the Torpedo? What model are you using on the AXE-FX? BE100 sounds more punchy, more attack and organic, AXE-FX more compressed overall.
  86. G

    Do You Hear a Difference

    First riff of the first mp3 sounds a little more compressed then the second. With that in mind the second part sounds also that it has a bit more bottom and attach.
  87. G

    Dreaming about....

    For me the dream would be the possibility of a VST plugin with just the Amp/Camb emulations. Cliff should make an agreement with Universal Audio for a UAD AXE-FX plug! :)
  88. G

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta

    So are we getting new presets with the resonance tuned to the new firmware? :D
  89. G

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta

    Now we're just missing different preamp tubes? :) JJ, Tungsol, EH, etc.
  90. G

    Small excerpt

    Sounds great!
  91. G

    Master volume - A little experiment.

    Well some amps are more prone to sponginess at Higher MV settings then others no?
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